Friday, July 29, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-29-05 ("Clinton 2008 -thump the Bible baby, pull that Democratic lever my children")

Remember during the Democrat presidential primaries when Howard Dean cynically decided to use the “Jesus Strategy” on the campaign trail to tell voters how much he loved Jesus in order to gain votes for himself? That routine worked about as well as John Kerry putting on an Elmer Fudd duck hunting outfit in order to attract the votes of Ohio gun owners. YEAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHH!!!! The public can easily see through such antics which always end up BACKFIRING on candidates who try to exploit them. However, the DUmmies NEVER learn as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Clinton 2008 -thump the Bible baby, pull that Democratic lever my children,” which proposes that Hillary Clinton thump the Bible during her presidential campaign. Perhaps Hillary should also borrow her hubby’s giant sized bible that he carried temporarily while facing impeachment charges. For an added touch I recommend that Hillary also wear John Kerry’s Elmer Fudd duck hunting outfit. As usual the delusional DUmmie campaign proposals are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking forward to Hillary thumping, is in the [brackets]:

Clinton 2008 -thump the Bible baby, pull that Democratic lever my children

[Cynicism, thy name is Democrat.]

First of all, to those of you with a thinking heart, posit your your hopes in a centrist because it is the only road to the WH for the Democrats. As painful as that truth may be, just remember, no Democrat will sit in the WH without the tireless support of the left. Please, no one be a spoiler. What I am about to say may be shocking but I believe this simple tweak will put a Democrat in the WH. Please keep an open mind and keep in mind your blood pressure. The republicans have stolen the Bible for themselves and America needs to take it back. Our next candidate must take the Bible back for all Americans.

[A simple tweak. Just cynically start thumping the Bible and the American public can be fooled like idiots. Somehow it worked NOT for Howard Dean.]

The Bible, as a book, is the rocket away best seller of all time. The Bible is a printing industry within itself. Millions read it. Millions believe it is the word of god. Why not contest the republicans as "The Official Party of God". Republicans like to point out gay issues as anti-god while the ten commandments are definitely anti-Karl Rove.

[Oh yes. It was commandment #7 that stated, “Thy shall not follow the false lead of Karl Rove.” Or was it commandment #8?]

How can this get done? How can we take the Bible's exclusive rights away from the republicans? By having Hillary Clinton open up in a public talk and say, "THIS IS MY BIBLE AND NO ONE IS GOING TO GET BETWEEN ME AND MY BIBLE. AND NO ONE IS GOING TO TAKE MY BIBLE AWAY."


She can say this and totally give permission to alot of religious people to vote for Democrats. Some religious people think that Democrats have a plot to get rid of Bibles by suing people who preach from the anti-gay portions of the Bible. They fear civil lawsuits and maybe even jail time for holding on to their Bible-based beliefs. By Hillary saying "no one is going to get between me and my Bible", she is telling the fat ass falwells that she doesn't need their analysis of the Bible to glean out the good stuff. When she says, " no one is going to take away my bible", that is code for no one is going to get sued for their Bible-based faith.

[The problem is that Hillary can’t lie as convincingly as her hubby. She can thump his oversized Bible but it will immediately come off as completely PHONY… Which is why I hope Hillary takes your dopey suggestion. And now let us hear from the Amen Chorus of the rest of your fellow DUmmies.]

shit, I could go for this as I am so damn desperate to get back my country. gawdammit!

[Gawdammit, Hillary! I urge you to cynically thump the Bible if it means winning.]

Hey, whatever works. I'm just sick of republicans blowing up innocent children in Iraq and then have the gall to point out obscure points in the Bible related to gays. It is SHEER POLITICAL STUPIDITY TO ALLOW REPUKES BE SANCTIMONIOUS FRAUDS IN 2008.

[Perhaps Hillary could thump a Bible that has the chapters about Sodom and Gomorrah edited out.]

You still can't ignore the reality...that if Hillary is the nominee, the Religious Right will mobilize against her in *DROVES* in red states.

[No, no. I say nominate Hillary. The public will be completely fooled by Hillary’s cynical and obviously exploitative Bible ploy.]

I think Hillary can get the job done. She has enemies on all sides and still disdainfully moves on and succeeds. She will be an unstoppable avalanche and the fears of the right will prove to be well founded while the fears of the left will prove to be right-wing mind tricks.

[Yes. Hillary can pull off the Bible thumping trick. The public will have NO idea that they are being cynically exploited.]

When she lurches to the right, and then to the left, and back to the looks like she's insincere and inconsistent.

[Really? I never knew that.]

When a neocon mentions it, have the Dem say, "I don't read it, I live it." Done and done.

[DUmmie and DUmmier.]

I'm a polytheist. I believe there are a multitude of deities in existence throughout our universe.

[The Moon God says you’re a Moon Bat.]

Along with that, our candidate ( not necessarily Hillary) could add that "In MY bible, it tells me whatever you do to the least of us you do to me!" Then launch into the Dem proposals. I think it could work WELL!

[Oh, yes. YOUR Bible. The Democrat Party version. Instead of Psalms, it is filled with DNC talking points.]

Bush and Rove may go to Washington but will not go to heaven unless they repent from all their sinning.

[Let me guess. The ONLY way for them to repent from all their sinning is to obey the DNC talking points to the letter.]

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-27-05 ("Did one of our own knock us off the Rovegate stride?")

The non-existent Karl Rove “scandal” is like heroin for the DUmmies. They need it so badly that they can’t stand to be away from it for long. Too bad that revealing the name of a CIA employee who is NOT covert is NOT a crime. My source for that tidbit is the author of the law making it a crime to reveal the name of a COVERT CIA agent. Additionally, the law’s author specifically said that Rove broke NO law. Of course, the DUmmies could care less about the CIA. All they know is that they think this is a way to “get” Karl Rove. All I can recommend to them is to get fixated on another phony scandal such as Jeff Gannon. It could be like a methadone solution for them when they find out the Rove “scandal” goes NOWHERE. However, in the meantime, the DUmmies don’t want to be diverted from their Rove fixation as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Did one of our own knock us off the Rovegate stride?” The DUmmie fixations about Karl Rove are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, posting from the center of the Perfect Rovian Storm, is in the [brackets]:

Did one of our own knock us off the Rovegate stride?

[Must have my Rove fix! MUST HAVE MY ROVE FIX!!!]

Say what you will about Hillary Clinton's DLC remarks, it would seem that this event, way more than any of Rove's tricks, has knocked Democrats and progressives off their stride in keeping the Rovegate story alive.

[And DAMN that Space Shuttle for diverting our attention from Karl Rove!]


[The other day, Petra Verkaik trapped me in a room and exposed her massive mammarian melons to me. However, I repeated the DUmmie Mantra: DO NOT LET ANYTHING TAKE THE ATTENTION AWAY FROM THE ROVEGATE/DSM SCANDAL!!! Thank God I remained fixated on Rove and didn’t pay attention at all to Petra’s Hooters.]

This goes way beyond party or ideology... this is about our country, and the criminals currently in charge. Please, please, please continue to concentrate on bringing these criminals down and restoring sanity to our republic.

[Please please please please please please maintain our absurd fixation on Karl Rove so I can restore sanity to myself.]

man f*ck hillary I bet she did it on purpose. Not matter what that stupid cow says I'll still push for the truth on Rove and the DSM.

[No man has…except for once.]

Solidarity! Don't take your eye off the prize.

[Obsessive fixation FOREVER!!!]

This is the most critical issue alive! Do NOT LET IT DIE!

[I will obsess over Karl Rove unto the end of days.]

What did Hillary say that was of such magnitude?

[“Um, well…you know…video games…pander pander…you know…hee-hee! Cackle! You know…”]

Hasn't Changed My Focus. And I don't think it's knocked the Rovian stuff off, either. There really hasn't been anything new or a "bombshell" in a few days. Some are also getting antsy...expecting the walls to start falling right now. We've got a long, hard and dirty fight ahead. My hopes are that Fitzgerald not only has the goods, but the stones to see this investigation to its proper conclusion. If this happens and results in reigning in the abuses and arrogance of this regime and the corporate media, I could care less about anything else.


Focus folks, we need to Focus....Rovegate is where the action is. To be distracted now would be a fatal mistake. Keep hammering your local MSM with letters, notices of other papers stories, etc. Let the Media Frenzy grow! Feed it however you can. It is Watergate all over again, make the media salivate for every morsel. If we don't take down these monsters now, we never will...

[Obsess folks, we need to OBSESS!!!]

This Regime is the most rotten in the History of Amerika. We must keep working on how to cut this cancer out because there is no cure otherwise. As more malignancy occurs we will push to excise it.

[Don’t worry. This “Regime” will be gone…on Jan. 20, 2009.]

DUmmie FUnnies 07-27-05 ("Spooked by a long-time liberal acquaintance of mine")

Gee! What happened to the Rove “scandal?” Come to think of it what ever happened to the DSM, Jeff Gannon, and a host of other “scandals” there were SURE to bring down the Bush Administration? Some DUmmies are still under the delusion that the EVIL Bush Regime will be overthrown but some of the more realistic ones are now facing the “horrible” thought that ALL is lost for the liberals as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Spooked by a long-time liberal acquaintance of mine.” So let us now watch the DUmmies despair in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, attempting to suppress a large gloat, is in the [brackets]:

Spooked by a long-time liberal acquaintance of mine.

[Susan Estrich?]

I have a dear friend, whom I have known for more than a decade. We met in college in a political science class. I sat in the front row because I was sick of squinting at the blackboard. He sat in the front row because he liked to argue with the professor. He was extremely liberal, enlightened and incredibly intelligent. I found myself sparking discussions with him after class and we would often go for coffee to extend the conversation. He was a wellspring of knowledge. I would inquire about ANY history/political-science topic (The Battle of the Bulge, Panama, Bush family history, the logging industry, etc) and he could talk for hours and recommend several excellent books on ANY subject.

[If he talked ceaselessly on any subject without shedding the least amount of light, that would be Pied Piper Pitt.]

He stayed single. I got married, but we remained friends--still discussing politics. About two years ago, he began acting disgusted when we discussed politics. I would end up doing most of the talking! He no longer provided insight and enlightenment. Mostly, he seemed irritated by the political discussion. I almost felt that he was now disinterested in politics. Our conversations became sporadic during the past year. We'd speak maybe once every two months. The other day, I called him and I started ranting about BushCo and he said, "Look. It's over. This country is gone. There's no use sitting around bitching about all of this anymore--because America is gone. The only thing you can do is live your life, lie low and don't make waves. Got it?"

[Lie low in the basement of your parents’ home like the rest of the DUmmies.]

I was stunned, "Oh, so we sit around and allow fascism to take hold? That's not what America is about. We need to fight."

He replied, "You're right. That's not what AMERICA is about, but this isn't America anymore. The neocons have infiltrated power into every crevice of this country. They neutered the Dems with blackmail or threats or something. It's over. Just keep yourself safe, live out your daily life and yes--keep quiet. Certainly, you don't want to be pegged as a 'protester' or an enemy of this administration."

[And look humbly at the ground whenever the Gestapo trucks pass you by.]

This guy was always light years ahead of everyone it seemed. My intuition tells me that he still is. What has happened to him? Has he given up or does he understand--better than I do--that America and our democracy is in critical condition? I have to say that that my friend's words--together with the actions of our government--has left me with an extremely chilled feeling. I feel as if we're all unsuspecting island inhabitants--who are about to be hit by a tsunami. It feels as if something big is rolling toward us and that disaster is on the horizon. I'm sorry if that's dramatic, but it's how I feel right now.

[More comedic than dramatic, DUmmie TwoSparkles, but let us now allow your fellow DUmmies to chime in…]

i tend to agree with him

[It’s OVER for you, DUmmies. Time to crawl into your caves and wait out the LONG Rightwing Ice Age.]

How quickly will enough people learn that a 'critical mass' of public activism is precipitated? Personally, I don't think it'll be quick enough... not for me and not for anyone currently alive. The next generation will be born into fascism, be educated in fascism, and will become "good corporate soldiers." Hell, it's already happening.

[It all started with the Reagan Youth Camps. The indoctrination has gone too far to be stopped.[

If we dwell on the negative it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Thoughts are things and you can actually create your own misery by giving it power through your fears.

[Visualize your own misery.]

We have just begun the fight. It's only been a little under two years that liberal radio has gained popularity. We need to make more inroads in television but that'll take some time.

[You might want to check Err America’s ratings before making that statement. Those ratings were most recently seen going down the toilet.]

I believe in the power of the Universe or a powerful deity such as God.

[Make up your mind which.]

Even if we take the easy way out - dive down and get air after the wave passes, hope will not dim, potential will not lessen. Even if the next generation grows up in fascism, the inevitable fall of this horrible system will come, and the always-present chance for the better will be realized.

[One should always hold out the hope for the eventual success of Bolshevism.]

Okay, electing a few good people to Congress won't make a difference. In all probability, even if we could, defeating Roberts won't make a difference. I can think of no one thing, and in fact no combination of things, that will sufficiently change things. THEY ALREADY CONTROL EVERYTHING, or at least everything that's necessary for them to get enough of their way to be perfectly happy, most of the time, and continue to amass power and wealth, and continue with their plan of dominating the world. THEY ALREAYD HAVE EVERYTHING they need for martial law, suppression of ALL dissent, etc., etc., etc. all in place. From the executive orders to the laws, to the courts, etc.

[There is nothing wrong with your television set. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. We are controlling transmission. If we wish to make it louder, we will bring up the volume. If we wish to make it softer, we will tune it to a whisper. We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical. We can roll the image; make it flutter. We can change the focus to a soft blur or sharpen it to crystal clarity. For the next hour, sit quietly and we will control all that you see and hear. We repeat: there is nothing wrong with your television set. You are about to participate in a great adventure. You are about to experience the awe and mystery which reaches from the inner mind to the outer limits.]

i would move to Barbados in a heartbeat if I had the money.

[If I gave you the money, would you move to Pyonyang?]

Couldn't sleep last night and was up and watched a thoroughly scary documentary on secret societies: Bilderburg, Illuminati, Skull and Bones, and several others. One part pointed out how the chimp has gotten so far basically being dumb as dirt. He has really never worked a day in his life. Everything he touches, he drives into the ground, now even the country. Time after time he was set up by the rich and powerful though he is completely incompetent. (Who else would get into Yale and Harvard with barely a C average in HS?) At the end, one of the researchers said, the way things are going now, within 5 or 10 years, we will be living under a gestapo-type regime. Could the Patriot Act be just the beginning?

[If you remain in the fetal position while sucking your thumb we just might overlook you during the next General Roundup.]

You just don't want to get the attention of the GESTAPO if you can help it.

[Remember my advice about maintaining the fetal position while sucking your thumb.]

If the first settlers can get through the Salem "witch" trials we can get through anything.

[There is NO escape from the Perfect Rovian Storm.]

I cannot comprehend what it is we would do to change things as they are shaping up to be. when I do contemplate it I want to gather my chicks and run to some safe haven.

[The caves in the Antarctic mountains are still considered to be safe havens.]

Many, many years ago in high school, we were required to study communism, supposedly a very real threat to our survival. It wasn't that at all. The rot and decomposition has come from inside.

[Ah! Communism! Such a benign system which unfortunately now only exists in a few Workers Paradise outposts such as North Korea and Cuba.]

I underestand! I will not go silently into that dark night. They are gonna hafta pry my gun from my cold, dead fist! I will fight the Faschists to the death!

[DING! DING! DING! I believe we have a Drama Queen of the Week winner here!]

You should see how the "insurgents" are doing in Iraq and they are using some rudimentary techniques. I suppose it all depends on your personality, but I certainly hope there are more people willing to make an effort *ahem* should it come to that.

[DUmmies bonding with the Iraqi “insurgents.” It makes one’s heart glow.]

I'll lie low and hold my tongue when I'm dead. I have nothing to lose anymore but my family and friends.

[And don’t forget about maintaining the fetal position, with thumb firmly placed in mouth.]

It is a big force we face, but don't forget your physics. And just look up at the stars to see that what appears to be chaos, there is a tremendous order that allows all things to exist. This is the greater force. Either join it willingly or you'll be turned over for compost. We who believe in collective responsibility really do have the upper hand because we have the force of nature's Holy YES to Life pushing us forward. Make it happen by keeping your ideas out there. Keep speaking out against the evil, keep calling a spade a spade. There are many who need only a nudge to awaken out of their stupor, some need the security of groups of people, and others must be shaken hard. It only takes a few people to get things moving. AND IT'S ON THE MOVE ALREADY. It's here!!! Join it, don't hang on the fence. This is global, not just an American thing.

[One World Government---HERE WE COME!!!]

Winter is coming…

Do not be fooled….this election was a referendum on evil. And a majority of Americans have chosen in favor of it. Electing Bush means a victory for war. A victory for torture. A victory for the slaughter of innocents, a victory for intolerance, fear, and hatred. A victory for lies and half-truths. A trumping of good by arrogance, hubris and self-entitlement.Winning the day has been fear and arrogance. Homophobics have throttled democracy to remain comfortable in their bigoted skins.

Winter is coming…

Do not be surprised. Now there is not even the fetter of re-election hopes to temper Bush and his cronies. They are free to commit crimes against the Geneva Convetion, against the international community, against those who dissent, against the American people….and the republican congress will dissolve any present investigations into outings of CIA agents, of Halliburton sweetheart deals, of Abu Ghraib hierarchy, of falsified intelligence, of incompetence at the highest levels. All will evaporate. Those who sought to hold the administration’s feet to the fire will find themselves shutout, harassed and shut down. The loudest voices will be stilled. The most persistent critics will be disappeared.

Winter is coming…

Do not be complicit. Whatever it takes, whatever you must sacrifice, do not contribute or assent to the coming soldiers of fascism. Do not agree with the disappearing of journalists, do not remain silent when protestors are shot and killed by police. Do not turn the channel when the authorities celebrate another protesor eliminated. Watch. Remember. We must always remember.

Winter is coming…

Do not agree to be the food for their war. Do not easily give in to the bloodlust for innocents. Do not buy into the lie of patriotism to further the goals of Corporate Greed. Remember that first you are Americans. Remember that first you are defenders of freedom, You are not accountants that dole out tiny portions of freedom according to your own stingy budget. When in the mouth of war, remember that you are human. When in the belly of the beast, remember that God made you to live. Survive. Return to us, whole or broken, but return to us and teach us of the folly of war from the tears in your eyes, from the scars of your wounds, from the breaking of your heart.

Winter is coming…

Do not let worship of the administration pass your lips. Do not pretend to agree with insane policies to keep peace with others. Do not agree to the descending march of loss liberty. Do not go silent when you are taken. Do not be afraid to speak for others like you. Do not be afraid to wall up your houses and make hiding places. Do not fear to face evil, whose power derives from darkness. Shine a light instead and shove it in the face of evil. Expose it for what it is.

Winter is coming…

Time to prepare. Time to split the wood. Time to can the food. Time to insulate the shelters. Time to count what you hold dear and keep it close to you. Time to wear stronger coverings. Time to be like the snow fox and blend in when necessary. Your duty is to survive. This evil hopes to eliminate the sane. Do not be in the places they look. But always be looking for places they gather. Become agile. Become wary. Become cautious. Be resolved that your own survival is worth more than their defeat.

Winter is coming…

And the times will be hard. But we need you to survive. Even if the antichrist should fool the elect, be not likewise deceived. God is not mocked, whatsoever you sow, that shall you also reap. Sow goodness, sow resolve, sow strength,. Winter is coming, but in the spring, that which you’ve sown will arise. May God Bless America, in spite of itself. May God protect the rest of the world from what American has become.

[You forgot to finish off with your overly melodramatic “Winter is coming” shtick, DUmmie Lerkfish.]

275 million people can win over the evil murderous terrorists that have taken over our country.

[How about over the REAL terrorists?]

And your friend has been to jail how many times? Beaten by secret police when? Sent to which internment camp? Or has he granted himself the pure luxury of a total collapse based on nothing more than theories of what is happening in a hundred hidden places?


upon a little reflection, this may be the single most important thread that we've had in a long time . . .

[Definitely the FUnniest in a long time.]

I believe that the current PNAC type folks are simply greedy, selfish, misguided folks with a poor appreciation for history, sociology, and economics; I believe that they've forged an opportunistic union with right wing evangelicals; I believe that first-past the post elections devolve into a two party system; I believe that a two party system favors the status quo, and incumbent representatives; I believe incumbent representatives favor the status quo, to the point that the difference between the two parties is infintesimal, and largely cosmetic; I beleive that freedom isn't just an inalienable right, but rather seeking freedom is a natural human instinct; I believe that the Universe tends to unfold as it should. F*ck these guys. They can't be everywhere. The worse it gets, the easier it is for us to recruit. I know die hard republicans who have left the party. I know people who worked for the Heritage Foundation who have left for greener pastures. Drip, whatever. Bush I was defeated in office. They're not infallable. Don't give them more credit than they deserve; treat them like the threat to freedom that they are, no more, no less.

[I BEEELEEEVE it is time for your Lithium treatment.]

The thing that scares me the most though, is the fact that all bets are off if there is another large-scale terrorist attack here in the U.S. The "conspiracy theorist" in me feels that a perfectly-timed LIHOP or MIHOP terrorist attack would be all the Fascists would need to completely takeover. I just pray that it doesn't happen.

[Paging DUmmie Skinner! Paging DUmmie Skinner! I thought you BANNED all talk of LIHOP or MIHOP.]

In England, when the ruling elites got too high and mighty, along comes Oliver Cromwell, and goodbye to the head of Charles I. The same with France, the response to "let them eat cake" was the guillotine. Same with Czar Nicholas II. Same with Ceaucescu in Romania, just a few short years ago. What I'm getting at is every people have their breaking point where they just say enough. When that day comes, it will truly suck to be a Republican.

[Congrats, DUmmie martymar64, for placing yourself on the Secret Service Watch List.]

To be blunt, 9-11 is a fascist's dream come true. It united us against a common enemy and allowed the government to infringe on our civil liberties under the guise of "protecting" us. It squelched dissent by labeling dissenters as traitors and "soft on terrorism." And who wants to be soft? Certainly, not your Congressman who might be up for re-election. So for the past almost 4 years the B*** Admin has whipped out the 9-11 card whenever they want something. It's their ace. And with it they've silenced our collective voice and diminished our civil liberties.

[Thank you for presenting the DUmmie perspective on 9-11.]

I know that we are right where Germany was in the 1930s and I know that we may not be able to save America, but I will not stop fighting. It's important to fight no matter what the outcome might be. As an aside, I think your friend is soul-sick. Goodness knows, this slow steady decline into fascism can do it to any of us. In more psychobabble terms, I think he is depressed.

[And in non-psychobabble terms, I think he is nuts.]

He's right. But I'm still gonna piss in their cornflakes when I can. The big thing when in a lawful evil country (we aren't in full blown chaos, still governed by authority and law) is make sure you don't get caught. And for strict originalists, there's nothing in the constitution that explicitly states that I cannot piss in the cornflakes of someone I don't like.

[Wrong! Article 6 of the 27th Amendment explicitly prohibits pissing in cornflakes.]

Monday, July 25, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-25-05 ("the world thinks Bush a lying war criminal and at least half of the US")

Only thing that drives the DUmmies NUTS more than seeing Ronald Reagan Turnpikes or the Ronald Reagan Airport is just watching the news and seeing a PRESIDENT George W. Bush. It just drives them up the wall. They STILL have not recuperated for the results of the last election as you can see in this DUmmieTHREAD titled, “the world thinks Bush a lying war criminal and at least half of the US thinks so too.” So now let us look again at yet ANOTHER DUmmie Bush Bash in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, chronicling the continuing DUmmie Descent into the Heart of Madness, is in the [brackets]:

the world thinks Bush a lying war criminal and at least half of the US thinks so too.

[Plus 100% of DUmmieland, not counting the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS.]

how does he get away with it?

[Masterful strategy by Karl Rover is the answer.]

Well, what the hell are we waiting for? Impeach the ratbastard! Now!

[Um…you might be waiting for a Democrat Congress which WON’T be happening in your lifetime.]

You need a majority to impeach. We lack that.


Damn. That's what I thought.


that shouldn't stop people from screaming it from the rooftops if I see a murder, I'm gonna yell "murder".


If the Democrat's tried to impeach him now, they'd look like asses. They would not win, and several senators who understand politics would actually vote against the procedings, because they would not want to get caught in that mess.

[And if they don’t try to impeach him, they still look like asses. It’s a lose-lose situation.]

I don't care about them. We the people have every right and even a duty to be SCREAMING for impeachment! It is OUR government, not theirs.

[Try some Political Primal Scream Therapy.]

This is not about f*cking politics anymore. This is about the honor, integrity and most importantly, the well-being of our beloved country. These evil, maniacal madmen have taken over our government and are trying to destroy the very fabric of our Republic. These imposters have an agenda and patriotism isn't on it. I'm scared as hell right now but I won't cower to these ratbastards. They have unlawfully occupied OUR HOUSE. This is our Country, damnit! America is our home. It is our responsibility to protect and defend it in times of crisis. So...Let's start screaming!!!!!


The facts are in, folks. Bush is hated. Even in Antarctica and the Galapagos Islands, he's hated. That's why his mouth droops so much. He knows.

[The penguins and the Galapagos tortoises all HATE Bush.]

He gets away with it because. The Republicans control Congress and wouldn't allow a hearing even if the evidence were rock solid. Let's hope for good results in next year's congressional elections!

[I am looking forward to Susan Estrich having another drunken meltdown in ’06.]

Friday, July 22, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-22-05 ("The Reagan Legacy?")

Early in the AM tomorrow I will be driving on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike. Many of you may not know this but that is the OFFICIAL name of the Florida Turnpike. Every few miles you will see a sign identifying it as the Ronald Reagan Turnpike and it gives me a warm feeling inside knowing that it drives liberals absolutely NUTS when they see those signs. That is also why the liberals fought so desperately against renaming the Washington National Airport to Ronald Reagan Airport. All those DC liberal politicos just could not stand the idea of constantly being reminded of the smiling face of the Gipper who so easily defeated their plans again and again. Oh yes, today the “professional” liberals like to PRETEND that while they may not have agreed with Ronald Reagan, they really did respect him. BULL!!! The fact is liberals can’t stand the idea that Reagan actually is loved and respected by the general public as evidenced by the great outpouring of people last year who attended Reagan’s funeral. And as evidence of the TRUE feelings of liberals towards Reagan, one need only read this DUmmie THREAD titled, “The Reagan Legacy?” As usual the DUmmie hatred of Ronald Reagan is in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, winning another one for The Gipper, is in the [brackets]:

The Reagan Legacy?

[The PERMANENT loss of liberal ideology in the public arena of ideas.]

On occasion, I have to drive to the store at night to fulfill a mik requirement for my seventeen month old daughter. During those trips, I flip the radio to hear the conservative tool that gets the shit job of speaking in the evening. Then, I heard a flash of lightning and a disembodied voice saying: "This is the Voice of Reason" and "The Legacy continues with. . . Mike Reagan." If I am not mistaken, that legacy would be a lecherous individual, who may or may not have bordered on bigamy, and a sellout in the 1970s so that he could be a tool and get the presidency. Of course, Mike Reagan and all his guest say that Reagan was such a great president, but I think he was a great actor who could play a great president. I wonder, if we as a group all together, called Reagan's show every night and all spoke our similiar views of this "wonderful" legacy, what would happen? I mean. . . if the tactics work for them by standing up and screaming over and over again, then it becomes truth. Well, sometimes, if we present the truth and scream it loud enough and with enough facts, maybe it'll do something or maybe I'm just hopeful.

[If we crybaby loud enough, maybe we can make the Reagan Legacy go away! WAAAAHHHH!!!!!]

He was a filthy, stupid criminal. Iran/Contra sealed his fate. And they can name all the f*cking turnpikes in America after him, and he'll always be a filthy, stupid criminal.

[This DUmmie might be living in Florida, one of several states with a Ronald Reagan Turnpike. It’s going to make me feel that much better tomorrow driving on the Ronald Reagan Turnpike knowing this DUmmie is going NUTS whenever he sees the signs identifying the name of the turnpike.]

Its never been about facts. people are too lazy and stupid to appreciate facts, its about catchy phrases and framing the adversary with a catchy, but degrading title. then the repetition starts to work.

[The DUmmie Epitaph: “It’s never been about the facts.”]

The Reagan legacy is one of hate. Ronald Reagan taught an entire generation of young Americans to hate. To hate their political opponents. To hate those that they disagree with. To blame others for problems, and then to direct hate towards them. What an evil f*ck he was. Rest in hell evil demon.

[There you go again! When Reagan debated Carter in 1980, he won solidly because the public was able to see what a nice guy Reagan was in stark contrast to the way he was portrayed in the media. The guy who was filled with hate was Jimmuh. He was probably angry at himself for being suckered into debating Reagan.]

What do the "communist" actors in the 1950's. That are still with us think of his legacy? This man was poison in a package of sugar.

[Communist actors probably did not like Reagan. And that’s a bad thing?]

Thursday, July 21, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-21-05 (Roberts Slammed For Being "the whitest white-man. EVER.")

I’ve read many silly DUmmie attacks on Supreme Court Justice nominee John Roberts for the past couple of days including rants about the way his kids are dressed to the fact that his young son danced while Bush made the announcement so I thought nothing could be more ridiculous. I was WRONG for underestimating the DUmmies because in this THREAD titled, “Another big reason to oppose Roberts,” he was slammed for “the whitest white-man. EVER.” I have actually run a scan on Roberts and this is not true because I discovered that while in college, Roberts, used wheat bread for his mayonnaise sandwich so this disqualifies him as being for “the whitest white-man. EVER.” As usual the DUmmie eugenics “experts” rantings are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, waiting to be entertained by yet more ridiculous DUmmie reasons for Roberts not to be confirmed, is in the [brackets]:

Another big reason to oppose Roberts. The RNC thinks he's "outstanding." …Heads up, DU Activist Corps members - we'll have some new tasks soon.

[Send out the DUmmie DUcks quacking. “DUAC! DUAC!” Spread the word! If the RNC thinks Roberts is outstanding then there MUST be something wrong with him. DUAC! DUAC!]

not to mention he's the whitest white-man. EVER. nice to see the GOP rolling back the trend of making the SCOTUS a bit more reflective of the US population....

[Wrong. Ned Flanders is the whitest white-man. EVER.]

I wish more people would think before they attack.

[If DUmmies think before they attack, the DUmmie FUnnies would lose most of its material. As it is, the attack on Roberts for being “the whitest white-man. EVER,” is a comedic gem.]

Another LEAK says that Roberts was picked to try and distract the country from the other LEAKS...

[I’ll ponder that assertion while I take a LEAK.]

I knew it! SOB'S! Un-Fricked-Believable, though - you know. What's with other's out here. Don't the see this distraction for what it's really worth. KKKRove is certainly good at being bad.

[It was all planned by Karl Rove. Nominate “the whitest white-man. EVER,” to the Supreme Court to cause a distraction from himself.]

As the mother of an 18 year old female. I anxiously await new task directives. Roberts is a danger to my kid's future and I will not take his nomination sitting down. Bring the tasks on!

[Check your DUmmie Secret Decoder Ring for your secret DUAC task directives. If your Secret Decoder Ring is not operating then go to the Automat to meet with a DUmmie Secret Agent who will covertly hand you your secret tasks in a slip of paper inside your Key Lime pie. DUAC! DUAC!]

I just got done calling both my Senators asking them to block this terrible nomination.

[“PLEASE shoot down the nomination to the Supreme Court of the whitest white-man. EVER.”]

Since when has the RNC not lavishly praised anything bush does? They'd say the same thing if Bush nominated a laundry bag full of sweaty jockstraps.

[And according to John Kerry, he has a bag full of EXTRA-LARGE jockstraps. Got that? EXTRA-LARGE!!!]

I think it is indeed time for another DU Activist Group action.

[“DUAC! DUAC!” they quacked.]

Isn't he mild as far as what Bush would likely do?


Squeaky clean with little record
Pro Corporate
Anti choice
Federalist Society
Well spoken but not Borkishly arrogant

[Squeaky clean, you say? DISS-GUSSTING!!!]

James Dobson loves Roberts...Spongedob Stickypants thinks Roberts is swell... If he likes him, Roberts for sure is a commited f*cking nutbag. Don't listen to anybody try to spin Roberts as a Moderate.

[Instead listen to the DUmmies who are trying to spin Roberts as “the whitest white-man. EVER.”]

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-20-05 ("Of course I would like Dems to fight Roberts' Nomination. However...")

One big fringe benefit of the Karl Rove “scandal” is that it will make the nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court go MUCH MORE smoothly. Why? Because the DUmmies (and their Democrat cohorts) are figuring that a big battle over the Roberts nomination would divert attention away from ultimately seeing Rove being frog-walked into a waiting police van. That is the RIDICULOUS premise of this DUmmie THREAD titled, “Of course I would like Dems to fight Roberts' Nomination. However...” So for conservatives it is a Win-Win situation. The Roberts nomination goes much more smoothly than expected while Karl Rove continues to rule from the center of the Perfect Rovian Storm for the “very strange” reason that he broke no laws. DUmmies have themselves so deluded that they think it is somehow a violation of the law to reveal the name of a CIA employee. That is true but only if such an employee were covert which Valerie Plame was NOT for at least 7 years, probably longer. Of course that won’t stop the DUmmies in their delusions. I am still chuckling over how they thought Jeff Gannon would be ARRESTED because they thought he was gay. Somehow it never occurred to them that being gay is not a crime. If it were, women’s hair all around the country would be looking like crap because of the lack of hairdressers. As usual, the Get-Rove-At-Any-Cost DUmmie obsessions are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping that the DUmmies CONTINUE to obsess over Rove so Bush can easily get 4 or 5 more conservative Supreme Court Justices on the bench, is in the [brackets]:

Of course I would like Dems to fight Roberts' Nomination. However...

[Standby! Standby! DUmmie Delusion about to follow…]

...there are some consequences to consider if the dems filibuster this guy as he now stands. They could be regarded as obstructionists by the American public, which could hurt their chances in '06. A lengthly confirmation battle could also serve as a diversion from the Rove scandal, no doubt what Rove wants to happen. He could even be planning to leak fake dirt about Roberts to the press as we speak, ala CBS memogate. Fighting is not without consequences in politics, and I think most DU'ers realize that. A filibuster could very well backfire, just as it could succeed.

[WOW! This DUmmie thinks Rove will leak FAKE dirt about Roberts to the press so as to divert attention from himself? Let us read more of this comedic entertainment from DUmmie oxbow…]

I also tend to think that Roberts is fairly clean if Rove chose to out him as the nominee over 5 weeks before the confirmation hearings even begin. Surely he did not expect this story to eclipse his own troubles without something juicier for us to bite into?

[Huh! So if Rove made the choice a couple of weeks ago he would purposely have chosen a sleazebag just to divert attention from himself? Continue with the standup routine, DUmmie oxbow…]

We all know that Rove has been cornered, and that he is dangerous. Be prepared for some kind of dirty trick(s) between now and the confirmation date.

[Maybe Rove will declare that he really meant to nominate John Roberts of CBS News and that this John Roberts was chosen by mistake. BTW, WEHT the CBS News John Roberts? He was supposed to be the successor to Dan Rather and has now pretty much disappeared from the scene. Maybe CBS News figured that the glowering demeanor of their John Roberts was a ratings killer.]

The public doesn't realize he's against Roe v Wade, civil rights or environmental protections.

[Yeah. John Roberts was standing at the door with George Wallace blocking the entry of a black student to the University of Alabama. True he was only about 8 years old at the time but Roberts was already practicing law.]

Which is it? Your thread title says that you want the Dems to fight, but the body of your posts says everything BUT that. So which is it? Do you want to Dems to fight or roll over? Me, I think they should fight. I think the American public is sick of spineless Democrats and wants a fight from the opposition side.

[No, no. They should roll over. After all, do you want to divert attention from jailing Rove for a crime that he did not commit?]

Honestly, I'm not sure yet, and I think that's because. I don't know what Rove is trying to accomplish by putting THIS nominee out at THIS time. Let's say I'm suspicious of the whole thing. Things are often not as they seem when it comes to turd blossom, and I would rather overestimate him then fall for something. Make no mistake, when the time comes, I plan to fight tooth and nail. However, I am going to take some time to think and research before then on what all this means.

[I love this! The DUmmies are FROZEN in indecision because they fear being outflanked by imaginary tactical maneuvers by the wily Karl Rove. Of course, it never seems to occur to them that Karl Rove probably had little or NO input as to who the Supreme Court choice would be.]

There is no real downside to blocking this asshole. Even if they can't stop him, forcing the GOP to do their stupid nuclear thing will make them look bad. If we do block this guy, the second nominee would be someone more reasonable as is always the case, and by then, Karl might be jail.

[If you try to block Roberts then Karl Rove would go scot free. However, if you don’t block Roberts then Rove would also go scot free. I know this is a strange legal concept for the DUmmies to understand but you don’t get arrested for a crime that hasn’t been committed. BTW, even liberals such as Andrea Mitchell admit that no crime was committed but suggest that Karl Rove should resign. For what reason, I don’t know.]

why would Roberts be a distraction? Rove is a subject in a grand jury investigation. Why is it a given that we can't focus on more than one issue at a time? Is it our remote control culture? I don't think so. It's the Right Wing desire. They give us no credit for brains.

[You are correct on that latter assertion.]

Sure, rove belongs in prison
but this other guy is going to have the ability to be f*cking up my daughter's life until she's in her 50's!
HELLO???? What is the priority here?

[GET ROVE!!! GET ROVE!!! GET ROVE!!! That DUmmie priority has precedence over all others in DUmmieland. If it is a choice between capturing Osama Bin Laden or getting Karl Rove, the priority has to be GET ROVE!!!]

He's your typical Bush nominee ...against civil rights, disabilities, also voted against our vets who sued Iraq for the First Gulf war. He's been ready to over turn Roe, and on top of that he's a lobbyist who cost the US big money. He's absolutely horrid - but I'm also not sure that he's not a Red Herring. Just out to keep the media busy while we fight.

[Didn’t Roberts also slap a Muppet in the face?]

Why can't we oppose him...
AND continue to slam rove. Just because bush cannot do 2 things at once, such as ride a bike and have a thought, does not mean the Dems suffer from this same ailment.

[Thank you for confirming what the Democrats in the public eye don’t want to admit. Your whole purpose is to SLAM Rove. Forget about any kind of fair investigation. You must SLAM Rove. For your honesty, you win a Grand Slam Breakfast at Denny’s. If they have a TV set there you can watch the Roberts nomination sail through the Senate past the usual drunken grumblings of Ted Kennedy.]

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-19-05 ("If plamegate fizzles................"

I once knew a guy named Henry who worked at the U.S. Department of Labor. Guess what? Karl Rove no more committed a crime than I just did by revealing that Henry was a Labor Dept. employee. The BIG FACT that is just now starting to seep in with the Liberals is that it is NOT a crime to mention that someone is a CIA employee if that person has not been covert for at least 5 years. If any of you have ever lived in the D.C. area, you will meet people all the time who will flat out tell you that they work for the CIA. The reason is because they are NOT covert so such information may be divulged. Oh, as to the charge that Rove had a grand strategy to discredit Joe Wilson by revealing his wife was the CIA employee who suggested he be sent to Niger, it turns out that it was Robert Novak who told Rove this information. Also Rove mentioned this fact off-the-cuff in the tail end of an interview with Matt Cooper who was discussing another matter with Rove. So now even most liberals realize there was no crime even though many, such as Andrea Mitchell, chant the mantra that “Karl Rove may technically NOT have committed a crime BUT…” But what? And now the DUmmies are becoming worried that their Rove “crime” is just another in a series of liberal fantasy mirages as you can see in this THREAD titled, “If plamegate fizzles................” As usual the DUmmie rants, preparing for disappointment, are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, preparing to enter the Perfect Rovian Storm, is in the [brackets]:

If plamegate fizzles................

[If? Try WHEN.]

We don't live in America anymore.

[One of the FUN things about “plamegate” fizzling will be watching the mental meltdown of the DUmmies… Until they latch on to the next “scandal” to get at the EVIL Bush Regime.]

What drive me we are going to have to wait as late as october before we hear anything new.

[What will drive you nuts is that you will have to wait until October 2009 to wake up from your dazed disappointment.]

So do we begin pushing the DSM again?

[And if that doesn’t work, start pushing the Jeff Gannon “scandal” again.]

plamegate = DSM

[plamegate = DSM = Gannongate]

To us it does...but even with all the reports in the news about Rove, I don't hear anyone talking about impeaching Shrub. I think with the DSM, we had that.

[Those were the Days my Friend,
We thought they would never End.]

October is when the grand jury investigation ends. On the 16th, I believe.

[October 16…A day in which nothing would ever be the same again. Pass this message along to Pied Piper Pitt.]

it won't fizzle. Unfortunately for them, all the talk radio and all the talking points and all the spin in the world probably won't mean a damn to a prosecutor, who, even though Repub, is probably in the 71% who don't like this sort of thing and no doubt is ambitious.

[For this not to fizzle would mean that the prosecutor would have to totally ignore the law that says it is NOT a crime to mention the name of a CIA employee who is NOT covert.]

If It Fails...I am one in the million man march with a rifle!

[Soon to be discounted down to the 50 DUmmie March.]

The Plame outing and DSM will be drowned...out soon. With no new revalations the Corp Media will move on to another story to grab their viewers and readers.

[I’m looking for a great story soon about Katie Holmes splitting from Tom Cruise when she realizes that he plans to maintain the purity of his tool AFTER their wedding as well.]

Who is stopping Dean, Kerry, Hillary from continuing to speak up on it?

[Good news! Yesterday Barney “My Boy Lollipop” suggested on Hardball that Karl Rove be impeached. For what crime, I haven’t the foggiest idea.]

Monday, July 18, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-18-05 ("Tell me your fantasy...")

We all know that the denizens of DUmmieland live in a Land of Fantasy. So Bush wins the election? Not to worry because I BEEEELEEEVE John Kerry will be inaugurated on Jan. 20. Ooops! The Evil Bush was inaugurated on Jan. 20? No problem because the Jeff Gannon “scandal” is SURE to bring DOWN the evil Bush regime. Ooops! Jeff Gannon has been completely forgotten? Thank goodness for the DSM which came to light on June 16, a “day in which nothing will ever be the same again.” DAMN! Nothing happened on DSM after June 16 despite the breathless promises by Pied Piper Pitt? Okay, let’s impeach Karl Rove even though he committed NO CRIME and he isn’t even subject to impeachment. This latter fantasy was suggested just a few minutes ago by none other than Barney “My Boy Lollipop” Frank. Yeah, he of the same crowd who proclaimed that a president couldn’t be impeached for perjury that is now pushing the bizarre notion that an aide can be IMPEACHED for NOT committing a crime. However, should all these fantasies really surprise us? After all wacko fantasies are the bread and butter of Dummieland as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Tell me your fantasy...” As usual the sanity-challenged DUmmie fantasies are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, taking yet another trip into Fantasyland, is in the [brackets]:

Tell me your fantasy...

[Petra Verkaik is in town and gives me a call. She asks me to see her in her room at the Hilton. I enter her room and she is wearing the flimsiest of red nightgowns. She pulls on a string and it falls to the floor. Her arms open wide exposing her massive mellons while her hips wave a happy hello. I prepare to reply in a most friendly way and…]

your political fantasy.

[DAMN!!! And I was just getting into the mood!]

Mine is that the Dems retake the House in 2006, Bush-Cheney et. al. are impeached, booted from office, and sent to prison.

[Guess what? My Petra Verkaik fantasy is still much more BELIEVABLE than your political fantasy.]

Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House becomes president.

[My fantasy is that Nancy Pelosi defrosts her frozen smile. Right now she looks like the sister of The Joker.]

What's yours?

[I already told you my fantasy but it doesn’t fall into the category of political.]

We get all these election reforms in place and slowly rebuild our country and its image in the world.

[We get all these election reforms in place and, as a result, the current governor of Washington is REMOVED from office.]

Some several years in the future, there is some major national event. Or maybe an event in another country. All the old ex-presidents are there. They pan across the crowd. Carter, Bush Sr, Clinton, an empty chair, and the current president. W can't attend because his jail term hasn't run out yet.

[Clinton also can’t attend because Juanita Broadderick testified against him.]

Dem's Re-Take Both House And Senate. Thus making Georgie Boy whine like a stuck pig. Then the impeachment hearings start. John Conyers fulfilling the Peter Rodino role as House Judiciary Chair.

[It’s sure going to be FUN right after Election Day 2006 watching the DUmmies whine like stuck pigs when the Democrats LOSE even MORE House and Senate seats.]

Watergate redux. Only this time there's no pardon. Bush, Cheney, Rove all go to the big house. My specific fantasy involves turning on my teevee some evening and seeing those clowns doing the perp walk, escorted into some courthouse by federal marshals.

[Is that YOU, Joe Wilson?]

That we get this mess straightened out and can get back to our lives.
Until then, I feel like heaviness hanging over absolutely every aspect of life in America. I want it to go away. I want this administration to go down in flames and not get off the hook. Full jail terms for all involved - including corporations (Halliburton, etc.) and liquidation of their assets with the totals going back into the social security trust fund. Fix everything they broke. And then change the laws with failsafe amendments so no one can ever corporatize or monopolize America again.

[I believe your fantasy is known as “Bolshevism.”]

A Wellstone/Feingold ticket beats Bush/Cheney '04. And takes back the House and Senate.

[And incredible fantasy that not only involves resurrection but time travel as well.]

Bushco frog-walked out of the WH in orange jumpsuits. Kerry innaugurated...AT LAST!

[I BEEEELEEEEEVE that happened last Jan. 20.]

Bernie Sanders becomes head Senator, univeral health care is passed (needless to say with Kucinich as President the troops are withdrawn) …Elmination of the Electorial College is proposed and ratified by at least 48 states so that we can have proportional government!

[And don’t forget about the “Elmination” of the states.]

2016 Barack Obama/Brian Schweitzer ticket takes the presidency. And, I am the new Senator from Montana, plus I've already won a Pulitzer and a Best Screenplay Academy Award too.

[Did you win the Pulitzer for writing an article explaining to the public just who the hell Brian Schweitzer is?]

President Pelosi. I like how that sounds! My fantasy is that we win the House and Senate in 06 with big majorities and then in 08 win alot of states with Hillary Clinton as President and a black VP.

[Bill Clinton as our first black VP? Not sure if the public could handle a wife and husband team running the country. Oh wait! They already did!]

I awake from a horrible nightmare.....I've only dreamed the past 4 and 1/2 years. It's really January 20, 2001 and President Gore's inauguration is on the television......

[Tell President Gore to wipe the Krispy Kreme stains from his tux.]

Progressive legislation is passed. Marijuana is legalized, and the War on Drugs is cut. Missile Defense is cancelled. Bush's tax cuts are rolled back for the wealthy. The environmental and corporate regulations that Bush weakened are restored and tightened. Corporations who outsource lose every subsidy they have, and tariffs are slapped on their products. DOMA is repealed, and the state anti gay amendments are ruled unconstitutional. Gay marriage is legalized. Foreign aid is increased. Sensible Homeland Security measures are taken, and Nunn-Lugar is flooded with funding to lock down loose nukes in Russia, and new anti-nuke initiatives are created. Comprehensive sex ed is instituted and pre- and post-natal care are free. Roe v. Wade is still the law of the land, but the abortion rate drops to nearly nil.(This would be my platform if I were running for office). John Paul Stevens retires after a inhuman effort to survive Bush and is replaced by Hillary Clinton. Ginsburg also leaves while the leaving is good, and Generic Progressive Legal Scholar is appointed in her place.

[Crack is sold on the White House lawn, the Rainbow Flag flies over the Capitol, Rosie O’Donnell appointed head of the ATF, Al-Qaeda terrorists are allowed entry into airline cockpits…]

Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, et al., are all sent to the Hague and convicted of war crimes and given life sentences. Rove and whoever the second leaker is (if not one of the Hague crowd) are convicted of high treason and executed. DeLay goes to prison. Jeff Gannon writes a tell all book outing all of the neocons as self-hating gays, reveals himself to be Johnny Gosch and blows the lid off of the neocons' child prostitution ring. The Christian Right recoils in horror and has to eat a lot of self-righteous crow. Megachurches shut down all over the country due to people waking up and seeing them for the brainwashing evil that they are. The truth of the election fraud is finally released and President Kerry is at last sworn in. His first act of office is to end the Iraq war and withdraw all US troops. The owners of Diebold & ES&S, as well as Nathan Sproul, Kenneth Blackwell, Jeb Bush and everyone else associated with the election fraud are tried and convicted. The series of scandals pretty much destroys the Republican Party. Millions defect to the Democratic party and demand an end to corruption and corporate welfare. The Andy Stephenson Voting Rights Protection Act is passed soon thereafter. With voter verified voting and paper ballots in place in all 50 states, the will of the people is once again served, and the 2006 elections result in landslide victories for Democratic candidates in every state. Democrats gain resounding majorities in both houses, and as an added bonus, several red states turn blue. John Conyers is given the Medal of Freedom. Robert Byrd speaks at the ceremony, reading from his beloved Constitution. Rehnquist and O'Connor stay until President Kerry is inaugurated, so he gets to appoint three Supreme Court justices. Campaign reform laws are enacted and the corrupt lobbying structure in Washington collapses. Conservative think tanks close up shop and slink out of town. New laws are passed prohibiting large blocks of media ownership, and the fairness doctrine is reinstated. Fox News loses most of its viewership and sponsors and fades from the public consciousness. Its eventual shutdown is barely noted on page 35 of the Wall Street Journal. Hannity, Coulter and their ilk are all revealed to have been paid shills of the Bush administration and are forced from the journalism profession in disgrace. Limbaugh is sent to prison on drug charges and his show is canceled.

[…America apologizes for existing and surrenders its sovereignty to Pyonyang…]

me looking straight into his eyes. my breasts heaving in anticipation of the excitement... of knowing what is soon to come. Placing my hands on his body, they begin slowly searching. Hearing his simpering moans as my fingers meticulously explore every area. I turn to walk behind him... so close he can feel my hot breath on his neck.....

[Is that YOU, Petra Verkaik?]

Thursday, July 14, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 07-14-05 ("Astrologers: What's in Karl Rove's chart?")

Do you know how you can figure out that the Karl Rove “scandal” is going NOWHERE? Simple. When the DUmmie’s start consulting astrologers to forecast Rove’s fate as you can see in this THREAD titled, “Astrologers: What's in Karl Rove's chart?” I seem to remember the DUmmies rejoicing just before the November election because astrologers were predicting a Kerry win. I’m sure there were also astrological consultations in DUmmieland as to whether Jeff Gannon or the DSM would bring down the EVIL Bush regime. On the latter “scandal” have you noticed how DSM has been COMPLETELY forgotten in DUmmieland despite Pied Piper Pitt’s laughable claim that the DSM rally on June 16 was a day in which (hushed voice) nothing would ever be the same again. So let us now watch the DUmmies conjure up astrological predictions in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, channeling Nostradamus, is in the [brackets]:

Astrologers: What's in Karl Rove's chart?

[DUmmies and Democrats sinking into Neptune’s depths.]

I know Nancy has his chart in her 2003 "Springtime for Bush" section on starlightnews. (Dec. 25, 1950, Denver, CO)

[Karl Rove was born on Christmas Day? Hmmm…]

Will he get off or can we kiss him goodbye?

[He will get off on watching you kiss yourselves goodbye.]

Claudia Dikinis seems to think he's toast. Or so one of her recent posts on Starcats seemed to indicate.

[But what does Jean Dixon think?]

For Asteroid watchers: Nemesis is currently at 5 degrees Cancer -- conjunct the USA's conquering "manifest destiny" Jupiter and "gimme bling-bling" Venus. For Karl Rove (chart) watchers, Nemesis already opposing his progressed "I'm a radical reformer" Uranus and is creeping ever closer to oppose his natal Uranus. Nemesis demands an accounting for arrogance. Uranus is that proverbial reversal of fortune. Rove's Capricorn Sun (3 degrees of the sign) was sorely impacted by the Cancer Solstice and Full Moon of June 20-21, 2005. So was his Chiron at 0 Capricorn. Right there in what we call "solsticial degree." This points to a profound wounding of and to power and authority....

[I agree with everything except the part about Uranus. Actually the Full Moon is rising in Uranus.]

This is a noon chart...anyone have his real birth time?

[Gentlemen…set your astrological chronometers!]

Watching that neptune T-Square..needs just the right placment...throw in a bit of Jeff Gannon and Voila! I think its a hit! Whadya think?

[I think Pluto smacked you on the side of your head.]

Mars transited KKKarl's Uranus oppostion Venus when the news broke earlier this week that he was the leaker. More to come..but it's likely to be lies...and the * administration always releases bad news on Fridays or the weekend so it gets buried. The April 14 eclipse point which was at 19 Aries is transited by Mars on Sunday opposition to 19 Libra which just happens to be KKKarl's Neptune and Part of Fortune. Mars/Neptune combinations are associated with poison and lies. Get ready for an avalanche of poisonous attacks (Sunday news shows) to save KKKarl's arse. Unfortunately Neptune conjunct part of fortune are associated with windfalls of luck.

[Unfortunately the Sun melted your brain.]

Is Carl Rove subjected to psychic attack? Look at his planets of the sub-conscious: Uranus, Pluto, Saturn!!!Should we?! That's a tough question! Frankly, for the negative, I don't want his karma contaminating my body.... On the other hand, To make this man stop creating his bad karma would create goodness in and throughout mankind eventually. Hmmm Hard decision....My Asscroft!

[Such metaphysical questions are beyond me. Why don’t you consult an expert? ---A Hopi Indian witch doctor.]

Possible indictment around July 18. Mercury (news) will conjunct natal Pluto (destruction) in the 1st. Pluto (destruction) will square the natal North Node in the 9th (courts) and the natal South Node (trouble) in the 3rd (news). North Node in the 9th (courts) and South Node (trouble) in the 3rd (news) squares natal Mercury (news). If jail is in his future, it won't come until next April when Neptune (lies) ruling the 9th (courts) opposes his Pluto (destruction) in his 1st. Mars - ruler of his 10th (power) - will be conjuncting Uranus (unexpected) - ruler of the 8th (death) - in the 12th (incarceration)Saturn (loss) will have just crossed his Ascendant.

[So Mars will be conjuncting Uranus? Try not to smile too much when that happens.]

Saturn = time for a change, lol
Uranus = unexpected changes
it may be that it will look like he'll get away with it, and then all of a sudden - bolt of lightening - Uranus.

[You folks just make it too easy. A bolt of lightening in Uranus?]

Leaving the depths of the 12 th house darkness and - literally - coming into the light of day. Warms my heart!

[Boggles my mind!]

I wish -- but with no birthtime, these houses are unlikely to be accurate. Ignoring houses, regretfully, the big thing coming is Saturn opposing natal Mars beginning in September and going on till June 2006. Won't be fun.

[Yeah, without knowing the EXACT time of Rove’s birth, all these astrological charts have no scientific basis… Except for Uranus. There will always be a Full Moon in Uranus.]

Cheney's facing heavy weather

Dick Cheney: Jan. 30, 1941, 7:30 p.m., Lincoln Nebraska. Saturn square Saturn from Sept-June; Saturn oppose Sun, Oct - July; Jupiter oppose Jupiter, then Saturn in November. Remember, Judy Miller and Matt Cooper don't have the same source, and prosecutor Fitzgerald knows who Miller's source is. Cheney???

[Since Cheney’s feet didn’t exit the womb until 7:32 PM, your astrological chart is hogwash.]

Funny thing about houses
Even when you change the birthtime and shift them around, the transiting Players (planets) and their shifted rulerships still manage to point to the same conclusion. Even if we disregarded the houses, planets in the same degree as the moon's nodes indicate a "point of fatality" and with the Tr nodes hitting Rove's natal Mercury and Tr Pluto hitting his natal nodes, this still spells out destructive news and trouble for him especially when Tr Mercury hits his Pluto. I'm still putting my money on the 18th.

[I think Mercury and Pluto hit your cranial nodes a few times too many, DUmmie LunaC (appropriate name).]

Luna, just learned something new! " planets in the same degree as the moon's nodes indicate a "point of fatality" thanks. Is that because of the South Node degree?

[Only in DUmmieland would LunaC have an acolyte.]

Pretty much. The nodes represent karma and it's pretty hard to maneuver around karma. The "point of fatality" has its foundations in horary astrology but I've found the application holds true with basic transit predictions too.

[Just take a sharp left turn at the Mercurial node and that should be enough to maneuver around karma.]

Luna, in Arabic parts there is a part of fatality, but i didn’t know about the Nodes, being called this..yes I agree they are involved with Karma...can you instruct more about the nodes' degree and other planets having the same degree and its meaning? maybe examples? Luna, are you the ghost of Ivy Goldstein Jacobsen ?

[No. LunaC is the fifth reincarnation of Shirley McLaine.]

I like a birthtime around 10:18 a.m. It puts Jupiter in the first (portly man) and Mars in the 12thd, behind the scenes, with this transiting pluto in the 10th squaring north node in the first.) The Transiting Sag moon on the 18th is (in this speculation) in the 9th (courts, law) approaching the MH and squaring T Uranus in Pisces in the 1st.)
I have no idea if this will happen.

[I have no idea what you are talking about.]

Just be assured that nobody can survive the Saturn direct/retrograde influences he'll be subjected to and not be seriously diminished.

[That’s something I learned in history class.]

Uranus conjunct the North Node trine Jupiter natally and in the Solar return Jupiter hidden protection in the 12th. Maybe the only way to figure it out is to look at it by degrees , minutes and spllit seconds to see what hits and is triggered...if the luck is triggered first, and the negatives hit thereafter, he's out of luck. If it's the reverse, the rest of the world will be lucky. But so far, the Uranus/North Node trine Jupiter has always saved him and outweighed the negative transits, maybe because Uranus always has a kick of about 3 degrees orb.

[Yeah, someone always kicks Uranus (sorry I can’t help myself).]

Something about the eclipse of April 8 at 19 Aries, which is triggered early this coming week, keeps gnawing at me. So, A look at Junior's chart relocated to DC gives me his MC at 19 Aries with Chiron conjuncting it at 20 Aries. Born to wound the country. But his MC and Chiron took that April eclipse which is activated now (the news of Rove) and more so when Jupiter activates that eclipse by opposition in late August/early September. Meanwhile looking for a contact of USA and Jupiter- Saturn: Trans Saturn has already passed USA's natal Jupiter in July of 2003.
Jupiter will conjunct the USA's Saturn 14 Libra the second week of August and then continue on to conjunct Junior's Jupiter 18 Libra(return) the very last few days of August and early September, kicking off his Jupiter Uranus North Node good luck trine. Unless he's having a massive stroke, he's skating through the Karl revelations. Would you believe this is the second transit of his Jupiter return and the other was in January 2005 ? ? Yes, you would believe it. Junior's natal Jupiter at 18 Libra is conjunct his 4th cusp of 19 Libra, and triggers off the April 8 19 Aries eclipse by opposition which occurred on his Chiron/MC conjunction. What happened on the eclipse in early April? Does anyone remember? Is that when his poll numbers skydived? Because it looks as if (if he's not hitting his head on something again) he's causing more pillaging, ravaging, and plundering to the country in September. When Saturn goes over the country's Jupiter, the country either changes leadership or goes through restructuring. Saturn transited the USA's Jupiter in July 2003 and hung around in February and March 2004. What I can see is a restructuring, a change in direction,as we all know, and a polarization of the country . Unless this eclipse has a major impact on him, and it looks instead as if it has a major impact on us, I dont see the Rove matter touching him in this immediate time period.

[I’m sure Karl Rove will be relieved to hear about this…if he can ever figure out what the hell you’re ranting about.]

I've been outdoors most of the day, and am heading for bed. But I couldn't resist a peek at that exactly two-year-old Rove chart.
Transiting Jupiter is exactly conjunct natal Pluto that day. (Both are sextile natal Neptune.) Inflating his sense of/need for power, at best, making him a bit of a zealot, obsessive. It's that same Pluto point that Mercury will conjunct July 18th that will also square the nodes. More when my brain kicks in.

[I think your brain has already been kicked in.]

Thanks Splat for posting the solar return chart, look at this: he not only has Mars sq Sun but also has a t square going on: it's Mars opp Jupiter and both squaring Sun. at the same time he's got hidden protection, Jupiter in the 12th, Jupiter opposing Mars smack dab on the 7th say a lot of people are very angry at him, also Neptune of lies in the 4th is quincunx (forced adjustment) the Sun and the MC. Also Pluto is Quincunx the MC from the third house, another forced adjustment, of thought? from the news/media? Pluto is sextile Neptune...well then, he's got an opportunity to tell a really big whopper, but with the YOD being formed, it might be more likely he broadcast a big whopper (Neptune in Aquarius, that the media is now investigating (P in the third)and his opposition is very angry about. (Mars in the 7th)
You might be able to call Fitzgerald a 7th house person, but I think of him as a 9th house person because he's a Special Prosecutor right?
but I could be wrong on that. This may be it. The Yod reaction point is the 4th house cusp of endings. Fickle finger of fate, Career, and endings. Could wonderboy be forced to resign? the potential is strongly there.
And in this solar return he has something in common with Nixon. Nixon's Saturn was up in the 10th house, as I recall. The tranits should tell us more.

[We are currently awaiting a translation from the Aquarian dialect.]

Yes, 28erl, but the birthday is not the trigger for the solar return. The solar return is the moment the Sun returns to its natal degree. and due to our fractional calendar (think leap years) (and also, perhaps, the solar return being calculated for the actual location of the subject, not the birthplace), it's often not on the birthday. (My own solar return has been the day before my birthday the last two years, but it was on my birthday in 2003.)

[You could work wonders in an Insomnia Ward.]

The difference is that the Ascendant shifts to 1'23" Sag, putting Pluto into the first. Mars-Jupiter opp is now house 4 to 10, Solar return Sun, the focus of the T square, is now in a huge 8th house (Placidus) that spans 5 Cancer to 23 Leo and includes Saturn, Venus and Mercury. (I can't imagine any astrologer suggesting he flee to this chart as a better alternative.) North Node at 18 Aries is bearing down on that 16 Aries Mars, btw.

[YAWN! Who needs Sominex when you’re pontificating on meaningless Astrology?]

You might find this interesting…Tarot Reading - Subject - ROVE

[I’ll file that one away for another DUFU edition.]

Astrologers. We're not thinking - The London blasts should be a chart, the same way we did 9 11 charts. And we did 9 -11 charts looking for the culprit. What we found was Neptune in the 7th house ruling or connected to the 9th of foreigners,as I remember. And this was before we knew anything about bin Laden. We should be doing the same thing with the London chart and the blasts. Here's the London chart rectified by Campion using the chart for (sensitive points) Greater London Council, which no longer exists, but he says is still relevant. And it appears he's right.

Mar 31, 1965, 11 PM GMT, London, England, Zone + 0:00, 000W10, 51N30
Asc 29 Scorpio

MC 23 Virgo

Mars Uranus conj at 11 Virgo in the 9th with Pluto at 14 Virgo in the 9th

Saturn 11 Pisces 34 in the third

On July 7, 2005 transiting Uranus was at 10 Pisces 34 opposition natal Mars/Uranus in 9 and conjunct natal Saturn in Pisces.

I think some of Luna's horary skills could be used on this chart.

The 5th house in this chart is ruled by Aries, so that tell me these were youths, and since Mars was transiting the third, they're from the "neighborhood" yet foreign (because Mars resides in the 9th natally.

[You should have just left it at the “We’re not thinking” part and spared us your astrological agony.]

I'm kinda late to this party....
I notice that today, the '3rd harmonic geocentric' focus of that trine is on Rove's Pluto. However, the orb is wide at about 6 degrees. His natal Pluto is at about the midpoint of transiting Pluto, Mars, Venus, and Mercury. This changes by Monday (still 3rd harmonic wave), tMars and tVenus move toward Rove's nChiron, while tMercury and tMoon line up on his nPluto, both are about 1 degree applying to the respective natal bodies. Rove will receive intelligence relating to powerful deceptions which wounds/heals.
I mention the following mostly for timing purposes. I'm also seeing an curious 9th harmonic heliocentric transit pattern on the 20th. The 9th wave pattern is tMars, tEarth/Moon, tUranus conjunction on Rove's nPluto. This may have to do with a relationship ending of some kind. When I was looking at it, I thought of Gannon for some reason. Whatever it is, it's sudden.

[Gannon? Oh yeah. The guy whose astrological charts showed him bringing down the Bush Regime just on the third node of Jupiter during the 8th harmonic heliocentric transit pattern which meant Bush left office last May 21. Right?]