Sunday, March 16, 2008

Red State Update Jackie STILL Waiting to Hear From Fred Thompson

WEHT Fred Thompson? He seems to have completely disappeared from the scene. However, Red State Update hasn't forgotten about fellow Tennessean Thompson. Here is a VIDEO of Red State Jackie checking his hotline messages to see if Fred Thompson has called in to tell him which charity to donate the money earned on eBay from his Arthur Branch drawing. Unfortunately for Jackie, many "Fred Thompsons" call in but not THE Fred Thompson.

Just to get a tiny bit controversial here, this video demonstrates one of the reasons why Thompson fizzled out in the primaries. It seems he just doesn't like to shmooze. The Red State Update boys (Jackie & Dunlap) were the perfect ones to mix it up with and would have gotten him a lot of attention from many voters. Although Fred has continued to avoid the Red State Update duo, brother Kenny Thompson had no problems APPEARING with them. Perhaps the wrong Thompson brother was on the campaign trail.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's fun to imagine what "might have been, if..."

The campaign would have been a LOT more fun with Fred!'s blunt, no-BS from the press presence.

But "The Empress and the Messiah Show", are pretty darn good entertainment.

Between Rezko, Wright, NAFTAgate, and so on, on ol' Glowbama's side, Hsu, Bill, and the TONS o' Clinton baggage on Her Thighness' side the soap opera is just getting warmed up.

Sure does smell, though.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sure does smell, though."

Yes...but, like napalm in the morning, it smells like VICTORY!


7:44 PM  

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