Friday, June 30, 2006

"What should be done if Dems screw up and lose 06 too?"

It's a sure thing that the Democrats are going to win big in the November congressional elections, right? I mean the media keeps reassuring the Leftists that they will win in a huge landslide in November, thus delivering the House and Senate to Democrat hands. That is the conventional liberal wisdom. In fact most Democrats are already jubilantly celebrating the victory that MUST happen. But what IF the Democrats LOSE in November despite assurances to the contrary? From reading the DUmmie answers in this THREAD titled, "What should be done if Dems screw up and lose 06 too?" it won't be a pretty sight. Revolution in the streets is mostly what the DUmmies threaten although it is hard to imagine they would get much further than the hallway just outside Mommy's computer room. So let us now watch the DUmmies ponder the horrible prospect of maybe losing in November in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking of renting the "Wild In The Streets" video, is in the [brackets]:

What should be done if Dems screw up and lose 06 too?

[According to your poll, 56% of the DUmmies answered: "Time for a revoltion."]

I am sincerely hoping they win, and they have made some steps toward actually standing for something including pulling out of Iraq. Nonetheless, it's not hard to imagine them throwing away a potential easy victory through timidity, or boldness followed by an apology, or a GOP opponent correctly pointing out all the times that a Democrat now critical of Bush voted with the fascists over the last couple of years.

[It's not hard to imagine the DUmmies going BERSERK if you lose...again.]

Kerry essentially made the election close enough for Bush to steal by not being blunter about the war and critical of Bush to his face when he had a chance during the debates and couldn't be edited to pieces by Fox News. By fall of 2004, it was not only obvious Bush lied about the reasons he invaded Iraq, but the real reasons could have easily been pointed out since he gave the oil concessions in Iraq to his cronies who were screwing us at the pump, and of course, the Abu Ghraib scandal had broken out the previous spring, and documents showed Bush and top cabinet officials approved of those uncontestable war crimes. Kerry's quick concession in the face of vote rigging and vote fraud may have been pragmatically correct, but nonetheless dispirited those who put a lot of energy into campaigning for him.

[Kerry's quick concession provided us with the hilarious spectacle of DUmmies "standing up" online in unison and revealing their real names in a really FUnnie Drama Queen moment.]

If Democrats hold back again, what should be done?

[Implosion is a definite option.]

If neither Democratic nor Republican leaders have an answer, then there is no answer the government can offer to the people. It is then up to the people to decide whether it should let that continue or formulate an answer of their own.

[A roundabout way of calling for Bolshevik Revolution.]

take to the streets to protest the election fraud
cuz that is the only way it's gonna happen.

[Declare fraud and then go BERSERK!]

Revolution the only realistic choice. Not with guns or protests in the streets, but by banding together the progressive states and forming a new country free of religious bigotry. Leave Jesusland to the Falwell Fundies (Bush can be president for life).

[A bit of unintended DUmmie irony. Form a country free of religious bigotry...where the "fundies" are banned.]

The Democratic caucus isn't about to screw up. They will take one or both Houses. If they don't, the elections were stolen, and that's quite different from "screwing up."

[The DUmmies already coming up with their excuses. The ONLY way the Democrats can lose is via fraud.]

I'm worried that the Dems at the national level are doing the same thing. They want to win, but if someone greases their palm to look away from an issue like electronic voting, they will do so.

[Karl Rove is at this very moment greasing the palms of corrupt Democrats to look the other way while he preprograms the Diebold machines.]

Eventually, people will erupt if they are continually ignored.

[Replace "people" with "DUmmies" and you would be correct.]

the only way they can lose is electronic voting machine fraud

[That was DUmmie AtomicKitten of DIEBOLD DEFACING fame.]

Stop looking to the Dems for change and join
a third party. Work in that third party to make it a real viable alternative to the one party system we are reapidly approaching.

[The Socialist Workers Party is looking for new comrades.]

I'm personally 100% for a revolution at this point.

[Unfortunely a large pizza carton is blocking your basement doorway exit out to the real world.]

like they did in Russia after coup against Gorbachev
or in the movie V for Vendetta. They put soldiers in the position of deciding whether to kill their family and neighbors, or side with them, and they chose correctly. Since we have less of a tradition of authoritarianism here, I have no doubt that American troops would respond correctly.

[Yeah, even though the DUmmies are constantly smearing the troops and harrassing military recruiters, the military are somehow going to be so deluded as to join your leftist cause. Got any more FUnnie delusions?]

As long as Americans can shop at Costco, finance new Cadillacs or flat screen TVs, and pick any one of the 500 pairs of socks available at just about any department store in town, don't go looking for the tanks to be rolling on DC anytime soon.


Dissolve the Democratic Party. I've seen the Democrats blow the elections in 1980, 1988, 2000, and 2004. Last chance...

[And 1994 when you lost the House in a landslide, never to regain it back since.]

we need a secret organization (more likely a secret order, like Opus Dei or the Bene Gesserit in DUNE), devoted to figuring out how to find the weaknesses in those who're raking in all those corporate excess profits, _and ways to siphon it away from them_. And then to doing so.

[Bank robbery is what it is called.]

Get in the streets. Big time protests. And I don't think that will happen until the economy tanks. So, for me, it may be retirement to Panama. And hope the ice melt in Greenland doesn't flood our new island home. No wonder I've been having nightmares.

[Of course your new Panamanian island home will be flooded by Global Warming. It is inevitable according to Al Gore.]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Blogger steveegg said...

First here too :-) ...

take to the streets to protest the election fraud
cuz that is the only way it's gonna happen.

Allow me to ReWrite™ this...

take to the streets to cause the election fraud
cuz that is the only way it's gonna happen.

Next - Revolution the only realistic choice. Not with guns or protests in the streets,

Good, bad; we're the guys with the guns.

7:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What's really FUnnie is that 2-3000 active DUmmie posters, most of whom are 13-14 year olds, actually think that they make any difference at all. If they all took to the streets tomorrow they would be nothing more than a bug speck on Karl Roves windshield.

11:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must say that I find the comments about DUmmies being 15 year olds, hunched over a PC in their Mommie's basement, crying for "La Revolucion" to be quite funny and probably correct.

I'd like to add "playing "Rogue Warrior" while fantasizing about hippy chicks" to the stereotype.

-- Rodolfo --

1:30 PM  
Blogger heldmyw said...

Please, oh PLEASE go see this:

This makes Kos, DU, Atrios and the Flat Earth society look positively sane! The writing is horrible, the brilliant comprehension of the Constitution (from Liverpool's finest scholars), the vitriol, bile, spleen and seagull parts just BEG for a DF treatment.

If I had the wit... I'd do it.

8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do they mean, "IF?"

5:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, I was thinking the same think dumbass tanker. I was thinking the same thing.

7:22 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

"What should be done if Dems screw up and lose 06 too?"

Why do you think Master Rove has had us building all those Haliburton camps?

2:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The funniest part will be the look
on their faces after losing, when
they are at the cash machine
getting out their few dollars and
noticing that the machine is a
Diebold. LOL!

7:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Revolution in the streets is mostly what the DUmmies threaten although it is hard to imagine they would get much further than the hallway just outside Mommy's computer room.

Or their dorm rooms...especially when the nightly hall party comes rolling around. No, they don't need to revise...they're majoring in Some Obscure Minority's Studies.*

*-Why, yes...I DO know how easy those courses are to pass: I had to take one for my own degree, and all I had to do was make up random socialist B.S. to earn top marks.

10:05 AM  
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They want to win, but if someone greases
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