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DUmmies Debate Obama's Silence On Gaza

Yes, Barack Obama has wanted to be President. The problem is that he appears not to want to do anything controversial which is impossible in that office. This is especially true right now on the situation in Gaza. Do you support Israel taking action against the rocket attacks being launched against it from within Gaza or do you appease your leftwing base both here and abroad and condemn Israel? In the case of Obama it looks like he is sticking his ostrich head in the ground and saying NOTHING. This act can be attempted now but in a couple of weeks Obama is finally going to have to make firm decisions which should be a sight to behold. Or will he continue to say nothing which would be disastrous? In any case, the DUmmies are right now debating the strange silence from Obama concerning the Gaza crises as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Obama isn't President yet so he can't speak out AGAINST this admin.'s Israel/Palestine position..." I fully expect a DUmmie thread in a few weeks that says something like "Obama is President now so why doesn't he DO anything?" So let us now watch the DUmmies analyze Obama's silence in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that it is FUn to be President but only if you don't really have to do anything, is in the [barackets]:

Obama isn't President yet so he can't speak out AGAINST this admin.'s Israel/Palestine position...

[There is some law against President-elects expressing an opinion?]

So doesn't it make sense to assume he DOESN'T agree with Bush on his refusal to demand a cease-fire? Afterall, if Obama DID agree with Bush, he could've easily said that he stands firmly with Bush and Israel on this issue. His silence speaks volumes-that he'll NOT continue Bush's policy re: Israel (IMO). So he has to wait 'til Jan. 20th to speak out.

[A DUmmie reading Obama tea leaves to explain his silence. Of course, the truth could be that Obama is averse to controversy.]

I started this thread after reading threads saying Obama is wrong for not speaking out NOW.

[Be prepared for a lot of encores over the next four years. And now to hear from the other DUmmies...]

I really hope this is so. It does make sense.


It's the only explanation I can think of. If he DID agree with Bush's position, there'd be no harm in SAYING so. But if he DIDN'T agree with it, and SAID so NOW, could you imagine the havoc it would cause?

[Try not to get near-sighted by staring too closely at those Obama tea leaves.]

It does not look good for him to say nothing. You're creating a strawman.

[Say nothing. Do nothing. Know nothing. Prepare for the Sergeant Schultz presidency.]

Don't worry Barack and Hillary will sort something out in a couple of weeks

["Hello Hillary. I'm um sort of busy with my arugula so could you like solve whatever is happening in Gaza?"]

Why, exactly, can't he speak about it?

[Because it would ruin his golf game.]

There is a disturbing hatred of complexity in the human character, and people continue the same, sad pattern: fall in love with an individual, attribute all goodness to that person, abdicate personal power to the person and then feel betrayed by the lack of perfection.

[You dare question the infallibility of the Obamassiah? HERETIC!!!]

His silence doesn't SIGNAL that he's opposed to the policy; it just shows that he's silent. He's doing the right thing, and he may very well be doing it for the right reason, so no wedges can be driven in and so no blame can be put on him and his administration. It's also a very dangerous time and people's lives are at stake. I've said a few times already that his chosen course is probably the best, and even that it might be from the right motivation, but it doesn't prove a damned thing about what he's planning.

[Is he is or is he isn't?]

You continually claim he's vague, sitting on the fence, etc. By not commenting on Bush's policy re: Israel invading Gaza, ut does NOT mean he's sitting on the fence. It means he's doing the appropriate thing by not disagreeing with him. He spoke out against the Mumbai attacks because he agreed with Bush. So, like I said, I ASSUME he's NOT speaking out on THIS because he DOESN'T agree with Bush. I never said it PROVES he doesn't agree with Bush.

[My eyes are hurting from staring so closely at those Obama tea leaves.]

He's like a really smart and educated version of Chauncey Gardner: he's whatever anyone wants him to be and he's just what they needed all along. Being Where? He's wherever you want him to be; the virtual Scarlet Pimpernel of progressive heaven-on-earth.

[I like to watch TV.]

His silence now does speak volumes. It signals no chance in US policy.

[Truer words were never spoken in DUmmieland. It signals no chance in US policy.]

Sorry, but you can't be a "cafeteria Catholic" when it comes to the "one President at a time."

[Perhaps he's a "lunchroom Lutheran."]

If PE Obama agreed with the bush*/neocon stance he would have come out and said so. I told Mr. Zola yesterday that the fact that he hasn't made a statement concurring with the bush* administration is an indication that he is not in agreement.

[Or perhaps not.]

Well, Israel called on Obama to condemn Hamas and he didn't.

[Chauncey was busy in the garden.]

Israel will conveniently wrap up their operation right before he takes office. So he isn't going to have to deal with that. It will take him a couple years to get the settlement worked out between the parties. That is fine if it actually gets done.

[Hurry up and don't force the Obamassiah to make a decision!]

The reason he hasn't said anything about the pogrom in Gaza is that he has his head so far up AIPAC's ass that he's quite unable to say a word on the matter.

[Will Chauncey finally break his silence and say hello to Ben Burch while he's Being There?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

His statement to the press:

"...“If somebody was sending rockets into my house, where my two daughters sleep at night, I’m going to do everything in my power to stop that,..." is probably still his personal opinion.

But,Hamas is not 'selling' the victim status they so love to claim well enough to gain any traction on the world stage, and Emperor JugEars has the luxury of waiting for public opinion worldwide to gel before he steps in and claims "leadership".

It's chickenshit and cowardly, but it will work to his advantage. Wherever world opinion comes down, there he'll be.

After the fact.

12:31 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

Anon, u r right on the money here :) -tm

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"[Will Chauncey finally break his silence and say hello to Ben Burch while he's Being There?]"-PJ

Good one. Very obscure. Do you think when he leaves office he'll walk on water too?

Not that the fawning masses don't think he can do that now.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Israel will conveniently wrap up their operation right before he takes office. So he isn't going to have to deal with that."

Well, someone was having a lucid moment there, however briefly. I would expect The Great One's advisors foresee, probably correctly, that the Israelis will agree to some sort of cease-fire which allows them to extract their ground forces from Gaza prior to January 20th, more or less restoring the status quo politically in the area (minus a lot of rockets and many of the pre-incursion Hamas cast of characters), so that he won't have to deal with an especially pressing situation there. Silence at this juncture is therefore an excellent course of action for his own sake, if not necessarily anybody else's.

Aside from a quick end to the ground incursion being typical doctrine for post-Bekaa Valley Israeli operations, the Israelis for their part would probably not want to take a chance on US foreign policy winds shifting against them in mid-operation. This calculation no doubt played into their planning of both the timing and intended duration of the military moves.

10:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure that there are a lot of words that can be used to describe P.J. Gladnick, however, "funny" is not one of them.

5:30 PM  

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