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Speaking trite to power: DUmmies discuss their buzzwords and cliches

"I have a meme!" And a "moran." And a "Murkin." Yes, it's DUmmiespeak for DUmmies! In today's DUFU, we drop in on the DUmmies as they discuss their own buzzwords and cliches, here in this THREAD, "What's your LEAST favorite buzzword or cliche often seen on DU?"

So you longtime DUFUists: Do the DUmmies recognize all their hackneyed expressions, or are they missing some? Let's find out, as we hear them speak trite to power, in Retread Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, able to spot prog postings in a single noun, is in the [brackets]:

What's your LEAST favorite buzzword or cliche often seen on DU?

[I'm a DUmmie--ask me anything!]

For example, someone brought up the term "straw man" the other day, which IS ubiquitous and overused. . . .

[It's the straw that broke the example's back.]

I think my least favorite is sheeple.

[People . . . people who write "sheeple" . . . are the f***iest people in the world. . . .]

It's a pretentious, arrogant expression--I can never imagine anyone saying it without a sneer on their face--that implies the poster is an enlightened figure trapped within a crowd of dullards.

[That's "DUllards."]

it gives strength to the ugly conservative stereotype that liberals are elitist know-it-alls who look down on the majority of their fellow Americans.

[That's "Murkins."]


[Too long. Just shorten it to "puke."]

I hate the whole practice of twisting someone's name into a childish insult--that's what the Freepers like to do. . . . Of course, occasionally, someone will come along with a name that's just begging for ridicule--John Boehner, for example. Then I guess it's OK.

[I hate it except for when I think it's OK.]

Same with "banksters"...if you want to be taken seriously, just call them what they are, "blood-sucking maggot bankers"

[It's so much more civilized.]

"Big Pharma"

[To demonize an industry, just put "Big" in front of it. Unless, of course, it's Big Abortion, Big Homo. . . .]

"Speaking truth to power."

[THERE it is! The old standby. I wondered how long it would take to get there.]


[ReKKKless abandon.]

Really... you want to compare an organization that lynches people with someone (often accidentally) clicking a button to vote down your (circle all that apply: poorly written/poorly researched/fearmongering/irrelevant/flame-baiting/sophomoric/pretentious/cryptoconservative/boring/misleadingly titled/duplicate/navel gazing/attention seeking/time-wasting) thread?

[/ much?]

"Tax the Rich." No specifics on what they consider rich, how much should be taxed, what should be taxed (wealth or income), or what the money should be used for (deficit reduction or increased spending).

[Here, let me help you. . . . Rich? Anyone who makes more money than I do. How much? Much! What? Whatever. Used for? Me.]

It drives me mental.


Just saying something is a "talking point" is not an effective rebuttal. . . .

["Talking point" has reached the tipping point.]

"thank you for your concern." Condescending, old, overdone.

["Condescending, old, overdone"? Let's leave nadinbrzezinski out of this.]

meme - it used to be more popular here and used all the time. It has gone away mostly.

[Now playing in DUmmieland: "Anti Meme"]

I cant express how angry it makes me when someone says something like "have fun with president Palin" in response to a criticism I have with Obama or the dems.

[Palinoia strikes deep.]

Name removed. . . . Deleted message

[WAY overused!]

Maybe you should post the words you do like...although I sort of think a lot of people here are just sick and tired of everything and everyone right now. . . .

["Right now"?]

"under the bus"

[ChoppinBroccoli's son can't get ON the bus!]

"Ding ding we have a winner..." Most idiotic thing ever posted.

[Ding ding we have a whiner...]

"Poutrage" and "wanting a pony."

[Don't look a gift pony in the pout.]



The faux-populism. Those who accuse you of "not caring about the average American" or some sh*t. . . . "Elitism" also, mainly because the way it's used is total horsesh*t.

[Although people who use "faux" ARE rather elitist.]

"Fascist". There's a fairly substantial portion of DU who use this term to describe EVERYTHING


using asterisks to replace letters in words. . . . We can all recognize 'f*ck', why not just type it out?

[And they do! Constantly! Take away the "F" word, and the DUmmies would be speechless! But here at DUmmie FUnnies we will continue to use the asterisk when quoting them.]

I guessed (correctly) that motherf***ers would be less offensive at DU than b*tches. Love this place.

[Every day in DUmmieland is Motherf***ers' Day.]

the one that really makes me want to strangle the @ssholes using it... H-E-double hockey sticks for "hell". ummmm...f***ing grow up, @sswipe.

[Grow up and use REAL cuss words, like us MATURE motherf***ers!]

"Love me some" really sucks.

[I hate me some "Love me some."]



I hate the term "race card"

[So when you DUmmies dismiss a conservative political viewpoint by saying "they can't stand it that a black man is president," that is NOT playing the race card??]

Saying that people are "voting against their own interests"

[It's those "low-informed voters."]

"Tax the Rich." If anyone bothered to sit down and enumerate all the stuff that taxing the rich is supposed to pay for, the marginal tax rate would be 150%.

[KEWPIE DOLL! Send it to: DUmmie Dreamer Tatum, c/o DUmmieland USA.]

"'Murkin." Which is without a doubt aimed squarely at the South. . . .

"War criminal." Tossed around way too often.

"Jeebus." Used to ridicule Christians and poke at the South.

[Sorry, Dreamer Tatum, only one Kewpie Doll per DUFU. By the way, are you some kind of . . . LOUSY FREEPER TROLL???]

"Let's all boycott XYZ company because they show Fox News on their in-store TVs"

[That's "FAUX" News!]


[OK, so use "DUers" instead.]

Any post with a signature photo of a cat

[The cat haters are out, I see.]


[Will Pitt nominates "Meme." But he fails to see his own overuse of "Derp." Or his annoying Period. After. Every. Word. Thingie.]

"Jump the Shark"

["Jump the shark" has jumped the shark.]

any word that uses "-tard," (f-tard, freeptard, etc.)

["Freeptard" will never go out of style.]

I like them all...I guess I must use them...

[Diogenes, I have found an honest DUmmie.]

"And so it begins."

[And so it ends.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree on that last one, "So it begins." It has become one of the most banal expressions in current American political discourse, universally used by both sides to blacken anything from the other side.


8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure this was a freeper thread. It sounded to me like most of the sayings they disliked were all the ones they use regularly. I can't believe for a second that they would self regulate their own idiotic vernacular. I do see them being tricked into doing so though.

Johnny 5 is alive

12:13 PM  
Anonymous krazy kat said...

"Speaking truth to power."

Probably the most obnoxious cliche of all time. It's used almost exclusively by liberals to dramatize their courage in exercising their First Amendment rights. They also misuse it to describe any speech by a lefty Congressman.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Amazing what the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats at DU find important.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Out of the DU phrases (Or phrases by ultra- liberals as a whole), one of the ones that pisses me off the most is "Social justice," mainly because of how much libs have perverted that term from its proper meaning over the years.

7:53 AM  

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