Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pitt Recants About Long Primary Race Being A "Blessing"

If you want William Rivers Pitt to change his mind about most anything, just wait a little while. Pitt has a history of making bold authoritative declarations only to recant them completely, sometimes in much less than 24 business hours. Such is the case with his most recent in a long series of recantations. Just a couple of weeks ago, Pitt put forth with the absurd observation that the long drawn out Democrat primary race was a BLESSING. Well, that was then and this is now. And now the Pied Piper has either forgotten his original long-winded proclamation or he has had some sort of brew insprired revelation because he now has recanted as you can see in his DUmmieland POST titled, "This primary race isn't just about the White House." This is just his reply in a thread but it is long enough for a DUFU. However, before we DUFU Pitt's recantation post, let us first sing along with the DUFU co-conspirator Charles Henrickson song called Self-Recanted Evening sung to the tune of Some Enchanted Evening:

Self-recanted evening,
When you see the flip-flops,
You may see where Pitt stops
Across the DUmmieland.
And somehow you know,
You know even then,
That sometime you'll see him
Recant once again.

Self-aggrandized weaving,
Bloviating windbag,
Going where the wind blows,
Not knowing where to stand.
He'll write to the left--
That's left to go right--
Will's so busy dancing,
He can't sleep at night.

Who can explain Pitt?
Who can tell you why?
Will gives two versions,
Neither one can fly.

Some fantastic FReeping!
Someone may be laughing,
You may hear the laughing
Among the DUFU fans.
And night after night,
When we go to bed,
That sound is our laughter--
Will Pitt's in our thread!

Once we have DUFUed
Will Pitt's swing and miss,
Then he'll discover
He can't recant this!

And now let us watch Pied Piper Pitt post his latest recantation in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, expecting quite a few more of the Pitt recantations this year, is in the [brackets]:

This primary race isn't just about the White House

[It's primarily about Pied Piper Pitt struggling desperately to become a political player.]

There is a huge war in the party for control *of* the party. Clinton, her husband and their people have been basically running the deal for 16 years, and deservedly so. They fought to repair it, won two terms with it, and have the thing pretty much wired the way it suits them.

[Remember, just two weeks ago you declared this "huge war in the party" to be a "blessing."]

Obama winning the nomination, however, would make him the leader of the party...out of nowhere, this young guy with a gift for gab and no record, this guy who was rude enough to not wait his turn, this guy is gonna come down with the last drop of rain and take charge of the house Clinton/Clinton etc. meticulously reassembled from the ashes of Dukakis and Mondale?

[The house that Clinton/Clinton will meticulously disassemble after Obama wins the nomination.]

I think he is. But that's what Kennedy's endorsement was aimed at. Not about primaries or who wins the Oval. Teddy is a liberal who thinks Adlai Stevenson is a bit too moderate (joke), and has spent 16 years and one impeachment living and dying with a Democratic party leadership cadre way too right for his tastes, voted for the war, DLC, etc. Sixteen years.

[About the same amount of time that Pitt wasted sucking up to Kennedy wannabee John F. Kerry.]

He saw his shot and took it. Teddy wants Obama in the Oval, but he REALLY wants Clinton to accept the situation. She is only still campaigning because a) It allows her to continue fundraising so she can try to ameliorate the $20 million hole she's in; and, b) To keep at bay any sense that she and her crew have any interest in relinquishing party control.

[So if you are in the financial hole you're going to spend even MORE money by continuing to campaign? How is that going to ameliorate her campaign debt? Another example of Pied Piper Pitt "logic" reinforced by fermented liquids.]

She'll bird-dog this to the end, until she is confident that her status in the party, along with her crew, isn't going to get taken out to the curb on trash day after 1/20/09. Teddy would like her to make these very reasonable arrangements without making Obama spend money better used to annihilate McCain...and yeah, he wants her and Bill and their DLC folks to lose some influence over the party, because he's a liberal, and that's how it goes.

["...making Obama spend money better used to annihilate McCain." And right there is Pitt's recantation of his recent dopey assertion that the long Democrat campaign is a "blessing." Did you actually think we wouldn't notice, Pitt, if you just tried to slip it into a mere reply on a thread not authored by you?]

Obama and Clinton will work something out, maybe even by June. The DLC folks will still have keys to the washroom, Clinton and her husband and their crew will still pretty much be running shit in the party, and President Obama won't screw with that until late into his second term, afer wisely taking time to learn how that shit works, where the landmines are, and why being the leader of the world's most powerful nation plus a dime won't get you coffee at Starbucks if the sales associate happens to be a PA delegate, or a MI delegate who had to stand during the whole goddam convention.

[The Magic Man now making detailed predictions all the way into the tail end of Obama's SECOND term. Or is that 24 business hours into his SECOND term? Pitt must have been consulting the stellar charts featured in yesterday's DUmmie FUnnies Astrology EDITION as the basis for his predictions.

Selah. Teddy earned the right to throw some elbows. The world would be a better place if some of his fellow Democrats followed his lead, even if doing so risked hurting the feelings of their cross-aisle colleagues...the ones who wouldn't piss on a Democrat if that Dem was on fire in front of them. Teddy earned the right, in spades.

["This long primary race is a blessing. A true gift to the country. Thank you, Hillary. Seriously."]


["This has been one of the better things to happen in America in a long time. Both candidates deserve our gratitude, but Clinton moreso for staying in even after the numbers ran out of spinning space."]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This twat is getting tiresome. Not only does he have a poor grasp of the obvious, his joy at revealing his "revelations" are nauseating.

As you read this claptrap, it's obvious that Billy Pitt is nothing but a wannabe politico/philosopher/pundit, and only lacks training, skill and talent.

Perhaps it's time to stop feeding this drooler's fantasy. He's a dreg studying to become flotsam, not someone worth keeping track of.

1:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...And yet, like all nuisance animals, so depressingly prolific...

7:41 PM  
Blogger Jack Bauer said...

Teddy earned the right, in spades.

What is it with these Democrats and their insensitive use of racist language.

6:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never mind this shit! Ive seen alot of crybaby shit about the OJ storys anniversary coming up. *Puke* It was nothing but a racist set-up (his *spit* ex is still alive spending HIS money). And who cares if he DID kill them? A negro killing a rich white shit IS NO CRIME IT IS SELF DEFENSE AGAINST RACISM!

OJ is A-OK with me!!!!!!!!

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"being the leader of the world's most powerful nation plus a dime won't get you coffee at Starbucks ..."

Well, yeah. Starbucks coffee is more expensive than that. If I were a barista and any President of the United States came into the store, I would charge them the regular price. The President can afford to pay for a latte.

12:10 AM  

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