Monday, April 20, 2015

Skinner Continues Hillary Hype as More Mrs. Skinner Clinton Cash Revealed

Yes, more and more and MORE revelations about Hillary's Cash payoffs to the Kettlemans, I mean the Skinners, are coming out Fast & Furious. The latest revelation comes to us by way of this Open Secrets DOCUMENT which reveals that Mrs. Skinner, aka Shelly Moskwa, received $185, 295 paid out in 49 payments. The period at Open Secrets is listed as 2009 to 2010 but since Hillary is identified as a senator, it is probably from an earlier period. Were those 49 payments over a one year or two year period? Perhaps Mr. Moskwa can reveal it to his fellow DUmmies if he is ever forced into full disclosure as to why he betrayed them. As part of Skinner's betrayal, we have Skinner's HILLARY HYPE today, "Absolutely, Hillary is a progressive... She’s a fierce fighter. No one is more qualified." So let us now watch the DUmmies react to Skinner's purchased Hillary Hype in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the DUmmies are very slowly starting to grow suspicious of Mr. Moskwa's motivations, is in the [brackets]:

"Absolutely, Hillary is a progressive... She’s a fierce fighter. No one is more qualified."

[That is a quote from the former leader of ACORN that Skinner proudly highlights. Of course, in a general election such a quote would be electoral poison but for now let us now look at the increasingly uneasy DUmmies...]

She appears way more a corporatist And a supporter of the military-industrial-surveillance state.

[Also a supporter of Mr. & Mrs. Skinner's financial state.]

Notice how the definition of "progressive" is being co-opted when it pertains to Hillary Clinton? I guess along with DINO we now have PINO (progressive in name only). Not buying it.

[You might not be buying it but you are inadvertently paying for it via your harvested email addy.]

I like Hillary because she gets things done

[Setting up that Friends of Hillary front to funnel payments to Mr. & Mrs. Moskwa was a great way of getting payoffs done.]

Its sickening to watch people fawn over someone who will ignore our needs once they have secured our votes.

[So you are sickened by Skinner?]

Skinner, are you trolling? This seems like flame-bait for the non HRC supporters.

[Skinner wants his fellow DUmmies to get used to the "inevitability" of Hillary. That's what he is paid for. Those Moskwa payments listed before is just the tip of their Clinton Cash payoffs.]

Seriously? In a presidential primary,you're going to view candidate endorsements as "flamebait"?

[I view it as payoff.]

I think everyone knows where Skinner stands, and I feel about him the way I feel about most other HRC supporters here: I respect them. I don't question their liberal credentials, and in many ways I wish I could join them. I take no joy in opposing HRC. I wish I could see the progressive fighter and leader they see.

[I bet you wish you could see the green cash that Mr. &  Mrs. Moskwa sees, DUmmie cali.]

This is early in the primaries,there's no reason for Bertha Lewis to endorse Hillary Clinton other than she believes her own words.

[How about Clinton Cash making its way to her as a reason?]

I love the new DU. Skinner is my hero.

[Skinner is my hero. He betrayed me!]

RIP Democratic Party The Corporate Party has taken over. Good luck.

[Check out FEC and Open Secrets documents to see how right you are, DUmmie LOoniX. Be sure to highlight the name, Shelly Moskwa.]

The real liberal political world knows Hillary Clinton and wants to see her win.

[DUmmie MineralMan drinks the Hillary Kool Aide but doesn't know how to cash in on it like the Skinners.]

And I look forward to the list of things she's had a lead role in, fought for, and won for the 99%.

[That was DUmmie MannyGoldstein which is interesting because he, along with DUmmie WillyT, already knows about Skinner's corruption. However he does not yet know how to make the accusation in full out loud. It is like Sefton from "Stalag 17" who knew that Security was the traitor but had to wait for the opportune time to make the accusation.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Friends of Hillary gets a mention in that thread - post #217.

9:26 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

If things keep going like this it could be interesting.

And is it just me or does Skinner look every bit as stupid as Troglaman sounds?

2:59 AM  
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