Friday, October 19, 2007

"Rush Limpball's OUTRAGEOUS ebay auction"

Imagine my surprise this morning when I clicked on Rush Limbaugh's eBay auction to check out what the latest bid has risen to. Last night it was just over a million. Well, this morning it has risen to over an AMAZING TWO MILLION DOLLARS!!! Rush Limbaugh has taken the Senate smear letter, signed by 41 Democrats, sent to Clear Channel and turned lemons into lemonade by auctioning the document on eBay. Proceeds, with matching funds donated by Rush, will go to the Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation. And now the DUmmies are MAD because Rush has acted as the Roadrunner once again foiling the Wiley Coyote known as Dingy Harry. BEEP! BEEP! So what can the DUmmies do about it? Nothing really but that won't stop them from trying as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Rush Limpball's OUTRAGEOUS ebay auction (and what we can do about it)." So let us now watch the DUmmies pathetically plot to stop Rush's eBay auction steamroller in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that he has an eBay feedback of 100% positive with over 700 feedbacks, is in the [brackets]:

Rush Limpball's OUTRAGEOUS ebay auction (and what we can do about it)

[Please stop the Roadrunner from making Wiley Coyote look like a fool again. BEEP! BEEP!]

That puke Rush Limpballs is running an auction on ebay for the letter he received from Harry Reid and other senators about his outrageous criticism of "phony soldiers."

[Maybe you should complain to Harry Reid and 40 other Democrat senators for making that auction possible in the first place by placing their signatures on that letter.]

That act in itself is atrocious enough; now they've written an inflammatory, highly offensive auction to sell the letter in which he refers to Reid as "Dingy Harry" and contains other vitriol such as this:

Up for auction is the original letter signed by 41 Democrat senators. This historic document may well represent the first time in the history of America that this large a group of U.S. senators attempted to demonize a private citizen by lying about his views. As such, it is a priceless memento of the folly of Harry Reid and his 40 senatorial co-signers.

[An accurate description. I predict that this letter will vastly INCREASE in value as the years go by. Great investment opportunity there.]

The auction's been running for 3 days now. Why ebay's allowing it is beyond my comprehension. But there is something we can do about it.

[Your post was made on Monday and it is now Friday. No way in hell that eBay will take down that auction. It is great publicity for them plus I think this auction might result in the highest bid ever on eBay.]

Every auction has a "report" button on the bottom of the page. Let's report the hell out of it!

[Sorry but eBay is NOT listening to your false reports. You think they want to ruin the incredible publicity they are gaining from this auction?]

Thanks for the heads up. I'll go on over now.

[I'm picturing the experiment where they got a monkey hooked on cocaine and he kept of pushing the coke button over and over again to the exclusion of the food button to the point where the monkey almost starved to death. Yes, DUmmie. Keep hitting that eBay "report" button to the exclusion of everything else in your life which means no pizza swallowing for the next few days.]

Silly Freepahs, I saved an enlarged copy of the 4 pages to my hard drive LOL. Ok I just got a copy of the scanned letter but who cares if they have the original LOL.

[Silly DUmmie, Rush is encouraging everybody to do just that.]

Notice, though, the proceeds from the sale go to charity. Smug asshole, isn't he. Like a gift wrapped in dog poop.

[If you saw over 2 million dollars wrapped in dog poop, you would be licking at it wildly with your tongue to get at the dough.]

Is the charity named? I mean, is it the "Rush Limbaugh OxyContin Acquisition fund"?

Apparently it's for the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.


I'd rather not have the laws enforced by the Marines!


Perhaps we should check out the "Marine Corps -- Law Enforcement Foundation"'s Form 990.

[A DUmmie accusation of phony charities.]

Now there's a "charity" I certainly won't be donating to.

[Since it supports the children of fallen Marines and law enforcement officers, there wasn't a chance you would be donating to them in the first place.]

you apparently don't know how to read their Form 990.
Their expenses are actually very low. They have a large surplus, which is not unusual for charitable foundations that want to be able sustain their mission through lean years as well as good years. They are a very highly rated charity, with the CFC indicating that they only spend 4.7% on fundraising and administration.


wouldn't the more fun thing to do create fake ebay ID. Bid crazy numbers on auction. Never pay for item.

[Too bad you will never qualify according to the President of the Auction Cause who is now sending out this message to all bidders: "Given the $2 million level, we are requiring many additional items such as bank statements, deposits, signed and faxed forms, copy of your IDs, as well as other proof of income."]

Have to be pre-approved & provide credit card info, unfortunately

[BEEP! BEEP! Another Wiley Coyote plot foiled.]

If I had the funds, I'd vote to get it and let Limbaugh keep his photo, Halliburton briefcase and other little tidbits. I'd hold a press conference to say I bought it because I was proud of the Senators who signed and bid the auction way up so Limbaugh's Marines charity donation was HUGE. If only...

[If had a brain.]

Like George Soros? Like I said in an earlier post, we need to get george soros to buy the items and destroy them. Over $100,000 now. He's keeping Air America on the air. And he's bankrolling most of the Democratic candidates running for office. We need him to buy this as well.

[Since George Soros (and Hillary) is the creator of Media Matters, you can blame him for making this smear letter possible in the first place.]

What are we reporting it for? Don't get me wrong - it's in bad taste for sure, but there's a lot on E-Bay that's in bad taste. I'd love to get it taken down, but I'm not sure where it violates the terms & conditions of E-Bay. Any insight?

[Don't expect insight from DUmmies.]

We'll see where it goes. I would like nothing more than to see it taken down!

[Posted the DUmmie on Monday, little realizing the auction would SOAR to over 2 million dollars by Friday.]

I don't like it, but what exactly in it is "hateful"?

[So what time will your tombstoning ceremony be?]

It comes in a HALLIBURTON briefcast! Ewwww.

[A nice little touch from Roadrunner Rush. BEEP! BEEP!]

all I can say to ebay is be careful cause i'll quit buying and selling shit there in a heartbeat if I find they are dittoheads

[The loss of the plastic trash from the depths of your garage will be a true tragedy for eBay.]

I'm afraid ebay will never take it down. It has 109 bids! That is a bidding frenzy.

[Posted the DUmmie on Monday when the auction was less than 10% of its current bid.]

Doesn't the pig have enough money?

[Look at the bright side. The higher the auction goes, the more Rush has to pay in matching funds. Or do you actually think that Rush is going to keep the auction money?]

Thanks for this--at last an action I can take against that bigot that won't just disappear in the ether

[Posted the DUmmie on Monday before his "action" was pulverized into the ether under the enormous weight of over 2 million dollars in bids.]

I disagree with the Democratic Party wasting OUR time by giving any attention to an asshole like Rush. I would prefer them to spend our time by addressing the problems of Media Consolidation, instead of feeding the residents of the slime pit.


Arrogant pukehole, ga$bag.

[Screeched the DUmmie over and over again as he uselessly hit the "report" button over and over again.]

The bid is now 45,600.50

[Posted the DUmmie on Monday, little realizing the bid would go over 50 times that number by Friday.]

But have you notice that Rush is winning the propaganda war? He challenged The Good Guys to match the winning bid to their charity of their choice. And by their not saying anything he’s proven his point. It’s bad enough we couldn’t tell the difference between a fake soldier who never was in the service with somebody who was. He is milking it for everything he can. And another way he’s winning the propaganda war: The bidding has been going on through the weekend and only now are we finding out about it. Over 200,000 viewers have seen it and only now are we doing anything about it. Has nobody bothered to “Know your enemy” and bothered to even listen to his show for a few minutes? We are being laughed at by the Wrong Wing! We need George Soroes to buy the items and destroy them.
If he can keep Air America on the air he should be able to come up with the spare change and win.

[Save us, George! Please pour Rush's lemonade from lemons down the drain! HELP!!!]

Where is George Soros? We need him again, and very badly.

[Save us, George, from Rush turning the tables on us! HELP!!!]

I'm guessing Limbaugh probably has a couple of shills
engaging in a fake bidding war in order to keep escalating the price - notice how you had to be "pre-approved" in order to even engage in bidding for this item? Hint-hint...wink-wink...nudge-nudge...say-no-more-say-no-more!

[Posted a DUmmie with absolutely no proof.]

Why not create a phoney ebay account and bring the bid amount way up? Then at least the people who are selling it will have to deal with a lot of 2nd chance offers before they get any money for it.

[So why don't YOU do this and commit eBay suicide by being forever banned from that site?]

I reported it as fraud--not bid. Here is my response to Ebay:

"States money is going to charity, however, the "charity" listed is a political entity. The Marine Corps - Law Enforcement Foundation, Inc. is also registered to participate in the Combined Federal Campaigns (CFC #2134). These are illegal campaign contributions for the Republican Party. This is pure fraud. I also am concerned there are shills bidding for this."

The Combined Federal Campaign is not a political organization. It is the program by which federal employees and military members can make donations directly to their favorite charities and non-profits via payroll deductions. The Marine organization saying they are part of CFC is simply saying that they accept contributions via CFC using the pledge number they listed. No fraud whatsoever.

[Oops. BEEP! BEEP!]

Will keep checking to see if it's taken down.

[Posted the DUmmie on Monday. Hee! Hee!]

Don't hold your breath. There is nothing about that listing that violates ebay's rules. This is one silly thread.

[Therefore extremely FUnnie.]

it just made me uncomfortable, and I don't think ebay should host the auction.

[Yeah, eBay is going to shut down a record breaking auction because it happened to make you uncomfortable.]

I don't like it. But its no more "hateful" than ebay auctioning copies of "Rush Limbaugh is a BIg Fat Idiot". And if someone objected to the sales of that book on ebay, I would think they were a fool.

[Would you like to auction off the Kewpie Doll that is being sent to you for having a brief moment of mental clarity?]

If we alerted or banned everything just because we don't like the one offering it, we'd be as immature as they are, like a toddler screaming and rolling around the floor at the KMart because he can't get a toy.

[A perfect description of the DUmmies. WAAAAAAAHHHH!!!]

Rush should give them the money out of his own pocket- he has millions this is political bullshit. The $45,000 this will bring is chump change to him.

[Um, Rush is giving them the money in the form of matching funds which will end up costing him over 2 million bucks.]

He is matching the high bid out of his pocket and has challenged the signers to do the same. Like it or not Rush is rubbing Reids nose in it, and maybe even poking his thumb in Reids eye.Why doesn't some progressive radio star do something to counter this?

[Because Randi Rhodes' small salary goes almost entirely to filling up glasses with Bloody Marys. BEEP! BEEP!]

Its a legitimate charity. One with a good record. Maybe you and I don't like the folks that run it or are its board, but there is not a scintilla of evidence it is anything other than a legit charitable foundation that supports families of soldiers/law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. And its financial records show that it spends a very small amount on fundraising and management -- far less than, say, Habitat for Humanity.


It's up to $46,100.00 Be nice if he would give the money to the soldiers he smeared!

Jesse MacBeth? I think he went to jail because he really was pretending to be something that he wasn't.


Sigh.... All we are really doing here is giving his ebay listing free publicity.


Every criticism here is making the Wrong Wing snicker and laugh at us.

[Snicker. Snicker. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!]

Since he's registered his auction with e-Bay's "Giving Works"....... program and since 100% of the proceeds are going to the charity, e-Bay will refund 100% of both the insertion and Final Value fees. Neither e-Bay nor Limbaugh gets anything but a truckload of publicity out of this. The bid is over $800,000 now, and he's matching the winning bid. That's one Hell of a lot of money being raised for a good cause. Why on Earth would anyone try to stop anyone, even if it is Limbaugh, from doing something good for deserving kids? Isn't that what we say they do? Do we not give them the right to paint us with the hypocrisy brush when we try to undermine things like this? I'm just sayin'............

[You're just sayin' you LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

$851,000 as of now. I'd say that's pocket-rattling.

[Posted the DUmmie on Thursday, not realizing how earth shaking the bidding would go on Friday.]

The bid's up to $851,000: I anticipate that by bid's end, with Rush's match, that will be an excess of $2 mil to a good charity. I don't really find anything offensive in the ad, and if he wants to support a good cause by selling some paper, then good on him.

[Try in excess of $4 mil to a good charity.]

2 million??? Come on Rush, shill bidding ain't allowed on eBay. Either Rush is bidding on his own stuff, or there's a couple of prank bidders messing with the pill-popper's auction.

[Pathetically posted a DUmmie in a state of shock over just how high the bidding has gone.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rush is a genius!!!! LOL I can't stop laughing!!!!

9:08 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...


What was that word the DUmmies invented with the fake Rove indictment?...

Was it "Fruedenschade"?


9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey PJ. Saw your comment on the Weblog Awards site regarding not finding out who the finalists are before the expo.

That's because they already know who's gonna win and who the finalists are. No "regular" blogger would go to the expo unless they either a)are complete full time bloggers (and i mean do nothing else but blog for a living - i.e. Dooce, Perez Hilton, etc) b) Are going to get recognized among their peers.

Plus do you really think the voting committee will have enough time to fairly vote on every blog in each category before the awards ceremony?

Think about it...they have a week to select finalists after nomination time has ended. Then they have a week of voting before the expo.

Sounds like a bunch of B.S. to me.

All it becomes is a traffic driver to the site for a few days by giving people "hope" that they'll be selected as a finalists.

And I'm not saying this out of jealousy either. I like the awards concept and think it does bring awareness to the smaller bloggers out there. I'd just like to see the process done fairly.

Keep up the great work here and keep blogging!


10:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rush IS a genius, unlike a lot of DUmmies:

"Silly Freepahs, I saved an enlarged copy of the 4 pages to my hard drive LOL. Ok I just got a copy of the scanned letter but who cares if they have the original LOL"

Silly DUmmie, a scanned copy is worthless LOL. Ok, You may as well hold on to a scanned copy of the Mona Lisa, it's worth the same as a copy of the letter. Absolutely Nothing! LOL.

"wouldn't the more fun thing to do create fake ebay ID. Bid crazy numbers on auction. Never pay for item."

Sure, committing fraud is VERY fun! If your a DUmmie, that is.

"Like I said in an earlier post, we need to get george soros to buy the items and destroy them."

Make it go away, Daddy. Make it go away!

And they wonder why we call them DUmmies!

11:44 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

The Kostards are going apeshit.

$2,100,100, and over a million unique hits to the ebay site to witness the shame of the 41...

Thanks, Dingy Harry! LOL

12:13 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

This has been some of the best entertainment I have had in a while

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rush's show pisses me off at times, and I don't agree with him on everything, but this is brilliant. Checkmate to the moron left, and lots of money to a good cause. It's just great.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the best DuFu ever. You've outdone yourself, PJ.

Or maybe the stupidity of the DUmmies did the work for you.

I really can't believe how foolish these children are - or how eager they are to make themselves look stupid, hypocritical, and ludicrous.

I can't believe they actually wanted to shut down the auction. Liberal free speech, huh? Tolerance?

The only thing sadder than their stupidity and their utter lack of charity and humanity ... is their complete absence of a sense of humor.

This is just plain funny. Too bad they can't laugh at it.


4:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In the Mesozoic era of the dinosaur media, there was a saying that you should not pick a fight with a man who bought ink by the barrel. Senator Reid and the other forty senators have just started a fight with a man who uses the equivalent of tanker trucks of ink.

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh heh heh

I've always thought of Rush as a windbag. He has proven me wrong.

He is a very smart windbag.

I like the dude

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this. Talk about rubbing Dingy Harry's nose in it. Maybe that will teach them to smear a private citizen with lies....BWAHAAAHA their moonbats who am I kidding... They haven't learned. Besides if the libtards stopped lying, they'd have nothing to say.


2:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now Dingy Harry and the "Phony 41" are playing the 'Pee-Wee Herman Card'; Jumping up and saying "Heh-heh, I MEANT to do that!"

Worst for the Dingmeister is that he hooked Hillary into this train wreck. She's not going to forget, and darn sure won't forgive. He's toast.

Think about it... A bunch of Senators just got their butts royally and hilariously kicked by a CONSERVATIVE RADIO TALK SHOW HOST.

True, Limbaugh is one of the brighter lights in the firmament, but aren't our vaunted "leaders" supposed to be smarter than that?

Now, they won't match the donation, can't make anyone believe that this was all 'good fun' and 'for the troops and firefighters', and mostly... their attempt to use Federal Office to censor free speech is exposed!

Oh! It's a good day...

11:17 AM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Just when I think the DUmmies can't get any crazier this happens.

To the guy/girl who *wished* they could buy the letter ("If I had the funds, I'd vote to get it and let Limbaugh keep his photo, Halliburton briefcase and other little tidbits. I'd hold a press conference to say I bought it because I was proud of the Senators who signed and bid the auction way up so Limbaugh's Marines charity donation was HUGE. If only."): perhaps if you ever left Mom's basement and got a job you'd understand how hard it is to do anything well enough to earn that kind of money. 'Til then, suck it.

And do any of these morons *ever* read and think before they post? The level of ignorance of facts is just amazing.

2:08 AM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Oh, and what does it say about the level of competence of Dems in the Senate when they get *PWNED* by a radio talkshow host??

2:09 AM  

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