Friday, January 11, 2013

Who in 2016? Hillary? NO! Grayson or Warren? YES!

No more teabaggers
like Obama or Clinton!

When is left not left enough? When it's Hillary Rodham Clinton. You see, to the DUmmies, Hillary is not hardcore-left enough. They pillory Hillary. To them, she's practically a teabagging Rethuglican. So is Obama, for that matter.

The DUmmies have been looking ahead to 2016, and they do not like what they see. For it seems that HILLARY! will be the heir apparent, and she's not radical-Communist enough for their tastes. So the DUmmies have begun to search about, looking for a more progressive alternative. It doesn't matter if their choice would have any chance of winning, it's just that the person passes the Progressive Purity Test. Yes, the DUmmies are playing one of their favorite games: "Look at me! Look at how radically progressive I am!" And leading the way is Hyper-Prog DUmmie Ken Burch (Mrs. Ben?), with this THREAD, "If HRC runs in 2016, who should be the pro-worker, pro-peace, pro-justice candidate in the race?"

So let us get a head start on Operation Looney-Bin by hearing from the Reality-Based Community┬«, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--continually amazed a) that a completely unqualified clown like Barack Obama was ever elected in the first place, b) that in spite of his miserable record of failure he somehow got re-elected, and c) that he is considered not leftist enough by the DUmmies--is in the [brackets]:

If HRC runs in 2016 . . .

["HRC" is Hillary von Ribbentrop Clinton, the Belle of Benghazi.]

who should be the pro-worker, pro-peace, pro-justice candidate in the race?

[How about Sandra Fluke? She could be the pro-phylactic candidate.]

If the outgoing SoS DOES run . . .

[If she's out going around getting SoSSed, and she tries to run, she might stumble and bump her head again.]

she will run as the "status quo" war budget, pro-military intervention, pro-"free trade", anti-social justice.

[She's a Rethuglican! BUUUURRRRN HER!!!]

So clearly, there will need to be a candidate that progressives and Democrats can support for the Dem nomination. Who would you recommend?

[Vladimir Lenin? No, too conservative.]

Alan Grayson is one possibility.

[Guts! Yes!]


Elizabeth Warren is another.

[Princess Cherryblossoms!]

Sherrod Brown might also fit the bill.

[A threesome! Cool!]

Name your picks below.

[Pick your nose and blow.]

I don't think she will run. . . .

[Ol' Crusty has been retired. The Pantsuit is standing--all by itself--in a corner in Hillary's trophy room.]

I think there will be several fresh faces. . . .

[Who? Henry Waxman? Rosa DeLauro? Babs Mikulski?]

I like Sherrod Brown! Great liberal Senator - with a ton of experience to boot!


I'd say Keith Ellison. . . . He's the cream of the crop. . . .

[He's the Koran of the crap.]

Trumka/Krugman . . .

[. . . says a member of the Reality-Based Community®.]

Serious times call for serious measures.

[And, like, Trumka/Krugman is a serious suggestion??]

I would swim a river of snot to help Alan Grayson win.

[I would rather DRINK a river of snot than see Alan Grayson win.]

Hillary is almost the same person as Obama.

[They're cut from the same teabag.]

[But all this "I'll out-progressive you!" nonsense gives at least one DUmmie a headache . . .]

I need an aspirin.

[Bayer with us a little longer.]

You want to back HRC, fine...but you know perfectly well her time in office would be just preserving the status quo...with no progressive gains and at least one war.

[Take two aspirins and one war and call me in the morning.]

[But DUmmie bluestate10 agrees with the headache guy . . .]

Does get f***ing tiring, doesn't it? Yet people that post sh*t like this are considered the "iron" of DU.

[People that post sh*t like this are considered the "comedy gold" of the DUmmie FUnnies!]

I need something heavier than aspirin.

[DUmmieland puts the "Dem" in "Demerol."]

Richards/Warren 2016

[Go Richards! . . . Huh? Hoodat??]

I could get behind that ticket pretty easily.

[If only I knew who Richards was.]

Keith Richards???

[Drug user, no American birth certificate--sounds like a plan!]

Excuse I meant me Gov. Richardson of course. . . .

[Of course!]

Ann Richards would do as well

[She probably would.]

I thought Richardson a horrible candidate in 2008 and he had to withdraw his name as Secretary of Commerce due to some corruption charges. To me, the fact that he hid the election fraud in NM in 2004 was enough reason to completely reject him.

[Picky, picky, picky. . . .]

isn't Ann Richards dead?


Elizabeth Warren/Alan Grayson in 2016 and 2020. . . .

[Elizabeth Warren for Comanche-in-Chief!]

followed by Grayson/some up-and-coming progressive Democrat in 2024/2028. . . .

[OK, but the running mate has GOT to be someone who can win in 2032 and 2036! Come on, man, plan ahead!]

That's the ticket. . . . you want to win, or make a statement?

[That's easy! Make a statement.]

other than the fact that you like Alan Grayson for making dramatic statement, what abilities does he have to run the most complex Government in the world?

[Since when is lack of ability some sort of disqualifier? We didn't ask that about Obama!]

I believe the glass is half full.

[I believe the glass is completely empty. The DUmmies drank it all.] you assume it's HRC or defeat. Sad.

[You know what makes me sad? You do! Maybe we should chug on over to I'm-a-DUmmie Land, where maybe we can find some reality for you, ya jackwagon!]

We're not in 1992 anymore. We don't HAVE to settle for the lesser evil now.

[True! Now we can go for the GREATER evil! GO GRAYSON!]

Nominating HRC means giving up on change...probably forever.

[FOR . . . EV . . . ER. . . .]

I'm starting with Brian Schweitzer. . . .

[Didn't he used to be in the Stray Cats?]

if either Hillary or Joe gets into the race, all bets are off.

[If Joe gets in the race, all recorders are on, waiting for the next gaffe.]

I'd still like to see Jim Hightower take a shot at the WH.

[Jim Hightower. Running for the White House. Yes, by all means! In fact, why don't you guys just go ahead and make him your nominee? Please!]

So you believe that the net result of the President's first term has been a negative? sad.

[Again with the "sad."]

If either runss, I will be supporting Clinton or Cuomo. . . .

[Status quo or status Cuomo.]

Howard Dean.


I miss Howard Dean. I liked it when he growled. . . .

[How about Tom Vilsack? He can growl like a bear.]


Well, not all of us here on DU are as liberal as Obama. Some of us are to his right.

[That would be the LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!]

Let's just run Obama again.

[Yeah, who's counting?]



I used to be a progressive. . . . The thing that turned me off on progressives is what I see as their blind foolishness. No social program to them EVER need reforming, even when there is obvious waste in those programs. No poor person is responsible for their plight in the view of progressives, some evil hand had to strike that person down and hold that person down.

[Congratulations, DUmmie bluestate10, you are today's winner of the Kewpie Doll, for this Brief Moment of Mental Clarity. I hope that consoles when now you are tombstoned in 3 . . . 2. . . .]

I am a Hillary supporter. . . .

[Democratic Undergarment. There are binders full of them.]


[Is that you, Elizabeth Warren?]

Welcome to DU. We have posters here that don't realistically look at politics. . . .

[Democratic Understatement.]

we have a much larger number of rational people around . . .

[. . . laughing at us.]

What a bunch of unqualified people you recommend as alternatives.

[Yeah, they're all Democrats!]

Elizabeth Warren. . . . She is exactly the person we need. . . .

[Hail to the Chief!]

How can we possibly know that?


Warren should stay in the Senate. . . . Sherrod Brown has potential. . . .

[I sought the Sherrod, but I did not choose the Dem you need.]

You don't know what you're talking about.

[Could be a sig line on every post in DUmmieland.]

Kucinich/Burch!!1! You guys could fix all that's wrong with the world, unlike those fascist Democrats!11! Oy.

[Hee! Hee!]


[Nope, not gonna say it. . . .]

Hillary45, then Michelle46

   MICHELLE! 2024

HRC's world view is essentially that of a privileged white male. . . .

[You said it, I didn't!]

President Obama picked Warren and gave her the victory with his coattails.

[Chief Runningmouth give Princess Cheekbones heap big gift!]


John Kitzhaber or Jerry Brown.

[John Kitzhoober?]

Kitzhaber might be the guy. Hadn't thought of him. . . .

[Hadn't HEARD of him.]

Dennis F***ing Kucinich.

Kucinich couldn't win against a more moderate Democrat in a merged district. How's he going to win Ohio (statewide), Florida and Virginia?

Clearly Russ Feingold.

[Clearly Comedy Gold.]

Brian from Montana. . . .

[Brian, you're on the air. Would you like to run for President?]

Hillary is her own person, she's not her husband.

[Hillary is her own husband.]

My ideal ticket, however, would definitely be Paul Krugman / Neil deGrasse Tyson.

[Funny, that's my ideal ticket too for you Democrats! That, or Hightower/Kitzhoober, or maybe Trumka/Dead Ann Richards.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too funny!!!! LMAO!! Stupid dummies, never a dull moment!!


3:26 PM  
Anonymous Mike From Stumptown said...

John Kitzhaber, MD (Major DUmbass) is the current governor of my home state of Oregon. He'll probably be too old to run in 2016, and he's currently pissing off "progressives" here because he's keeping Nike's tax rates stable (and low) to keep Nike from leaving the state.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Typical of the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats to want two of the most clueless and criminally insane members of Congress as a ticket and actually think themselves brilliant to boot.

The fools are dangerously insane.

10:20 PM  
Blogger Ogrrre said...

Well, if the Republicans give us someone "electable" again, like McCain or Romney, then any of these matchups could win.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Adam said...

Oh, please do have Alan Grayson run! He has enough skeletons in his closet already (i.e. Getting called out for blatantly lying about Daniel Webster in an election, last year running a red light while talking on his cell phone which caused him to crash into a bus and injure several civilians, etc.), th Republican candidate would have a ball with him!

9:09 AM  
Anonymous envisio said...

Hey Charles, have you or Peej considered doing a DUFU piece that highlights the hypocrisy of Liberals and gun control.

Here is a talking point:

"Why should my rights be violated just because a few psycopaths decided to kill some people"

Does that sound familiar????????

Thats RIGHT! That was the liberal talking point with regard to the Patriot Act after 9/11.

oh... yall thought I was talking about gun control. Liberals have an ingrained hatred for the Patriot Act. It "violates their civil liberties because of the acts of a few lunatics".

But violating the 2nd amendment because of the acts of a few lunatics is perfectly fine.

11:49 AM  
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