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DUmmies, KOmmies Mostly Fine With Al Gorezeera Hypocrisy

Al Gore is a man of high character...He never sells out his public principles EXCEPT for money. So now that Al Gore has sold his no-rated Current TV to Al Jazeera which is owned by the oil sheikdom of Qatar do the DUmmies view their erstwhile hero as a hypocrite? Even worse, Al Gorezeera tried to pull off the sale before Jan. 1 when the Bush tax cuts expired in order to keep a bigger chunk of the half billion dollar sale for himself. Guess what? The DUmmies and KOmmies are mostly okay with the Gore hypocrisy as you can see in the DUmmie THREAD and this KOmmie THREAD. The thread titles gives us a hint that not all DUmmies and KOmmies are happy with the Al Jazeera sale but that sentiment is overwhelmed by the vast majority of them who bless the sacred ground that Al Gore treads on. So let us now watch the DUmmies and KOmmies rationalize the Al Gorezeera hypocrisy in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the Gore daughters will now have to don burkhas, is in the [brackets]:

Al Gore, progressive leader one minute, wanting to cash in big time the next...

[Stated the DUmmie thread title with the awful truth...]

Al Gore Pushed for Sale Before Higher Taxes
Interesting tidbit from the New York Times on the sale of Current TV:
"Mr. Gore and his partners were eager to complete the deal by Dec. 31, lest it be subject to higher tax rates that took effect on Jan. 1... But the deal was not signed until Wednesday."

[What a tragedy. Gore was forced against his wishes to pay his "fair share" of the taxes. And now to the DUmmies rushing to defend Al Gorezeera...]

AlJezeera's programming "coming out of the ME" is some damn fine journalism. I used to watch their broadcasts on either Link TV or Free Speech TV back when I had cable.

[Why do I have the FUnnie feeling that Al Jazeera will be the next stop for Big Ed Shultz when they wave the green cash in front of his flushed face?]

I'm just thinking of the field day Fox will have with this...and all the wing nuts who will insist the county is being taken over by Muslims. I wish Gore had waited to find another buyer...

[He had to sell to Al Jazeera. No other suckers were available.]

Do you think it was "socially irresponsible" for him to sell to Al Jazeera? They're a fine news organization. Much better reporting than F*cked News, CNN, and MSMBS.

[Tell us how great the Muslim Brotherhood is.]

Al Gore has done more for this planet than you will do for a lifetime

[Plus he has a bigger private jet than you do.]

You know what? It's still OK to make a profit and minimize taxes.

[Unless you are an EVIL Republican.]

Your f*cking title is pure misleading crap

[The thread title is too painfully true for you to endure.]

How about a group host stepping in and shutting this shit down.

[Delete this thread! Tombstone the author!]

Nobody should be criticized for using every possible legal avenue to minimize their taxes

[Unless you are an EVIL Republican.]

He is a private citizen who was f*cked out of the Presidency that he won. His family life has crumbled, he's getting old, he is no longer a public official and he hasn't been for some time now. He doesn't "owe" me a goddamn thing. If he wanted to try to hang on to more of his money, LEGALLY, I'm not going to carp at him for so doing.

[The DUmmie Cliff Notes version of Gore's bio capped off with a rationalization for his greed.]

In the end we're all hypocrites one way or another. Everybody wants to cash in. What matters is how much good we do to counter our innate greed.

[And now we leave the DUmmie hypocrites and join the KOmmie hypocrites...]

Current TV sold to Feudal Lord. Al Gore sells out. Anger???

[Not much anger but a lot of rationalization.]

I'm seriously, completely unsarcastically, SHOCKED that there's not more diaries, info, and anger that Al Gore et all sold Current TV to Al Jazeera, which is owned and run by monarchists in Qatar, most notably by Sheikh Hamad bin Thamer al-Thani, chairman of the board. Nobody cares?

Damn Al, you just handed a golden goose to both Glenn Beck et all AND Naderites feeling punchy from the criticism of not voting for you in 2000. In addition, you just took away ANY integrity that your previous, current, and any future work had/has relative to climate change Where's the anger? This is an epic sellout of monumental proportions, and sets back progressive TV in America and tons of legitimacy re: climate change work and publicity in the US.

[I knew there was an upside to this. And now to the rest of the KOmmies...]

I don't think handing them a progressive TV channel, especially when done by a man who has made his 2nd name as a fighter against global warming and pollution, is kosher in the LEAST bit.

[Selling out to Al Jazeera is definitely not kosher.]

I wanted to like Current - but, they suffered some serious programming / production problems let alone ANY real investigative reporting

[Didn't you like the Love Client #9 show?]

The al jazeera guy is a moderate. He is arab and powerful and because of which he has some friends that most find unsavory. but he's a moderate and is considered to be progressive among Muslim leaders. His 3rd wife, Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser al Missned has been an advocate for education and children's causes. She now chairs the Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development, estabished in 1995. The fox people are much much worse.

[What about his 2nd wife?]

The goose is the fact that Al Gore sold the network to Al Jazeera...completely justifying the idea pushed by the rightwing talkingheads for so long that Al was just in it for the $$$.

[Gee, how could we possibly come to that conclusion?]

Reports are that it was NOT sold to the highest bidder, completely negating that Gore was in it or the money.

[So who was the sucker who offered more than a half billion bucks?]

Current died the day Joel Hyatt became the boss.

[So it died on Day One.]

I recorded every episode of Countdown on Current, and I still have every one of them.

[A treasured memory of mental instability.]

If he takes the money and invests in a revolutionary program to explode the spread of green technology, I'll forgive him.

[You really think Al Gore is that much of a sucker? And how many carbon credits did you buy from him?]

The fact that Al Gore has been a champion of Global Warming issues and that who he sold it too makes the vast majority of his money contributing to global warming is the biggest thorn imo.

[Perhaps Qatar can buy carbon credits from him for absolution of their Big Oil sins.]

Everything I read, the mismanagement was totally due to Joel Hyatt, whom I find not to be an honest person.

[It was all Hiatt's fault. Meanwhile Gore resided on a white cloud glowing with his absolute moral purity.]

I wonder if Al Gore will share his gains with those at Current who will soon be unemployed.

[LOL! It's just not part of Gore's chakra to share his wealth.]

Right wing talk radio and TV are successful because there are four or five dominant figures who are such a reliable source of listeners that right wing talk is a financially safe medium. We don't really have that on the left, in large part because the talent pool is larger and more diverse. That makes for better content, but it's called "mass" media for a reason.

[Ah! So that's why Mario Cuomo and Jim Hightower failed.


Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Ye gods...the clueless stupidity of the Troglaman Clones/Moonbats is breathtaking.

They are so committed to hard core leftist ideology that they will rationalize ANYTHING to insure that belief is not threatened or challenged. The level of madness and disconnect from reality in this thread is amazing.

God help us with people like this in charge of the Federal government for at least the next two years if not four. If we survive these fools, it will be proof that God exists.

11:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quote from the main article above:

[What about his 2nd wife?]

The answer: His second wife, being only eleven years old, is not yet allowed to talk, have opinions, or do anything constructive. She can, however, go outdoors and play in the sandbox.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Scotty G. said...

The Sheikh's 3rd wife is just so awesome! Mitt Romney's 1st wife evil incarnate. These people could rationalize a gang-rape.

10:18 PM  
Blogger Ogrrre said...

Scotty, they already rationalized the serial rapes performed by the first first black president. Comrade Bubba and Comrade Ear Leader could both be videoed raping a baby, and these DUmbasses would claim that it did not rise to the level of impeachment, that it was only between the rapist and their respective wives, that the act made no difference in their ability to govern.

12:17 PM  

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