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"The Clintonian Narcissism of 2008"

One great thing about the current Democrat Civil War is that it is pretty much destroying the Clinton "legacy." And who is doing this destruction? EVIL Republicans? No. It is the liberal left themselves as you can see in this HUffington POst BLOG titled, "Character as Destiny: The Clintonian Narcissism of 2008." The author of this piece, Jon Robin Baitz, wrote several episodes of the West Wing which means his credentials as a libral are bonafide. So let us now watch the Left tear down Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that things are not so hot on the Obama front either as will be documented later today by the Pastoral Parodist, is in the [brackets]:

Character as Destiny: The Clintonian Narcissism of 2008

[And all previous years.]

There is something stomach-turning about the Clintonian strategy for winning the nomination. Underneath that which is so disgusting, however, there are little passion plays playing out -- about the state of the nation, and the state of its soul-sick psyche. While there is no overt reason to conclude that they are racists, (if that sentence seems luke-warm, take a look at Hillary's own concession that Obama is not a Muslim), there is every possible reason to label the Clintons opportunists of the very first order. Bill Clinton was not a racist when he mouthed off in South Carolina; he was a desperate power-monger, flailing. Bob Johnson from BET doesn't really think Obama is a drug fiend -- it was just "an opportunity". Albeit a rather disgusting one. Howard Wolfson doesn't really think that Obama is like Ken Starr; it was just the sort of blind ad hominem news-cycle nonsense likely to distract from the actual, the real, the true; in other words -- it was opportunism. That is their true, true heartfelt religion. "Campaign" in Florida and then deny it? Fine: It's all fair game. Or the cynical suggestion by Senator Clinton that Obama would be a fine VP while at the same time declaring how unready he is seems to me precisely the sort of cynical paranoid post-modern solipsism of people who will say anything whatsoever to get what they want and then act stung when called on it. It borders on sociopathy. And like all opportunists, those in Camp Clinton have reached the conclusion that even a scorched earth campaign which devastates the party, vulgarizes the discourse even more than it already is vulgarized, and alienates millions of people who actually have come to hope for real change in this country, is worth the cost of a possible win. Personally, I find it far more likely that the only beneficiary of the Clintonian ugliness will of course be none other than that half-mad proponent of hundred-year wars, John McCain of Arizona, swooping in to the circular firing squad after the smoke and blood have cleared, so as to snatch a victory because the Dems cleverly snatched defeat.

[McCain can take a vacation during the general election campaign season because Camp Clinton will be continuing their scorched earth campaign to ensure that nominee Obama is defeated in November.]

Speaking of half-mad, speaking of snatching defeat -- the Clinton surrogacy of Geraldine Ferraro devolved in to an angry whine on the Today Show this morning. Ms Ferraro seems to think that Senator Obama has been the beneficiary of some sort of post-radical-chic "free-ride", a notion so laughable that it flies in the face of every last bit of information we have about what it means to not be white in America. Every single bit. She doesn't seem like a racist either, actually; merely an embittered ex-candidate and an old school feminist warrior whose legitimate passion has hardened into blindness and bile. (How did the Obama camp play "the race card" when it was she who launched into a dismissal of Senator Obama as "lucky" to be African-American.) I found myself telling the TV that Obama is where he is today in spite of being African-American. Still, Hillary Clinton's campaign seems to tap into something very real in this country -- the anger that many women carry over the costs incurred in the fight for gender equality for the last forty years.

[Democrat Civil War: Identity Politics is very entertaining.]

Every day, one is struck by the (one-sided) viciousness in this fight. Six bloody weeks of it to go? Six weeks of coarsening opportunistic soulless nastiness. And the effect? Hillary Clinton's unfavorable rating amongst Obama supporters continues to rise according to the Wall Street Journal/MSNBC poll released tonight. The reverse is not true. And her coalition of white women and white blue-collar workers is unlikely to surge the way that young people and African-Americans are surging towards Obama. Those Americans -- the African-Americans who have been turned off by politics as usual and by total exclusion, the young who have been so disgusted by war-mongering and corruption so evident in the smug faces of those in power -- finally see in Obama something of the best in themselves, and something to aspire to: Idealism, dignity, hope, matched by strength and stoicism. Matched by a very keen sense of how to work the system.

[Actually MORE than six bloody weeks to go. The Hildebeast will be fighting all the way into the convention this summer. ]

In the meantime, the country itself needs to be repaired from inside out. Anti-intellectual, increasingly amoral, broke, and self-obsessed, a land of crumbling roads, crumbling dreams, and crumbling visions of how to care for the needy. A nation filled with invective and rudeness. (Have you ever seen how unmannerly the comments on HuffPost can be? If that is a reflection of how people are brought up today, then what is the point?) At the heart of how to repair a nation -- there is one essential ingredient to examine; and that, of course, is character. Over the next six weeks until Pennsylvania, we must think about that; the character of our leaders, of our nation. Because as Heraclites stated with total clarity -- character IS destiny.

[You keep thinking that their is only 6 more weeks of Democrat agony to endure. Actually 6 weeks from now, the Hillary scorched earth campaign goes into even HIGHER gear. And now to hear from the rest of the HUffies slamming Hillary...]

Hillary & Bill Clinton are indeed narcissistic opportunists to the core. But unfortunately there are many Blue Dress Democrats who will still vote for them. As for Geraldine Ferraro, like matron Bush said, she is something that rhymes with rich.

["Blue Dress Democrats." I love that description of the Hillary supporters! Must file that one away.]

Well said, Mr. Baitz. A good summary of the vicious, Nixon-like campaign behaviors of Clinton and her top advisors. The parallels between Nixon and Clinton seem to grow daily when one thinks on how Nixon built his career and how he conducted his campaigns beginning with his first run for Congress.

[The worst insult one Democrat can hurl at another. That he/she is "Nixonian."]

I don"t have any illusions that Obama is squeaky clean. I KNOW the Clintons can barely breathe through all the slime and muck they carry around with them.

[Is that you, Tony Rezko?]

Hillary and Bill remain bad for the Democratic party and may have cost us this election with their dirty, Rove-ian, scorched earth actions.

[Are they Rovian or Nixonian? Make up your mind.]

What astonishes me is the willful blindness of Clinton supporters. They refuse to see that Clinton's win at all costs strategy will destroy the party and along with it any hope of saving this country. It is one thing for her to stay in the race, in a close race it is a reasonable choice. But it is quite another thing for her to drag us all down into the mud. Surrogates pander to racist white voters (who almost certainly will vote for McCain in November) so that she can win Pennsylvania. She praises the Republican nominee, at the expense of her Democratic colleague. And then has the chutzpah to offer that same colleague a spot on "her ticket" (as if it is hers to give). She says Obama is not a Muslim - as far as she knows ("My neighbor does not beat his wife - as far as I know.") The audacity of despair. Is there no one who can put a stop to this. Someone needs to tell Hillary that this is real - she is not Tracy Flick running for class president.

[Check out Hillary's Inner Tracy Flick.]

This Campaign will be Studied for decades.

Historic opportunities squared against one another, with the Clintons certain that They Still Headed The Party. It was to be a simple contest.

And in Shock, too late, She sees that it is Not So!

She digs in. And Reacts.

The unintended consequences of Hillary's dogged determination will be The Matter of Legend.

And in the end, we shall fail to extract ourselves from the downward spiral Bush has us careening through. Almost as a Sad Collapse of Will.

So Sad. The Good Can Be Defeated.

Selfishness destroyed our opportunity.

And The Band Played on. . . .

[Hillary Haiku.]

The Clintons remind me of a pitiful spoiled child throwing a temper tantrum when s/he can't get what s/he wants.

[Also an apt description of William Rivers Pitt.]

The incompetence and arrogance of one person, Hillary Clinton, threatens to tear the Democratic Party asunder and lead to certain defeat in the fall. The WashPost article on the internal disarray in the Clinton campaign ends by quoting an unnamed Clinton adviser: "There was an arrogant attitude on the part of the campaign for many months. And now we're in the fight for our lives." And Howard Dean stands by and watches as this selfish child's temper tantrum utterly destroys the Democratic Party.


The more this hate-filled Democratic race goes on, the more likely it becomes that we have four more years of Repuke rule. The problem with the Clintons is that IT IS ALL ABOUT THEM AND THEIR LUST FOR POWER. They don't give a damn about anything, or anyone, else.

[Hee! Hee!]

The Hillary camp keeps throwing bombs in the middle of the Democratic party. She seems to think it's okay to take the whole party down. I have never understood a person who kicks & screams to get her way. Hillary is like a toddler. She kicks and screams and runs off of the naughty spot. Like a parent, it's hard to keep motivated. She's just keeps wearing people down. Do we have the stanima to keep putting this kicking and screaming child back in the naught spot or do we let her have her way? We need Super Nanny to tell Hillary to stop taking down the democratic party.

[Stay away, Super Nanny!]

Since January, Barak Obama"s spiritual advisor, the Reverend Wright, has been proclaiming that Obama is like a modern day Jesus. The title of Obama"s book, "The Audacity of Hope" comes from a sermon by the Rev Wright, and Obama is a member of his congregation. No wonder Obama"s followers think he"s the New Messiah. According to Wright, Blacks are like the Christians of old, and Whites are the Roman oppressors.

[The Pastoral Parodist, who wrote a song parody about the modern day Jesus, will be DUFUing on the topic of the Messiah's spiritual advisor later today.]

Alas, the Clinton's have turned their personal soap opera into a national tragedy. If McCain becomes President as a consequence of HRC's campaign strategies, it is likely that this country will spiral out of control into the deepest recession, endless war, and the total disillusionment of the young. The Spitzer case is an excellent example of how politicians delude themselves into believing that their behavior has no consequences. But all Spitzer did was bring himself and his family down. Hillary is capable of bringing down a country. In the case of the Clinton campaign it is not just rough and tumble politics. It is an insidious need to win at any cost, the winning is more important than the country she claims to love and wishes to lead. She may well get her nomination - since the superdelegates are more in tune with old pols like the Clinton's than the possibility of an Obama presidency. Sadly, Obama will not be the principle loser. We all will be.

[Clinton soap operas are FUn to watch!]

Do you allow NORMAL VOTERS to post opinions?

[No, only Democrats.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hillary Haiku:

All hail her highness!
Death to all who oppose her!
Emty suit sneaks up...

Define BarryO in a 30 second video? I can do it in the last line of a Haiku.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only now they are measuring the Democrat plight...

...And they're not even close.

The Dems infighting, bitterness and rancor will significantly degrade their clout in the general election.

They also seem to be counting on McCain, not wising up, smelling the coffee and making some (ahem) conservative changes to his positions. I got news! He may be an old dog, but he seems perfectly capable of learning some new tricks.

Watch for some serious, honest conciliatory positions that will bring as much of the Republican Party together as he can manage. For the pouters and whiners... Well, they'll stay home anyway.

What the Dems will lose is Huge.

At least a couple of the Supremes are going to be checking out, one way or another, and a Conservative appointment or two will change this country for the next half-century.

As for Congress? I'm voting straight Republican. I'm so disgusted with the crap from Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Feingold, Durbin, Conyers, Stabenow, and the rest of the cowards and traitors, that ANYTHING would be an improvement.

The stakes are enormous.

We really should try to win.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's really FUnny to hear PuffHo comments that mimic Rush Limbaughs' take on the Clintons since, oh, 1990.

9:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Democrats are finally admitting what Republicans have known for the past fifteen years---the cynicism, duplicity, criminality and power hunger of the Clintons.

Unfortunately, the Dems, turning their backs on Hillary, are embracing another political charlatan.

1:57 PM  
Blogger The Gunslinger said...

Anon 1:50, I fear your optimism about McClinton is entirely misplaced.

Conservative judges? Hardly. We'll be lucky not to get another Ginsberg from this RINO.

If you are indeed the Democrat you seem to be, have no fear. McCain will make you very happy.

It's we Jeffersonian Liberals that are crying in our beer. We are, once again, without representation!

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

1968 all over again! Weeeeeeeeee!

5:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"And who is doing this destruction? EVIL Republicans? No." PJ


Let's just think about this for a moment. The Dems have two candidates vying for the nomination. Would a reasonable person think they wouldn't fight it out? That it wouldn't get nasty? Isn't this how it works?

Yet PJ wants to make this an ethereal argument about how the "EVIL Republicans" are unfairly blamed for everything, including what's going on between Obama and HRC. He's whining. Poor baby.

The shit going down between HRC and Obama has nothing to do with the "EVIL Republicans" or any other dumbass begging to be victimized.

"EVIL Republicans" have been thrown in jail, discredited, or have decided to retire and spend more time with their families. Big, Bad "EVIL Republicans" have jumped the shark. They don't mean shit.

4:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been abundantly clear to anyone who was awake and not in denial for at least ten years that Bill Clinton is a sociopath.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's been abundantly clear to anyone who was awake and not in denial for at least ten years that Bill Clinton is a sociopath." dumbass

It's abundantly clear that Bill Clinton hasn't been president for the last...fuck it. Create whatever reality you want. Dipwad,

3:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean like the reality where he is actively campaigning for Hillary this year, a woman whose whole claim to qualification for the job relies almost entirely on his damaged Presidential 'Legacy,' which he is still struggling to rehabilitate to an increasingly-unreceptive audience seven years later? That reality? 'Cause that's the one I'm talking about.

It is to laugh at your ineffective Liberal sputtering and dodging, O Anonymous one.

8:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"You mean like the reality where he is actively campaigning for Hillary this year (GASP), a woman whose whole claim to qualification for the job relies almost entirely on his damaged Presidential 'Legacy,'(WHAT?) which he is still struggling to rehabilitate to an increasingly-unreceptive audience seven years later (GOD HELP US ALL!!!)? That reality (FLEE NOW!!! SAVE YOURSELVES!!!)? 'Cause that's the one I'm talking about." dumbass

Such a pussy.

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It is to laugh at your ineffective Liberal sputtering and dodging, O Anonymous one." dumbass

Poetic, is it not?

2:12 AM  

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