Saturday, January 08, 2005

DUmmie FUnnies 01-08-05 ("I'm Starting to Just Not Care Anymore")

DUmmie Demoralization is proceeding apace as you can see in this THREAD titled, “I'm Starting to Just Not Care Anymore - I'm Just All Cared Out.” This thread follows on the heels of DUmmie Doohickie giving up on his highly entertaining “I Believe” threads. The big difference between DUmmie Doohickie and the author of this thread, DUmmie MaryH, is that at least Doohickie left on a positive note while MaryH sounds completely demoralized. Also I think DUmmie MaryH is an AUTHENTIC DUmmie while I have my suspicions that Doohickie is really a Freeper Troll who took a bunch of DUmmies along for a ride on his “I Believe” threads. Let us now lead off with the lament of MaryH who sounds like she is just giving up on politics. As usual, the demoralized DUmmie lamentations are in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your Tom Servo humble correspondent is in the [brackets]:

I'm Starting to Just Not Care Anymore - I'm Just All Cared Out

I have quit watching the News where I used to watch it all the time. I don't feel like anything I do will make any difference so why even try.

We have lost Congress

We have lost the Judiciary

We have lost the law

We have lost our right to religion.

And I posted how I felt here and promptly got checked out by the CIA or the FBI. Fortunately, I probably have the most boring record in history.


[Unfortunately you also got checked out by the DUmmie FUnnies and are now a Web Laughingstock. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!]

Add that we have lost our democracy to fascism.

[But our REPUBLIC seems to be doing just fine.]

Excuse me, but the Christian church is NOT involved in Charity. They are too busy with political activism, and justifying racial wars to gain mineral wealth. Also, they only recieved 2.2 Billion dollars of our tax money through "faith based iniatives" in 2004. There will be over 40 Billion available in 2005. All this money is without any accountablility. I feel that any donation to a Christian church today would only buy assult weapons for the KKK. I used to call myself a "Christian" but I refuse to do so any more. I will not be associated with those thugs any longer.

[Racial wars like in the Sudan. OOPS! Those are Muslims conducting the “racial wars.” Back to square one.]

There is no restriction on freedom of religion in the USA. Try a Muslim country if you want to see what restrictions on freedom of religion really look like. Hyperbole does our side no good.

[LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! Whenever a DUmmie post makes sense, I know it is from a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL.]

There is no state religion in the United States. There may be a large cultural compenent of Americans that is Evangelical, but thatis not a state religion.

[That’s the second post that makes sense from DUmmie forgethell. I therefore accuse Dummie forgethell of being a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL.]

The Jesusistas have imposed Christianity as the state religion.

[Didn’t the Jesusistas play the Juaristas in a big baseball game? Or did they play the Zapatistas?]

There is NO state religion in the USA. None, nada, zilch. State religion implies the government. Now I will admit that the majority of AMericans are Christians. But So what?? When your tax dollars are paying the salaries of preachers, then you can say you have a state religion.

[HELLO! HELLO! Calling the DUmmie Moderator! Please expel forgethell from DUmmieland for making 3 posts in a row that actually make sense!]

40 BILLION of our taxpayer (and not just christian) dollars is available to Christian Groups in 2005. and yes, this money is paying the saleries of preachers.

[40 BILLION bucks just for signing up with the “Jesusita” team? Nice chunk of change!]

Once upon a time, the Republican Party promised you a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage. Now they promise preachers Beef Wellington on their dinner plates, BMWs in their garages and unlimited amounts in preachers Swiss Bank accounts.

[Who knew that Rev. Lovejoy drives a BMW and has unlimited funds in a Swiss Bank account?]

Most of us did everything in our power to stop this American tsunami, and lost only because the people in power are dishonest criminals who set up a rigged game.

[Strange how they are only rigged when you LOSE elections.]

We've had dishonest govts. before this one - in fact they are all probably pretty dishonest. But at least we had our Constitution and now I feel like that piece of paper is meaningless.

[This sudden DUmmie concern for the Constitution is quite touching. Especially after all the DUmmie effort to toss out certain sections such as the Second Amendment.]

Soo much effort was put into that last f*cked up campaign. Bush ads were aired during the most popular shows and sporting events. Kerry ads were aired on the F*CKING GAME SHOW CHANNEL. I still cannot believe that to this day. Let me say it one more time. THE F*CKING GAME SHOW CHANNEL. The bush republithugs have attacked every worthwhile democratic institution without any meaningful response. What few voices were out there were deafened by the cheers of church people.

[It’s all Karl Rove’s fault that Kerry was suckered into placing his campaign ads on the Game Show Channel!]

My wife doesn't know how scared I am, even though I've told her that things are going to be very different in just a few months from now.

[They’re coming to take you away! Hee! Hee! They’re coming to take you away! Ha! Ha!]

Does anyone here know how to do spells? That might be kind of fun to watch. Bush's nose growing with every lie. Or how about one where they all have to tell the truth when they open their mouths? That would be fun

[DUmmie MaryH is growing so desperate that she now wants to learn how to practice Witchcraft. Somebody please help this poor soul out. Perhaps we can teach her Santeria as well.]


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