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"Anger - A Rant"

Let's see. The Democrats now control the White House as well as the House and Senate by huge majorities. So what is the attitude of the DUmmies? ANGER at the Republicans for somehow messing things up for them. Sorry, but if their beloved Barack Obama can't move legislation with all those odds stacked in his favor that shows incredibly POOR political ability. For all his faults, Lyndon B. Johnson was a master at politics and would have NO trouble moving legislation through congress under these conditions. How do I know? Because he did. It was called the Great Society. However, after the big Democrat losses in the 1966 election, even LBJ couldn't move much more legislation and what do you think will happen after 2010 with Obama who has proved himself to be terrible at politics?

As a result we now have DUmmie Prophet 451 posting a primal scream THREAD, "Anger - A Rant." So let us now savor the exquisite humor of uncontrollable DUmmie anger in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting this is a just a small foretaste of what is to come when public option ObamaCare does NOT pass, is in the [barackets]:

Anger - A Rant (foul language warning)

[Warning not needed since we just assume that EVERY DUmmie thread has an automatic foul language warning.]

Dear Republicans,

F*ck you. No, I'm not joking. I'm sick of this bullshit.

[Oh, thank you for that clarification, DUmmie Prophet 451. We thought you might just be joking.]

I'm sick of the way you've corrupted the public discourse. The way you've made it acceptable to hurl any insult you like at public officials. The way you blame us for the current atmosphere of hatred by accusing us of starting it with hating Bush. Like Bush didn't come on the heels of eight years of your tireless efforts to destroy Clinton by any means necessary, like Bush didn't give us good reason to complain. A couple of posters on a website compared Bush to Hitler and you've used it as free license to compare Obama to Hitler 24/7 and I'm sick of your hypocrisy, where it's acceptable to say shit about Obama that you would have had an apopletic fit (and did) if anythign remotely similar had been said about your guys. Keith Olbermann calls Cheney a fascist when he was actually using fascist tactics and you think that gives you the freedom to call Obama a fascist, socialist, Marxist constantly for no reason at all. F*ck you and your bullshit false equivelancy.

[Oh, I see. It was perfectly okay for DUmmies to hurl insults at Bush but HOW DARE WE criticize the beloved Barack Obama! And only a COUPLE of DUmmies compared Bush to Hitler? Please! We've been chronicling that particular charge many times over here in the DUmmie FUnnies the past few years.]

I'm sick of the way you've made the populace stupid. Around a fifth of your populace thinks the sun orbits the earth, over half think evolution never happened. Your populace actually believe the media has a liberal bias. Not because it has, you have the most conservative media in the free world, but because you've shouted it so loud and so often that you've brainwashed the public into believing it, like the battered wife who parrots her husband's insults. You've got a whole segment of the populace shouting about socialism and fascism and none of them know what the f*cking words mean. You've convinced them that fascism is a left-wing thing. You've got them so turned around that some of them actually believe global warming isn't happening. F*ck you.

[And around 90% of the DUmmies think Uranus affects your destiny. Check out your own Astrology section. The DUFUs have since it provides such great mirth.]

I'm sick of the way you try to destroy the whole concept of government. You've tricked the people into believing that government can't do anything right, always being careful to exclude the army because you love your bullets and bombs but you've so destroyed the public's ability to reason that they don't even think of interstate highways, the space program, the national parks program, etc. Government is always great when it's doing what you tell it and inevitibly corrupt when it isn't. F*ck you.

[The way DUmmie Prophet 451 rants, you would have thought that the Republicans were in control of all three branches of the government.]

I'm sick of your dragging the centre ever further to the right. How many whackjob fringe ideas have you dragged into the mainstream? The aforementioned idea that tax cuts increase revenues, the Laffer Curve, the idea that Welfare harms the poor, the idea that there's rampant fraud in Welfare, the idea that whatever is good for corporations is good for the country. And you push these ideas through your corporate media and you do it so long and loud that they become part of the accepted political landscape and because it is easier to tell a lie than to debunk one, we never get away from this rancid shit. F*ck you.

[Fraud in government spending programs? GASP! Who could think such a thing?]

I'm sick of your casual criminality. Teddy Kennedy, a man who's boots you were not worthy to lick, was just buried and all I've heard from my rightist friends for days is Chappaquidick, Chappaquiddick, Chappaquidick. Your f*cking golden boy raped the Constitution, mainly because he wanted to; tortured random people (and waterboarding is torture, f*ck you too) essentially because he wanted to; spent like a drunken sailor, essentially because he wanted to; invaded a soverign nation, essentially for the loot and destroyed people's lives, essentially for the evilulz and you bastards are obsessed with a f*cking accident a Democrat had decades ago? You don't go on about Laura Bush killing some guy decades ago. F*ck you.

[Don't hurt your head too much while bashing it against the wall during this primal scream session.]

I'm sick of you praising pure evil. You're letting Dick Cheney be the standard-bearer for Republicanism. Dick Cheney, a man so nakedly evil that even his friends call him "Darth"; a man so callous that Lex Luthor would recoil in terror; a man who probably has dismembered hitchhikers in those man-sized safes and kills plants by his mere proximity. F*ck you.

[Stand by! The nurse will soon be arriving at your rubber room with an extra dose of lithium.]

I'm sick of your attempts to tilt the playing field permanently in your favour. Democrats filibustered a few of Bush's most hateful judicial picks and you pricks started screaming about doing away with the filibuster but now you're in the minority, you're filibustering absolutely everything you can and whining when you don't get the chance. You ignored everything the Democrats had to say when you had power and now that you don't, you scream that everyone must be bipartisan. You don't budge a f*cking inch on anything but you insist that everyone must compromise to meet you. That's your idea of politics: Don't move an inch, force the other guy to come to the right to meet you and call the result a "compromise". F*ck you.

[May I pour some garlic salt on that carpet you are chewing to make it a bit more palatable?]

I'm sick of your corporatism. You dress it up in false populism but anyone with half a brain can see that you're the brought and paid for subsidiary of big business. You keep pushing tax cuts as the answer for absolutely everything, you keep sabotaging every attempt to control the excesses of big business. You geuinely think the world would be a better place if it was a combination of Bill Gibson's dystopian vision of a corporate dominated world and Ayn Rand's bullshit Objectivism, yet another entry in mankind's endless attempts to find a moral justification for naked greed. You've taken the clinically insane spewings of a woman literally to the right of Hitler (pardon my Godwins) and the 1984-like vision of a dystopian author and convinced yourselves that would be a good place to live. Big business is the enemy of the people, always has been. The ideal for the corporate class is to have a small pool of people rich enough to buy their f*cking crap and a much larger pool of people so poor and with so few options that they can be used and abused at the corporation's whim. A corporation's objective is not to look after you, it is to make ever-larger profits by any means necessary. You bastards want to reinstate f*cking slavery to the corporate class and you've made the public so f*cking stupid that they actually swallow the bullshit you're serving up, they actually want to enslave themselves to the corporations that abuse them at every turn. They actually care more about the corporations right to make obscene profits than they care about their child's right to live on a habitable planet. F*ck you.

[As the shrink in the Gary Larson cartoon wrote in his notepad about the patient lying on the couch: "Just plain NUts!!!"]

F*ck you, you scumridden shitehawks, you make me sick. Just f*ck off and die.

[Please calm down just enough so we can make the proper straitjacket fittings. Okay, DUmmie Prophet 451 has just provided the bulk of the entertainment but there are still a few comedic tidbits left from the DUmmie peanut gallery...]

This is Rude Pundit-worthy and I don't say that to just anyone.

[The DUmmie version of high praise.]

I am weary of the hatred, and I have resolved to do what I can to starve that wolf.

[Posted the DUmmie without the sightest sense of self-irony.]


[Good. That means you won't mind sharing the rubber room with him.]

Pure f*cking poetry. Every repuke on the planet should be forced to read this.

[We are and thanx for the comedic entertainment!]

Your rant speaks for many of us who yearn for the truth, and despise the lies.

[A group primal scream therapy session?]

Republican is a euphemism For bigoted, hateful, authoritarian, totalitarian, Ku Klux Klan, skinhead, treasonous, dumb ass, knuckle dragger, mendacious, prevaricating, corrupt, chicken hawk, short peckered...... And yes, anti American.

[Don't hold back. Tell us what you REALLY think about Republicans.]

Therapeutic! I registered just to say "Excellent rant!" and "thank you!" No time now, but plan to return later. I really like the DU site.

[Yeah, DUmmieland is like the Safe House for the mentally unstable.]


Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

You know, it's really hard to work up much bipartisan spirit when one side talks and "thinks" this way.

If this is how they feel when they are in power in the house, senate and White House...

What are they going to be like after the midterms, when Congress is lost and Obama is neutered into lame duck status for the duration of his failed presidency?

9:19 AM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

Hey Prophet, don't give yourself a stroke, dude! On second thought, go ahead...


Beautiful work, PJ, especially the reference to the Astrology freakshow, encrusted with more nuts than a Payday bar!

10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Republican is a euphemism for bigoted (Democrat state legislatures passed the Jim Crow laws), hateful (did you assholes happen to read that rant?), authoritarian (Obama! Obama! Obama! Sieg Heil! not to mention unFairness Doctrine, and the military draft [read the 13th amendment], etc.), totalitarian, Ku Klux Klan (another Democrat organization), skinhead (wanna bet that if they vote, they vote Democrat?), treasonous (NYT during wartime divulging methods of gaining military intelligence), dumbass (Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Howard Dean, Al Gore, Barak Obama ... need I go on?), knuckle dragger (SEIU, Teamsters ... need I go on?), mendacious (Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Howard Dean, Al Gore, Barak Obama ... need I go on?), prevaricating (redundant; see mendacious), corrupt (see list above under "mendacious" and "dumbass", chicken hawk (Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, etc), short peckered (projection, much? or, have you been blowing RINOs?)..... and yes, antiAmerican (see lists above for "mendacious" and "dumbass")"

11:40 AM  
Blogger Mo K said...

Just... wow. We've done the brainwashing??? Whoa, that dude's seriously delusional. How in the hell did he think that Obama got elected? That's the thing with so many of the DUmmies. They're so emotional and angry all the time they can't even think rationally.

P.S. I realize that some people (including Repubs.) knew exactly who B.O. was regardless of how much he tried to hide it, and they voted for him anyway, hoping for another Jimmeh Carter. Quite a risk to take, IMO.

1:57 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

So let me get this straight, on one hand Republicans are all a bunch of knuckle-dragging neaderthals, on the other hand the Republicans have been able to take over and/or corrupt EVERYTHING in sight not to mention brainwashing more than HALF the population..

Pretty slick.

I do remember the same dichotomy being applied to GWB.

As far as a "A couple of posters on a website compared Bush to Hitler" can this freak be MORE obtuse??

Bushitler was the cry on virtually EVERY leftie website for 8 years.

Virtually EVERY invenctive known to mankind was hurled at GWB along with the most ludicrous and heinious charges of MIHOP/LIHOP and he never ONCE cried about it, never once flinched, never once took these lunatics to task.

Obama IS a marxist/socialist. Even Stevie Wonder can see that and he's surrounded himself with some of the most vehenement leftists this country has ever seen.

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

Prophet 451 sez:I'm sick of the way you made the populace stupid.

Prophet 451 being a prime example of the DUmmying down of the populace.

But wait, there's even more stupidity: A couple of posters on a website compare Bush to Hitler...

If you do a Bush + Hitler search on Google you over 7million hits, those "couple of" posters have sure been busy.

Even by the abyssmal standards of DUmmieland, this is a dumb, incoherent rant.

Still, compared to Troglaman, Prophet 451 is not that obscene.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excuse me? Laura Bush killed somebody.

LAURA BUSH??? That sweet lady murdered somebody????

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

..over half think evolution never happened.

It's apparent evolution hasn't happened in DUmmieland. It's more like de-evolution in the DU fever swamp as the DUmmies swing from the electronic trees and throw rhetorical shit at passersby.

[Note: I apologize to primates for comparing DUmmies to monkeys.]

5:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Chappaquidick, Chappaquiddick, Chappaquidick"
Next scandal maybe think about cutting your losses instead of keeping the bum in at all costs. Y'know, just have some standards.

7:09 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Sorry, but if their beloved Barack Obama can't move legislation with all those odds stacked in his favor that shows incredibly POOR political ability." PJinc

Does it?

Roosevelt had to battle several Supreme Court decisions to enact the New Deal. Need we all remember the desegregation bullshit that took place in the '60's? Dogs, fire hoses, lynchings, church bombings? Just so a black person could sit at the front of the bus. Or drink from a water fountain. No resistance there. It was a piece of cake for everyone involved. Sure.

The day before JFK was killed, flyers were distributed in Dallas depicting Kennedy's mugshot - wanted for treason. Sound familiar?

You jack-assed motherfuckers are still around. Much to my, troglaman's, dismay.

Only now, instead of taking it up the ass from the local Baptist preacher, and loving God during every minute, you now love being fudge-packed by insurance companies. And you'll tell me you're willing to die for the privilege of being corporately ass-fucked because you're an American. An ass loving American. Not that's there's anything wrong with that.

Some things never change.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You, my fellow Republicans/conservatives, are what gives the Dems/Libs credence to this specific rant. You miss the point of this bloggers rant, and instead, pick at personal and partisan scabs and support Machiavellian tactics rather than debate philosophical differences in good faith. Grow up, educate yourselves, and be American.

1:38 AM  
Anonymous Hurf Durf said...

Tee hee hee!

Only people getting in the way of desegregation were Democrats and people like Robert Byrd, Troglodyte.

You really need to pull the dildo out of your rectum, it's blocking the oxygen flow to your brain.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You, my fellow Republicans/conservatives,"
Anon 1:38am

Anyone buying this?

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

No, but I'm sure some astroturfer is paying for it.

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow Prophet 451, that was really funny in that "I'm insane and dumber than a bag of hammers and I'm going to shout it out so all the world will know just what a kook I am" kind of way.

Do it again.


12:45 PM  
Blogger Doug Welch said...


"Roosevelt had to battle several Supreme Court decisions to enact the New Deal. "
Yes he did because they were Un-Constitutional, so he threatened to stack the Supreme Court with cronies.

"Dogs, fire hoses, lynchings, church bombings?"

The KKK was the strog arm of the Democrat Party.

"The day before JFK was killed, flyers were distributed in Dallas depicting Kennedy's mugshot - wanted for treason. Sound familiar?"

I wonder why. It could not have been that he screwed the MOB after he got elected form his father's buddies in the MOB.

You have a fetish of anal huh. Do you give people the reach around.

"Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! You, my fellow Republicans/conservatives, are what gives the Dems/Libs credence to this specific rant. You miss the point of this bloggers rant, and instead, pick at personal and partisan scabs and support Machiavellian tactics rather than debate philosophical differences in good faith. Grow up, educate yourselves, and be American.
What Philosophical differences. The F bombs or comparing us to Nazis. I am sorry I do not try to debate idiots that do not know history or how the economy works, it is like talking to a wall.

And anyone that thinks the MSM is Right, WTF???? 90% call themselves Liberal and vote Democrat.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Troglaman The Guttersnipe has to be green with envy over DUmmie Prophet 451's ability to power-slam his head up his ass with such jackhammer like precision. However, that's the only thing even remotely impressive about that ass-hat's rant.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...


What's with all the anal sex references? Is you innner homo clamoring to get out? Not that there's anything wrong with that.

You jack-assed motherfuckers are still around. Much to my, troglaman's, dismay.

Busllshit, you mean much to your joy, what the fuck else do you have to do at 12:45AM, especially when you're out of scotch and bong water.

Anonymous 1:38AM

Yeah, whatever. You sound as full of shit as troglaman, maybe you're his inner homo. Go join him in his basement version of the Fortress of Solitude. You can pick each other's partisan scabs.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...


...wanted for treason. Sound familiar?

You bet it does, your DUmmie/Kos buddies have been accusing W of treason for the past eight years.

PS: FDR was able to appoint several justices to the Supreme Court after 1936, most of his New Deal legislation was passed without judicial challenge. Sadly the Depression didn't end.

PPS: Most of the opposition to civil rights legislation in the early 60s came from Congressmen with (D) after their names.

4:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There would have been no Civil Rights Amendment without the Republicans. And FYI . . . MLK was a Republicans.

The Lefties/Dems are morally deficient.

12:49 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Only people getting in the way of desegregation were Democrats and people like Robert Byrd, Troglodyte." Hurf (no doubt a Smurf) Durf

"The KKK was the strog arm of the Democrat Party." Come Sail Away ("strog" - thanks for the plug and I, troglaman, am aware of the 'y' thing)

"PPS: Most of the opposition to civil rights legislation in the early 60s came from Congressmen with (D) after their names." elrond

If you'll notice, my dear little amoebas, I never said anything about DUmmies or RepubliDUms, or the right or the left. Could any of you maybe quote me?

***Obamarama Teaching Moment***

If you ever wondered what a straw-man argument was? Here ya go.

***Back to your regular programming***

Now I know it may strain your minds to the breaking point...many of you may wish to turn away right now...but here warning...

1. Money buys both parties and most of them are whores. And, face it, we've all cooked turkey giblets smarter and more decent than these fuckers.

2. Racism transcends party lines. It's not the providence of either the right or the left. It's fucking racism.

And yet you three dumbshits, not me, decide you NEED to chop it up and make it partisan so it makes some kind of sense to your fungal-spore and prion laden minds. The Dems are the racists. Sure they are. And they recently proved it by electing a black guy.

Pretzel Logic

1:29 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

I think I was accused of "astroturfing" and being a big bad blogger.

I'm not, pussies. You just need me to be.

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Hurf (if only I was a Smurf) Durf said...


Delicious progressive tears.

7:04 AM  
Anonymous Kirk Johnson said...

<< "You, my fellow Republicans/conservatives,"

Anyone buying this?
~Anon; 9:38am >>

Absolutely no one.

6:50 PM  
Anonymous Gregory of Prescott said...

So yummy and sweet!

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I feel whoever originally wrote this simply gave up on the chances of democrats and republicans working together for the betterment of not themelves, but the nation. These days it seems compromise is a unmentionable in the cacaphoria of hate and ignorance the majority of republicans and democrats wallow in. We're more concerned with throwing shit at each other and working together on nothing than we are about actually trying to have a functional representative democracy. I see so much ignorance, bigotry, racism, idiocy, and sometimes just pure hate on the Internet when politics comes to be discussed.

Far to many of us focus on our own agendas and the fundamental flaws of them; we refuse to acknowledge our problems , yet are eager to point those of others, and do so vehemently. I see people who throw Muslim, Socialist, Marxist, Communist, Facist. every and any term in order to bash someone. They use those words not so much to classify or describe, but to attract attention and fuel flames of ignorance. I see people who throw God into every justification; that the Lord approves of X, or Jesus approves of Y. That only by God's will can their party succeed. And yet, once again, these are just buzz words to work up fervor in their party and hatred in the other. We are a nation divided by our selfish ideals; we refuse to acknowledge that to be American is not to be whatever party, religion or race we are, but to be anything. What is killing our country is not the idiocy of one party, but the combined actions of both.

10:49 PM  

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