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"Props to nadinbrzezinski," Girl Reporter!

DUmmie of the Year favorite nadinbrzezinski, aka Know-it-all Nadin, is doing everying she can to take home the coveted trophy. What a year she's a had! And now she's finishing with a flourish!

How, you ask? Nadin Brzezinski, Girl Reporter! Yes, our gal Nads has been running all over San Diego, working her little pencil to the nub, getting the inside scoop on Occupy San Diego. Snapping pictures, filing reports, "Nadin Abbott" (her married name) has been posting articles about the Occupy protest for some online community-volunteer website. So Nadin now fancies herself an intrepid, tireless, investigative journalist, sniffing out stories and keeping everyone up to speed--with a little help from MSNBC, Current TV, and the google, of course. We get a taste of Naddie's journo-activism here in this THREAD, "Well aparently not tied to OWS, but the tension," and this THREAD, "Well after two months plus of OWS I need a break."

Well, Nadin's efforts on behalf of humanity have not gone unrewarded. DUmmieland realizes what a treasure they have on their hands, and now they are expressing their appreciation, as we will see in this THREAD, "Props to nadinbrzezinski."

So let us now see even more reasons why we should all vote Know-it-all Nadin for DUmmie of the Year, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, reminding you that DOTY balloting at Conservative Cave ends Wednesday night, is in the [brackets]

Well aparently not tied to OWS but the tension . . .

[FUnnie subject line for a thread? Yes, it is. What happened, you see, is that Nadin "aparently" had a different headline, in which she did tie a certain organiztion to OWS, but it isn't, and she hadn't checked her facts first, and someone quickly pointed that out to her, and now she has edited her post and is backtracking.]

Well aparently not tied to OWS but the tension we have seen. A group does go political in the more traditional way most folks will understand... if all you think about is a party.

[Huh? Whatever you say, Nadin. Now, after being corrected, Nadin has checked the google and found a link to the organization in question.]

are we sure this is legit? Someone might just be trying to cash in

[Someone questions Nadin's initial report, pre-edit.]

Oh very, just ran add on countdown

["Oh very"! Nadin sees an "add" on Keef Olbermann's show and concludes--and immediately posts--that the organization is tied to OWS. But it turns out it isn't!]

Where are the getting the money to run ads?

[Someone asks Nadin a question.]

Good quesiton, will have to sniff. . . .

[Nadin will sniff and find out the answer to your "quesiton" and get back to you.]

I doubt this group is legit.

Who are the powerful people in this party?

[Enquiring minds want to know, Nadin. Help us out here.]

Reachiing for the history hat. . . .

[Nadin wears many hats, and now she's "reachiing" for the one marked "History major."]

Grangers... this is what this is... a THIRD PARTY. Some folks, even here, were demanding when OWS would get political, it has from word go, but in a way that they'd recognize... well it will be if...

[Grangers, from word go.]

At this point I report on this... and I will have to sniff how many GA's have agreed... but I am all but surprised. And given how ahem... anarchy driven this is... It will make for interesting reporting.

[Nadin Brzezinski, Girl Reporter--and Sniffer Extraordinaire!]

Do you know if this was endorsed by any GA(s)?

[More questions for Nadin!]

It ran on Keith, so I suspect it has. I will have to go sniff. . . .

["It ran on Keith." Now that would be enough for most folks, but not our Nadin! She will still do the hard work of sniffing!]

The delegates of the 99percent declaration better have a plan b...Because all those fine folks will be summarily rounded up and "disappeared". You can bet on it. The big shot 1% criminals aren't just going to hand over the keys to power without... oh, well you all know the routine. Then again, maybe you don't.

["Maybe you don't"?? Know-it-all Nadin jolly well knows the routine!]

Oh trust me I know. Better than most.

[Better than ALL, Nadin, better than ALL. You are far too humble.]

I need to go sniff on a story on jail conditions for my local occupiers.

[Sniffing, sniffing, sniffing. . . . A girl reporter's work in never done!]

THAT IS NOT OWS BUT ENTIRELY DIFFERENT ORGANIZATION. No surprise that you would get it wrong.

[Oopsie! Nadin jumped the gun, it looks like! Better edit now and cover your tracks, Nadin!]

[Well, moving on . . .]

Well after two months plus of OWS I need a break

[Even tireless reporters need a break sometimes.]

so today, I am taking a fiction break... usually my way to recharge energies is to go ahead and do a short story.

[Nadin is reachiing for the "author" hat. BTW, do you think Nadin actually took a break that day? No, she kept on posting all over the place.]

You deserve it, you've been busy this year with Fukushima and Occupy Wall Street.

[Here is a picture of Nadin Brzezinski, Girl Reporter, investigating the radioactive death clouds from Fukushima:]

[Yes, Nadin is always busy sniffing and so forth, looking out for the little people. And now a grateful DUmmieland expresses its thanks . . .]

Props to nadinbrzezinski,

[Give it up for Nads!]

So, to nadine and all who have persistently spread the truth, and to all who have taken to the streets, there may be a free and democratic America in the future, and it will thank you.

[The street has been crossed! Nadin will go down in them history books!]

I just unrecced the unreccers by reccing.

[Right off the bat, people are unreccing this "Props to Nadin" thread. Hee! Hee!]

I cant figure out these un-rec'ers. . . . Just dont understand their motivation.

[Maybe it's because Nadin is such a condescending goofball she embarrasses and annoys even DUmmieland.]

nadinbrzezinski is TOPS!


Nadins posts make me dance around my vodka baba!!!

[She has that effect!]

Love her! She's a DU treasure!

[What a gal!]

Little neurotic, but that seems to be the mode here.

[Democratic Understatement.]

No more days off for Nadin!

[Keep you nose to the limestone, Nadin!]

One smart cookie!

[With lots of nuts!]

I'm glad to associate with other people who have their finger on the truth and their feet in reality.

[And their nose on the ground, sniffing.]

I used to like readying her stuff...but when I saw the trends, I realized that it was purely a phyrric victory.

[There's that DUmmie SidDithers again, posting on a Nadin thread, just as he so often does, in order to MOCK Nadin, right under her nose! I love this guy! In one short post, Sid gets in THREE digs at the All-Knowing One: "readying," a chronic Nadin misspelling; "trends"--Nadin is a self-proclaimed trend-spotter; and "phyrric," an ill-fitting historical reference *and* a misspelling! And Nadin doesn't even realize what he's just done! Hee! Hee!]

I am going to blush now.

[Nadin comes to the mike and acknowledges her adoring fans.]

What I sort of expected was for the alternate media to emerge. Now I am doing some of that reporting too...Monday will be a LONG day. And also working on an essay on OWS right now. Evil OWS. I find myself reading Emma Goldman and Mikhail Bakunin...ear I guess is tightly tuned to echoes.

[Ear tuned to echoes. Feet in reality. Finger on the truth. Nose sniffing among the odors. ALL of Nadin's body parts, in service to humanity!]

You deserve the recognition.

Hail, Nadin!!

[Nadin Brzezinski, Girl Reporter . . . and DUMMIE OF THE YEAR! GO NADS!]


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I can imagine the beak on that bint. Her poor head tremblin' under the weight of it all.

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