Friday, October 06, 2006

Demented Democrats De-Foley-ating

Allow me to introduce to you a new word---"De-Foley-ating." De-Foley-ating, inspired by the Mark Foley page scandal, is what happens when the Democrats, worried that the scandal is waning, decided to coarsen the political discourse even more by outing gay Republicans. This dirty politics technique of of outing Republicans is what can be call de-Foley-ating. Of course, if the Repbublicans had attempted such a dirty trick, there would be a tidal wave of OUTRAGE in the media but since it is the Democracrats performing the de-Foley-ation, only the chirping of crickets can be heard from the MSM. One of the chief proponents of de-Foley-ation is Lawrence "bulging neck veins" O'Donnell. Now a normal person would try to hide his part in being a political smearmeister. Not O'Donnell. He actually revels in it as you can see in his HUffington Post BLOG titled, "Closeted Gay Republicans and a Party in Political Free-Fall." Sorry, Larry, but the only thing here in a free-fall is your sanity. See, you and your fellow Democrats think that the typical Republican is an uneducating fundamentalist hick who will be so OUTRAGED by the Republicans you have outed that they will desert the party in droves. Sorry, but the 2004 de-Foley-ation attempt failed miserably when both Kerry and Edwards went out of the way to mention loudly that Dick Cheneys daughter was gay. However, the Democrats never learn. They will attempt a mass de-Foley-ation this year only to find that the ones they have smeared are themselves. So let us now watch Lawrence O'Donnell and the HUffington Post HUffies work their neck veins into an extreme bulge in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping not to be de-Foley-ated by Larry if he finds out that I wear a suspiciously metrosexual waist pack at all times, is in the [brackets]:

Closeted Gay Republicans and a Party in Political Free-Fall."

[I sure hope they don't crash into your sanity on the way down, Larry.]

The LA Times has outed Kirk Fordham today. He will not be the last closeted gay Republican outed by this scandal.

[O'Donnell is drooling at the prospect of more de-Foley-ations to come.]

Today's NY Times has a chart that outlines the "key communications" in the House of Representatives about Mark Foley's inappropriate contact with pages. More than one of the names in the chart, which includes Kirk Fordham, are rumored to be closeted gay Republicans who have been working at the highest levels of the Republican leadership.

[Larry loves to de-Foley-ate in public.]

They have been looking at their names in print for the last couple of days and no doubt fearing for their futures in a Party that is in political free-fall.

[One can picture O'Donnell here closing his eyes tight and wishing real hard: "Please make the Republicans go into a political free-fall! If I say it enough times maybe it will actually happen. Oh, pretty please!"]

Are ambitious closeted gay Republican officials, the most reliable people Speaker Hastert could have delegated the Foley problem to last year? Obviously not. Heat on a closeted gay Republican in the House is heat on all closeted gay Republicans in the House. The most innocent Foley emails were enough to worry the parents of the recipient. They were enough to worry the closeted gay Republicans too. But the closeted gay Republicans were perfectly positioned in the House to make the problem disappear.

[Gay bashing is perfectly acceptable if the gays being bashed are the EVIL Republicans.]

Now two Republican staffers are locked in a credibility contest: it's Kirk Fordham v. Scott Palmer, Hastert's chief of staff. Palmer flatly denies that Fordham warned him about Foley. Hastert's political life depends entirely on Scott Palmer's credibility. I can't find anyone in Washington who knows Palmer who thinks his credibility can survive this test.

[I can't find anybody outside Washington who even knows who the hell Scott Palmer is.]

It's no accident that the first call for Hastert's resignation came from Tony Blankley, Newt Gingrich's former press secretary. Tony knows that the scandal cannot die as long as Hastert and his staff are still in the building.

[We already know your sanity died long ago, Larry.]

The Republican base--the Evangelical get-out-the-vote troops--are going to be devastated when they discover how many closeted gay Republicans were involved in policing Mark Foley in the House of Representatives. Republican House members know this. That's why momentum is building for a very quick House cleaning and a new Speaker by next week.

[Yeah, and the "fundies" will exactly follow your dirty de-Foley-ation game plan like the good little ignoramuses you consider them to be. And now that Neck Bulge is done de-Foley-ating, let us hear from the rest of the HUffies...]

Before I continue, have you issued a public apaology yet to Karl Rove and the VP accusing them of being criminals and traitors regarding the Plame incident? A journalist such as yourself who is interested in maintaining his credibility would issue such a correction as soon as the special prosecutor said there would be no indictment, and certainly once Armitage came out and said he was the source!

[Don't expect any apologies. Mr. Chip-On-The-Shoulder is always right even when he is wrong.]

We on the right generally don't care if a Republican is gay. We believe it is his or her own business. What does disgust us is hacks like you outing people as you see fit, and expecting that you'll turn us off from voting. Get back to yelling "Creepy liar!!" instead of "Creepy closeted gay republican!!"

[Which is creepier? Mark Foley's sicko IMs or Lawrence O'Donnell's filthy de-Foley-ations?]

It is in the political interests of the Democrats to keep this story ALIVE until after the elections. Please ignore the calls from Republicans to the contrary!

[It is in the political interests of the Democrats to fight dirty until after the elections.]

My guess is that the Evangelicals will not display anything that approaches the bigotry that you exhibit.

[O'Donnell considers them to be just a bunch of easily manipulated ignorant yahoos.]

O'Donnell is always wrong.. The left should be worried now that good ole larry has opened his big mouth

[And had his insane rantings preserved for posterity in the DUmmie FUnnies.]

The potential for a wedge to be driven between the Republican leadership and its fundementalist base is the ten thousand pound elephant sitting in the corner, that all the Repub talking heads are pretending doesn't exist even as it scares the living hell out of them. Remember the faux outrage over Kerry's "outing" of Cheney's lesbian daughter? It was as though Kerry were trying to say "Look folks, the Cheney's have a gay daughter who they haven't burned at the stake or even disowned. Maybe, just maybe, the leadership of the Republican party only panders to your beliefs and doesn't really share them." The Republicans are terrified of that message, and they should be.

[Yeah, that 2004 de-Foley-ation attempt worked so well in defeating Bush that we are now quaking in our boots at the prospect of an encore.]

The Republican party is chucked-full of closet homosexuals, drag queens and drug/alcohol abusers...which explains why the republican party is so adamant AGAINST gays in the military and gay marriage - the republicans want gay people on US soil and unmarried, so the pickings aren't so slim... as evidenced by republican congressmen cruising truck stops and 16 year old congressional pages for beef injections.

[Is that you, Jason Leopold?]

Name names. Why are their private lives being protected when they are perfectly willing to destroy others lives with the policies they craft.

[Such as the policy of de-Foley-ation?]

I hate this thread, just hate it. Where is the f*cking proof? There isn't any. Just rumor and inuendo. Par for the corse for Lawrence O'Donnel by the way. He is so anti-republican that he doesn't mind being anti-gay in order to hurt some republican politically. Outing gays is just wrong. Rumor mongering about it for political gain is just wrong too.

[For O'Donnell, the ends justifies the means.]

Didn't Lawrence "The Brain" O'Donnell predict that the United States of America would elect someone like John Kerry as president? Didn't Lawrence "The Brain" O'Donnell predict that "Karl Rove" would be "indicted" for "revealing" the "identity" of the irrelevant one-time federal bureaucrat Valerie Plame, wife of the thoroughly discredited one-time worthless "Ambassador" to Gabon Joe Wilson? Didn't Lawrence "The Brain" O'Donnell predict that Joe Lieberman would abandon his campaign for the U.S. Senate?

[O'Donnell has a Bob Shrum track record.]

The height of life's irony for Dennis Hastert to have to resign the speakership and probably his congressional seat altogether, in order to save the identities of the homosexual Republicans in Congress.

[A DUmmiecrat admits to blackmail.]

You think this will lead to bushco's coming out of the closet? Dream on. He'll throw them all to the wolves to salvage his own war-whoring ass. Puppet Bosche is Nazi spawn, no doubt about it.

[No doubt about it...we do need to double your lithium dosage.]

Republican hatred for reality causes weak-minded individuals to join it's party, pony up hundreds of thousands of dollars for their non-existent morals, and duped thousands of gay people to shoehorn themselves into their contorted political positions. I, for one, would much rather contort myself for hot gay sex and live to tell about it.

[Is that you, benburch?]

The Republican Party is fast losing whatever shred of respectability it has left.

[Maybe they could regain that respectablity by outing gays like O'Donnell is doing.]

There's George Jr's good buddy Vladimir in Russia. He has access to a KGB file from 1984. This file contains a report of one of Jr's youthful indiscretions, a weekend in a motel in Colorado with a gay friend. This might explain a few odd activities recently, like a kid-gloves approach to Russia and gay-bashing as a political principle, sort of a preemptive strike. I don't know if the file is accurate, but it is a fact that they let a Pravda reporter look at it and it was reported in that newspaper last year. You can look it up.

[We can look it up in your FUnnie Farm library.]

This is an issue about PEDOPHILIA people---not who is gay in congress!!!! I am a liberal, democratic, gay woman and I am angry that ANYone, especially our supposedly progressive politicos like Larry here try to make the issue one of whether one is gay or not.

[And this HUffie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Hoo Boy! Nothing brings out the crazy wingnuts like a gay sex scandal! You can practically hear the sonic boom of their heads exploding.

[Hoo Boy! It will be FUn to watch your head explode when find out that your de-Foley-ation plan doesn't work.]

(You can now access the DUmmie FUnnies simply by typing "DUmmieFUnnies.Com" into your URL address box.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's just amazing how clueless these liberal pundits and strategists are about their political and ideological enemies. They really seem to think this will work. Nice to read a gay commenter is appalled . She should be. I would be.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As long as Democrats have people like Ted Kennedy, Barney Frank, Gerry Studds, Mel Reynolds and the Clintons, Republicans will always have the moral high ground.

10:00 PM  

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