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Fauxcahontis vs Hillary

In the next few months we will be reading yet more details how Fauxcahontas aka Elizabeth Warren Affirmative Actioned her way up the academia by pretending she was an Indian. How do I know this? Simple. It now appears as if Warren WILL be running for president and the Hillary Clinton War Room will be working overtime to discredit her. I am looking forward to the entertainment of this upcoming catfight which would resemble Alien vs Predator but without the niceties. Remember, this is supposed to be Hillary's last Hoorah and she must DESTROY any who come in her way even a direct descendent of Geronimo as portrayed by Chuck Connors.

Meanwhile the KOmmies are giving Warren a boost to the obvious detriment of Hillary as you can see in this thread, A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren. The poster, KOmmie Susan From 29 spent way too loooooong promoting Whitey From Harvard so for the sake of blessed brevity I'll edit out most of her awe for Fauxcahontas. So let us now get a sneak preview of the upcoming MMA Match between Fauxcahontis and Hillary in Bolsehvik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, anticipating the entertaining Democrat bloodbath to come, is in the [brackets]:

Elections are about narratives.

[And, unfortunately your narrative is far from brief so most of it will end up in the trash.]

Elizabeth Warren has managed to craft one in A Fighting Chance that is absolutely compelling. It inevitably leads to speculation of the 2016 Presidential race.

[I already see the Death Ray's radiating from Hillary's cold eyes.]

If a relative newcomer to electoral politics wanted to make a run for the White House, there are certain boxes that need to be ticked off.

[The most important box is commit Hari Kari so as to make way for Hillary who will let no one stand in the way of her coronation.]

One is the book, published a couple of years in advance of the election to introduce herself to the American public. A Fighting Chance has to get an A+ in this area. Eminently readable, she tells a very human story, and keeps all of the policy data that would drag down the narrative in the footnotes. It is currently the number two best seller at Amazon, right behind Thomas Piketty's Capital In The Twenty-First Century. Clearly, her populist message is resonating with the American people.

[Chapter Five: How I Affirmative Actioned My Way Into Harvard Law.]

The next thing a newcomer would need to do is to make friends with people. Powerful people.

["Friend" Hillary has a very nice dagger for her back.]

She has campaigned for Al Franken's re-election in Minnesota, appearing at the 2014 Humphrey Mondale dinner and giving a lesson on how Democrats should campaign not just for the midterm, but for the 2016 election as well.

[Be careful eating that cupcake at the Humphrey Mondale dinner. Hillary put some very special sprinkles on it.]

She has been very, very busy for a freshman Senator, even if, with the appointment of John Kerry to Secretary of State, she is the senior Senator from Massachusetts. She has repeatedly claimed that she is not running for President. Carefully using the words "I am not running for President" each time she is asked. Well, duh, the election is still two and a half years off. The fact that she is not running today does not mean she will not run in 2016.

[And in a very dark room, Hillary just pierced the Fauxcahontis voodoo doll with yet another pin.]

Personally, I would much rather see her on the Supreme Court, where her influence and tenure would be much greater. John Roberts has altered our political landscape far more than President Obama or Hillary Clinton have been able to.

[When Hillary makes that suggestion to her, how many milliseconds will pass before Fauxcahontis bursts out laughing? And now let us go to the KOmmies upon whom Hillary CAN'T rely...]

But that is long term thinking and we have short term problems that require her presence on the campaign trail.

[Beware the cupcakes Hillary sends her to "welcome" her to the campaign trail.]

I think her talents would be better served as President. The thing is: Warren talks to people in a way that no other current politician can or will do, I think she even connects with teabaggers on populist issues. Warren needs the power of the President to reach her full potential.

[Yeah, great way to connect with them by calling them "teabaggers."]

the progressive, non-fiction books all being released now? You mentioned Piketty's book, of course Warren's, and also Flash Boys. And, Hillary's book will be out the summer.

[Yeah, Hillary's book, "Hard Choices." And when it came time to choose, she chose a title already used by a Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance, titled, "Hard Choices."]

And if EW did choose to run, I would certainly support her in preference to HRC.

[What I'm not hearing here is any love for Hillary. Her War Room better dig up the Fauxcahontas dirt Tonto, uh, I mean pronto.]

Many Kossacks are frankly tired of Hillary Clinton and may have become a little more defensive than need be. At least that is what I am hoping.

[Hillary is so tired that she couldn't work up the energy to even think up an original book title.]

Hillary running for the Senate again (Challenging Kirk in her real home state of Illinois?) would open up the Democratic nominating process, and clear away the largest hurdle to an Elizabeth Warren presidential victory in 2016!

[Did Blue Meth cause that delusion?]

Obama is a profound failure when it comes to ensuring a good economy for people who work for a living.

[A momentary truth passes this KOmmie's lips.]

I want to get this book. Now as far as a 2016 run goes, I doubt it. Give her time to build her reputation as a solid leader.

[And then she can run for president in 2024 when she is a spry 75.]

Great book, couldn't put it down.

[And if you suffer from insomnia, try reading "Hard Choices," either the Hillary or Cyrus version.]

She gets it. She really does.

[Yup. She gets it. She got her leg up in academia by falsely Affirmative Actioning her way in as Team Hillary will soon be reminding you over and over and over again.]


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

IF Fauxcahontis (aka Granny Warren) runs against Rodham (and that presumes Rodham runs) mark my words, Rodham WILL lose. Why? Because Warren is a Moonbat's Moonbat. She is EVERYTHING a Troglaman Clone/Moonbat adores and dreams about. She's Anti-American. She's a regressive to the nth degree (I refuse to call these losers progressives when they don't promote progress). She's every bit the clueless Moonbat. She is a unrepentant dishonest liar. She's a complete idiot. And like Troglaman, The Sick Perverted Clone of William Rivers Pitt, she's so stupid she has no concept of how stupid she is. She has absolute contempt and hate for the majority of this country just like The Obamassiah does. The base is foaming at the mouth to support Warren and/or Alan Grayson. They can't stand Rodham. And since there is no way Rodham can out Moonbat Warren, she will lose and lose big.

7:59 PM  
Anonymous Janet Reno said...

Be afraid Hillary, be very afraid.

4:43 PM  
Anonymous radical redneck said...

LOL! Look who Kayinsane and her ilk have decided to get behind to "sieze the House" They are even spewing he'll be next Speaker.

And, it gets better. Look what he tweeted.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LB...y' really got to STOP putting photos of hideous looking people on the site. I'm finding it hard to read while getting the dry heaves.
otherwise...Good Work!

9:53 AM  
Blogger Bogtrotter52 said...

If i worked in a bookstore, anytime a person ordered a copy of hard choices, if they did not say "by hillary clinton" i would get them the Vance one just to screw with them.

7:49 PM  

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