Monday, December 31, 2007


Happy, healthy New Year! Or not. The DUmmies are not happy (are they ever?), and they're worried they won't be healthy either. Why? Because corporatist Amerikkka does not have FREE UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE, DAMMIT!!! Why can't we be like those enlightened, civilized, socialized countries like Canada or Cuba or France??!! WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!! See the DUmmie rage EXPLODE in this subtly titled THREAD, "I'm so f*cking pissed off right now, I can't see straight...DAMMIT..."

So slap the ol' blood-pressure cuff on the DUmmies and watch them STROKE OUT, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wishing you all a happy, healthy 2008 WITHOUT the interference of the federal government, is in the [brackets]:

I'm so f*cking pissed off right now, I can't see straight...DAMMIT...

[Your mother warned you your little "hobby" could affect your vision, DUmmie rateyes.]

I didn't get the chance to see "Sicko" in theatres this year. . . .

[Join the crowd.]


[128 over 89. . . .]


[150 over 97. . . .]

F*ck the AMA for their opposition to universal coverage.

[175 over 111. . . .]

F*ck the insurance companies that look for every way under the sun not to cover medically necessary procedures.

[190 over 135. . . .]


[220 over 147!!! DUmmie rateyes strokes out!]

if you needed it in France... you could get it for free.

[So who PAYS for all this "FREE" health care, rateyes?]

(Or Canada, or England, or CUBA)

[Here's the deal: You buy a one-way ticket to one of these places, and take some of your socialist friends with you, and promise not to come back, and, hey, *we* might just take up a fundraiser here to pay for your trip!]

It's unfathomable that the so called richest country in the world would not implement universal health care.

[It's not unfathomable. It would be unconstitutional. Read the Tenth Amendment, DUmmie Ishoutandscream2.]


[DUmmie rateyes is still stroking out.]

here here!!!

[there there!!! as in Cuba, Canada. . . .]

Are we already paying for it. . . . They say here in California 20% of our healthcare cost go to cover un-reimbursed medical expenses, (uninsured people). . . .

[So kick out the "undocumented immigrants."]

I'm talking no deductibles, free dental & vision, prescriptions, the whole 9 yards for everyone.

[You're talking 60% tax rates, ten-month waits to see a doctor, the whole socialist (read "Democrat") agenda.]

Saw Sicko when it was in theaters.

[YOU were the one!]

I've been behind John Edwards. . . .

[Is that you, benburch?]



Yes, I know it wouldn't be "FREE" free.

[A glimmer of reality seeping in, but not enough for a Kewpie Doll.]

Too many people are scared to death of the idea of "socialized medicine."

[They're called "taxpayers."]

Try being self employed; you pay a few hundred a month, have a huge deductible, and almost NOTHING is covered! I'm over 30k in debt. . . .

[Politicize my plight! DU it for Andy! UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE FOR ALL!]

It's one infuriating, depressing movie, no?

[A film by Michael "Thicko" Moore.]

The jacket says it's hilarious...

[It's hilarious that Michael Moore can FIND a jacket.]

Are you ready to ask your government to do your laundry?


Maybe just iron my underwear...

[Democratic Underwear.]

Out of curiosity, does the DVD come with extra footage?

[Yes, it shows Michael Moore eating a foot-long hot dog.]

extended interview with Che's daughter. . . .

[Chastity? Isn't she a lesbian?]

I liked the part about the prison in Norway. . . .

[She's in prison in Norway??!]

We the people need a good old fashioned REVOLUTION.


We don't need to re-invent the wheel here - all we have to do is look at France, Canada, Britain, etc.

[Better yet, MOVE there, why dontcha!]

It makes me really mad, too. . . . I can't contain my rage when someone starts spewing that revolting right-wing crap about "we can't afford it" when we've spend hundreds of billions killing people across the world.

[DUmmie yardwork also about to stroke out. . . .]

I. Can't. Stand. It.


I mean free at the point of purchase... SOCIALIZED is what I'm talking about.

[DUmmie rateyes finally comes clean and speaks the "S" word.]

Why do the French hate America so much! With their national health care and free nannies and 5 weeks vacation to start and their free college and doctors making house calls and their damn 35hr work week! Evil Frenchies! Take me in, please? We wont eat much or make trouble.

[Free French nannies could be a selling point.]

My daughter is ready to move. She'd go to France in a heartbeat.

[Is your daughter into French nannies? Say, you're not Cher, are you?]

We have already voted in my house. . . . If 2008 is just going to be between a dem corporate war monger and a rep corporate war monger, we are gone.

[Start packin'! Need a lift to the airport?]

A smoking ban comes into effect in France starting January 2nd. I'm here for my holiday vacation, but haven't been to a bar once.... I need to go in the next two days to enjoy smoking and having a beer at the same time. Maybe this doesn't matter to you, but for me, France is over.... too bad.... I f*cking love this place.

[They have a Bukowski's there in France, Will?]

FREE (paid-for-by-taxes) HEALTH CARE FOR ALL.

[You don't see the inherent contradiction between "FREE" and "paid-for-by-taxes"?]

I'm going to act on this pent up frustration, and that is a good thing.


F.U.H.C. is what we need now.

[Not the best acronym there.]

Why would anyone vote for someone other than Kucinich?


My friend and I wanted to see it, but it went out of the theaters before we could get together.

["Sicko" went quicko.]

I bawled. Then I went in the bathroom and threw up.

[A normal night at Bukowski's for Pitt.]

I'm ready for a revolution!

[Let's all write a letter to the editor! And grouse on DU!!]

Revolution is the word.


5 cent meds in Cuba. . . .

[So go move to Club Meds.]

Nothing is free - Universal Healthcare can be single payer but it till costs $$$. Just a heads up.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Prepare for tombstoning!]

And then there is the dental. I have a crown issue going on now. . . .

[An Inconvenient Tooth.]

Michael Moore's movies and books have the same effect on me,,,, That man is going to cause me to have a heart attack or stroke!!!

[Especially if you follow The Michael Moore Diet and Exercise Plan.]

I'm Canadian and I can't believe people are just now waking up to how ABSOLUTELY MIND NUMBINGLY INSANE it is that you guys have to PAY for health care.

[I'm American, and I can't believe how ABSOLUTELY MIND NUMBINGLY DUMB you Canuck hosers are to think you aren't paying for it in TAXES!]

I've told my relatives in the states to see SICKO but I am afraid they are all of the DEER HUNTING WITH JESUS mindset.


Good content, lousy delivery - are the obscenities REALLY necessary?

[F*ckin' YES! I'm a G*d-d*mn DUmmie!!!]

This isn't the place for it - sit in your bathroom and scream obscentities. . . .

[DUmmieland IS a toilet on a screen!]


[DUmmie discourse at its finest.]

Uhh, nothing is free..... so how would you suggest it gets paid for?

[OK, DUmmie 1corona4u, YOU get the Kewpie Doll for a brief moment of mental clarity.]

I don't like the use of the term "free" in this context. It's not accurate.

[Sorry, DUmmie slackmaster, only one Kewpie Doll per thread. Hey, maybe you should move to France where they have FREE UNIVERSAL KEWPIE DOLLS FOR ALL!]

Sunday, December 30, 2007

"Vermont Town Seeks Bush, Cheney Arrests"

BDS is just so much FUn to watch! Last night I was watching a documentary about the 2004 election which focused on volunteer efforts in Ohio. The BEST part of the documentary was when the long-haired blonde Democrat organizer went completely BERSERK when Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell, announced the results in favor of Bush. The BDS organizer kept screaming at the screen. Also the other Democrats were quite FUnnie as well especially since they were celebrating the great Kerry "victory" in the exit polls. That documentary inspired me to spend a couple of hours watching YouTube videos of liberals demanding the impeachment of Cheney and Bush. Great entertainment which is why I really enjoy this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Vermont Town Seeks Bush, Cheney Arrests." The town in question is Brattleboro which I understand is a magnet for Socialists from around the country. I've never been to Vermont but I would love to go there this autumn to watch the leaves change color and to watch the residents of the Brattleboro area go into full meltdown mode when they realize the Republicans will once again win the White House. So let us now watch the DUmmies cheer on Brattleboro in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who really enjoys watching people in cars covered with BDS impeachment stickers, is in the [brackets]:

Vermont Town Seeks Bush, Cheney Arrests

[A liberal wet dream up there is to frog walk Bush and Cheney across the Brattleboro town square.]

President Bush may soon have a new reason to avoid left-leaning Vermont: In one town, activists want him subject to arrest for war crimes.

A group in Brattleboro is petitioning to put an item on a town meeting agenda in March that would make Bush and Vice President Cheney subject to arrest and indictment if they visit the southeastern Vermont community.

"This petition is as radical as the Declaration of Independence, and it draws on that tradition in claiming a universal jurisdiction when governments fail to do what they're supposed to do," said Kurt Daims, 54, a retired machinist leading the drive.

The measure asks: "Shall the Selectboard instruct the Town Attorney to draft indictments against President Bush and Vice President Cheney for crimes against our Constitution, and publish said indictment for consideration by other municipalities?"

[I hate to be a stickler for detail but what are the SPECIFIC crimes THAT Bush and Cheney are to be charged with? I notice this same oversight in the impeachment videos. They all somehow neglect to mention any grounds for impeachment. And now to hear from the DUmmie Peatnut Gallery...]

Now if we could just get the rest of the states to adopt such a plan!

[You might have a good chance in Taxachussetts.]

Rest of the states? It's a city, not the state of Vermont.

[Silly detail like the specific charges with which Bush and Cheney could be arrested for.]

Cities and towns can pass resolutions, which is fine, but they carry no legal weight. They are *not* completely useless, because they do call attention to how horrible the regime has been. But they have no legal standing to arrest, impeach, convict or otherwise get rid of Bush/Cheney. If you want people to make up laws as they go along, then you sink to the level of BushCo. I think energies would be better spent writing letters to our reps asking for articles of impeachment.

[That's just the ticket. Instead of trying to elect Democrats, expend all your energy on an impeachment that is going nowhere and is already impossible to achieve due to time contraints.]

Please read this carefully and try to understand. This is in the United States Constitution and is the law of the land. Vermont cannot do anything legal to remove Bush.


Whoa! Can Berkeley be far behind?

[Berkeley is probably working on a resolution to send Bush and Cheney to The Hague.]

Make sure Mike Malloy see this! We take our pleasures where we can find them.

[Enjoy your useless pleasures!]

Regrettably I would not be so excited to receive a 50-star American flag these days. A thirteen star, maybe, but not a 50-star flag. The 50-star flag is the flag of a regrettable empire, created without the consent of the governed in an oligarchy masquerading as a democracy.

[May we now question your patriotism?]

The only legal way to remove a sitting POTUS is impeachment/conviction.


Of course it's not going to happen and even if it did, it wouldn't mean much, but that's not the point. It simply illustrates the frustration and anger that people have about bushco.

[Plus it gives normal people loads of entertainment watching your extreme BDS in action.]

They have been declared War Criminals by the World Court because of their lies for war and genocide of the Iraqi people.

[I love having a front seat to delusional BDS entertainment!]

So no, they'll never come to Brattleboro, because they're afraid someone might actually enforce the law.

[I'm picturing Barney Fife trying to arrest the President while accidentally shooting himself in the foot.]

If Congress doesn't get it done, it won't be done. The Hague is good only for trying 3rd world dictators who have already been beaten by someone else, probably the United States. No US President will EVER go there in our lifetime. No Democratic president would EVER accept such a precedent, even for a hated Republican. Why? Because then it IS a precedent and might bite them personally in the ass. I'd laugh if I weren't crying so hard.

[Me? I'm just laughing!]

Arresting Bush and Cheney may very well pave the way to their removal. Word.

[Yeah, I can just picture Bush and Cheney being frogwalked into the Brattleboro city jail...NOT!]

I applaud your indignation that Bush has been allowed to continue to hold office, but if you could channel it into doing just a little bit of reading, you would learn, as I did, that Brattleboro's gesture is completely meaningless, unenforcable, and illegal.

[But very very FUnnie!]

States must do what our elected dem leaders refuse to do. Treat this administration like the criminals they are and issue warrants to arrest them. I pray a multitude of cities and states do the same sending a clear message to our elected reps in congress and to the world. We want them impeached.

[Issue a jaywalking warrant for Bush.]

could you really ask a beat cop to arrest the President? Could he ever consider his job safe after that?

[Barney Fife wants his job security.]

Okay, I'm from Brattleboro. And while I think it's a nice symbolic gesture, all you people who are hooting and hollering and saying, "Oh, boy! I want to move to Brattleboro!" need to understand that this is a movement of - EIGHT - people. Okay? Eight.

[Eight is Enough. We like our BDS comedy shows.]

Why do liberal activists keep coming up with such fool stunts? It detracts from the seriousness of their positions.

[Shhh! Don't discourage them.]

Best keep our powder dry. Save it for when we might really need it. Like when something really impeachable happens.

[Oops! mean NOTHING impeachable has happened yet? Thanx for that startling admission.]

Saturday, December 29, 2007

DUmmies debate: "It's clear that Hillary is not particularly beloved here"

For some reason, Hillary Rodham Clinton does not engender loads of love over in DUmmieland. Even though Her Thighness is a Big Government Socialist of the highest order, you would think, based on DUmmie comments, that she is Pat Buchanan in a pantsuit. And even though the Air of Inevitability has gone out of her campaign, the DUmmies still have to wrestle with the distinct possibility that Mrs. Clinton may end up as their party's nominee. So what to do if that dreaded prospect eventuates? Hold your nose and vote "D" anyhow? Wander off the plantation and vote third party? Stay home in mama's basement, stuff your face in depression, and grouse on DU?

The DUmmies thus find themselves on the horns of a dilemma, as seen in this
THREAD, "It's clear that Hillary is not particularly beloved here." The Hillary Question also raises an internal debate about how representative DUmmieland actually is, in comparison to the Democrat electorate. So let us now sit back and watch the Anti-Hillaryites and the Even-More-Anti-Hillaryites go at it, in Bolshevik Red, while the humble commentary of your guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering how the DUmmies can ALMOST make Hillary into a sympathetic figure, is in the [brackets]:

It's clear that Hillary is not particularly beloved here at DU, right?

[Democratic Understatement.]

I mean geeezus, in a current DU poll asking would you choose Biden or Hillary, Biden is winning with 87 percent of the vote. 87!?!?

[Plugs is benefiting from his DUmmie FUnnies' endorsement.]

I'm starting to worry what might happen if indeed she is the nominee. I'll still vote for her, but yikes.

[Worry on, DUmmie cboy4. Why do you think Rove has decreed her as your nominee?]

If she's the democrat nominee. . . .

[Woops! The "DEMOCRAT" nominee?! DUmmie NeedleCast, you have just opened yourself up to suspicion for being a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!]

OMG, it's "Democratic" nominee... NOT "democrat" nominee.

[DUmmie cboy4 can smell a LFT a mile away!]


[So can DUmmie WinkyDink.]

Sorry, nachos. Had a bit plate of them in front of they keyboard and was trying to type around them.

[No excuse, NeedleCast! You said, "DEMOCRAT" nominee! To the Hague with you, you obvious rethuglican!]

There is a small contingent of Fervent Clinton haters here who endlessly post useless stink-bomb threads. . . . These people are turning this board into a sewer.

[Actually, I think that's Hillary's pantsuit you are smelling.]

If HRC is the nominee, I will hope to develop a deadly disease before November.

[Maybe your BDS will morph into terminal HRCDS.]

That would suck. You should just hope to get hit by a train or something. You know, make it quick.

[Sounds like Hillary's nomination could depopulate DUmmieland.]

you would jump on your soap box and screech to the world ... "NOW I KNOW I WON'T VOTE FOR THAT WOMAN".

["I will NOT . . . have electoral relations . . . with that woman . . . Mrs. Clinton."]

If DU represented the general population Dennis would probably be the front runner. . . .

[If DU represented the general population, I think *I* would lie down on a train track!]

My worst fear is that if any of the other Dems win the presidency we won't have anything to talk about on the DU.

[And that would be bad for the DUFUs. Hmmm . . . GO HILLARY!]

If She Is The Nominee - I'll Write In Another Candidate. . . .

[Cynthia McKinney? Puh-leeeze?]

Yeah, that's a wonderful idea. Ensure that the Repubs win. Thanks.

[Yeah, thanx!]

oooh, i can feel my predictions coming true. . . .

[I think that's your meds kicking in.]

And Huckabee becomes president for 8 years. . . .

[Maybe you didn't get the memo, but the Huckaboom has gone Huckabust.]

If you imagine that your write-in vote . . . "sends a message", if you imagine that politicians are going to look at the 1% who voted for Mickey Mouse or Stephen Colbert. . . .

[I'd take the Mouse over Stephen Colbert.]

I don't want her as the nominee, but if all the Democrats stay home, then the Republican wins.

[So all you Democrats, be sure to turn out and VOTE on November 5! Remember, remember, the Fifth of November!]

Real Democrats are tired of Republican-lite choices like Clinton and Obama. . . . Your voting reality gives us candidates like John Kerry. Your voting reality sticks us with ineffectual "leaders" like Henry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.

[Give us Kucinich! Give us Gravel! The wackier the better!]

will you do the same if the nominee is Biden, Dodd, Edwards or Obama? they've all been enablers - Clinton's no better than any of them, but I don't think she's much worse.


That's no different than throwing away a vote on Nader. And your post is against DU rules.

[You must only speak in favor of a DEMOCRAT! Prepare for tombstoning!]

my favorite, at this moment in time, is Biden, for all sorts of reasons that I won't enumerate here.

[It's the DUmmie FUnnies' endorsement, isn't it? Go on, you can say it.]

DU in NO WAY reflects the Democratic Party at large. Lately DU is a very small microcosm of left wing fanaticism combined with a similar number of right wing troll agitators.

[DUmmie Gman, you get today's Kewpie Doll for a brief moment of mental clarity. Congratulations!]

do you even understand what real left wing fanaticism is? Do you see loads of pro Mao, Lenin and Castro posts?

[Mao, Lenin, Castro. . . Peh! Republican-lites!]

Are the majority of people here calling for a communist take over?

[In Bolshevik Red!]

DU is really not a fanatical left wing site . . .

[. . . said the DUmmie with the Kucinich avatar.]

she is fine by me. . . .

[Is that you, Huma?]

I can go door to door with enthusiasm and energy to talk about Biden.

[Is that you, Joe Biden?]

If HC is the nominee, I might have to hire my neighbor to drag me to the precinct to vote.

[See? Hillary will create JOBS!]

when it comes down to actual match-up of candidates, it appears that among actual voters she's the weakest of our lot against possible Republican contenders.


Look up nepotism. Her pic will be nearby.

[Or see her book, "Stand By Your Man: Mrs. Clinton's Guide to Gaining Money, Fame, and Power."]

DU skews left. We do not represent the overall populace.

[Ya think?]

this place is zero gage of the real world.

[The Reality-Based Community.]

If she is the nominee, the mods will be busy tombstoning a lot of assholes.

[So many to choose from.]

I'll vote for her, go home, cry, and throw up. . . .

[Go home, cry, and throw up? Isn't that your usual routine, Will, after a night at Bukowski's?]

I B Love her.


We are so f*cked if Clinton is the nominee. And if you ask me, it is by design.

[Heh heh heh. . . .]

Hillary is poison . . . political poison.

[Arsenic and Old Crusty.]

If Hillary gets the nomination I'll go out and purchase an industrial strength clothespin to clamp on my nostrils. . . .

[That pantsuit IS pretty overpowering. . . .]

Friday, December 28, 2007

Mike Gravel Visits Jackie & Dunlap

In light of tragic world events, I figured we could use a dose of humor today. And here it is in the form of Mike Gravel as Santa Claus visiting the Red State duo, Jackie and Dunlap. Credit to Mike Gravel for doing an over the top Santa Claus. If he doesn't win the presidency (100% certainity) I could definitely see Gravel doing FUnnie TV commercials. The rock toss in the pond is already a classic video. Hello ad agencies! Any commercial featuring Mike Gravel is sure to be a hit.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

DUmmie Fears Fox News Rays

My mind must NOT be exposed to contrary views. All news must be purged of conservative thought. I will only watch or listen to news that already affirm my ingrained outlook. All opinion that differs from mine must be purged from the media. I never listen to Rush Limbaugh but I know third hand what he says. Fox News dares to include the conservative point of view which is why I am worried that the evil rays from that network might infect my brain. Such is the mindset of the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Fox News was on the tube when I went in for a Dr.'s appointment." So let us now read the sad tale in Bolshevik Red of a poor widdle DUmmie who had his tiny mind exposed to another POV for a few moments in a doctor's waiting room while the commentary of your humble correspondent, whose blog depends on constantly being exposed to DUmmie thought, is in the [brackets]:

Fox News was on the tube when I went in for a Dr.'s appointment.

[Call out the EMT! This poor DUmmie was infected by contrary thoughts which must now be cleansed from his tiny mind.]

I was already in a bad mood. This was a new doctor's office for me, and I didn't know what to expect. I was the only one in the office as this was early morning. Right away, I saw that their big plasma screen in the state-of-the-art waiting room was tuned to Fox "News." Low-brow propaganda was flooding the room.

[Break out the HazMat suit. Those Fox News rays were infecting me.]

Usually when I see Fox News somewhere, it isn't only me in the room. But this time I was by myself, and there were no dimwits around to soak up the "dumb rays." I was taking a full dose.

[I was helpless. No fellow liberals to get my mind right and protect me from the EVIL thought rays.]

So I introduced myself as a new patient and asked the receptionist if she could please switch the TV to a "news channel." She laughed a little nervously and handed me a couple of forms to read. I scanned her for telltale signs of in-breeding. Normal, I thought, although I hadn't seen her fingernails.

[We now know that this DUmmie was in the doctor's office in order to get a massive chip removed from his shoulder.]

I sat down to read the forms, but the Fox News "content" continued. When I returned the forms I said, "Seriously, can we change the channel? I find this channel deeply insulting to my intelligence."

[Seriously, I find this channel deeply insulting to my in-bred lack of intelligence.]

She seemed surprised, but to my disappointment, un-offended. She said (roughly), "OK, I understand. But if you could just have a seat, you'll be in to see the doctor in about a minute anyway."

[You were disppointed that the receptionist wasn't offended? Now we know you were looking for a fight. That doctor must have had quite a task with that massive chip on your shoulder.]

I wavered and started to head back to my seat, but had to stop. "You know," I said, "Let's just cancel the appointment." But as I said it, I noticed that she had already grabbed the remote and started to change the channel--which she did.

[Did you check the table to see if there were any National Review magazines there? Another reason to cancel the appointment.]

I thanked her and went in for the appointment. I was conscious the whole time, so I'm pretty sure they didn't do anything to me. Fox News was still off when I left.

[A small victory in the battle for mindlessness. And now to hear from the other DUmmies purging themselves of contrary opinions...]

good for you! I did that once when I was waiting for my car to be fixed. They changed it.

[Must not]

happened to me as well when I was waiting for an oil
change & inspection. I loitered outside as much as I could, but it was a very hot day. It also happened to be a live broadcast of the last Republican debate. When my car was near completion, one guy piped up and said that he had never voted a Democrat in his life, but if Joe Liebermann was the Dem nominee, he'd vote for him. I will never take my car there again.

[I will never patronize an establishment that caters to anybody who doesn't agree with me.]

My dentist has it on sometimes. Too bad that I like his service...though to find decent ones. I demand that he changes it with exactly the same tone...

[The tone of a self-righteous liberal with a massive chip on his shoulder.]

I got up in front of six people and changed the channel to CNN inside a waiting area while I was waiting to have four new tires put on my car. I was like, hell no. It's painful enough forking out $500 for new tires, without having to sit through the shit that was on Fox.

[Everyone MUST be exposed to the same liberal drivel that I watch.]

Local Macy's has a tv-enhanced waiting area by the dressing rooms.They started showing Fox...After several trips to the store I asked a nearby sales clerk if it could be changed or if this was a new requirement. She didn't understand my problem and said no one else had complained. As politely as I could I said that Fox was propaganda, not news, and that it really bothers me--but if this is some kind of corporate statement from the management of Macy's, I understand that she is not at liberty to change the channel. On the other hand, I said, it used to be tuned to CNN, so could it please be changed back. It's one of those sets that hangs close to the ceiling or I would have tried changing the channel myself. We left on good terms, I think, and on subsequent shopping trips I noticed that we have CNN back. I was, however, prepared to phone the store manager and ask if showing Fox was now an actual policy for Macy's.

[Your next Mindless Mission is to make sure the Macy's floor models of the TV sets on sale never have Fox News on them even for a second.]

I quit my gym about a year ago over this... They had a bank of about 16 tv's in the treadmill/bike area tuned to four different channels: Fox News, ESPN, MTV and local cable news/weather. I asked if they would at least put one of the tv's on CNN or MSNBC. The counter person said he couldn't do it. I asked if I could reach up and change the channel. He replied, "Oh, We have the remote control at the desk here, but we have been instructed no to change the channels." As I said, (and for a couple other reasons related to the cleanliness of the place) I cancelled my memberhship.

[Then you switched to a bath house type gym where LOGO is the channel of choice.]

I used to turn off the Fox "News" TV in the workout club. I eventually quit going to that club partially because 3 of the TV's were on Fox content. It's nice to hear that other people are highly irritated by the Fox propaganda. I get very loud and start insulting Fox and right-wingers wherever I have to be subjected to their (Fox's) mindless right-wing propaganda.

[GASP! How dare others CHOOSE to watch Fox News.]

Good on you - here is how it went down for me. I complained after polling the waiting room to see if anyone was watching it. I said I personally did not want to hear it since it was discounting my intelligence and fed me inaccurate news biased toward the Bush administration. They said they were not watching. I told that to the receptionist who claimed she was not able to change the channel of turn it off. I asked to be put in a different room to wait. I said I was thanking her in advance, smiled sweetly, and stood in front of her til they put me in an unattended side room.

[That unattended side room to which you demanded to be quarantined is also known as the Rubber Room.]

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

"The single GREATEST Western movie of all time"

It's only a little over a week away from the Iowa caucuses yet I still can't get into doing a DUFU about politics just yet. Perhaps its because there are a plethora of DUmmieland threads microanalyzing the latest meaningless polls. Don't worry, there will SOON be lots of juicy political threads to choose from but for today we shall DUFU this entirely non-political THREAD titled, "The single GREATEST Western movie of all time." These DUmmie Lounge threads can be very useful when trying to build up your count number as a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL! You can pretty safely post your comments without giving yourself away as you might be tempted to do on the political threads. So let us now watch the DUmmies cast their votes for the GREATEST Western movie of all time in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, planning on voting for "The Searchers" but is open to other suggestions, is in the [brackets]:

Poll question: The single GREATEST Western movie of all time

[Can I vote for "The Searchers" at my caucus meeting next week?]

I own 35 classic Westerns on DVD, and this poll allows me to post 9 plus "other." So these are the nine personal favorites from my collection...the "repeaters," the ones I will NEVER get sick of watching.

If I missed yours, that's why there's an "Other" category.

My personal favorite out of that nine? "Tombstone," because I feel that there are more than a few life lessons in that movie (not to mention career-best performances from Kurt Russell and Val Kilmer).

["Tombstone" was so good that it pretty much killed "Wyatt Earp" starring Kevin Costner which came out about the same time.]

My dad would argue for Shane. I like that one, personally.

[Great book too. However, they should have had Ben Johnson, who played the part of Chris in the movie, in the lead role as Shane. And what was with that sissy Palomino that Shane was riding?]

Tombstone was great but... I'll vote fore any Western movies done by Sergio Leone.

[Stylistic Spaghetti Westerns with overlong dueling showdown sequences accompanied by operatic type music are entertaining but how realistic are they? In fact dueling showdowns as portrayed in the movies were quite rare in the Old West. Wild Bill Hickock was involved in such a showdown in Missouri where he shot an opponent at a great distance but I don't think there were any or many others.]

Hoppy Takes a Holiday or any Hopalong Cassidy movie.

[Too intellectual for my taste.]

I'd say the "greatest" is a three-way tie between "High Noon," The Searchers" and "Good, Bad & Ugly." I would choose "The Searchers" based on the cinematography - that one shot of the two parallel lines, one cowboys and one Indians, pretty much seals the deal.

[My fave scene was the closup of the Duke's horrified face when he sees the two crazed female captives of the Indians. You just knew he had to kill Natalie Wood after that.]

Rio Bravo. Nothing says, "Western," like Dean Martin AND Ricky Nelson.

[Authentic urban cowboys. BTW, Frankie Avalon ruined "The Alamo" for me. He portrayed Tennessee frontiersman Smitty but all I saw was Frankie Avalon of South Philly.]

I also voted for "High Noon." Those emotions that cross like ghosts on Gary Cooper's face as he is walking down the street to confront evil - alone. That is one of the most remarkable film moments I've ever seen.

[All I could think about in that movie was that Grace Kelly was just a few years away from marrying the short chubby Prince of Monaco.]

No love for Kevin Costner in Open Range?

[Nope! I didn't like that flick.]

Red River.

[I liked the scene at the opening of the cattle drive when everybody was yelling, "YEEHAW!" However, I found it disturbing when John Ireland and Montgomery Clift compared and handled each others guns. Way too gay for me.]

It's no joke, Tuco, it's a rope. Now I want you to put your head in that noose.

[Hey, know what you are? Just a dirty son of a...!]

Tombstone is not just my favorite Western; it is one of my favorite movies, period. Great, great film.

[Also the most authentic looking Western costumes I've ever seen in a movie. If you look at photos of the Old West they closely match what was seen in "Tombstone." My biggest beef about these flicks is when they have some chick dressed in jeans. That NEVER happened in the Old West.]


[The great thing about that flick is you can watch it from the perspective of the different characters and you will see a different movie. I have watched it from the POV of Doc, the prostitute, and, of course, the Ringo Kid and each time I saw a different movie.]

Liberty Valance is my favorite too. It always makes me hungry for steak

[Tell me about it! Those HUGE slabs of steak served up on the plates always gets me hungry for a nice sizzling T-bone or sirloin.]

DEADWOOD! Nothing beats Deadwood!

[I hated Deadwood. I found it depressing plus it was almost impossible to follow the dialogue.]

"Clementine" has it all a chick named Chihuahua, Walter Brennan playing a villain, Henry Fonda dancing, and a totally random Shakespeare recital.

[The John Ford touch.]

"Red River," With "The Wild Bunch" A Close Runner-up......

["The Wild Bunch" got a lot of bad press when it first came out. Critics focused on the violence but missed the fact that this movie was a classic. BTW, the Old West sort of extended past its time in America to Mexico. The Old West in the USA ended about 1890 but lasted in Mexico until about 1920 due to the fact they were technologically behind down there and also because of all the chaos caused by Pancho Villa and the other revolutionaries. The last U.S. Army cavalry charge took place in Mexico in 1916 when General Black Jack Pershing led an expedition down there to find Pancho Villa after his raid on Columbus, NM.]

Paint Your Wagon

[I'm a big Clint Eastwood fan but I don't buy him as a singer.]

"Four for Texas" by a landslide.

[Too bad the real Old West prostitutes didn't look a fraction as good as Ursula Andress or Anita Ekberg but the Three Stooges sequence was fun.]

Monday, December 24, 2007

"...its all or nothing for Clinton"

The title of this thread says it ALL about Hillary. It's all or nothing for her. And if Hillary doesn't get the nomination, you can be sure the other candidates will get...nothing. The most FUn part of the upcoming campaign will be watching Hillary angrily sink beneath the electoral waves. And she will NOT go quietly into the night. She will take her fellow Democrats down with her. Even the DUmmies are becoming aware of the Clinton venom that threatens to make all other candidates radioactive in the upcoming election year as you can see in this THREAD titled, "A disturbing thing about the Clinton surrogates attacks of Obama, its all or nothing for Clinton." The amazing thing about this thread is that the DUmmies even sound like FReepers in their awareness of sleazy Clintonian activities. So let us now watch the DUmmies slam Hill and Bill in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering when a National Enquirer story about Obama comes out, is in the [brackets]:

A disturbing thing about the Clinton surrogates attacks of Obama, its all or nothing for Clinton

[And if Hillary doesn't win it all, the other candidates will end up with nothing after she gets through with them.]

One of the things that I look forward to once the primaries are over is the ability of the Democratic party to come together and to rally behind the eventual nominee. In the past Democrats, regardless of who they supported in the primary, put their differences aside and have stumped for the eventual nominee. This year it seems like many of Hillary Clinton's surrogates/supporters have basically taken the stance that if she does not secure the nomination and Obama does they will not be available to stump for him in the general election.

[They won't stump for Obama in the general election but they will definitely stomp on him.]

Tell me how if any of the following can be taken seriously campaigning for Obama if he is the eventual nominee:

1) Bill Clinton--says an Obama presidency will be like rolling the dice

2) Bob Kerrey--claims Obama attended a madrassa

3) Joe Wilson--calls Obama a coward

4) Billy Shaheen--questions whether or not Obama was a drug dealer

[That's news to me about Joe Wilson. Now we know where his bread is buttered.]

This post is not meant to even remotely suggest that Obama should not be criticized, but its to point out that the tone of many of his critics puts them on the sidelines in November should he get the nod. I often thought how good it would be for Bill Clinton to campaign at Obama's side if he gets the nomination, but sadly if Obama gets the nod, Bill, by his words, has put himself on the sidelines.

[All or nothing! And now to hear from your fellow DUmmies...]

I have concluded, with great sadness, that the Clintons care more about themselves than the country. For Bill, it's all about his legacy now. In his mind Hillary's fate is tied up with his legacy. And he will stop at nothing.

[I'm glad to see you have finally woken up to reality, my little DUmmie.]

. . .if Obama is the nominee the Clinton's will not be able to help him out.

[More like HURT him. It is called vengeance.]

The Clintons have sacrificed any small bit of principle and dignity they had left in a desperate "scorched earth" effort to claim and maintain their grip on power.

[I loved scorched earth campaigns aimed at Democrats and directed by Democrats.]

The Clintons certainly care only about themselves and are a scourge on the Democratic Party in my view.

[Another newly awakened DUmmie.]

What really scares him is that a President Obama will dwarf his legacy and he will live to see it. The first black president in our history, coming to power at a time when the country looks to be ready to move forward on big issues like health care and energy, someone who will carry himself with dignity and, worst of all, someone whose global stature will be exponentially larger than his own. Bill wanted to be JFK; never came close. Obama has a shot. Sucks to be Bill if Obama pulls this off.

[Didn't you get the word? Bill Clinton was the first black president.]

of course it's all about them

[Of course. And in any situation when it's not all about them, they go right to sleep as happened during the Ronald Reagan funeral.]

If Obama (or anyone but Clinton) gets the nod, the Clintonistas should be purged. All of them, including the Clintons. They didn't help John Kerry and they won't help anyone but Hillary Clinton. They will do more harm than good.

[The Clintons have your back...NOT!]

I was at a luncheon last year where Terry McCauliffe was the speaker. His sneering disdain for John Kerry was very obvious, and completely inappropriate. I came to the conclusion that not only is he an arrogant asshole, but he will stop at nothing to ensure that the Clintons are returned to the White House, up to and including sabotaging fellow Democrats.

[I knew there was something good about Terry McAwful!]

More Hillary bashing bullshit don't you people ever stop


They'd rather cede the White House to the GOP than help a Dem who is not a Clinton get elected. Wonder if they'll go on TV and praise Huckabee like they did Bush in 2004.

[You mean praise Romney. The Huckster is through. You don't draw the ire of Rush Limbaugh and then expect to be nominated as a Republican.]

The idea that the Clintons are sinister is based on nothing more than speculation. They'll support the nominee. They always do.

[Posted the DUmmie Pollyanna.]

Bill Clinton is all forgiving, but why should he or Hillary be expected to campaign for Obama after he questioned their integrity? If I were them, I would tell Obama to screw himself.

[Or to John Edwards if he wins the nomination which will be made meaningless by the Clintons making the nominee radioactive.]

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pitt thread hijacked: It's all about Will!

Our Favorite DUmmie, William Rivers Pitt, is having trouble making points in DUmmieland anymore. Pied Piper Pitt has become Pariahed Poster Putz in the eyes of many of his former followers. How come? Well, Willie just brings this stuff on himself. Time after time, he makes himself the focus of whatever he's writing about. Time after time, he lashes out at his fellow DUmmies and then recants. Time after time--"This time for SURE!"--Wee Willie leaves DUmmieland and then returns. Most famously, perhaps, in seeking the glory of breaking a scoop, Journalist Pitt ASSURED DUmmieland, with the utmost confidence, that Karl Rove had been INDICTED on May 12, 2006. Merry Fitzmas! Uh, Will, we're still waiting.

So enough DUmmies have been burned by Pitt and can see through him, that now, when Willie does post, Pitt potshots are sure to follow. Case in point: This
THREAD, "How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative." Pitt's opening post promotes a tell-all book by a former GOP dirty-trickster, but really, the subject matter is irrelevant. Because instantly the thread becomes all about Will! Loyal Pitt sycophants greet their semi-celebrity friend, but very soon they have to defend him against a sniping intruder! Laffs ensue!

So now let us crank up the Fitzmas carols and watch Pitt get roasted on an open fire, in Bolshevik Red, while the humble commentary of your guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, squeezing in a quick guest DUFU before getting back to real Christmas preparations, is in the [brackets]:

"How to Rig an Election: Confessions of a Republican Operative"

[Who cares, Will? Let's get on to the comments about YOU!]

Hi Will, hope your holiday is great. . . .

[Merry Fitzmas!]

Haven't seen you around in awhile... Hope you're hale & hearty!

[Hope you survive this thread, in which no one will actually talk about your topic!]

Hi Will. I'm glad to see you stopped in to post. Hope you have a warm and cozy Holiday.

[Hugs from DUmmie liberalnurse!]

Do we have to give him a warm reception?

[WHOA! A Pitt potshot from DUmmie lonestarnot!]

Absolutely! He has earned it.

[He's WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, don't you know, semi-celebrity pundit, who DEIGNS to converse with us mere mortals! Continue, DUmmie liberalnurse. . . .]

By the way, may I ask you to be nice tonight?

[By the way, liberalnurse, thank you for unwittingly participating in this thread hijacking.]

Ugh no and no as I wasn't talking to you.

[DUmmie lonestarnot will NOT be nice!]

We choose to. You can choose differently. On a different thread. In other words, piss off.

[DUmmie tavalon to the defense of Will! Also off-topic. Hee hee!]

Bite me! I wasn't talking to you either! My post is clearly directed to Will Pitt, owner of Hairy Bastid, so buzz the f*ck off!

[Biting, buzzing, fighting words! DUmmie lonestarnot is a real Texas fire ant, with an animus against Will!]

"Do we have to give him a warm reception?" Let's deconstruct that, shall we? First, "we", is either the royal we, or the peanut gallery of DUers. You aren't royal and I'm one of the peanut gallery. Therefore, you were addressing me. Second, you should have used "you" instead of "him" in the second part of your sentence if you really were addressing Will. You were actually using a sideways snipe and I called you on it.

[The peanut gallery is deconstructing! Call off the snipers!]

The question was directed to Pitt. The use of we, you are correct, was intended to mean subject DUers and in that event, you've probably never been on a snipe hunt, and I am not having this conversation, you are having it with yourself, as I NEVER snipe sideways! Always f*cking head-on, so why don't you head-on, APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE FOREHEAD. And by the way, I am royal as is indicated in my screen name STAR, LONESTARNOT (and, yes, that would be a DUer reference, dee dee f*cking dee)

[Thread hijack almost complete!]

I have no f*cking idea what you just said. . . .

[Me either, but at least it was off-topic.]

woot! me too.


you who has no friends I have a question: Why are you being an ass?

[DUmmie NewHampster opens a can of woot-ass! Continue. . . .]

Will has more good Democratic genes in his pinkie than you have in your entire spineless body.

[It's all about Will!]

The only reasons I can think for you to troll will's thread is that you are A) A brainless nincompoop or B) a rethug troll.

[Or C) you have been burned by Will repeatedly over the past 24 business months.]

What the hell is going on? So confused...

[Clueless Will Pitt staggers out of Bukowski's to find THIS?! "Wha' hoppen to my thread??!!"]

that jerk lonestarnot was stalking my bud Liberalnurse. How the heck are you Will?

[Dazed and confused.]

Oh, come on Will, you know there are people who stalk your threads just to poop on you.

[Pooped-on Poster Pitt.]

I didn't know if it was something else.

[No, Will, it's all about YOU!]

I think several misinterpreted what lone said thought she was talking about being nice to you, when, I took it as she was asking if we had to be nice to the republican guy.

[Oh, riiight, DUmmie Horse with no Name. Nice spin effort. And nobody cares about the Republican guy from the opening post anyhow.]

Gotcha. Thanks.

[Will accepts the revisionist thread history so as to not disturb his Feng Shui.]

Learn how to f*cking read. . . .

[DUmmie lonestar will NOT accept this revisionist spin!]

Did you mean giving Will Pitt a warm reception, or the Republic guy? Mea Culpa if you meant the latter. I thought you were dissing Will Pitt.

[DUmmie tavalon extends the olive branch to DUmmie lonestar.]

Take your mea culpa and your stupid ass to hell.

[I WAS dissing Will Pitt!]

This is quite possibly the strangest sub-thread I've ever read on DU.

[BWAHAHA!!! Total thread hijack!! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!]

It's art.

[Yes, Will, you are the Bob Ross of DUmmieland! Happy accidents!]

Welcome back Mr Pitt.

[I think after this Mr. Pitt may well retreat to Mother Pitt's cabin in the woods for the holidays.]

This sounds wonderful. Have been hoping some of them would finally break with the group and start letting the public know what they've been doing against the country.

[Huh, what? OH, you're talking about the supposed topic of this thread! No wonder I was confused!!]

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Dick Cheney Office Building Fire Conspiracy Theories Erupt In DUmmieland

As soon as I heard that a fire broke out in the Executive Office Building where Dick Cheney's offices are located, I just KNEW that the DUmmies would come up with a bunch of conspiracy theory threads about this. They did not disappoint. There are several DUmmie threads on this topic so I have decided to focus on two: BREAKING NEWS: Fire erupts in office building on White House grounds and MSNBC reporting that fire was IN Cheney's offices. They're now talking about doc destruction. So let us now watch the DUmmies hurl their many conspiracy theories about in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who promises to remain faithful to Petra Verkaik for the three weeks that his wife is away in Venezuela, is in the [brackets]:

BREAKING NEWS: Fire erupts in office building on White House grounds. No details yet.

[Don't worry. That won't keep DUmmieland from heating up with conspiracy theories.]

Somebody's shredder must have overheated.

[Way too many Fitzmas documents to shred.]

the lies got so hot: spontaneous combustion

[As DUmmie heads spontaneously explode.]

3rd Floor, small fire, now contained, appears accidental...


How long before the press conference announcing what important documents were lost?

[We regret to announce that every Fitzmas document is now Gone With The Wind.]

There goes those e-mails and white house logs and all the
incriminating evidence that could be used in any prosecutions after this administration is gone.

[SNIFF! No trip to The Hague.]

MSNBC saying fire started in an office next to the VP's office, Scooter's old office...

[Hee! Hee! And now on to the next DUmmie thread on this conspiracy...]

MSNBC reporting that fire was IN Cheney's offices. They're now talking about doc destruction. Saying that 'sensitive materials' may have been damaged or lost. These motherf*ckers.

[I love the smell of burning DUmmies!]

Building Seven?

[You thought it was just a fire but it was really a controlled implosion.]

Just heard Secret Service is stopping fire investigators from
examining the area!

[That's because they weren't wearing protective tinfoil hats.]

I was hoping some patriotic firefighters would accidentally retrieve some documents

[Those are the firefighters who can be identified by their distinctive Che Guevara T-Shirts.]

the source of the fire may never be known

[Cheney's matchbook?]

Who gets to be the first to say Reichstag?

[Remember to pronounce the "ch" with the "k" sound.]

destroying evidence would that count as an impeachable offense. SOB's.

[Present the bag of ashes to the House Judiciary Committee as proof of an impeachable offense.]

There's nothing they won't do to avoid being caught. They are criminals. I wonder when we'll start treating them as such.

[I wanted Chimpeachment for Fitzmas but all I got was this lousy sack of ashes.]

Would they stoop that low? Of course they would! MOTHERF*CKING CRIMINALS!!!!


Funny, ain't it? Bush's TANG records were also "destroyed by fire" They've run **this** scam before.

[Don't worry. Dan Rather is still claiming that the TANG documents he used are the real deal.]

I bet the fire was inside his man-sized safe. That mo-fo. Independent Prosecutor Now!

[Have Patrick Fitzgerald impound the ashes!]

Reichstag anyone?

[Yawn. Been there. Done that.]

When they checked Cheney's hands he wasn't holding a can of gasoline?

[No. Just a book of matches.]

Disgusting.....How fucking OBVIOUS can you be????? It is pathetic. These people are the WORST kind of criminals. And, that is what they are...through & through. EVER crime under the sun. And, what do they get for it. Driving around in limos with every perk in the world as they plot more destruction.
And, the American people just scratch their heads? What can we do? There are only 30million of us & a thousand of them.

[Have you tried Not One Damn Dime Day?]

Couldn't manufacture some Arabs and an airplane in time I guess. F*cking crooks.

[Naw. The Arab Impersonators Union was out on strike.]

they have been getting away with shit for a long time
do you think these thugs even care anymore, and when will they be confiscated and rounded up as criminals, that is the question, until someone does it, they will keep on doing their dirty illegal crimes.

[Send them off to the Wal-Mart detention centers!]

Took a hit for the team and visited FR.. There is no late breaking news thread about the fire. Now why in the world would FR not want to discuss this event?

[Because they wanted to let the comedy build until it was ripe for presentation in the DUmmie FUnnies.]

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Perry Logan Video: "Degenerates Hate Liberals"

Talk about a case of the pot calling the kettle black! Here is Perry Logan claiming that "Degenerates Hate Liberals." However, as soon as you see Perry in this video, you can immediately see who is the degenerate. A lot of unintentional humor generated by Perry Logan here. Yeah, Perry, you sure are an expert on degenerates.

"Bill Clinton: Hillary Will Call Upon Bush 41"

Does Bill Clinton secretly want to derail Hillary's campaign? You just have to wonder especially after reading the Drudge Report headline that "BUSH'S DAD WILL HELP PRESIDENT HILLARY RESTORE USA IMAGE." As soon as I read that (Drudge Report is my home page) I just KNEW that the DUmmies and the rest of the Left would NOT be pleased by that news. When I checked DUmmieland I soon discovered that I was not wrong as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Bill Clinton: Hillary Will Call Upon Bush 41." Way to go, Bill! There is almost no way to piss the left off more than to show any sort of friendship or reliance on the father of the one that they consider evil incarnate. So let us now watch the DUmmies react angrily to Bill's remark in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Bob Kerrey has pointed out that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is of MUSLIM background and went to a secular MADRASSA, is in the [brackets]:

Bill Clinton: Hillary Will Call Upon Bush 41

[Thanx, Bill, for waving the Bolshevik Red cape in from of the DUmmie bull.]

Bill Clinton might have just done it again — saying something in the home stretch that will cause Hillary's campaign a whole lot of trouble.

[On purpose? Perhaps Bill is taking subtle revenge upon the Hildebeast.]

"Well, the first thing she intends to do, because you can do this without passing a bill," Bill told reporters during a stop in South Carolina, "the first thing she intends to do is to send me and former President Bush and a number of other people around the world to tell them that America is open for business and cooperation again."

[I bet Bill would love to do a lot of "negotiating" in Rio.]

A president certainly can do that. But Bill is saying that George H. W. Bush would agree to participate in an assignment predicated on his son being publicly acknowledged as a failure — and all Bush 41 has to do now is say that he wouldn't. And beyond that, do Democratic activists really want to hear that someone named George Bush will be recruited to assist in Hillary's foreign policy?

[Yeah, like Bush 41 is really going to go along with Bill's dopey plan. This is more and more looking like Bill undermining Hill. And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmies...]

Oh God just GTFO

[I sort of have a pretty good idea what that acronym stands for.]

Yikes. That's about 3 or 4 levels of what-the-f*ck.

[And now I have a perfect idea of what that acronym stands for.]

I give up on the Clintons.

[Your head will explode if Hillary is nominated.]

Is Bill TRYING to sabotage Hillary's campaign?

[Yup! I can already picture a lamp flying at his head.]

This is what Bill Clinton DOES - - goes off script & talks up Bill Clinton instead of the candidate

[Bill loves the I-word.]

Either Bill's having a series of mini-strokes. Or he's secretly jealous of Hillary and doesn't want her to succeed. Either way, Hillary needs to put a muzzle on him and send him back up to the attic with any other crazy relatives she might have.

[The same attic where Ross Perot's crazy aunt lives.]

If we're lucky he'll be too busy with The Hauge

[It's not exactly The Hague but I'll settle for it.]

A former president is one thing. A f*cking criminal is quite another. The Bush Crime Family didn't begin with Chimpy, ya know.

[A well-trained Chimpy.]

How do you restore America's reputation in the world by partnering with the fascist criminal pieces of shit who f*cked it up in the first place??

[Does that mean you don't like Bill's idea?]

I think the Bush Crime Family ARE Nazis. They funded the original Nazis, and they have spent the last 7 years following Hitler's playbook.

[And they are now preparing the way for the Anti-Christ.]

This sucks. I think she's gonna lose. and i really don't want obama... *sigh*. maybe i'll warm up to him.

[Bob Kerrey will teach you to love Barack HUSSEIN Obama of MUSLIM background who went to a secular MADRASSA.]

Clinton is the ultimate egotist


NO more Clintons. NO more Bushes...No more taking it in our tushes!

[This is just too easy. A slam DUnk here. However, I just can't resist...Is that you, Ben Burch?]

It might be prudent to see how normal people react--i.e., almost always differently from DUers

[Good distinction. There is a huge difference between normal people and DUmmies.]

Monday, December 17, 2007

HUffies unleash fury on Lieberman!

Joe Lieberman was never a favorite of the Looney Left: Barking Moonbat Division. Little Joe was a little too "centrist," a little too "traditional values-ish," a little too . . . well, let's say it . . . a little too JOOOOO-ISH for them. Even though Lieberman voted pretty much down the Democrat line in the Senate, even though he ran with Algore in the 2000 Selection, and even though partisan politics is SUPPOSED to stop at our nation's shores--in spite of all that, because Senator Lieberman DARED to stand with President Bush (hiss! boo!) in matters of national security and foreign policy, the Moonbats THREW Little Joe under the bus in the 2006 Connecticut primary. However, the horse they backed, Negative Ned Lament, did not fare as well with the rest of Connecticut voters in the general election. Little Joe, running as an independent, had the Joementum and was returned to the Senate, while Ned Lament was taken off to the glue factory.

Well, today's news that Joe Lieberman is backing (gasp!) RETHUGLICAN John McCain for President has provided a golden opportunity for the Moonbats to UNLEASH their fury on Lieberman once again, as witnessed in this HUffPo
THREAD, "Lieberman's New Kiss of Death." (Ironically, the HUffPo blogger is one Ari Melber.)

So let us sit back and watch the internecine warfare as the HUffies consign the erstwhile Democrat Lieberman to Zell Miller Hell, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering what all the fuss is about since McCain isn't going anywhere, is in the [brackets]:

Lieberman's New Kiss of Death

[The former Democrat, dissed by his own party last year, for some reason doesn't feel compelled to back a Democrat this time. Hmmm, not too hard to figure out.]

Senator Joe Lieberman will finally come clean on Monday, unleashing his inner-Republican to endorse the struggling campaign of Senator John McCain. . . .

[Thus prompting the Moonbats to unleash their inner-Hater!]

As an independent, however, Lieberman was already standing in the aisle.

[His own party had shoved him there! Enough from Ari Melber; now let's hear the comments from the HUffies. . . .]

As a constituent of the Senator's as well as being Jewish I find him to be a total embarassment! . . . He lacks the moral courage to represent his constituents and there collective will,who elected him in the first place. . . .

[Then why did his constituents elect Lieberman over Lament, when they had the chance?]

Lieberman is a whiney little fench jumper that sold out to the neo-cons.

["Neo-cons" = the JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS!!!!!!!!!!!!]

Alot of them have to go, on both sides of the aisle. Schummer and Feinstein are two of them.

[More "neo-cons," wink wink. . . .]

Why is Lieberman's body so small relative to his head? Would anyone be surprised to find out that he crawled out of a hanger in Roswell, N.M.? This thing was actually elected VP in 2000. What could be scarier than that? We could this minute be a colony of Garkon5 following the vaporization of Pres. Gore.


There should be a special level of Hell for Lieberman (if there really was such a thing as Hell)

[Zell Hell.]

What a putz.

[A regular schmuck. Oy.]

the closest Joe Lieberman should ever get to the white house is kissing Dick Cheney's ass.

[The little putz is probably over there doing that right now!]

If politics were art, Joe Lieberman would be like Monet and his haystacks -- the kind of artist who paints the same picture, over and over again.

[Joe the Boring Monet-bot.]

he can perhaps help McCain tempt New Hampshire independents to vote not in the Democratic but in the Republican primary in that state, thus perhaps slowing their slide to Barack Obama -- about whose own surge Republicans are now gravely concerned -- and thereby aid the Republicans' favorite (because unelectable) Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

[Let's see, Rove directs Lieberman to back McCain, which hurts Obama, which helps Hillary, which will help the eventual non-McCain Republican nominee. Got it!]

Joe Lieberman epitomizes what is wrong with the Democratic Party today.

[Yeah, he left it! All that's left is the Anti-American Left!]

I see many of the comments are the typical HuffPo anti-semitic rants I see posted on every story about Lieberman.

[They're unleashing their inner anti-Semite.]

A Zell-OT by any other name. . . .

[Joseph the Zell-ot, condemned to Zell Hell.]

He represents the Israeli lobby and only the Israeli lobby.

[Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-Israel).]

His enthusiatic support of military action against Iran is just the latest evidence in that regard. Sadly, most of the Congress is also on board with the Israelis.

[Is that you, Mahmoud Ahmanutjob?]

in my opinion, he should be relieved of his citizenship immediately . . .


Israel is by far America's strongest ally in that region. Obviously any sane American politician will advocate a continuing alliance with Israel.


DO NOT FORGET ROVE ALSO advised Joe, and helped him gain GOP support/votes then..Laughable was the established Dems ignorring the VOTERS choice and rallying behind their established collegue...EXPERIENCE SHOWED UP IN THOSE DECISONS TO DO SO, and MOST NOTABLY BOTH CLINTONS RALLIED TO ASSIST JOE, as well as DOdd nd others , including Obama who was told he should go. . . .

[ALL your Democrat candidates are belong to Rove!]

Lieberman is just a republicanderthal. . . .

[No wonder he caved!]

Lieberwhore is not a Republican. He's a fascist.

[Which is ALMOST as bad as being a Republican.]

Wasn't HRC one of the Dem Senators supporting Joe Quislingman against Ned Lamont?

[Hillary is part Jewish, you know.]

can we as civil, intelligent people support our ideas with facts and thoughtful observations and cut out the juvenile and hateful rheoric?



[Touched by an Algore.]

I wonder what would John Lennon say and who would he vote for? To bad the CIA kill him.

[WWLD? Lennon would vote for Lenin.]

A recommendation from Lieberman is like the proverbial fart in a hurricane.

[May the farts be with you!]


[Dancing with the Tsars.]


[I.e., your normal state.]

Joe Lieberman is a horse's ass if ever there were one.

[Yet his ass finished ahead of Negative Ned Lament.]

A little baked ham.

[No, no anti-semitism here. . . .]

Lieberman is an evil shape-shifter. He probably smells of stale "Old Spice and BO". . . .

[No, no juvenile and hateful rhetoric here. . . .]

lieberman has once again shown the world what a piece of garbage he is.

[Feel the love!]

UGHHHHHH, Barff. Just listened to the CNN rerun of Joe's endorsement. The man is Bat shit crazy, no other way to look at it!

[Unnngh. . . .]

There is a marvelous city, Roswell, New Mexico, where you can find shops with marvelous foil hats that will cut down on the number of Z-Rays that rach the brain. . . .

[Joe could not resist the Zell-Rays.]

Kissin' Joe's "interests" lie entirely with ISRAEL AND ZIONISM, both of which are as FASCIST IN NATURE as is the entire BUSH/CHENEY/SCOTUS/REPUBLICAN/BLUE-DOG DEMOCRAT ENABLER CABAL, and yes, that includes Pelosi, Hoyer, Rahm Emanuel, Reid, Clinton and Feinstein to name but a few. . . .


Is it possible to have Connecticut declared a town (village)? Then they wouldn't have any Senators and we'd all be better off.


Joe Biden Puts Foot In Mouth Over Surge

The great thing about the Web is that we can easily RETRIEVE embarrassing information about the candidates. In this case, a video of Joe Biden loudly putting his foot in the mouth earlier this year about the "inevitable" failure of the Surge was posted on YouTube by none other than Joe Biden himself (JoeBidendotcom). This video was posted on YouTube on March 14 of this year so this bloviating Senate speech by Biden was made on or before then. Notice how the Democrats are now RELUCTANT to talk about Iraq? That is because the Surge has been an astounding military SUCCESS. Meanwhile watch Biden sneer in this video about how General Petraeus is probably the only person who thinks the Surge can be a success. Enjoy that taste of Foot-In-Mouth, senator. And thanx for providing us great Drama Queen entertainment!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Leftwing Radio Host Rants Against Democrats In Frustration

Check out this video for some great laughs. Leftwing Air America radio host, Cenk Uygur, goes completely berserk while slamming Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi for "surrendering" to Republicans. The level of frustration on the part of Uygur is something to behold. He even declares that he would never trust Reid or Pelosi to be president since they would immediately surrender to our enemies. I guess all that leftwing jubilation when the Democrats won the House and Senate last year has worn off fast. Anyway, it is FUn to watch the complete demoralization of the Left due to their lack of faith in their own leaders. Hee! Hee!

Friday, December 14, 2007

"What IF a republican wins in 2008? What actions will you take?"

It is more and more looking like the nightmare scenario put forth by the DUmmies in this THREAD titled, "What IF a republican wins in 2008? What actions will you take?" is going to come true. I just don't see any scenario in which any of the Democrat candidates for president can win especially, as is looking more likely, if Mitt Romney is the Republican nominee. Yeah, I know the Huckster surged forward in the polls but he peaked too early and now that he is being scrutinized more carefully, I am sure he will fade in popularity over the next few weeks to the advantage of Romney. The most FUn thing of next year's campaign season won't be the general election in which I am sure of the outcome. It will be watching Hillary go BERSERK when it appears she won't be annointed as Empress in the primaries. I take that back. Actually the most FUn thing will be the immediate post-election watching the DUmmies go out of their minds in grief at the thought of having to live under yet another EVIL Republican regime. Remember, DUmmies, I want to see lots of FUnnie Drama Queen antics out of you such as the time immediately after the 2004 election when you all "stood up" and announced your real names. Barking at the moon and grief stricken wailing is highly encouraged. Oh, and don't forget to include lots of Rovian conspiracy theories mixed in with your anger. I am really looking forward to this. However, we can now get a sneak preview of their reaction to election loss in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking forward to lots of juicy DUFU material as the result of next year's election results, is in the [brackets]:

What IF a republican wins in 2008? What actions will you take?

[Leave this planet after my head explodes.]

Leave the country?
Drop out?
Start a revolution?
Accept it but bitch about it for another 4 years?

[Crawl back into my basement and weep in grief atop a pile of pizza cartons.]

I pose this question because I think about it alot, especially while watching Tweety whoring himself for Hillary and Ghouliani at the same time, but mostly for the republican side. And we still have not dealt with election fraud, which no one mentions anymore.

[This DUmmie needs a Reality Check if he thinks that Chris Matthews is whoring for the Republicans.]

Personally, I'm leaning toward complete revolution...but that's only me.

[What are you going to do? Run out into the middle of Constitution Ave. and let loose with a Primal Scream? And now to hear from the rest of the DUmmies who see defeat on the horizon...]

the scariest thing is the Supreme Court might be lost for decades. I might start hoarding Euros and sharp sticks while I plan an escape in a few years.

[Fear the wrath of the Apocalito!]

Sadly, it already is unless the Dem president is willing to risk stacking the court. Stacking the court is something I'd like to see the Dem candidates address, but it's too politically risky.

[Just ask FDR. Even the penisless FDR would hesitate to try that.]

There are NO left-wing justices to balance out the right-wing wackjobs like Scalia, Thomas, and the rest. Our only hope is to slow the race to the con side a little. But a tru progressive - never gonna happen.

[Especially when Mitt does the nominating.]

Try to find a nice house in the UK somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Go be an expat and write for a living.

[Yeah, like you will automatically be handed a big publishing contract. Which reminds me, I will soon be serializing on the DUFUs a bunch of short stories based on my WEIRD experiences selling satellite dishes in L.A.. I don't expect a book contract of it but at least it will be read by a wide audience.]

I'm already out. 2006 was the last hurrah for me. I'm done with wasting time and money and anxiety on a bad investment. I'm tired of pointing out the obvious to people who refuse to see it. And even if we win, we lose. So I'm done. In March when I vote it will be either ___ or Kucinich. In the fall, it will be a socially liberal imperialist vs. a socially conservative imperialist. Our "choice" is entirely illusory.

[You're already out? So where are you posting this from? Cuba? Nope. They don't allow access to the Internet there.]

Maybe increase my stores of emergency rations.

[Better stock up on the pizzas for your basement shelter.]

Hunker down for harder times that will surely be coming.We live on a small farm and raise the majority of what we eat, meat included. We will carry on. Leaving the country is not an option, I doubt I could get into Canada much less anywhere else due to my record. We already have supplies backed up in the event of 'things getting hinky'.

If the people revolt, I will be on the front lines. I am prepared for that also, well the gills prepared. I don't mean fire sticks and farm implements either.

Maybe I am a little paranoid about it, maybe not. I do not put ANYTHING past the government. I believe that there is a real threat of another stolenelection.

[Mad Marx: Beyond the ThunderDUmmie.]

I'm pretty much planning to leave the country either way. I don't see big changes with the frontrunning dems and this country needs big changes.

[I guess your "win" in 2006 wasn't all that satisfying?]

Where would you go and how would you get there? I'm interested in hearing about countries that allow anyone to just move into. Thanks.

[May I send you a North Korean Welcome Wagon basket?]

Climb a clock tower...

[Sayeth the DUmmie Charles Whitman.]

Drop out of politics, same as I did after Chimpy took office. That's self-preservation-- my blood pressure and stomach lining couldn't take any careful attention to that undeserving assclown occupying the Oval Office. I kept up with current events and glanced at politics every now and then, but I have never sat through a Chimpy speech or press conference--not once. This coming election is what brought me back to paying close attention to politics, because I have hope that I'll get a good--or even great--Dem President this time around.

[It sounds like deep hibernation would be the solution to your problem.]

Buying a high powered rifle with a scope.

[Another DUmmie headed for the clock tower.]

To hunt with!

[Hunting EVIL Republicans. Honest!]

i'll probably have a nervous breakdown. i wonder if my health insurance will pay for my stay in the nut house.

[No problem. Have Head DUmmie Skinner fill out the NUt house papers for you.]

I've already got my guns, would love the idea of revolution but... I will pussy out and probably leave the country. Been planning to leave for awhile, luckily I just landed a job to begin that transition.

[Save up those Mickey D dollars to make your getaway.]

I'm down with revolution.


Raid the voting places and confiscate the machines. til we had a chance to check their validity.

[A DUmmie John Brown preparing to raid the Harper's Ferry voting places.]

My sister-in-law is Japanese. Maybe she could instruct me in the proper ritual of Hara Kiri?

[Somehow I don't think you would get beyond the first scratch.]

I'd start reaming Democratic ass!

[Is that you, Ben Burch?]

I'm officially over the edge because I did think about this.

[As are all the other DUmmies. Way to go in the confidence department.]

I used to smirk a little at our DU "I'm outta here" threads. I'm not smirking any more. Between the camps they're building, no habeus, the spying and the hatred being engendered in this society, this place is just scary any more. I'll have to support your revolution off site, graywarrior, unless I can find a good hideout in the mountains.

[Please remain where you are, DUmmie sfexpat2000, until the 'Puke Police arrive to send you off to the newly constructed Walmart Detention Center.]

I'll be off to deepest Madagascar, to bring the Lemurs the gifts of FIRE and toolmaking. Because another Repub President will be all the evidence I need to declare Homo Sapiens a failed experiment. That will be time
to start over from scratch.

[Fine but hold off about a thousand years before showing the Lemurs how to use the wheel.]