Monday, January 10, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-10-05 ("Many Americans [DUmmies] refuse to concede 'stolen election'")

Mark Steyn wrote a terrific ARTICLE in today’s Washington Times titled “Alternative Universe” about the refusal of the DUmmies to accept the reality of the election results. And to see more proof of the refusal of the DUmmies to face reality, I present here this Dummie THREAD titled, “Many Americans refuse to concede 'stolen election'.” This Dummie Discussion is in Bolshevik Red and is based on a Cleveland Plain Dealer ARTICLE of the same title. So let us lead off this DUFU edition with an excerpt from the Cleveland Plain Dealer story. And if you haven’t figured it out by now, the commentary of your humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

While a two-hour debate raged on the floors of the U.S. House and Senate over the certification of the presidential election, more than 400 activists waited outside to learn which of their leaders would join their cause. Under an overcast sky, the Rev. Jesse Jackson told the activists - still refusing to accept the results of the November election - not to be bitter. As he spoke, many of them wept, because for some, the anger over what they refer to as "the stolen election" is precisely what won't let them let go.

[True. The DUmmies just CAN’T get over their anger as any visitor to DUmmieland can plainly see.]

America is being attacked by the Super-wealthy and by the ignorant who carry their message for them. We here on the East Coast have been crying and will always be there for those disenfranchised. I believe Jesse has a very good message. We will never forget the actions of this administration and it's political clout.

[As I stated, the DUmmies just CAN’T get over it.]

I don't blame these people for being pissed because I know I was. It still makes me sick to think Kerry conceded so fast. I still don't understand why.

[Um….Maybe because he LOST? Of course, this is just wild speculation on my part.]

Kerry was taking one for his frat brother.
The loyalty of the super-wealthy to each other goes far beyond any
obligation Kerry may have felt to his party.This was a staged election.

[Please don’t forget to send a contribution to the Kerry ’08 Committee.]

I expect Kerry conceeded because he believed there was no way to pull off a win, and felt that any extended battle would do more damage than it could help. We may or may not feel the same, but I can see the point.


I will go to my grave knowing and telling anybody who will listen that
this election was stolen and the man and the leadership who promised to have "our backs" if we watched his quit on us. Long Live the Boxer Rebellion We can not and should not go quietly into that "Great Good Night." From the classic (rent it!) movie Little Big Man, "It was time to go down and look the devil in his eyes and tell him what he is."

[From the classic (rent it!) play King Lear:

"Bids the wind blow the earth into the sea,
Or swell the curled waters above the main,
That things might change or cease; tears his white hair,
Which the impetuous blasts, with eyeless rage,
Catch in their fury and make nothing of."]

I just sent Kerry an email demanding my $35.00 back. I think everyone should. What else does the flip-flopping wimp need the $15 million for?

[Snow board maintenance.]

These crooks have "won" because your leader
did not raise more than his pinky to fight against it. If THAT election was not worth fighting, I fail to see what would qualify. These crooks won easy because only a handful of good people put up a fight. With no media, minimal political support, and not a freaking single big-shot to move his/her ass. So, yeah, some frustration at these leaders seems perfectly warranted.

[I love the smell of boiling bile in the morning.]

I gave $250 to the DNC a week before the election, in addition to what I'd given earlier in the campaign. If I thought asking for its return would do any good, I would.

[If they do return it, then don’t forget to turn it back over to Bev Harris.]

I believe the only way to get real reform is to expose over and over and over the fraud that took place in this election, to the extent that the Republican electorate actually gets it and demand of their thug leaders that they reform the voting process nationwide. Without the unlikely prospect of Republican voters leaning on their Congressional leaders, NOTHING is going to happen. So how do you get Republican voters to lean? Shame them. Expose and expose and expose, probably by taking it massively to the streets, as happened during the Vietnam war.

[You’re going to look awful silly protesting in the streets without a scintilla of proof of “vote fraud.” The interesting thing is that we have been following the DUmmies here for months and yet despite all their crybabying about “vote fraud” they have presented exactly ZERO evidence that it actually occurred. Oh, I’m sorry. They did present this “proof” in support of their treatise: The Republicans committed “vote fraud” because, well, they just MUST have done it.]


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