Thursday, April 30, 2009

KOmmies Speculate About Air Force One Manhattan Flyover

The Air Force One flyover story is not over, much as the Obama administration would love to shut it down. According to the official version put out by the White House, one Louis Caldera picked up the phone and set the whole thing in motion for the purpose of a highly expensive photo-op of Air Force One with Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty in the background. Meanwhile nobody else in the White House knew a thing about it. And if you believe that, I have a Brooklyn Bridge in the photo-op background that I want to sell you. Much as the MSM want to believe the ABSURD official version of the story, the Blogosphere and talk radio are raising a lot of skeptical questions about this fairy tale which was covered in this absolutely brilliant NEWSBUSTERS story. And speaking of the Blogosphere, what is the attitude about this story in KOmmieland? Well, a handful are skeptical and most just want to blindly accept the ridiculous official story as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD, "USAF Flew Presidential Plane Low Over NYC--What Were They Thinking?" So let us now watch the KOmmies board Air Force One for a joy ride in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Harrison Ford was on board, is in the [barackets]:

USAF Flew Presidential Plane Low Over NYC--What Were They Thinking?

[That it would make for either an expensive photo-op or a great joyride. I suspect the latter despite the official fairy tale.]

According to the AP, the flight was "part of a government photo opportunity and training mission." The AP further reported,

[AP was reciting the White House fairy tale.]

Of course, the wingnuts are out in force on the WSJ message board and elsewhere, but setting those folks aside (as I gladly do), it still seems just dumb to do something like this, and I would hope that Air Force quickly and effectively offers apologies to the folks in Manhattan and the New Jersey side of the river for this stunt.

[Damn those wingnuts for not blindly swallowing the official fairy tale. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmies...]

Manufactured distraction.

[To distract away from the worse than expected first quarter economic report?]

The FAA has invited President Obama to Ford's Theatre for a special showing of David Mamet's new play, "Look Behind You, Mr. President."

[Is that you, Chuck Schumer? Chuck is laughably placing the blame for this on the FAA.]

This was authorized by the White House Military

[It's Louis Caldera's fault. He picked up the phone and set the whole fiasco in motion all on his own without letting anyone else in the White House know about this. Please believe this official fairy tale!]

Gotta say, this sounds like an Air Force idea that wasn't run up the political flagpole. Demotions will be forthcoming.

[Yeah, let's blame it all on the Air Force. They run Air Force One completely independently of the White House. Blame THEM...and Louis Caldera.]

White House Military Office Director Louis Caldera issued a brief statement saying he was too blame.

[Case closed! Return your brains to their normal state of hibernation.]

Somebody needs to be sacked and pilloried in the public square for this dunderhead maneuver.

[It must be Louis Caldera! He and only he ordered the flyover without a single other soul in the White House knowing the tiniest little bit about it. Blame Louis. Or did he lie for our sins?]

Those morons in the FAA and law enforcement should have said something. Since the USAF had clearance to do this, I think you should rename your diary.
They were not in the wrong.

[Blame everyone except He who lives in the Oval Office.]

However, clearly, the USAF is throwing "New York law enforcement" under the bus by saying they had informed them. Those conversations need to be part of the public record. What did the AF tell NY "law enforcement" and what was the mutual understanding about how this would be communicated to the public? Was NY accorded a say as to whether or how this stunt went down?

[You've just started out on your long path to discovery, Grasshopper. Next you have to ask who REALLY authorized this expensive photo-op or was it a joy ride? I suspect the latter. If so, then ask WHO was aboard the Air Force One for the Lower Manhattan joy ride.]

Sometimes a photo op is just a photo op

[Except when it's REALLY a joy ride.]

If Bush had done this? Half this site would be up in arms calling it "psy-ops."

[And a call for a Congressional investigation, Mr. Kewpie Doll winner.]

this IS psy ops, just not for Obama's sake. Bush may be gone, but there are plenty of his fellow travelers buried deep in the Pentagon.

[Oh, now it's clear who is to blame. BUSH'S FAULT!!!]

If this turns out to be...some sort of saboteur, I'd be surprised. I'm sure the answer is much more benign. Again, this seems most easily attributed to stupidity.

[So are you saying that Louis Caldera is a saboteur because he is the one laughably attributed for setting this whole joyride in motion all on his own.]

What photo op could be so damned important that it's worth scaring the hell out of New Yorkers? It's just plain stoopid.

[How about a photo op that is really a joyride for Obama supporters?]

Where they taking photos of NYC? You can do that with choppers. Were they taking photos of AF1 over NYC? With Hollywood special-effects CGI these days, you can convince people Air Force One was flying over MARS. You didn't need to do this. But the only thing I can think of that might've lessened the impact of this was to have flown a banner plane behind it saying something like "Don't panic, this is not a terrorist attack!"

[Or, like the photo above, "OBAMA 2012."]

Probably Evangelicals in the USAF trying to make Obama look bad.

[Jerry Falwell at the controls? Oops! He's dead so maybe Pat Roberton. Oops! He's Pentecostal. Back to square one.]

A slow flying presidential plane flying low excorted by an f-16 fighter, looking so much like the planes on 9-11? A threat about what could happen, Practice exercise maybe?

[Joyride maybe?]

I'm in nyc. And everyone here is just awestruck at the stupidity. It caused sheer panic in lower manhattan and many buildings were evacuated.

[Damn that Louis Caldera! He and only he is to blame! Got that? ONLY Louis Caldera is at fault.]

Seen the pix & vid? Looked like a freakin air show to me.

[Looked like a freakin joyride to me.]

I think many people here are just trying to suppress this story because it's embarrassing for our president and his Pentagon. There'd be zero apologists for this debacle had it happened on Bush's watch. ZERO.

[Okay, I'll send you a Kewpie Doll too. You earned it with that brief moment of mental clarity.]

You actually believe this was a "photo op"?

[Actually I'm of the "joyride" belief.]

Wow I didn't think Obama would do that!

[Apparently you didn't get the correct directive. It was Louis Caldera, and ONLY Louis Caldera, who did it.]

Thanks, story still developing. More to come, we shall see.

[And the KOmmies won't be happy campers when the story develops that it wasn't just a photo op and that Louis Caldera, and ONLY Louis Caldera, was solely to blame.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

If you are not afraid of the government or fearful for your own well-being after this fiasco, then I'm afraid you might be intellectually brain-dead.

This whole fiasco shows how the Moonbats we've got in charge both think and operate, and it should scare the hell out of you if you take time to really analyze everything.

God Save Us From The Moonbats...

He's the only one who can.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, the moonbats...I hope you fucking insane freepers stay off your medication forever, between your little "teabagging" parties and your insane rants you've provided more proof of the absolute stupidity of Americans to the world than anyone else ever could. Fuck Yanks and fuck you.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Bravely spoken, Anonymous.

For his next fiasco.... The One visits NORAD and plays with shiny red buttons.


11:48 AM  
Anonymous MAS1916 said...

And did anyone catch the Leader's little comment about Pakistan last evening? A true vote of 'no confidence' in a democratically elected government that He as Senator insisted be installed.

What is His plan when Al Qaeda gets the Pakistani bomb? Does He honestly think his oratory skills can persuade these lunatics out of killing millions of us?

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Karl Rove case witness killed in plane crash, sisters want answersThis is some of the craziest DU shit yet. And that is saying something.

8:41 PM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

MAS1916 said...
What is His plan when Al Qaeda gets the Pakistani bomb? Does He honestly think his oratory skills can persuade these lunatics out of killing millions of us?
I see you are fully read up on his National Security Plan.

8:21 AM  
Anonymous Classic Liberal said...

"God Save Us From The Moonbats...

He's the only one who can."

An imaginary being to save you from a bunch of insane pussies? What a putz!

8:49 AM  
Anonymous Classic Liberal said...

Here's an interesting and relevant quote I read the other day:

"The nation that will insist upon drawing a broad line of demarcation between the fighting man and the thinking man is liable to find its fighting done by fools and its thinking done by cowards."

Sir William Francis Butler.

Think about the fact our military is increasingly populated by religious zealots, particularly the Air Force.

8:56 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

MAS1916 said: "What is His plan when Al Qaeda gets the Pakistani bomb? Does He honestly think his oratory skills can persuade these lunatics out of killing millions of us?"Actually, MAS, that is EXACTLY what he thinks...and that should scare the hell out of anyone with even half a brain.

And that DU link that was anonymously posted shows you the thinking processes of the people who are now running the Federal Government.

You'd better be afraid and ready to take of yourselves folks, because it's a sure bet the Moonbats can't and won't.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous Classic Liberal said...

Follow the links and read the articles. All were written by 9/11 Truthers and all are bullshit. e.g., JSOC (Joint Special Operations Command) is a "vice presidential hit-squad."

11:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's funny, my next door neighbor works at JSOC.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

The USAF angle on this can safely be ruled out.

Having been in the NAVY and repaired a number of pilots, I can safely say that, while they are aggressive and largely possessed of a love of adventure and a great sense of humor, not one of them would risk his chance to fly to pull some dumb stunt over civilian airspace.

This is how you go from pilot to pedestrian in one step.

To go "freelancing" with a presidential air limo would get the pilot in question bounced, 'quick, fast and in a hurry'. As well as the rest of the plane crew for sheer irresponsibility.

This is White House stuff. Purely.

And personally, I doubt if some underling has the clout to even get the wheels up without backing from El Presidente Uno and Worf, The Sneaker Queen.

5:57 AM  
Anonymous FRedStates said...

I found your piece on NewsBusters... great article... and now that that sorry excuse of a photo was released I'm more certain that ever that this was no photo op. That photo has conopy glare in it! Are you telling me the US Military has no better way to take a photo than through the canopy of an f-16? And was it a single seat configuration? If so, that means the pilot was also acting as the photographer... and that is totally rediculous... as is the fact only one photo was made available. I'm not into vast conspiracies... and I think it's clear this was not that. It was simply one or more fat cat donors getting a pay-off... kinda like a flying Lincoln Bedroom.

And you want to know how such a think happens in the military? Easy... I've been there. "Hey Jack... Jim says they want to take a group of VIPs up on AF1 next month for a little joy ride. You got any special quals or training you might need to schedule around the end of the month?" "Yah Bob. I think we can work up a training mission. Run it up the channels and get back to me with a confirmed date... and I'll schedule everything on this end."

That's it. One guys says can we have training? He says yes. The other guy says "They're having a training mission... can we go take some VIPs along?" Another guys says "Sure... as long as it's already scheduled. I see no problem with that."

Why hasn't anybody asked for the flight manifests which would show who was on those flights?

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Unknown said...

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8:59 PM  

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