Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Defunding DUmmieland: Nadin leads the way!

The Boys of DUmmer. The Triumvirate. The Troika. The Powers That Be. And they would be (pictured above): Head DUmmie Skinner (center); his Mini-Me, Assistant Head DUmmie EarlG (the little guy); and Techno DUmmie Elad (the other guy). As you can see from their appearance at some swank soiree where they were wined and dined, the Troika are living high on the hog, galavanting to and fro, from one high-falutin' shindig to the next, hobnobbing with the movers and the shakers, rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful. (Well, usually not Elad. The other two generally don't let him in on that stuff. If DUmmieland were the Pawn Stars, Elad would be Chumlee.)

How do the Troika afford this lavish lifestyle? On the backs of their clueless DUpes, the DUmmies, that's how. While the rank-and-file DUmmies are churning out post after post down in the dark, dank recesses of DUmmieland Dungeon, Skinner and EarlG are lounging around up in their ritzy penthouse high atop DUmmieland Tower, smoking $5 stogies, sipping on highballs, and raking in the dough. You see, they CHARGE their prog peons to do their dirty work for them! If the DUmmies DON'T pay up, then they have to endure acres of advertising on every page. Which means that the Troika are ALSO being paid big bucks by those evil capitalist advertisers!! And on TOP of that, there is little doubt that Skinner's pockets are being lined by the hierarchy of the Democrat Party for "services rendered," i.e., delivering the votes of his obedient little prog sheep. Yes, it's good to be a Head DUmmie!

Who will stop this madness? Who will blow the whistle on $kimmer and EarlG, who truly are the 1% at the top of the DUmp? Who will gaze up at DUmmieland Tower and speak truth to The Powers That Be and shout out in a loud voice . . .


Who will step up to the plate like that? Why, none other than that brave little poster, DUmmie nadinbrzezinski. Yes, Know-it-all Nadin knows tyranny when she sees it--she has a degree in HISTORY, don't you know--and she will NOT let this oppression stand! No more! Nads is staging her own Occupy DUmmieland! As of this day, Nadin REFUSES to pony up and buy a star! The Rubik's Cube has been crossed! There's no turning back now! Starve the beast! Defunding DUmmieland begins TODAY!!

Know-it-all Nadin airs her grievances in a THREAD titled "Yay!!!! I am now starless!!!!!" which I will not link to, since it was posted in a supper-dupper secret forum at the DUmp that only registered DUmmies can see. But we have our many mole sources operating deep within the bowels of DUmmieland, and they have their ways of getting this thread to us. Don't ask.

So let us now watch Nadin nail her manifesto to the DUmmieland Tower door, in Boldshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, wondering if Nads will leave or get the tombstone first, is in the [brackets]:

Yay!!!! I am now starless!!!!!

[Starless in San Diego.]

Finally, after ten years of giving money regularly I am now starless.

[Free at last! Free at last! Thank Gaia Almighty, I'm free at last!]


[Great, Nadin! Bring those 1% oppressors, $kimmer and EarlG, TO THEIR KNEES!!]

And if you have no idea why....well...

[Oh, we know, Nadin, we know. In your vital role as journalist-activist, you have been leading a gallant crusade over these many months, sounding the shofar on behalf of the Occupy movement. Many had written off Occupy as being dead as a doornail, a brief and passing fad that existed so that guys could hit on hippie chicks in tents. But no, not Nadin! You saw the real effectiveness of Occupy, that while it did not seem to be accomplishing a darn thing at all, you knew, didn't you, you KNEW, Nadin, that Occupy was secretly bringing the 1% to their knees! And now you want to see that same surgical-like effectiveness and efficiency applied to the oppression going on at the DUmp! We salute you, madam!]

my way to reward those who have let the bullies do their stuff.

[Huh? What? You mean you're NOT letting your star lapse because of the 1% lifestyle of Skinner and EarlG?? You're doing it because they don't stop "the bullies"?? You mean the DUmmies who call you out or tease you whenever you go into your condescending, unintentionally funny, know-it-all routine, which is, like, all the time? That's the reason? That's IT???]

[A fellow DUmmie responds . . .]

ya. i have been kinda wishin i was, lol, for the misogyny allowed and encouraged. it is not often that you and i are right there, in understanding. but, i so get what you are saying.

[The first responder is DUmmie seabeyond, who apparently has done a Vulcan mind-meld with Nadin. Scary. Nadin replies . . .]

Easy peachy, don't buy a star. Yup, the adds are annoying...so what?

[The "adds" are annoying, but then, so is Nadin. So what?]

I will not give my hard earned money to a place that has a bully problem and it refuses to deal with it. No more.


i couldnt agree with you more nadin. this is my disappointment, absolutely. that i allowed my money to fund something i so inherently oppose.

[Together, Nadin and seabeyond will valiantly lead the charge up the DUnghill! Citizens of DUmmieland, who will fight WITH them?]

Easy solution! Leave! It's really that simple.

[Well, I guess not DUmmie kurtzapril4.]

Why not just leave if you hate it so much?

[I guess not DUmmie Firebirds01.]

I'm not sure...but I'm fairly certain this would make you the highest post-count active poster without a star. Congrats!

[Close to 112,000 posts, and now not a single star. Know-it-all Nadin has become None-at-all Nadin.]


[It's a Nadin thread, so of course DUmmie SidDithers, one of the aforementioned "bullies"--Sid shows up to have some fun with his favorite poster.]

I am sorry that it has come to this. Seems like the bullies have backed off some now that "election season" is over.

[Not so fast! Didn't you see that SidDithers post just there?]

I did not participate as much either When you are the one producing local news and chasing interviews. . . .

[Nadin puts on her Girl Reporter hat to explain why she hasn't been posting much lately.]


[Except now, she's Brenda Starrless.]

Tried for nine years, took it all the way to the top... After the last spat, nope...will not give my money. High post number and no star. I think it says it all.

[It says: "NADIN BRZEZINSKI WILL NOT BE MESSED WITH! Skinner and EarlG, if you will not listen, if you will not act, you will SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES!! Am I making myself clear?" . . . Actually, Nadin, making yourself clear would be a first.]

I'll make an additional donation this year in your honour, because I think the Admins have handled your issues appropriately.

[Hee! Hee! Sid the Bully will foil Nadin's plan, by making sure she gets that star after all!]

and now that I have income to get my star back, I won't be donating, just to offset your additional donation.

[ANOTHER DUmmie intervenes, offsetting Sid's star with his own non-star! It's Star Wars!]

See...everybody's happy.

[But not Nadin!]

Between this and refusing to serve on juries, I'm sure admin will be throwing up hands.

[And then bringing hands down, slapping their knees in gales of laughter!]

You sure told us!

[Another "bully" checks in, DUmmie zappaman. He heard there was a Nadin thread and wanted to get in on the fun.]

Now if you would only keep your many promises to leave after every time a jury hides one of your nasty posts.

[You can't get rid of the Nads THAT easily!]

she's too busy being a doctorlawyercaptainsergeantmajorPHDchemistEMTveteranarian to keep promises.

[So many hats, so little time.]

you left out trained historian, cop, firefighter, and reporter with a real press pass!

A REAL press pass? In her hat and everything? I'm impressed.

And fencer. Don't forget fencer.

[Hee! Hee! Oh, Nadin . . . you've done it again!]

If you're really serious about how you feel, you would refuse to post here until DU puts you on the payroll. Otherwise, you're simply feeding the "bully" machine, to use your term.

[Starve the beast, Nadin, starve the beast. Simply don't post, and that will stop the bullies. But then, but then. . . . No, forget I said that, Nadin.]

They should consider paying her. The entertainment value is priceless.

[Thank you, DUmmie pintobean! That's what I was just thinking! Come on, Skinner, get Nads on the payroll! She's your "star" without a star!]

Is she really being bullied? I know she thinks she is, but this is basically yet another FU DU thread.

[Now turned into a DUFU thread! Thanx!]

From the looks of things, you ought to pull this stunt weekly...you are a great 'fundraiser'.

[Nadin's star-pulling, attention-getting, defunding-DUmmieland scheme ironically has led to INCREASED donating to the DUmp! Way to go, Naddie! Not only did the bullies come out to play, you also are keeping Skinner in caviar!]


Anonymous The JUDGE said...

I see one of Troglatwit's many paramours, DUmmie nadinbrzezinski, is at it again.

As the worthless son of a worthless fucking bastard, a clueless self-absorbed ultra-narcissistic woman like DUmmie nadinbrzezinski would be a perfect match for a worthless son of a worthless fucking bastard like Troglatwit.

11:05 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

"Oh, Nadin . . . you've done it again!"

10:05 AM  
Anonymous envisio said...

I have a coworker like nadin.
Has been everywhere you have been.
Has done everything you have done twice.
Owns one of everything you own but in the more expensive model.
No matter what the conversation, he will chime in and is an EXPERT on the subject.
Cobescending as hell.
Patronizing as hell.
He fails to understand why nobody wants to socialize with him and he is 100% sure that they are only doing that because they are bullies.
I think he may be Nadin's brother.

12:05 PM  
Blogger Skul said...

Nads ended up getting locked out of her own thread.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous The JUDGE said...

Skul said...

Nads ended up getting locked out of her own thread.

Now that's funny.

2:37 PM  

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