Tuesday, June 24, 2014

DUmmies Mock Chelsea Clinton Supposedly Not Caring About Money

Hillary's book tour campaign is failing fast. Just minutes ago I checked Amazon and her book has tumbled to #19 while "Blood Feud" has risen to #3. Yes, Hillary has made a lot of mistakes during her non-campaign campaign for president but perhaps her biggest mistake is letting daughter Chelsea open her mouth. Even the DUmmies are mocking the resident of a $10 million luxury Manhattan condo for saying she tried to care about money but couldn't. Yeah, the more Chelsea yaps the more likely that the Cherokee Princess jumps into the nomination race due to Hillary's tumbling popularity. You can see the DUmmie mockery in this THREAD, "Chelsea Clinton: I Tried to Care About Money, But Just Couldn't." So let us now watch the DUmmies mock the modern day Marie Antoinette in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if he can eat the cake crumbs from Chelsea's $3 million wedding, is in the [brackets]:

Chelsea Clinton: I Tried to Care About Money, But Just Couldn't

[Chelsea yawned from her $10 million condo. And now an excerpt from a NY Daily News article...]

  Hillary Clinton insists she isn’t “well-off” and now daughter Chelsea, according to a recent interview, claims she couldn't care less about money. 

  The daughter of former President Bill Clinton and ex-secretary of state Hillary Clinton explained in a recent interview why she left lucrative professions and opted for working with her family’s philanthropic foundation. ‘I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,’ she said.  

I was curious if I could care about (money) on some fundamental level, and I couldn’t,” she told Fast Company in an interview that ran in the magazine's May edition, explaining why she gave up lucrative gigs to join her family’s philanthropic foundation.  

“It is frustrating, because who wants to grow up and follow their parents? I’ve tried really hard to care about things that were very different from my parents … it’s a funny thing to realize I feel called to this work, both as a daughter and also as someone who believes I have contributions to make,” she continued about her reluctant status as a boomerang kid.

[And now here are the DUmmie peasants storming the Clinton Bastille...]

3mm dollar wedding, 10mm condo. Doesn't "care" about money.

[Because she won life's lottery.]

Really! Its easy to "not care about money", when you have shitloads of money

[Posted a future Warren primary voter.]

The Clintons appear to have internalized the culture of wealth in which they live. So that to them the word "money" means something very different from what it means to most people. They have an amount of money that most people would think of as great wealth, but because they live among even richer people, they think of themselves as just regular folks and not particularly affluent.

[The one percent consider themselves poor compared to the .001 percent.]

She's got a net worth of 15 million. I think I could be a bit more blase about cash if I had 15 mill.

[Instead all you have are empty pizza boxes piled up in your living room basement.]

How the hell did she "earn" 15 million Dollars? Seriously did she invent something?

[She invented a server system to back up all emails, including those of the IRS.]

tone deaf daughter of a tone deaf mother. easy shit to say. Let's see you give up some of those things that the money you don't care about buys you, dearie.

[As long as it doesn't amount to big sacrifice like giving up her chauffeured limo.]

And I don't care that Chelsea doesn't care about money. I care that Elizabeth Warren cares more about struggling families on Main Street than the jet setters on Wall Street.

[Do you also care that Warren lives in a multi-million dollar mansion and owns millions in CORPORATE stock? The benefits of faking your affirmative action way to success.]

I grew up in privilege- considerable privilege. New Canaan Ct. The most elite private day schools and prep schools and I said that exact same thing- that I didn't care about money when I was in my early twenties. It was easy for me to say- I didn't have to work (I did). I had money to live on very comfortably. And then I realized how clueless it was to prattle on about that when I didn't have to worry about money.

[That was DUmmie cali, a regular. File that info away for later.]

So far, the "Clintons-as-humble-populists" PR campaign has been comedy gold.

[And therefore very DUFUable.]

Putting America to work!! Forget Hillary - Chelsea for President!

[CHELSEA 2024!!!]

For goodness sake, stop the Chelsea bashing. Jesus Christ.


she's as tone deaf as her mommy. and she's married to someone who has his own hedge fund. Not to mention the obscene money she happily took for doing shit for NBC.

[And her father-in-law gave generously to Nigeria in response to an email request.]

you did hear about the, *ahem, difficulties the Clinton Foundations have with their, *ahem, finances? That charity seems to have gone large part to schmoozing the rich. It is a scam. But you call it charity all you like.

[Hey, schmoozing the rich to ask for yet more bucks doesn't come cheap.]

If she doesn't care about money why are her parents avoiding taxes to make sure she inherits more?

[Every used pair of underwear tax writeoff counts.]

She sounds Presidential. When is it her turn again?


Her public statements are carefully orchestrated by the Clinton campaign. I was stunned when she and her mother jointly announced her pregnancy, without her husband by her side!

[Their marriage is as strong as any of J-Lo's multiple marriages.]


[Mark that DUmmie vote down for Fauxcahontas.]

Monday, June 23, 2014

DUmmies Hop On Cherokee Princess Presidential Bandwagon

Elizabeth Warren aka Fauxcahontas IS not running for President. Got that? IS not running which means she WILL be Hillary's worse nightmare. Imagine the Hillary meltdown when once again a newcomer steals away the Democrat presidential nomination she has been lusting after for years. This time there will be no biding her time for the next opportunity. There is no time left for her which is why her impending meltdown would be enormous but highly entertaining. We can already see the trouble for Hillary since the hard core leftwing Democrats vastly favor Warren over her as you can see in the DUmmie THREAD, "New Statesman : Why Elizabeth Warren should take on Hillary Clinton and run for the US presidency." So let us now watch the DUmmies ready to cast their ballots for the Indian Princess in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, looking forward to the Alien vs Predator battle, is in the [brackets]:

New Statesman : Why Elizabeth Warren should take on Hillary Clinton and run for the US presidency

[Hillary's Depends already spilleth over.]

I do really hope EW will change her mind, and try to show up onj next presidential primaries. Because, she's is JUST A REAL FIGHTER OF CORPORATION, unlike, Hillary and her husband, who had always allied with them when it suited their personal promotion and agenda.

[Does this mean that Miss Cherokee Queen will have to give up her $8 million in CORPORATE stocks?]

Senator Elizabeth Warren has said more than once that she is not running.

[Correct. She IS not running. I guess you missed that part of basic grammar that covers the future tense.]

warren and any democrat that can branded batshit crazy liberal will LOSE

[Your Kewpie Doll is in the mail.]

Warren isn't running, and she made very clear if Hillary runs she will support her. The only way you can vote for Elizabeth Warren is if you live in Mass.

[Naive DUmmies are cute...and FUnnie!!!]

I don't think that anybody who was in favor of going to war with Iraq should be allowed to run for President. Also, anybody who is friends with Don Tyson, the chicken torturer, does not have my vote. I could go on and on......

[Don't stop. I'm still laughing about your "chicken torturer" comment.]

Elizabeth Warren should take on Hillary and pound the shit out of her.

[MMA Match!!!]

It would be better if she ran after Citizen's United was overturned.

[In the Year 2525 if Man is still Alive.]

Around 6 months ago, Warren endorsed Clinton for 2016. Clinton would use that against her in the primaries.

[I'm sure that will shatter the Warren campaign.]

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Communist DUmmies Shut Down Meeting Because of Camera


Vampires can't tolerate sunlight. Likewise Communists can't tolerate cameras at their meetings because that would shed light on who they are. As you can see in this VIDEO, Communists at Portland State University can't stand it when an outsider attends their "public" meeting with a camera. What is laughable is they claim to the cop they the guy with the camera is a "disruptor" but thanks to the camera we can see who the TRUE disruptors are. And childish in the extreme. I gotta ask... How many of these COmmies are also DUmmies? There must be a bunch. Anyway, I am using this DUFU edition so you can see for yourselves just what COmmies/DUmmies are like. They HATE transparency and we can see why because the result is they are quite a bunch of jerks.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Serial Fabulist Pitt Condemns Serial Plagiarist Chris Hedges

In case you haven't heard the news, erstwhile left-wing hero Chris Hedges has been exposed as a serial plagiarizer. You can read the details at the NEW REPUBLIC and/or read about it over at NEWSBUSTERS written by someone whose name I can't quite recall. So who in this world has the LEAST standing to condemn serial plagiarist Chris Hedges? How about serial fabulist WILLIAM RIVERS PITT who allowed his mind to be conveniently massaged by another serial plagiarist, JASON LEOPOLD, into reporting that Karl Rove had already been indicted on May 12, 2006. So now we have the laughable spectacle of WILLIAM RIVERS PITT the notorious fabulist who lies with psychotic ease condemning serial plagiarist Chris Hedges as you can see in this THREAD, "Chris Hedges has been accused of serious, serial plagiarism." So let us watch serial fabulist WILLIAM RIVERS PITT condemn serial plagiarist Chris Hedges in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting the Pitt is still waiting that 24 business hours for the Blue Fairy to arrive with Karl Roves sealed indictment, is in the [brackets]:
Chris Hedges has been accused of serious, serial plagiarism

[WILLIAM RIVERS PITT has been accused of serious, serial fabulism. Okay, pitt then plagiarized several paragraphs from the New Republic before coming up with this holier-than-thou observation...]

Read the whole article: this could not have been unintentional plagiarism. Stick a fork in this guy. His career is over.

[Perhaps his career will revive in 24 business hours.]

  I would rather jump into traffic than believe this is true...but the evidence appears to be pretty overwhelming. 

  As a writer, I consider plagiarism to be the one unforgiveable crime in the business. You just don't steal someone else's toil. If you can't write it yourself, find something else to do. 

  So this really, really, really sucks if it turns out to be true.

[It already turned out to be true that WILLIAM RIVERS PITT is a serial fabulist. He makes things up hoping for that Hail Mary Pass that will miracle himself into unearned fame. Unfortunately his one big shot completely backfired on him and he ended up a Web laughingstock. Okay, on to the other DUmmies who somehow did not think it odd that a serial fabulist would be condemning a serial plagiarist...]

Don't they know they'll get caught?

[It didn't seem to bother WILLIAM RIVERS PITT.]

Read the full article. There are multiple cases of Hedges doing this.

[Almost as many cases as WILLIAM RIVERS PITT making things up.]