Tuesday, April 21, 2015

DUmmies Push Back Against Skinner's Clinton Cash Candidate

The DUmmies are pushing back against Skinner's Clinton Cash Candidate. As yet, they are not challenging him directly. Instead they are hitting hard directly on Hillary herself. The conundrum in DUmmieland is how to challenge Skinner's betrayal due to his wife, Shelly Moskwa, receiving HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollary of Clinton Cash. DUmmies MannyGoldstein and WillyT are fully aware of Skinner's betrayal and are sort of nibbling around the edges since they are as yet too timid to challenge Skinner directly. However, the drip drip drip of damning documents continue pointing to the the acceptance of money from Hillary front organizations without FULL DISCLOSURE to the DUmmies when he began shilling recently as a Hillary fanboy. In this THREAD, "Hillary's electability is largely political myth at this point," the DUmmies take on Hillary while carefully avoiding Skinner's complicity in the corruption of accepting Clinton Cash without disclosing this to the DUmmies. So let us now watch the DUmmies push back against being absorbed by the Clinton Borg in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, urging honest journalists out there to investigate Mr. Moskwa's corruption starting with FRIENDS OF HILLARY, is in the [brackets]:

Hillary's electability is largely political myth at this point

[But Clinton Cash is very real. Just ask Skinner.]

What argument is there for this electability meme other than the fact Secretary Clinton is simply well known? She faced one real national test on the electoral stage, and she failed it. If she couldn't even win a Democratic primary, what evidence do we have that she will fare well against the Republican machine?

[She'll try to checkbook her way to the nomination. Just ask Skinner.]

She's not my candidate. I have no idea who I will vote for in the primary. It is far too early. But this electability thought is almost asserted to be self-evident, both in the media and on DU.

[And endlessly by Skinner. That is what his Clinton Cash funneled to his wife in her role as treasurer of Friends for Hillary bought.]

Based on what, exactly? I see no evidence offered other than very early polls that will change vastly once we're in the thick of things.

[Don't worry. Mr. Moskwa's fanboy shilling for Hillary will continue as long as that Clinton Cash Stash holds out. And now to the other DUmmies whose email addys are being rented out...]

I am trying to see a silver lining in that, but I cannot, as it would mean a) president scott walker and B) The left will get blamed and told "the beatings will continue until morale improves!"

[The silver lining is that Skinner is being exposed.]

That is what 'viable' means now, 'who has the most money'.

[Money Taks, BS Walks and that is why Skinner is talking up Hillary.]

Goldman-Sachs and Wall Street are hedging their bets hoping (paying) for a Clinton v Bush race. win-win for the Oligarchs.

[Also a win-win for the Moskwas.]

Remember last time she ran.

[This time she is taking no chances and is checkbooking her way to the nominations. 49 payments to Skinner's wife in 2008 and much more money in that direction this year.]

Only a rock star like Hillary and Bobby Kennedy* can move to a state where they never lived, say I want to run for the Senate, and win.

 [Skinner is certainly star struck right in his wallet.]

I am white.
I am a woman.
I will definitely be turning out.
I will not be casting my vote for Hillary.

[You are NOT Shelly Moskwa.]

I am watching O'Malley who may enter the race and want to know more about him. So far if he isn't just talking, I like where he stands on several issues. The TPP eg, raising SS Benefits. Raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

[The downside is that O'Malley hasn't checkbooked his way to Skinner's heart.]

Money rasing is a problem for all of us. Anyone who can raise $2.5 billion is working for some very special interests.

[Skinner is certainly interested in that Clinton Cash. It is how he can maintain payments on his million dollar home.]

For two billion, what are they buying? All Dem candidates should refuse that money and then spend the rest of the campaign season accusing Republicans of taking bribes from the very unpopular Wall St special interests who are buying their elections to work against the Working Class.

[Well, Hillary is buying Skinner's fanboy loyalty.]

You can not discredit her ability to be president with talking points .

[Drinketh from the cup of Skinner's Hillary Kool-Aide.]

I believe Martin O'Malley could emerge as a formidable candidate and do well in the debates. I could see him performing better than Hillary by the time the Iowa caucuses come around in January. The Iowa bounce is real and all will be shocked at how things rearrange if O'Malley takes Iowa and New Hampshire. The vibe will be a repeat of the '08 Democratic Primaries where a little known Illinois senator rolled past Hillary and never looked back.

[The main reason why I want to see the inept former Maryland governor do well against Hillary is to watch how Hillary fanboy Skinner handles it. How does would he justify his continued support for Hillary? As long as Clinton Cash holds out, Skinner can be expected to remain a Hillary fanboy.]

But, alas---It's Hillary's turn. So the party will play nice and let her run without opposition. It's depressing.

[Almost as depressing as finding out that UberDUmmie Skinner betrayed you due to Clinton Cash.]

I am from NY, all of my family is from NY. The general feeling in NY is that she BOUGHT that election

[Did she buy any leaders of wacky leftwing blog forums?]

I don't see any challenger capable of erasing Clinton's popularity among rank and file Democrats, women, minorities, and others. I don't see a Barack Obama out there among the potential challengers. That's why I think that Hillary Clinton will take the nomination going away. Frankly, she doesn't really have any challengers.

[That was DUmmie MineralMan who hasn't yet realized that there is big money in being a Hillary fanboy. He should ask Skinner for the going rates.]

I'm Ready For Oligarchy - Are You? - Vote HRC

[Warning, Skinner, WARNING! Anti-Hillary breakout on this thread. You need to earn your Clinton Cash immediately and put a stop to those resisting being absorbed by the Hillary Borg.]

Monday, April 20, 2015

Skinner Continues Hillary Hype as More Mrs. Skinner Clinton Cash Revealed

Yes, more and more and MORE revelations about Hillary's Cash payoffs to the Kettlemans, I mean the Skinners, are coming out Fast & Furious. The latest revelation comes to us by way of this Open Secrets DOCUMENT which reveals that Mrs. Skinner, aka Shelly Moskwa, received $185, 295 paid out in 49 payments. The period at Open Secrets is listed as 2009 to 2010 but since Hillary is identified as a senator, it is probably from an earlier period. Were those 49 payments over a one year or two year period? Perhaps Mr. Moskwa can reveal it to his fellow DUmmies if he is ever forced into full disclosure as to why he betrayed them. As part of Skinner's betrayal, we have Skinner's HILLARY HYPE today, "Absolutely, Hillary is a progressive... She’s a fierce fighter. No one is more qualified." So let us now watch the DUmmies react to Skinner's purchased Hillary Hype in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the DUmmies are very slowly starting to grow suspicious of Mr. Moskwa's motivations, is in the [brackets]:

"Absolutely, Hillary is a progressive... She’s a fierce fighter. No one is more qualified."

[That is a quote from the former leader of ACORN that Skinner proudly highlights. Of course, in a general election such a quote would be electoral poison but for now let us now look at the increasingly uneasy DUmmies...]

She appears way more a corporatist And a supporter of the military-industrial-surveillance state.

[Also a supporter of Mr. & Mrs. Skinner's financial state.]

Notice how the definition of "progressive" is being co-opted when it pertains to Hillary Clinton? I guess along with DINO we now have PINO (progressive in name only). Not buying it.

[You might not be buying it but you are inadvertently paying for it via your harvested email addy.]

I like Hillary because she gets things done

[Setting up that Friends of Hillary front to funnel payments to Mr. & Mrs. Moskwa was a great way of getting payoffs done.]

Its sickening to watch people fawn over someone who will ignore our needs once they have secured our votes.

[So you are sickened by Skinner?]

Skinner, are you trolling? This seems like flame-bait for the non HRC supporters.

[Skinner wants his fellow DUmmies to get used to the "inevitability" of Hillary. That's what he is paid for. Those Moskwa payments listed before is just the tip of their Clinton Cash payoffs.]

Seriously? In a presidential primary,you're going to view candidate endorsements as "flamebait"?

[I view it as payoff.]

I think everyone knows where Skinner stands, and I feel about him the way I feel about most other HRC supporters here: I respect them. I don't question their liberal credentials, and in many ways I wish I could join them. I take no joy in opposing HRC. I wish I could see the progressive fighter and leader they see.

[I bet you wish you could see the green cash that Mr. &  Mrs. Moskwa sees, DUmmie cali.]

This is early in the primaries,there's no reason for Bertha Lewis to endorse Hillary Clinton other than she believes her own words.

[How about Clinton Cash making its way to her as a reason?]

I love the new DU. Skinner is my hero.

[Skinner is my hero. He betrayed me!]

RIP Democratic Party The Corporate Party has taken over. Good luck.

[Check out FEC and Open Secrets documents to see how right you are, DUmmie LOoniX. Be sure to highlight the name, Shelly Moskwa.]

The real liberal political world knows Hillary Clinton and wants to see her win.

[DUmmie MineralMan drinks the Hillary Kool Aide but doesn't know how to cash in on it like the Skinners.]

And I look forward to the list of things she's had a lead role in, fought for, and won for the 99%.

[That was DUmmie MannyGoldstein which is interesting because he, along with DUmmie WillyT, already knows about Skinner's corruption. However he does not yet know how to make the accusation in full out loud. It is like Sefton from "Stalag 17" who knew that Security was the traitor but had to wait for the opportune time to make the accusation.]

Saturday, April 18, 2015

DUmmies Trash Talk Skinner's Cash Cow

Hey DUmmies! Why do you have to be so nasty towards Skinner's Cash Cow, Hillary? I mean have you no sympathy for him and his wife who is Treasurer of Friends of Hillary? Let's face it, a million dollar home in Chevy Chase costs a lot in both mortgage payments and upkeep. So if for some reason Hillary is forced out of the race, goodbye Skinner's money pit. In this specific instance, the DUmmies are mad at Hillary for seeming to support TPP or Trans Pacific Partnership. Since we are talking about Hillary here I like to thing of it as standing for To Pay Plenty. And if you read the previous DUFU EDITION, Hillary paid plenty to Skinner's wife, Shelly Moskwa, in her role as Treasurer of Friends of Hillary. Yeah, no need to scratch your tiny heads in befuddlement as to why Skinner suddenly went all out Hillary fanboy right after her announcement. The source of his enthusiasm can be traced to the Benjamin$$$. It seems silly to gripe about Big Money Hillary and ignore the fact that Hillary's Big Money has purchased your own UberDUmmie to betray you. So with that in mind, the DUmmies sort of miss the point they dare not face in HRC on the TPP: Hedging and essentially a whole lot of nothing. So let us watch the DUmmies grumble about Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, urging the DUmmies to visit Skinner's million dollar home purchased with hedge fund bucks funneled to him via Friends of Hillary, is in the [brackets]:

HRC on the TPP: Hedging and essentially a whole lot of nothing

[You call Mrs. Skinner's big Hillary salary a whole lot of nothing?]

HRC knows what's in the TPP. She was involved in drafting it. And two of the three leaked chapters and other leaked information about content and process, were leaked either while she was still in office or shortly thereafter.

[And you know what's in the FOH, Friends Of Hillary. A whole lot of funneled hedge fund bucks funding the wealthy lifestyles of Mr. & Mrs. Skinner.]

The TPP negotiations were comprised of 20 rounds of negotiations. There are 12 nations in the deal. What does that mean for changes that everyone agrees on? That would be exceedingly difficult if not impossible without extending the process by many months or years, something no one involved is willing to do.

Why must a trade deal strengthen our national security?

I would bet my life that Hillary supports the TPP and will support it. Literally. It's a damn safe bet.

[And I would bet Skinner's wife that Skinner will support whatever Hillary supports regarding TPP. It's a damn safe bet he doesn't want to cut off that cash flow.]

This really is not leading. It's not being a champion for middle class working Americans. It's not courageous and sadly, it's not honest

[No less honest than Skinner going all Hillary fanboy in DUmmieland while failing to mention that his wife is a benefactor of the Clinton Global Money Bucket.]

If you think this post makes me a hater, then I'll wear your labeling me such with reluctant pride. I respect and like a lot of HRC supporters here, but this statement from the campaign is emblematic of why I can't support her. She'll almost certainly be the nominee and I'll vote for her, but that will come from resignation.

[This post makes you a sucker, DUmmie cali. After all that you will STILL vote for Hillary. Skinner is laughing all the way to the bank carrying his Clinton cash. Now on to the other clueless DUmmies...]

Hillary is a champion on economic issues for her corporate donors, gotta give her that.

[Without those corporate donors, no Hillary cash stash for Mr. & Mrs. Skinner.]

With wishy-washy statements like that, hard to imagine Hillary standing up to her banker pals who fund her candidacty.

[Just as it is hard to imagine YOU standing up to Skinner for selling you out. BTW, have you gotten a whole bunch of Hillary emails recently? A certain Friends of Hillary email list is being rented out.]

Why SHOULD the banksters be worried bout Hillary?

[She is bought and paid for...just like her fanboy Skinner.]

Why can't Hillary reveal the TPP? Oh, that's right it's a big secret.

[Why can't Mr. Skinner reveal Mrs. Skinner's employer. Oh, that's right it's a big secret.]

Friday, April 17, 2015

SURPRISE!!! Skinner's Wife Was/Is Friends of Hillary Treasurer

[This is a special DUFU investigative report.]

Remember when Skinner recently went all FANBOY over Hillary? Many DUmmies were perplexed about why UberDUmmie Skinner aka David Allen went so over the top enthusiastic for Hillary. Well, what Skinner did not reveal at the time was that his wife, Shelly Moskwa, was (and could still be) the Treasurer of Friends of Hillary. This FEC DOCUMENT reveals that at least as of January 31, 2015, Moskwa was still Treasurer as you can see by the date next to her signature. Also of interest in that same document is that Friends of Hillary had over $24 million in total disbursements. Hmmmm. How much of that went to the Treasurer?

Also quite revealing is ANOTHER FEC DOCUMENT which reveals that Friends of Hillary earned quite a chunk of change from renting out its mailing lists. Here is one excerpt:

Friends of Hillary asserts that it rented its list to 88 lessees in total and that Ready for Hillary PAC paid the same rate as its other lessees, including non-political entities. Friends of Hillary disclosure reports indicates that it received 18 payments for list rentals between 2013 and 2014, ranging in amount from $260 to $203,683. Friends of Hillary reported these payments as coming from Trilogy, another list brokerage firm, and directly from campaign committees.

Skinner has a lot to answer for to his fellow DUmmies. Here are a few questions he needs to answer:

1. Was your wife until at least recently Treasurer of Friends of Hillary?

2. Did you and/or your wife profit in any way from the rental of Friends of Hillary mailing lists?

3. Did you provide DUmmie e-mail addys to Friends of Hillary or your wife?

4. Why did you not disclose, when you were blatantly shilling for Hillary, that your wife was Treasurer of Friends of Hillary?

I would also like him to answer if he ever saw William Rivers Pitt sober but we already know the answer to that. In the meantime it appears that Skinner's sudden over the top fanboy cheerleading for Hillary seems to be all about the Benjamins. And on that latter topic, perhaps more later. Hee! Hee!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

DUmmies Betrayed by Hillary Sellout Skinner

I originally thought that head DUmmie Skinner sold out for thirty pieces of Hillary war chest silver. However, the posts of Captain Obvious are coming so fast and furious, I suspect he is working via piece rate. The more fawning Hillary threads posted the more plata in his pocket. As examples here is Skinner ADOPTING the dopey Hillary Hospital logo as his own. Then there is Skinner going full CHIPOTLE SOLIDARITY with Hillary. There are many more such threads but just for fun we shall today look at his plug for DUmmie "Hillvetica" text generator on this THREAD. Meanwhile Skinner's shameless plugging for Hillary on a site which until recently almost universally despised her has not gone unnoticed and the DUmmies are becoming quite perturbed at Skinner's sudden fondness for Hillary. We haven't quite reached a state of GötterDUmmerung, Twilight of the DUmmies, but we already see oh so polite QUESTIONING by the perplexed DUmmies which we will get to but first let us join Skinner happily plugging Hillvetica text in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, not really wondering why $kinner could not have waited until the actual start of the primary season to shamelessly plug for Hillary, is in the [brackets]:

Just for fun: The automatic DU Hillvetica text generator

[Fanboy Skinner couldn't more obvious than if he were drooling all over Hillary's shoes.]

Most of you probably saw the post about Hillvetica, the new font inspired by the Hillary logo.

[And Hillary herself is so inspiring. Let me count the ways. One piece of silver, two pieces of silver, and so on until we reach the magic 30 pieces of silver.]

I thought it would be fun to use the DU software to let you automatically type in Hillvetica. It's a little clunky to use, but I think that's probably okay because it's not intended for long blocks of text.

[Hey, that Hillvetica can be a lot of fun. Unfortunately not all DUmmies are so enamored of Hillary. Here is DUmmie WillyT oh, so politely questioning Skiinner's motives even though he really knows he sold the DUmmies down the river for Clintonian goodies...]

Dear Skinner...

[...I am about to question your integrity as politely as possible so as not to be Tombstoned.]

I know you get backlogs of epic proportions in ATA.

I imagine that you get personal e-mails up the wahzoo...

And this is your site... it is your site...

[...But why are you already shamelessly shilling for Hillary when the primaries are still 8 months away?]

Yet some of us have been here so long... we may have forgotten that fact.

And you've been normally in the background through most of this site's history.

And we were ok with that... yet when you did comment/recommend...

We were excited. We got approval.

[In case you haven't figured it out, Skinner, this is my VERY roundabout way of accusing you of being a treacherous sellout.]

Sounds juvenile... I realize... yet there it is when you have multiples of thousands of posts on-board..

So when I got a Rec from Skinner, it was kind of nice... kind of special. I'm still human.

This is hard... But I want to ask a question without being zapped.

[Uh-oh. Continue with your roundabout Skinner Betrayal Haiku, DUmmie WillyT...]

And if I'm zapped, zapped I am...

But with the Hillary Clinton roll-out you posted several things, all good articles, yet...

It has been so rare from you... that many here, might have wondered if you were making a statement.

[The statement in case you haven't noticed is: "I SOLD OUT FOR HILLARY!!! LIVE WITH IT DUmmies!"]

Not a statement of support for Hillary, but a statement of the operation of DU, or both...

And although I don't think that's what you were doing, and I do applaud you joining the everyday tussle...

[Oh, no, Skinner. I don't think you sold out for Hillary but actually, that's what I really do think.]

I think it may have shocked some people... because it was so rare to engage.

Please engage again, and let's have the fun of the argument.

[Heh heh. And please don't Tombstone me for casting aspersions upon your integrity but your Hillary sellout scam is over the top obvious. Now on the the rumblings on the way to GötterDUmmerung from the other oh so polite DUmmies...]

I have wondered the same thing. The absence of any other posts is what made me wonder. I have no problem whatsoever with anyone supporting their candidate. But when one of the site owners posts about nothing else, even the horror that is happening with the police killing civilians for no reason, one has to wonder...

[Hear that jingling from a certain pocket? That's your answer.]

I can't understand why Skinner's posts about HRC are of so much importance...maybe I'm missing something but I don't see any attempt to extinguish dissenting voices in having him post his preference for one Dem candidate over another.

[Hey, nothing at all unusual about Skinner posting thread after thread in support of a candidate that until recently was almost universally despised in DUmmieland.]

It is not that Skinner is posting in favor of HC. More power to him. I am very glad to see him post at all. It's the fact, with so very many, majorly important issues of late, that this is the only thing he has posted about. That and the fact that if you don't support HC, you are sure to be berated by someone.

[Here's the reason for Skinner's sudden change in attitude: Ka-CHING!!!]

Skinner can post about whatever he chooses, as we all do.

[Yeah but you won't find it quite so profitable.]

Yeah the site seems way dominated by Clinton cheerleaders to me, too. And the tactics that have been used to maginalize opponents have been discourteous to say the least. And they have been allowed to get away with things listed against the site rules like define people who are not pro-Hillary as Republicans.

As for Skinner's own appearance: sine this web site costs money to run, and the Clinton campaign has loads of cash, I just assumed that is something along the lines of an endorsement that ran on Primary Announcement day on one of THE Democrat enclaves. I don't see why Clinton's staff or Skinner *wouldnt*do that. Even if it wasn't a paid endorsement now, there could be some hope for support of the web site in the future - that just makes sense.

[GASP! A PAID endorsement? How could you even suggest that of our beloved $kinner?]

I Doubt DU Is Getting Major Money From The DLC...

[You are right. It is coming from the HRC.]

It is a nice post, and you are right, a lot of people are wondering. I would too would like to know if Skinner was just doing what everyone else is doing, supporting his candidate, or making a statement. Because if people who do not support Hillary, people who would like to see more candidates, who have Democrats in mind they would like to see in the race, are not welcome here, I think it would be only fair to say so.

[It would also be fair to say that with the DUmmie leadership Money talks, BS walks. So take a HIKE!]

I have no idea what amount of money this site makes for the owners. But I'm going to bet it is worth any aggravation it causes.

[Hillary coinage could aggravate the DUmmies so much it causes a mass exodus.]

i think Skinner is just being a regular DU'er, posting about something he cares about

[$kinner cares so much about Hillary treasure.]

Now we know, Skinner likes Hillary. And Chipotle.

[And Dinero.]

Was Skinner sending a message? Sure. The message was that he supports Hillary Clinton.


Does Skinner really support Hillary or is he just "trolling" the anti-Hillary crowd. and I'm using the term "trolling" in the sense he might just be yanking your chain.

[Skinner is sincerely trolling for Hillary. The only chain he is yanking is that gold chain out of Hillary's treasury chest.]

The jury system permits Skinner to engage without being accused of bias.

[He certainly can't be accused of bias against cold cash.]


[The heat on this thread is starting to melt Hillary's gold.]

Wiliam Rivers Pitt Performs Deep Navel Gaze

William Rivers Pitt is unemployed and doing nothing except jotting in the middle of the lily white New Hampshire woods in a cabin purchased by mommy so he can waste away the rest of his life in utter boredom with his family. As the nonproductive member of a family of wealthy lawyers his task is to merely collect trust fund payments and simply exist. And yet Pitt turns the utter nothingness of his sad life into a virtue by staring at his own navel as you can see in his ode to nothingness, A day in the life. So let us now watch Pitt celebrate his empty life in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that DUmmieland is getting interesting again due to a revolt against the Hillary Borg, is in the [brackets]:

A day in the life.

[Which is exactly like every other day in your sad boring life.]

For a while now, I've been banging awake around 5am, languishing in that warm you're-comfy-and-you-know-it zone of semi-sleep, before finally grabbing myself by the face and dragging myself out of bed a little before 6. It's nice: I used to be a very solitary animal, an only child, lived alone for years, and despite the no-BS absolute joy and astonishing privilege of baby/wife/job/etc. responsibilities, a part of me will always be the sibling-less kid building universes in his imagination alone in his room, who still worships the stillness of solitude. So I get some of that in my mornings.

[Pitt describes the most challenging task of his day...waking up.]

I do most of my writing during those soft, quiet, precious hours (in my head, because I can't actually write at that hour, because I beat on keyboards like a rented mule when I do write and would wake the entire house). I watch the sun rise, and the snow melt, and the flowers grow, and wither, and disappear under a new season's blanket of white, and listen to the hum of nothing in my ears, and breathe.

[I watch water evaporate, time tick by, and listen to the hum of nothingness between my ears, oh, and breathe.]

My water well is almost 400 feet deep and taps an aquifer. When we moved here, we had the water tested to make sure there was nothing harmful to Lola, and the testers told us they had never, ever come across water as pure and perfect as what comes out of our taps. Before I go to bed each night, I pour a glass and place it on a kitchen windowsill next to a barely-cracked-open window...and then, in the morning, with the first hues of sunrise tickling the mountain, I drink deep of the blood of the Earth cooked and then cooled to perfection by the breath of the wind.

[Great logic there. You get crystal clear water from a well only to leave a glass of it overnight by an open window sill for all sorts of tiny critters to crawl in.]

This morning, I woke, rose, padded quietly to the kitchen, reached for my glass...and paused. There were five huge wild turkeys in my back yard: four females and one male...and oh by God and sonny Jesus, was the male putting on a show. Puffed up like a dirigible, fantail fanning behind, strutting and strutting and strutting, big as life and twice as turkey, The Man, because it's finally mating season, don'tcha know...and the four females could not have disdained him more thoroughly. Dude was out of luck, period, end of file.

[Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings performed this shtick much more effectively at Cross Creek long before you, Will. And she also had an actual LIFE.]

...so I raised my precious water glass to him in salute, drank deeply, and thought to myself, "Yeah, I hated the dating scene, too, brother."

[William Rivers Pitt as a Bukowski's lounge lizard? Since hot women did not hang out there it does NOT compute.]

A day in the life.

[We return Will now to his permanent state of test pattern.]