Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Infamous Original Daily Kos Foley Thread

The mantra among the liberals is that the Mark Foley scandal is strictly a Republican problem. Unlike Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds who actually had sex with a page and was re-elected to office several times without a single Democrat demanding that he resign, Foley was forced to resign from office the moment his sicko IM messages became known. However, that was not enough for Democrats. Now they want to know why the Republican House leadership didn't do something earlier when they found out about Foley's messages. See, what the Democrats are doing is trying to confuse the low key e-mails that Foley sent to the pages that sound creepy primarily in retrospect with the IM messages that are flat out sick. Of course, Foley did resign when those IM messages became known. However, it is now becoming more and more apparent that the Democrats not only knew about the relatively innocuous e-mails but the sick IM messages as well. So why wasn't Foley reported on immediately? Timing. They had to wait for their October surprise. Foley resigning during the summer wouldn't do them much good. Better for them to spring the Foley IM messages (via the media) weeks before the November elections in an attempt to affect it. So is this all just idle speculation on the part of your humble correspondent? No. We have SOLID proof in the form of this Daily Kos THREAD (hat tip: Radar Online) titled, "Congressman Mark Foley Emails to Intern" posted by "WHInternNow" which linked to Stop Sex Predators. One thing we can be sure of is that WHInternNow is no White House intern. The key to his political leanings can be gathered in that just a few minutes after making his September 24 post (remember, this is still 5 days before the Foley scandal broke in the news), he posted the information from the same day's edition of the Stop Sex Predators blog in the Daily Kos. Most likely WHInternNow and the author of the Stop Sex Predators blog are one and the same. When the identity of the author of that blog and WHInternNow (probably one and the same) become known a lot of the Foleygate scandal coverup by Democrats (covered up until they could spring their October Surprise) will begin to unravel. I think it is a fair guess that the author of Stop Sex Predators is NOT a Republican. This operation has all the earmarks of a Democrat MO and I can assure you that the blog author was privy to inside information made available to him since he jumped the gun on revealing the Foleygate scandal before ABC's Brian Ross provided that service several days later. It is this error on the part of the author of Stop Sex Predators that will lead us to the TRUE perpetrators of the Foleygate coverup. So let us now watch the the beginnings of Foleygate unraveling on the Daily Kos in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering how a mere blog author could get all this inside information on his own, is in the [brackets]:

Congressman Mark Foley Emails to Intern

[Posted by WHInternNow on September 24 at 11:25 AM PDT just minutes after this Stop Sex Predators EDITION was posted.]

by WHInternNow

Sun Sep 24, 2006 at 11:25:31 AM PDT

I have been reading with interest the various discussions with regard to Congressman Mark Foley. I am a White House Intern and have been in personal contact with Congressman Foley on numerous occasions.

[Yeah. You're a White House intern who oh so conveniently identified yourself. More likely you are a DNC intern. Continue...]

Today I Googled Congressman Foley and came upon this website:

[Not a good idea for interns to Google Foley but continue...]

I was just shocked by what I found. I am especially upset by the dismissive attitudes I found on the web from those who know about Congressman Foley's bad behavior in Washington. I'm sure his conservative base in Florida would not approve of him sending these suggestive and leading emails to underage interns.

[Already setting it up so the "conservative base" will react in anger. It's ALL about politics. And HOW did that Stop Sex Predators site get those PHONY e-mails prior to the Foleygate scandal breaking 5 days later. I say PHONY because the e-mails that have been revealed include none of what was published later. This has all the appearances to a frustrated leftwing operative trying to kickstart the Foleygate scandal. Too bad he didn't have the patience to allow it to play out more naturally a few days later because now the author of the Stop Sex Predators blog has pointed a big arrow at himself. And now to get the reactions from the Daily Kos KOmmies to this premature revelation by WHInternNow.]

I hope you enjoyed your time being a White House intern if you are indeed one. For first of all I don't think that they would appreciate you posting negative information about Mark Foley, who is a Republican supportive of Bush. Also they might be tracking your IP to find out who you are and what computer you posted on.

[That is exactly what WHInternNow is worried about right now. Here is what I suspect is WHInternNow's posting on the October 4 EDITION of Stop Sex Predators:]

Hello Folks. Maybe I'm not so happy that so many people are coming to this blog site.

[Getting nervous about being tracked down, eh? Continue...]

I'm not interested in media interviews. Thank you for your interest, but if you were doing your job to begin with, Mark Foley would have been exposed a long time ago. Instead of wanting to do a story about this blog, how about covering the fact that the media sat on this story for over a year. You're as bad as the Congressional Leadership that covered for Foley.

[How about covering the fact that the Democrats sat on this story...until this story could be sprung as an October surprise. Unfortunately for them, you impatiently jumped the gun by a few days. Continue...]

...I am not Karl Rove, Mark Foley, or John Boehner. I am not employed in Democratic politics. I am not 'funded' by George Soros. I'm nobody that anybody should care about. So, please, go about your day as if I don't exist. If you have something that needs to be posted on this site, please let me know.

[Please, please don't investigate into who I am. I am just an anonymous truck driver in Nebraska who just so happened to find Foley revelations long before it hit the news. Please just go away. I'm sorry I jumped the gun on my Foley revelations but I got impatient for the October Surprise. Please forget that I somehow had the heads up on this scandal. Throw it down the Memory Hole. WAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!! And now back to the Daily Kos...]

hmmm let me see. First signed on with Kos in September 06 - has not made one comment to anyone;s diary

[Good research on WHInternNow my KOmmie friend. So now we know that WHInternNow was getting ready way back at the beginning of September to make his premature Foley post if he needed to. Too bad he was too impatient to wait a few days and let Brian Ross do his job for him.]

but what's the point here? Do you perceive a hidden agenda?
And I checked the diarist's history before I posted my question. If I disagreed - if I thought I had a basis to disagree, I'd have removed the tag. I just feel like I'm missing something here.

[You are right. WHInternNow did have the hidden agenda of jumpstarting the Foleygate scandal. If only he had waited a few days, things wouldn't be unravelling as they are now.]

This diary makes an accusation... a serious accusation, but provides no evidence to back it up. (except for that silly blogspot link that is probably his/hers) That's why it is a troll diary

[And this KOmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having the mental clarity to realize that WHInternNow and the author of Stop Sex Predators are probably one and the same.]

This is one of the reasons being a whistle-blower is so difficult. Even those with an interest in your information and the ability to do something with it are prone to treat you like dirt. It's very frustrating.

[You will treat WHInternNow worse than dirt when you find out that his premature posting in KOmmieland is what leads to the unravelling of the Foleygate October Surprise scheme.]

seems you were right and no one listened if you or anyone you know ever wants to break a story here again, try to provide some more evidence or at least hint about where we might find it. We are sensitive about anything that looks like a rumor coming back to bit us in the butt.

[Posted a KOmmie within hours after the Foleygate scandal finally broke in the news on September 29. Of course, HOW did WHInternNow happen to have this information long before the scandal made the news? I can assure you that WHInternNow is no mere anonymous poster without an agenda. The identity of WHInternNow is the KEY to the unravelling of the Foleygate October Surprise coverup.]

could you let us all know what you knew and when?

[Good question for the FBI to ask WHInternNow when they finally track him down.]

So the Republicans knew all about this. So this scandal will metastasize. I get it.

[So WHInternNow knew all about this. So this scandal will metastasize. I get it.]

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Pitt knew the interns in question.
In fact, he was an intern. In fact, he and Foley exchanged emails.

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Very good idea. Similar to a discussion I saw on this World Travel.

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