Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fauxcahontis vs Hillary

In the next few months we will be reading yet more details how Fauxcahontas aka Elizabeth Warren Affirmative Actioned her way up the academia by pretending she was an Indian. How do I know this? Simple. It now appears as if Warren WILL be running for president and the Hillary Clinton War Room will be working overtime to discredit her. I am looking forward to the entertainment of this upcoming catfight which would resemble Alien vs Predator but without the niceties. Remember, this is supposed to be Hillary's last Hoorah and she must DESTROY any who come in her way even a direct descendent of Geronimo as portrayed by Chuck Connors.

Meanwhile the KOmmies are giving Warren a boost to the obvious detriment of Hillary as you can see in this thread, A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren. The poster, KOmmie Susan From 29 spent way too loooooong promoting Whitey From Harvard so for the sake of blessed brevity I'll edit out most of her awe for Fauxcahontas. So let us now get a sneak preview of the upcoming MMA Match between Fauxcahontis and Hillary in Bolsehvik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, anticipating the entertaining Democrat bloodbath to come, is in the [brackets]:

Elections are about narratives.

[And, unfortunately your narrative is far from brief so most of it will end up in the trash.]

Elizabeth Warren has managed to craft one in A Fighting Chance that is absolutely compelling. It inevitably leads to speculation of the 2016 Presidential race.

[I already see the Death Ray's radiating from Hillary's cold eyes.]

If a relative newcomer to electoral politics wanted to make a run for the White House, there are certain boxes that need to be ticked off.

[The most important box is commit Hari Kari so as to make way for Hillary who will let no one stand in the way of her coronation.]

One is the book, published a couple of years in advance of the election to introduce herself to the American public. A Fighting Chance has to get an A+ in this area. Eminently readable, she tells a very human story, and keeps all of the policy data that would drag down the narrative in the footnotes. It is currently the number two best seller at Amazon, right behind Thomas Piketty's Capital In The Twenty-First Century. Clearly, her populist message is resonating with the American people.

[Chapter Five: How I Affirmative Actioned My Way Into Harvard Law.]

The next thing a newcomer would need to do is to make friends with people. Powerful people.

["Friend" Hillary has a very nice dagger for her back.]

She has campaigned for Al Franken's re-election in Minnesota, appearing at the 2014 Humphrey Mondale dinner and giving a lesson on how Democrats should campaign not just for the midterm, but for the 2016 election as well.

[Be careful eating that cupcake at the Humphrey Mondale dinner. Hillary put some very special sprinkles on it.]

She has been very, very busy for a freshman Senator, even if, with the appointment of John Kerry to Secretary of State, she is the senior Senator from Massachusetts. She has repeatedly claimed that she is not running for President. Carefully using the words "I am not running for President" each time she is asked. Well, duh, the election is still two and a half years off. The fact that she is not running today does not mean she will not run in 2016.

[And in a very dark room, Hillary just pierced the Fauxcahontis voodoo doll with yet another pin.]

Personally, I would much rather see her on the Supreme Court, where her influence and tenure would be much greater. John Roberts has altered our political landscape far more than President Obama or Hillary Clinton have been able to.

[When Hillary makes that suggestion to her, how many milliseconds will pass before Fauxcahontis bursts out laughing? And now let us go to the KOmmies upon whom Hillary CAN'T rely...]

But that is long term thinking and we have short term problems that require her presence on the campaign trail.

[Beware the cupcakes Hillary sends her to "welcome" her to the campaign trail.]

I think her talents would be better served as President. The thing is: Warren talks to people in a way that no other current politician can or will do, I think she even connects with teabaggers on populist issues. Warren needs the power of the President to reach her full potential.

[Yeah, great way to connect with them by calling them "teabaggers."]

the progressive, non-fiction books all being released now? You mentioned Piketty's book, of course Warren's, and also Flash Boys. And, Hillary's book will be out the summer.

[Yeah, Hillary's book, "Hard Choices." And when it came time to choose, she chose a title already used by a Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance, titled, "Hard Choices."]

And if EW did choose to run, I would certainly support her in preference to HRC.

[What I'm not hearing here is any love for Hillary. Her War Room better dig up the Fauxcahontas dirt Tonto, uh, I mean pronto.]

Many Kossacks are frankly tired of Hillary Clinton and may have become a little more defensive than need be. At least that is what I am hoping.

[Hillary is so tired that she couldn't work up the energy to even think up an original book title.]

Hillary running for the Senate again (Challenging Kirk in her real home state of Illinois?) would open up the Democratic nominating process, and clear away the largest hurdle to an Elizabeth Warren presidential victory in 2016!

[Did Blue Meth cause that delusion?]

Obama is a profound failure when it comes to ensuring a good economy for people who work for a living.

[A momentary truth passes this KOmmie's lips.]

I want to get this book. Now as far as a 2016 run goes, I doubt it. Give her time to build her reputation as a solid leader.

[And then she can run for president in 2024 when she is a spry 75.]

Great book, couldn't put it down.

[And if you suffer from insomnia, try reading "Hard Choices," either the Hillary or Cyrus version.]

She gets it. She really does.

[Yup. She gets it. She got her leg up in academia by falsely Affirmative Actioning her way in as Team Hillary will soon be reminding you over and over and over again.]

Saturday, April 12, 2014

"Breaking: BLM backing down on Bundy ranch stand-off"

The KOmmies are now in a state of deep depression because a free citizen David made the big government Goliath back down. Here is the THREAD, where their gloom is on full display, "Breaking: BLM backing down on Bundy ranch stand-off." A few of the KOmmies early on took some solace from the fact that the government had confiscated Cliven Bundy's cattle. Hee! Hee! Of course that was BEFORE they found out that the BLM cave was complete and all his cattle is being returned. So what was the reason for the BLM standing down so quickly and completely?  Part of it has to do with the Second Amendment since in the USA, unlike in Venezuela where government thugs ride around on motorcycles and shoot citizens without a fear of response, just the fact that citizens have the right to bear arms puts a check on the federal government power grabs. However, I think ultimately the complete BLM cave had to do with Harry Reid not wanting the light to continue shining on the fact that he conspired with the Chinese to build a solar factory on the desert tortoise preserve land that Bundy's cattle was grazing on. After all, Reid's former aide now heads the BLM and was making that land grab to enrich Boss Harry. Unfortunately all the publicity caused Boss Harry to panic over being exposed so the stand down was ordered...pronto. And when Cliven Bundy continued to demand the return of his cattle, Boss Harry ordered BLM via his flunkie to cave on that too. Anyhow all this has put the KOmmies into a big funk so let us now watch them moan over this turn of events in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, lighting candles for all those desert tortoises that the feds killed in order to protect them, is in the [brackets]:

 Breaking: BLM backing down on Bundy ranch stand-off.

[Harry wept.]

The dispute between the Bureau of Land Management, and a Nevada rancher who has failed to pay grazing fees for use of public land under BLM management (well covered in diaries here and here appears to be coming to an end.

[A David vs Goliath ending.]

The Bureau of Land Management has announced it will stop the roundup of cattle owned by rancher Cliven Bundy. The BLM says the animals have been illegally grazing on public lands for 20 years. The BLM made the announcement Saturday morning,

[Break out your hankies, KOmmies!]

According to sources, the BLM wants to proceed with the sale of the cattle already gathered during the roundup but is reportedly willing to share the revenue from the sale with Bundy. Sheriff Gillespie has been negotiating with Bundy behind the scenes for months reached a tentative agreement Friday night, though Bundy insisted the sheriff come to his ranch to finalize the arrangement face-to-face.

[I'm picturing the Bundy ranch as the U.S.S. Missouri with the BLM as the surrendering Japanese.]

“Based on information about conditions on the ground, and in consultation with law enforcement, we have made a decision to conclude the cattle gather because of our serious concern about the safety of employees and members of the public,” BLM director Neil Kornze said.

[Neil Kornze aka Harry Reid's former aide and current flunkie.]

And now Bundy is really feeling his oats:

Rancher Cliven Bundy demanded of sheriff Doug Gillespie that all narional park service employees working on the cattle roundup operation be disarmed before 10:45 a.m. He gave Gillespie one hour to comply, and added for the firearms to be brought to him. The demand comes on the heels of the Bureau of Land Management pulling the plug on the roundup due to safety concerns.

[LOL! You gotta love that Cliven Bundy. BLM must surrender AND bend over and grab their ankles...NOW! And now to the deeply depressed KOmmies...]

Effectively, the United States has ceded sovereignty over that area to Bundy and a bunch of armed, right-wing lunatics.

[IOW, Harry Reid panicked about his Chinese solar factory/BLM deal being exposed.]

If they do end up selling of his cattle he doesn't exactly come out a total winner on this. It will be interesting to see what the final negotiation is when they announce it.

[The final negotiation was a complete CAVE by BLM. Cliven Bundy gets his cattle back. You may now reach for your L-pill.]

They should definitely share the revenue from the sale of the cattle with Bundy. First they should deduct the expense of rounding up and selling the cattle. Then the remainder should go into an account in Bundy's name. The account could then be frozen and seized to pay the grazing fees that Bundy owes.

[This KOmmie is due to put his head in a plastic bag when he finds out the BLM returned Bundy's cattle. Hee! Hee!]

My guess is they'll have to truck these critters off a few hundred miles -- possibly out of state -- before they'll find some place where people will be inclined to buy them. I'd say 99% chance no one at a local auction would raise a finger to bid on them and leave the BLM high and dry. Will be interesting to see.

[Will be interesting to see your suicide note when you find out what REALLY happened. Hee! Hee!]

He is losing his privilege. In fact, I think I read somewhere that no grazing is allowed on that land anymore.

[After you find out what happens, you will be ready for your lobotomy to ease the depression.]

By not removing the cattle, the BLM is in contravention of the Endangered Species Act and several court orders. Two endangered species are being threatened. Do we just write them off because of what Bundy wants? Why bother trying to protect anything then?

[The Desert Tortoises were so endangered that the Feds had to kill them.]

The government can come back later... and arrest him for obstruction of justice or menacing. Wait for that guy's guard to go down.

[Somehow I don't think Harry Reid wants back into the spotlight on his BLM grazing land scheme.]

These f*cking wingnut teabaggers are pretty much on the verge of armed insurrection. A massive show of force by the government would have been more appropriate. They can't be allowed to attempt to violently overthrow the lawfully established government. If a few wingnuts get killed-so what?

[ALL must be absorbed by the Liberal Borg!]

Hope the IRS nails him

[Paging Lois Lerner!]

I could probably understand this decision... if 2 weeks from now I read an article that a couple hundred militia members who were present in Nevada were arrested at their homes in umpteen different states and charged with interfering with law enforcement. Since that is probably a felony, they could also be charged with using a firearm during the commision of a felony.

[Won't happen. Harry Reid wants the spotlight OFF his solar factory land scheme.]

The BLM just surrendered up 100 of the guy's cattle that they had rounded up. As far as anyone can tell, the reason they did this is because an armed mob was threatening them.

[Thank you for making a great case for the Second Amendment.]

He's demanding the feds disarm, and his armed supporters are heading out to "free" his cattle.

[Hate to break it to you but his cattle WERE freed.]

This is really pissing me off. How dare these treasonous thugs be allowed to threaten the U.S. government? I don't care about Waco. F*ck them! It's time to send in the cavalry and place these traitors under arrest and shoot anybody who refuses to surrender. Damn. How. Dare. They?

[KOmmie Little Lulu is certainly an angry little collectivist.]

Wait... They released the cattle they HAD rounded up? W. T. F.

[A KOmmie awakens to some really SAD reality. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!]

Interesting the BLM backed down after the rumors of Harry Reid and/or friends being involved in some kind of "house of cards" style deal to build solar farms on the land hit the RW tubes. I have no idea what the rumors are really about or if there is any truth to them. But the timing is interesting.

[A Kewpie Doll is awarded to this KOmmie for have a brief moment of mental clarity!]

This makes me so angry I can barely articulate it. I think they should just shoot the cattle where they stand on public land. Let Bundy watch his herd get butchered for his recalcitrance. Also- send in more armed federal agents. This man is stealing, and defying the will of law. And these ignorant fool militias are abetting that.

[An L-pill will ease your mental anguish.]

Thursday, April 10, 2014

KOmmies Show Their Love For FBI Snitch Al Sharpton

Is anybody out there really surprised that "Reverend" Al Sharpton was an FBI snitch who was forcibly turned because he was caught on tape dealing coke? Most normal folks already had "Reverend" Al pegged as a dirtbag from way back but for the KOmmies it was an astounding revelation. And the FUnniest thing is that for most KOmmies, it makes no difference. They will continue to show their love for the MSNBC host as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD, "Smoking Gun: Facts Derail Lying Al Sharpton's Informant Tale." So let us now watch the KOmmies prove in Bolshevik Red that it makes no difference how much of a lowlife Al Sharpton is as long as he is leftwing while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Al will now earn himself a raise at MSNBC, is in the [brackets]: 

Smoking Gun: Facts Derail Lying Al Sharpton's Informant Tale

[GASP! Al Sharpton LIED? I'm shocked! SHOCKED!]

APRIL 9--In a desperate effort to explain away his work as a paid government informant, the Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday claimed that he first ran into the FBI’s arms after his life was threatened by gangsters, an incident that prompted him to then record 10 face-to-face encounters with one of those dangerous hoodlums. That story is a lie.

[And now the KOmmie provides a brutal summary for his fellow KOmmies...]

Ouch. It goes on to describe Sharpton's involvement with organized crime and his attempts to spin his way out of the facts. Then we get to the bottom line:

[Let's get to it!]

Here is what actually happened: The reverend was “flipped” by FBI agents three months after he was filmed in March 1983 (during a bureau sting) talking cocaine with an undercover agent. On a Thursday afternoon in June 1983, Sharpton showed up at a Manhattan apartment expecting to meet again with the undercover agent, who was posing as a former South American druglord seeking to launder money through boxing promotions. Instead, Sharpton was confronted by FBI agents who showed him the “cocaine” videotape. The panicked reverend agreed--on the spot--to cooperate with federal agents, according to sources familiar with the contents of Sharpton’s FBI informant file.

[June 1983? About a year later, "Miami Vice" began broadcasting. Unfortunately viewers would have claimed that a character like "Reverend" Al was too over the top. Now back to the author of the thread who actually has Sharpton pegged correctly but, as we shall see, many of his fellow KOmmies continue to absurdly BEEEEEEELEEEEVE in Rev. Al.]

I knew Sharpton was a scumbag as soon as the truth about the Tawana Brawley affair came to light (thus the reason for my amusement). And I hold a special place for con artists who use religion as a tool of manipulation.

[Come to think of it, exactly WHAT religion is "Reverend" Al? First Church of the Race Hustle? Now back to the author who I shall now award a Kewpie Doll for displaying a brief moment of mental clarity...]

Now, the release of his FBI files reveals that he was a two bit gangster, money launderer, coke dealer turned informant who pretended to be a community organizer.

[Qualified to become president!!!]

Of course, all that is in the past. Now he's a spokesperson for the Democratic establishment.

[Correct. Eric Holder just whined at a Sharpton Shindig. Now on to the more understanding KOmmies...]

Al was always on the side of cash. I really don't know how he got his gig on MSNBC.

[Far Leftism cleanses all sins in the eyes of MSDNC.]

Back in the Tawana Brawley days, I didn't like Sharpton, and for a long time I considered him one of the worst race hustlers. However, since then, he's won me over. His commentary on election night 2012 was much more cogent than all of the others on the msnbc panel. Having been involved in drugs myself in the early 80's, I don't feel qualified to criticize Sharpton. If he helped take down some mobsters, more power to him. The past is the past, unless someone persists with a behavior into the present and seems intent on doing so into the future. He seems to have moved beyond his early "race hustle" years and is a consistently incisive commentator. What I care about is whether he's credible now. I think he is.

[The drugs you used is what makes you now think Rev. Al is somehow credible.]

a black guy entrapped trying to buy drugs as a young man, what a shocker. Maybe there is something wrong with the racist enforcement of drug laws in this country? Naw, that couldn't be it.

[Is that you, Eric Holder?]

Sharpton has been on the front line, getting publicity over criminal injustice, for his entire life, he was famous, everyone knew his face. Whatever the circumstances of his cooperation, seems he's welcome anywhere and even criminals considered him one of them, and that allowed him to defend the innocent and help remove the worst criminals from society. It's so easy to use nasty gossip to go after a prominent Democrat - but here? OMG

[The Al Sharpton Sainthood nomination speech.]

I have the impression he became a different Al after he was stabbed, so I forgave him.

[So getting stabbed was when Al jumped the shark and became a saint?]

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Pitt Delivers April Fools Day Apology

How sincere is an apology when it is delivered on April Fools Day? That is what WILLIAM RIVERS PITT did yesterday. I knew he would come crawling back and beg forgiveness for daring to slam Obamacare in this THREAD. And now we have his April Fools "apology in which he portrays himself as the poor widdle victim as you can see in An Apology to DU. My big question for Wee Willie is, have you CANCELLED your ObamaCare insurance which still claim to hate? Actually I am wondering how many people who got sucked into buying into ObamaCare have CANCELLED their policies. We won't get that answer from the Regime for another 24 business hours. In fact we won't find out how many of the COOKED 7 million (to be eventually discounted by several million) have PAID for their ObamaCare for an equal amount of time. So let us now watch Pitt "apologize" on April Fools Day in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Pitt got his "apology" in just under the April Fools wire by less than an hour, is in the [brackets]:

An Apology to DU


I hope you will forgive one last me-me-me-me thread, but I owe this community an apology:

[All your threads are me-me-me but continue with your April Fools "apology..."]

To everyone who was offended by my vulgar use of language toward President Obama, I am sorry.

[Oh, so now it's "President Obama," not " you piece of shit used-car salesman."]

To everyone who felt compelled to rise to my defense after my use of that vulgar language, thank you, and I am sorry for the hassle.

[But didn't you just loooove the attention?]

And to everyone caught in the middle, who really didn’t give a crud one way or another but had their experience here disrupted and dismayed by thread after stupid thread spawned by my vulgar language, I am sorry.

[What about those of us who laughed like hell at you?]

For the record, and one last time: I went to the exchange. They delivered me to Anthem BCBS in New Hampshire. I signed up for the Super-Extra-Ultra-Gold plan (which I am now paying more than $800 a month for) because it allegedly covers everything my wife’s MS needs…

[So you are STILL paying for that overpriced ObamaCare policy that does almost nothing for you? Allow me to be the first to call you "SUCKER!!!"]

…but before we signed on the dotted line, the very first question I asked was, “Will you cover my wife’s medication?” Her medication was not on the formulary, so we needed to find out if they would accept a drug that wasn’t on the list. They said, “Yes, we will, just get her doctor to approve it in a peer-to-peer review,” which her doctor did, twice. Then they strung us along for weeks, refusing to refill the scrip, before finally turning us down altogether on coverage for that medication.

[Their answer was as valid as the Regime claim of 7.1 million "enrollees."]

They lied to us, period…and I snapped. Out loud. This was President Obama’s Big Thing, and it screwed my family, because the friends he chose to make – the insurance industry his legislation delivered us to – lied to me, took my money, and then turned us down on medication my wife needs. It’s as simple as that. It is not the president’s fault that Anthem decided to be a bastard, but to say that the president’s signature legislation had nothing to do with my experience is to deny the existence of gravity.

[GASP! They LIED to you? But, hey, you can BEEEELEEEEEEVE in the Regime claim of 7.1 million "enrollees."]

Skinner said, in one of those monster threads, that I would never apologize for my use of language because it would make me appear weak. That’s not the reason for the duration between the incident and this apology. When I posted the “Obama go f%$& yourself thread,” I was on fire. I still am, but asshole though I may be, my blood pressure has settled enough to recognize that I acted like a damned fool by using the language I did, especially in this place.

[What Skinner didn't figure is that you would "apologize" on April Fools Day. Wink! Wink! We get it Will. Nicely done.]

Note well: I am still pissed about this law that delivered us into the warm embrace of the health insurance industry. 7 million new enrollees, many of whom are about to have the same experience I had, and mark my words, the so-called “horror stories” we’ve heard about the government will very soon shift to horror stories about insurance companies granting coverage (for a fee) while denying coverage for necessary treatments and medications.

[Oh, I see. Crappy ObamaCare has nothing really to do with the government. It's all the fault of the insurance companies. BTW, have you THANKED Big Pharma yet for helping out with your immediate problem?]

Maybe that’s a good thing, in the long run. Drag their practices into the light and shame them into actually helping people instead of scalping them. Regardless, a bill that basically lets the insurance companies run wild doesn’t strike me as the yippee! event we’re supposed to take it for, but that’s just my experience. Your mileage may (hopefully) vary.

[Nice tap dance around the obvious fact that ObamaCare SUCKS.]

While we’re on the subject, I’ve come to believe that the reason my family got so bollixed up is because, when we signed up, pretty much only people with pre-existing conditions were signing up as well. That was a huge hit to the insurance industry’s bottom line, so of course they’d trim where they could. They didn’t have to lie to us to get that first check from me, though. If they had said “We will never cover this” instead of “Sure, come on in,” we would have pursued other options…so I devoutly hope the fact that 7 million people have signed on will mitigate their greed.

[Good summary of the fatal flaw of ObamaCare. Almost the only ones signing up are those with either pre-existing conditions or getting subsidies. The rest of the folks who are needed to make it work are pretty much AVOIDING ObamaCare.]

In any event, I apologize to this community for the language I used, and for the disruption it caused. I do not in any way, shape or form apologize for my feelings and opinions on the matter…but it was my wife. OK? It was my wife, in deep distress. I hope you can understand that.

[We also understand that you are posting this "apology" on APRIL FOOLS DAY. Wink! Wink!]

I have aggravated a large number of people here, to the point that I can’t post a thread stating the sky is up there without getting an avalanche of anger in response. That is deserved, so I think it best if I take a little break and let cooler heads prevail. This is not a GBCW post – I’m a DU addict, just like you – but a little space is for the best.

[How long of a break? 24 business hours?]

Once more, so we’re clear: For what I said and how I said it, and for the trouble it caused, I am sorry.

[We have no doubt about your "sincerity," even though your "apology" was posted on APRIL FOOLS DAY.]

Cheers. See you in a bit.

[And now the DUmmie reaction to Pitt's APRIL FOOLS DAY "apology..."]

No apology necessary.

[And none given. It was APRIL FOOLS DAY.]

Uh, er, this wasn't some April Fool, was it, Will?

[And DUmmie calimary WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity.]

Some of the tantrums in here probably help fill the coffers of Big Pharma.

[Speaking of Big Pharma... Where is Will's THANKS to Big Pharma for bailing him out?]

what's unbelievable is that he calls it an apology.

[Don't you get it? He made his "apology on APRIL FOOLS DAY.]

Yeah. A lie told by the insurance company. Had absolutely nothing to do with ACA.

[Yeah, ObamaCare is absolutely innocent here despite causing an insurance upheaval with new rules.]

When my daughter - now eight - was first old enough to get into trouble. I used to sometimes lose my temper, and yell. Then I'd say sorry. Then the next thing would happen, and I'd sometimes yell. Then I'd say sorry. And so forth. And then I realized I was training her for that - for that abusive personality, for the person who would lose it at her, then come back, Oh sorry, baby, I was mad. I was training her for that kind of guy by my own behavior. So I learned the train myself out of it. You'd be wise to do the same. It's a shitty pattern, to a three year old or a whole community.

[A DUmmie response that inspires an angry reaction from the supposedly apologetic Pitt...]

Yelling at people and hammering a keyboard are two fundamentally different things. To wit: people say all kinds of shit to their keyboards they'd never say to someone's face. You've done it - hell, you just did - and I've done it. Everyone here has done it. I've never once raised my voice to my daughter. Do I get to call you bad things because you did?Why bother? You're an anonymous pseudonym yelling at a keyboard. Spare me the life lessons, chum. I made a mistake on a message board. Thin the paint as you please, it will not and does not cover my actual existence away from this keyboard. Nice try, though. Do they give degrees in amateur psychology?

[Temper, temper.]

Temper, temper.

[I SWEAR I did not see that DUmmie's response when I wrote the same.]

We have the doc making a third attempt at the peer-to-peer they said was all we needed. We've arranged for the drug company to provide the meds on a temporary basis. Waiting to hear from Anthem on the doc's third try. It'll be two weeks tomorrow.

[And yet NO thanks to Big Pharma from Ingrate Pitt.]

It's possible that the company is in violation of the law. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried every trick in the book to get around paying for what they are supposed to.

[Which brings this threat from Pitt...]

Like I said I think the flood of pre-existing conditions applicants, combined with the lack of healthy-folk applicants, really inspired them to f*ck over as many nooks and crannies as they could find to save cash. I am hopeful this sudden massive influx of applicants will inspire the vampires to stop bearing their fangs. We shall see...and if I'm required to bring a suit, I goddam well will. One thing at a time.

[So you're going to drain your trust funds for a lawsuit that will take 24 business hours to conclude? I think NOT.]

Come back soon, William Pitt. Our American-Health-Care-Delivery-Systems-Incorporated has driven many of us to rage. We know.

[Wasn't ObamaCare supposed to FIX this?]

You owe President Obama an apology, Mr Pitt. And this hardly counts as that.

[It was an absolutely "sincere" apology made on APRIL FOOLS DAY.]

the comments ended up on a lot of right wing sites, giving those bastards "comfort," as it were.

[More importantly, it gave us "laughs," as it were.]

get your facts straight Before you make such a jerk-ass obnoxious post. This screaming all-caps sentence is incorrect: "SHE WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN TAKEN CARE OF WERE IT NOT FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA AND OBAMACARE."-- Will's wife had been on this med *previously*, before switching to the new ACA plan. So the new plan, which will cost him nearly ten freakin' thousand bucks a year, will be a giant step down if they continue to refuse to cover the med that they SAID they would cover. Sure sounds like a lie to me, AKA bait-and-switch.

[TABOO!!! You must NOT blame ObamaCare in DUmmieland!]

hopefully ACA will be improved and maybe provisions will be made for long term care.

[Hopefully Tinker Bell will sprinkle Pixie Dust on your skull to make your tiny clueless brain grow.]

William Pitt called the president a mean name, and apologized. Now will all the people who called William Pitt mean names also apologize?

[They will have to wait until the next APRIL FOOLS DAY.]

Post as You wish and what You choose, it is certainly a free country, yet do not expect others to be in agreement when they find what You post offensive. Good Day To You Sir

[Goodbye, Mr. Pitts.]