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"A Collapse for Democrats" ---Russ Feingold

There is an old saying that states, be careful of what you wish for. The left wished desperately for the Democrats to win Congress last November and it happened. Problem is it is now turning into a nightmare for the left. The Democrats have now apparently pulled the rug from under the leftwing NUtroots by backing down on insisting on a pullout date for the Iraq troop funding bill. Senator Russ Feingold expresses the feeling of leftwing disappointment by the very TITLE of his Daily Kos THREAD, "A Collapse for Democrats." This follows on the heels of the DUmmies screeching betrayal in yesterday's DUFU EDITION. So let us now enjoy the spectacle of the left betrayed their own Democrats in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that things aren't going so hot either for Feingold's partner in authoring really lousy bills, is in the [brackets]:

A Collapse for Democrats

[So how is that First Hundred Hours thing working out, Russ?]

This situation is a collapse for Democrats. We had a strong start, pushed back against the President’s failed policy and held our ground that the supplemental should include binding language to end the war. But now, as Congress gets ready to send the President a bill that does nothing to get our troops out of Iraq, we are just folding our cards. As one person commented under Greg Sargent’s great post at TPM cafe, "Send the Congressional Dems over to my place for some poker - I could use a windfall right now."

[That means the DUmmies were bluffing all along since Bush called their hand. The tell was that Dingy Harry's mouth was more downcast than usual.]

This is no time to back down. This fight to end the war isn’t something that we can just put off or kick down the road. As mcjoan pointed out, it doesn’t make any sense to wait until this "mythical September" when Republicans will suddenly decide that we need to get out of Iraq. Why should this wait until September? First Americans had to put up with a Republican Congress that did nothing, and now we are faced with a Democratic Congress that is giving the President exactly what he wants – continuing his failed policy and leaving our troops stuck in the middle of a civil war. Some strategy. We can’t back down when the stakes are so high. I know you’ll keep ratcheting up the pressure, and that’s exactly what we need right now. Now is the time to be pulling out all the stops to end the war.

[Senator Russ asking the NUtroots to act even NUttier. Thanx for encouraging some great future DUFU material.]

To answer those of you who asked if I would support a supplemental without binding language to end the war, the answer is no. I think this conference report is an affront to the will of the American people and does nothing to help change course in Iraq.

[Sorry. Game over, Russ. And now to hear from the Kookie KOmmies...]

Sen Feingold. What's the best way to put pressure on leadership?

[Hold your breath for 10 minutes.]

Senator, you should resign in protest. Give up your position in this corrupt Congress as a protest against the fatuous idiocy of both parties, and the treason of the Neocon Usurpation.

[Finally, a KOmmie suggestion I can agree with.]

Sit-Ins and Rowdy Street Protests

[Smelly T-shirts and really nasty language.]

If I believed in Hell, I would hope that Bush would rot there.

[A non-belief system that seem prevalent among the left.]

If the netroots have been burning up the phone lines, emails, faxes, why are they not listening? I have given up any hope that they have an ace up their collective sleeves for dealing with the most corrupt person who has sat in the Oval Office.

[The Democrats don't even have a deuce up their sleeves.]

Maybe the netroots should organize a close down of financial support until they are listening. A well organized action across the netroots for a day or two may very well attract their attention.

[Not One Damn Dime Day.]

Cut off their internet funding until they cut off war funding.

[You mean keep EVIL Republicans from accessing the Web?]

It isn't America anymore. Democracy in America is in cardiac arrest, and there's nobody around to revive her.

[Time to make that move to North Korea.]

If this is actually what ends up happening, I'll be dumbstruck. Well, only for a couple of seconds. Then I'll start screaming to tear the house down.

[Give me warning so I can feature your conniption fit in the DUmmie FUnnies.]

This latest news has been like a kick in the stomach.

[How long before you get your wind back?]

I'm both furious and heartsick over this. And bitterly, bitterly disappointed in the so-called Democratic "leadership".

[But don't you get all warm and fuzzy over Grandma Nancy?]

Time for your "Mr Smith" filibuster.

I'll donate $10 for every hour he talks.

[Senator Russ is just $10 away from a major filibuster.]

John Edwards is for sending a bill similar to the supplemental back to Bush and pressing hard in the forthcoming negotiations, not folding or playing the patsy.

[But will the Pink Sapphire play the pansy?]

They are handing the gop 08 and it is disgusting.

[Would you like a ticket to the President Romney Inaugural Ball?]

Just tried to explain that to Sen. Casey's office, but they don't seem to get that. They were full of nothing but B.S. Clear he will vote to fund without timelines and I doubt my call helped much, but it made me feel better to argue - nicely - with his staffer for 10 minutes. She said in so many words that the supplemental with no timelines is a done deal. There is already a "strong consensus" to do it, she says.

[Speaking of Senator Casey---has he turned into a potted plant since entering the Senate?]

a great idea for a non-protest protest hundreds of thousands on individuals all visiting their reps and senators at the same time. no placards, no shouting, just a physical demonstration of the breadth of opposition to this war.

[Don't forget to wear your V For Vendetta costumes.]

Thank you Senator. I was listening to NPR this morning when they reported that the Democrats were going to basically give Bush everything he wants. I was in such a red faced rage I almost wrecked my car.

[Were you the idiot who almost hit my van yesterday?]

All the news networks were running "Bush Wins!" headlines this morning. When will Democrats learn how to play this game?

[So how is that George (rhymes with) Lackoff framing thing going for you?]

We already gave you a majority, we've been calling and writing our congresspeople, we've even paid for television ads, what more do you want?

[A tush wipe---one square only.]

That is what makes me the most angry about it; the FALSE HOPE that the Democrats would actually draw their line in the sand here, and fight for it. They bluffed. Now they're going to fold.

[Freudenschade, baby!]

Keep it up Senator!

[Bob Dole is no longer in the Senate.]

have had it. I just can't continue to believe in the Democratic party when they let us down time and time again.

[You have a Hillary '08 fundraising e-mail in your In Box.]

Sen. Feingold, you sound depressed.

["A Collapse for Democrats" doesn't exactly sound like an upbeat thread title to be posting in KOmmieland.]

I am supporting Edwards who has many things in common with you, although not the AUMF vote. However, that seems like such a long time ago now. Fortunately, he is among the top voices as you are in ending the Iraq War.

[The Pink Sapphire has your back.]


[Gee. I thought Senator Russ, along with McCain, already solved that problem.]

We win both Houses with a message from the American people to end the insanity and the Democrats do NOTHING to change the Sadistic Dry Drunk Coward's plans. Keep playing with your worry beads Democrats, as you enable The Decider. Who needs Gonzo when you have the spineless Democratic Party!

[As I stated at the top of this DUFU edtion, be careful of what you wish for.]

Collapse and fracturing of Dems as witnessed on Daily KOS and how they turn their backs on Webb, Tester, and others... The big tent has come crashing down at just the WRONG TIME

[But at just the RIGHT TIME for the DUmmie FUnnies.]

the lunatics are running the asylum

[Said the sign at the KOmmieland entrance.]

Who do you recommend, Senator to replace Reid and Pelosi? Its a rhetorical question, I know, but we've given them all the support and patience and then some with no result, no leadership. I'm faxing both of them today and asking them to step down. Others may want to do the same.

[But who can provide better comedy relief than those two?]

Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota must be crying tears of frustration, unable to propose legislation, unable to debate it, unable to offer ammendments, and unable to vote against capitulation to Bush.

[Senator Johnson is spending a Weekend At Bernie's.]

With the help of Karl Rove, Attorney General Gonzales, and other “loyal Bushies,” there is no longer a need for Department of Justice, a Constitution, or any future elections. Let’s all learn to be happy with competent Republican leadership for years to come.

[All Hail Our Mighty Emperor, Chimpus Khan!]

I cut off my monthly donation to the Democratic (0 / 0)
Party shortly after hearing about the pending timetable-less bill. It was not a pittance, either.

[It was a whole dime.]

Dems Collapse - it's pathetic

[But very FUnnie.]

But as for Reid, I say as before: out, out, out. Go back to Nevada and don't ever come back.

[What goes back to Vegas stays in Vegas.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Taken as a whole, these comments are nothing more than the whinings of a spoiled child denied a cookie.

It's politics. You win today, you lose tomorrow. It's a fine (if frustrating) way to manage things.

Grow up.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon got to this point first: it's like a collective temper tantrum. Expected in small children, but downright pathetic in people who are supposed to be adults.

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Let’s all learn to be happy with competent Republican leadership for years to come."

That works for me!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn! Anon and basilik wrote what I was thinking.

I'll say it anyway: It seems the petulant, spoiled children came out to play at politics and got their pee-pees whacked. It only took one whack before they went home crying to Mommy.

Back to the basement for you! Turn off the lights, turn on the PC, and start the furious typing.

BTW ... Domino's delivers.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yesterday at Kos,MyDD,DU and other extreme left blogs many threads said the dems had sandbagged them and could never be trusted in the future.

Now they are kissing up and getting brown noses from Russ.

Gee what a surprise.

6:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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