Monday, April 22, 2013

DUmmies were hoping for a RW Boston Teabomber!

Let's see. . . . April 15, Tax Day. . . . Boston, site of the original Tea Party. . . . Boston, America's most liberal city. . . . "Patriots' Day," a term that the wingnuts would love to use. . . . So who are the obvious perpetrators of the Boston Marathon bombing? Why, right-wing white Christian conservatives, of course! Teabaggers! TeaBOMBERS!

That was the immediate and quite predictable reaction of the DUmmies in the wake of last week's bombing. Never mind the fact that 99% of all terrorist attacks in the world over the past 40+ years have been perpetrated by people who have one thing in common--and it ain't Christianity. No, we can't say that. So we'll ignore reality and hope against hope that it was some old white guy--maybe one of those dangerous Missouri Synod Lutherans--that did the deed.

To prove the point, today we'll look at a few of the DUmmieland threads that were posted in the aftermath of the bombing, before the actual perps were identified, namely, this THREAD by William Rivers Pitt, which the foul-mouthed Pitt entitles "J**** F***ing C*****"; another THREAD by the Bostonian Drunkard, "My City," in which Will makes it all about about Will; and this THREAD by some other DUmmie, "If This Doesn't Scream 'Teabagger Group,' I Don't Know What Does."

So let us now go back a week and watch the DUmmies jump to their preconceived conclusions, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, back after a seven-week stretch of being too busy to DUFU, is in the [brackets]:

J**** F***ing C*****

[Will, if you were using our Lord's name rightly, as a prayer uttered in distress at the shocking news, that would be one thing. But you've got to turn it into a profanity, which is par for the course for you.]

Bombs at the marathon. . . . It happened right by the bandstands, hard to believe this was an oxygen tank or gas line or manhole explosion, but who knows.

[Oh, I think we all know, instantly, what happened and who did it. But I predict you DUmmies will not be able to SAY what everybody knows.]


[On that, Will, I think we all can agree. But now let's see you guys jump to your predictable prog conclusions . . .]

Sounds like rightwing nut group.

[Of course. Who else COULD it be?]

this smells like a domestic operation by a nut or two operating on their own, probably right wing.

["Probably"?? Certainly!!]

Tax Day. Boston. Gun Legislation in Congress.

[Put out an APB for an orange-faced man from Ohio.]

my initial guess is anti-government, pro-gun, right wing cranks.

[And MY initial guess was that that would be YOUR initial guess.]

a Timothy McVeigh type. . . .

[PUH-LEEZE let it be a white guy with an Anglo-sounding name!!]

CNN just said it is "Patriots Day" too, kind of speculating the same way we were.

[CNN, engaging in wild speculation with a left-wing bias?? NO!!]

I think the fact that it happened in Boston, on Tax Day, at a section of the Marathon apparently dedicated to the families of the victims of the Newtown Shooting, at a time when congress is at least pretending to debate gun legislation.... paints a pretty clear picture of what forces might be at play, here.

[It's GOT to be anti-tax gun nuts! Case closed!]

I'm willing to bet, based upon the admittedly limited information available, that it was domestic right wing anti-government gun nuts.

[See, what did I tell you?]

On some other sites people are already accusing Islamic terrorists.

[You're kidding! How absurd is that? Isn't Islam "the Religion of Peace"?]

4 days before anniversary of Waco & Murrah Fed Building in OKC. My bet is anti-government gun nuts.

[On the DUmmieland tote board, "Right-Wing Gun Nut" is the prohibitive favorite.]

I'll bet you it's right-wingers. Tax Day, in Boston? The only question now is whether we're talking about religious theocrats, white-supremacists or anti-government/anti-taxers.

[Undoubtedly a combination thereof. "White Christian Teabagger," "Right-Wing Gun Nut," same difference.]

WTF? Islamists? Teabaggers?

[Clearly, Teabaggers. Islam is the Religion of Peace®.]

Someone's ass is gonna fry for this. I just hope it's the right ass.

[Which would be a right-wing ass.]

[Now William Rivers Pitt, aka the Bostonian Drunkard, starts another thread . . .]

My city.

[Note, not "Our City." "My City." Leave it to Will to make it all about Will.]

I have a two-week-old baby laying in the arms of my wife here at home.

[Yes, William Rivers Pitt is now a FATHER! More on that later. Please continue, Will, to make this major news event all about you.]

I live three miles away from where this happened. I am staying put...but I want to go down there WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING.

[Just like you wanted to go down to the Occupy event all those months. But someone strapped you to your Barcalounger and you couldn't go.]

This is my city.

[No one else's. It's all about me.]

I want to go there to help, to find friends, to defy whoever did this, because f*** this sh*t, that's why. F*** this sh*t.

[Will uses profanity to make himself sound like a tough guy. He WOULD go down there and help the police and apprehend--and probably beat up--those right-wing teabagger bombers, but he just can't.]

But I'm staying put. G*d d*mn it to Hell, I'm staying put.

[Theyll just have to carry on without me.]

My daughter now lives in a world where her home town was bombed on Marathon Day. . . .

[A world in which William Rivers Pitt is her father. Yikes.]

Stay safe Pitt.

[Don't worry. William Rivers Pitt is Boston Strong.]
I was born about three Kilometers from the scene of interest. . . .

[Leave it to a DUmmie to say "Kilometers". . . .]

I may be 2800 miles away but it's a "home" place for me. . . .

[How many kilometers would that be?]

I'm proud of you Will. You are now in the group that have dependents. You hurt for your city and your friends but you also know your new, perfect, daughter now impacts your actions. A daughter needs her dad period end of story. You feel a new different pain that is agonizing and tormenting and that is a revelation that pulls you ever deeper into life and it's meaning. Hang in there bud, keep your family safe, go out of town and stay at a relatives and give yourself some respite. This is just the beginning, you might yourself making even more different choices as the new life you have plays out. Your going to do just fine.

[DUmmie Phlem agrees with Will: It's all about Will. Look, William WANTS to go down there and help WITH EVERY FIBER OF HIS BEING. This is HIS CITY, dammit! But he just can't.]

self serving blather. When so many people are doing things to help, why are you even bothering to post this? It's not your city, it's our city.

[William Rivers Pitt is the Shakespeare of self-serving blather. Self-serving blather is his métier.]

[Well, let's get back to finding out who the bombers are . . .]

If This Doesn't Scream "Teabagger Group," I Don't Know What Does

[After all, those Tea Party people have killed so many already.]

1. It was done on April 15th. Tax Day. Who hates taxes more than anyone?
2. It was done in Boston, where the original Boston TEA PARTY occurred.

[3. I WANT it to be them, so it must be.]

I'd be willing to bet you a shiny new dime that this is some far-right-wing, White (likely White Supremacist), Teabagger Militia group.

[Bet One D*mn Dime Day!]

I know that all the right-wingers in this country are just PRAYING that it's some Muslim terrorist group. . . .

[How about all the REALISTS in this country just REASONABLY SUSPECTING that it's Muslim terrorists, based on the history of these things? No, that can't be!]

so they can blame Obama for being soft on terrorism. . . .

[What if one of the bombers turns out to be a pot-smoking Obama supporter (which he is)? Would you make him an honorary DUmmie?]

the fact of the matter is that this whole situation just SCREAMS American far-right extremists.

[Or not.]

Apparently we're supposed to wait an unspecified period of time before stating the obvious.

[After 24 business hours, we can state that you're obviously wrong.]

Date, time, place all scream right-wing domestic terrorism.

[You scream, I scream, we all scream . . . WE HOPE IT'S NOT ISLAM!!]

Maybe. But it sounds a lot like the bombings in London & subways, on buses, in cafes. IEDs.

[Shhh!!! Quiet!!]

On second thought, what you say does make sense.

[Whew, you had me worried there for a minute! You were bordering on a Brief Moment of Mental Clarity!]


[NO! STOP!!]

its common knowledge these tea party extremists HATE Massachusettes. . . .

[Therefore . . . therefore . . . THEY'RE THE BOMBERS!]

The Boston Marathon....on tax day....on Patriot Massachusetts....which has a BLACK governor who is best friends with Obama. . . .

[That's it! It's those d*mn racists! They HATE that we have a black man in the White House! Clear motive!]

Any psycho can make IED's these days, and plenty of people have experience with them and their application after our lengthy Iraq fiasco.

[Bush's fault!]

If it turns out a right-wing groups is responsible for this, I'm calling for their f***ing heads. After Sandy Hook, the NRA and the prosthetic penis club all called for us to "hold off". To "wait and be respectful". In other words, wait for the political fire to die down so they can do damage control and retain power. F*** that sh*t. I say strike while the iron is hot. I don't have to be respectful to a group of violent savages that are guilty of sedition and treason. I don't have to be respectful of these murderous reptiles that have repeatedly called for violence against us for daring to vote, daring to challenge them, daring to claim our civil rights. I don't have to be respectful to this toxic cancer that is eating our country alive. If they're responsible for this, I demand vengeance. I want these right-wing sons-of-b*tches to be put down.

[DUmmie backscatter712, for this hate-filled rant that does not wait for the facts, we hereby declare you the winner of today's Peace, Love, and Tolerance Award®. Congratulations!]


Will you do the same if it turns out to be Islamists?

[Which it did turn out to be, of course. Anybody with a brain could have predicted that. So, by Friday, what were the DUmmies saying to cover their tracks? Take a look . . .]

This had all the earmarks of a rightwing terrorist attack. It wasn't. But that doesn't change the fact that it had all the earmarks of one. . . . it still had TONS of evidence pointing to it being a rightwing terrorist attack. The fact that it was not does not change that fact.

[The fact that it MIGHT have been, but it wasn't--that is a FACT! Earmarks are close enough. It's a FACT that it could have been!]

- - - - - - - - - -

[PROUD PAPA PITT ADDENDUM: As noted upthread, William Rivers Pitt is now a FATHER! Will, I didn't know you had it in ya! Congratulations, and I mean it sincerely. Glad that mother and child are doing fine. Little Lola Jane is a cutie. And I really do think you'll be a devoted daddy. But I do get a kick out of the timing of the birth. Yes, friends, the offspring of William Rivers Pitt was born on--wait for it--April Fool's Day! How appropriate! Hee! Hee!]

Thursday, April 18, 2013

DUmmies OPPOSE Venezuela Vote Recount

Remember the Liberal mantra following the 2000 and 2004 elections? Recount, Recount, RECOUNT!!! Florida in 2000 went recount crazy to the extent that there was live aerial coverage of a truck delivering ballots to Tallahassee. Of course, what the Left really meant was recounting must continue until a democrat goes into the lead and then all recounting must halt immediately. And since down in Venezuela the leftwing Nicolas Maduro won the presidency narrowly by massive vote fraud, there are demands for a recount. But guess what? DUmmie hypocrisy is on full display in this THREAD, "(Capriles) Venezuelan candidate demands recount (Maduro won)," since in this case the DUmmies are firmly OPPOSED to any recount despite the fact that voting machines in Venezuela also provide a paper printout. But should those paper printouts be checked? ABSOLUTELY NOT according to the DUmmies. So let us now watch DUmmie vote recount HYPOCRISY on full display in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the Carter Center has been MIA despite arriving in Venezuela last week, is in the [brackets]:

(Capriles) Venezuelan candidate demands recount (Maduro won)

[Since the Bolshevik Red candidate stole the election, then absolutely no need for a recount.]

Denouncing election irregularities, Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles Radonski demanded a recount and said early Monday that he will not recognize the country's presidential results "until every vote is counted."

[Good when Algore says that, bad when Capriles says the same.]

The Venezuelan people spoke. Get over it and move on.

[The fraudulent vote results must NOT be questioned.]

The elitist twat loses! Viva Maduro!!!!!

[Y Vivan los hermanos Castro!!!!!]

Respect the vote.

[Translation: NO Recount!]

Hurray for Venezuela! F*ck the fascist.

[And, of course, NO recount.]

Very close election. Congratulations to Maduro.

[Another DUmmie in the NO recount camp.]

What an embarrassment that it was so close. Maduro should have gotten 105% of the vote.

[And you still would have OPPOSED a recount.]

I'll be watching DUers closely as they decry calls for a recount. Even though we wanted a recount in 2004 but Kerry didn't ask for it. Even though we wanted a recount in 2000 but the SCOTUS shot us down. Even though Al Franken won his recount.


And what's the reasoning for a recount in this case?

[Of course there should be NO recount since that could jeopardize the leftwinger in power.]

Maduro immediately agreed to a 100% recount.

[And Maduro completely did a 100% U-turn on this shortly afterwards.]

LOL, and they're already backtracking:

[Yup! That is exactly what happened. Now the mantra is NO RECOUNT.]

It is mathematically impossible to rig a vote count in Venezuela

[Claims a DUmmie who would be the first to scream "VOTE FRAUD" if an evil Republican wins a presidential election.]

Saturday, April 06, 2013

DUmmies Engage In Hippie Nostalgia

The DUmmies are engaged in Hippie nostalgia as you can see in this THREAD, "Sometimes I wish I could have been a hippie." However, in order to fully appreciate this DUFU edition, you MUST watch this VIDEO of the South Park Episode, "Die Hippie, Die." That isn't a request. It is a requirement since this is probably the BEST South Park episode ever and tells you all you need to know about what the hippies were really like. While watching the VIDEO you will be struck by how hippies sound EXACTLY like DUmmies with all their blather about blaming all problems on "evil corporations." So let us now watch the DUmmies conjure up the "good old days" of the hippie era in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, grooving on the heavy vibes of the South Park VIDEO, is in the [brackets]:

Sometimes I wish I could have been a hippie

[Since your mind is mush and you blame the "evil corporations" for all problems, you ARE a hippie. Your wish has been granted.]

Groovy, man

[Even groovier after you watch this South Park VIDEO.]

I'm glad I was a hippie!

[Have you washed your underwear yet?]

I would be interested in hearing something about your experience. All that I heard about the movement back in the day was filtered through adults, and the tiny bit of the culture that managed to appear in the pages of Boys' Life (mostly in the form of advertisements for patches and posters).

[You'll have to wait for him to have a bad acid flashback.]

They Represented A Lot Of Positives and while many of us were not in any way a "hippy",did not dress like them nor live their lifestyle we did appreciate a lot of their values. They loved their fellow man. They valued all our land and detested companies who wanted to spoil it for profit,to destroy the land and air or stream. The hippies disliked killing,they detested war. Make love not war was their chant Some would be seen in major parks(like Central Park NYC) handing out flowers to strangers,to the elderly--many totally confused why they were getting a flower and some very confused by the traditional "hippy" costume of the day. They would plant seeds. Better then planting our dead from 'Nam they said. Money was not important beyond survival and you always shared bread and bed to those who needed them. You didn't see them with a gun strapped to their thighs either! But that was then and this is now...but still the youth of today could make changes...they could respect the land and the people,the seniors,disabled,the poor. They still could make a difference if we could only get them to text less and care more.

[The Manson family hippies disliked killing? And money wasn't important to the Trust Fund hippies.]

Even better to be an OH WOW ... Old Hippie With Out Worries

[Most of them are so smelly that they became Old Hippies With Out Women.]

Sure, being a Hippie when everyone was a Hippie might have been cool but I've been a Hippie living in various communal situations most of my life and I was just a tiny little girl in the 60s.

[Fond memories of being a young collectivist.]

We called ourselves "freaks". I never understood the word "hippie". Very corny.

[Hey, if you prefer to be called "freaks," I'll be happy to oblige, you freak.]

  i lived in a comune about two blocks from Haight street in the 60's. Now, many years later, I'm still an old hippie

[You lived in a commune and you are still a communist.]

I can lock myself in my room and watch "Yellow Submarine" and "It Was 20 Years Ago Today" all I want. Keep looking at my old magazines from the '60s with their ads for "Flower Power" jeans patches and Woodstock posters, while listening to an all-'60s radio station. Grow an all-organic garden, and buy whatever other food I need at the local co-op. But the virtual experience is nowhere near close to approximating the real experience.

[Perhaps you need a trip to the Hippie Country Safari theme park.]

I grew up in a "non-square" household. Technically not "Hippie" but closer to "Beatnik". Nevertheless there were many assorted naked people, "mixed race" couples, and known homosexuals (often in pairs) sleeping in the guest room. And occasionally lady golfers who wore men's clothes and various queens of their own domains. My childhood was a hybrid Munsters with a dragon living under the staircase, Addams Family, and Rocky Horror Picture Show. Welcome all. Wear your favorite shoes and bring rice. As kids we never knew who was in the bathroom. Just wait patiently and maybe bang on the door if they are taking an unreasonable amount of time. It was the wrinkly old dudes who disturbed me the most 'cause I know I'll look like that someday. Tiny shrunken dick and balls hanging low enough to throw over a shoulder...

[And today you are a member of which LCMS church?]

Monday, April 01, 2013

Video Warning to DUmmies: Don't Smoke Ganja In Jamaica

On Saturday I got my new LG Motion cell phone with 1080 HD video camera. This is opening up a whole new world for me which means I will be doing a lot of videos for the DUmmie FUnnies in the future. For example, I will interview anybody I see wearing a Che Guevara T-Shirt. Also would like to interview Goth chicks so they can explain the Goth philosophy for us. Too bad OWS Fort Lauderdale is no longer around because the DUmmies there would make for great (meaning hilarious) interviews but I am sure I still find plenty of DUmmies to interview for this blog. Today I was sort of experimenting around and decided to provide a public service for DUmmies DUmb enough to visit Jamaica and smoke ganja. As you can see, the Jamaican guys in the VIDEO are warning that is a BAD idea unless you are willing to pay big bucks to stay out of jail. 

BTW, this is the industrial park area where I used to go every Friday to eat jerk chicken and pork. Unfortunately, the local authorities shut down that operation which was run by my friend Carlton but I still stop by a lot to visit like today. 

A fringe benefit is that I perform the "Underneath The Ganja Tree" song. Is my singing voice not as mellifluous as that of Mario Lanza?