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DUmmies Unable to Process DOJ "Fast & Furious" Lie Letter

Remember that scene from "Forbidden Planet" when the Monster from the ID was coming after Leslie Neilsen, Anne Francis, and Morbius? Neilsen screamed at Robbie the Robot to kill the Monster. Well, Robbie was programmed to always obey an order but was also programmed never to kill a person. Since the Monster was from the Id of Morbius, Robbie's circuits went haywire, rendering him useless. The same sort of thing has happened at DUmmieland when confronted with information that the DOJ LIED in their February letter to Congress about their "Fast & Furious" program that allowed a couple of thousand guns to cross the border into the hands of the Mexican drug cartel. You can see just how the DUmmie circuits went haywire in this THREAD, "Justice Department sends Congress 1400 pages on 'Fast and Furious'." That's right. When you click on that thread, you get a message that says, "Missing Topic." You want the Truth, DUmmies? Well, YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!! Obviously Skinner or one of the DUmmie administrators knew the DUmmies couldn't process this latest revelation. It will be FUnnie to see how they, and other liberals, handle it following Eric Holder's testimony on Capitol Hill on Thursday. The problem is that there is NO WAY to spin this scandal favorably for the Obama Regime which is why we have yet to hear the words "Fast & Furious" uttered by the lips of Brian Williams and many others in the MSM. So how bad is it for Holder & Obama when liberals actually do confront this scandal? Very bad from the tone of this KOmmie THREAD, "DOJ 'Withdraws' False Letter to Congress." So let us now watch the KOmmies confront the scandal that dares not speak its name on MSDNC in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, giving a shoutout to WILLIAM RIVERS PITT for being smoke-free for one year, is in the [barackets]:

DOJ "Withdraws" False Letter to Congress

[GASP! You mean they LIED?]

Under fire for losing track of weapons that turned up at crime scenes along the Southwest border, the Justice Department has taken the extraordinary step of formally withdrawing an inaccurate letter about the episode that it sent to Congress earlier this year.

[The KOmmies are quoting NPR which uses "inaccurate" in place of of the more accurate "false."]

Deputy Attorney General Jim Cole sent nearly 1,400 pages of emails and other documents to Capitol Hill late Friday afternoon that lay bare the raw and sometimes cringe-worthy process by which the letter was drafted. The materials contain clues into how misleading information about the botched gun trafficking operation made it into a Feb. 4, 2011 letter to Congress that department leaders have since acknowledged was false.

["Misleading information" is NPR speak for "Lies."]

Misleading Congress can be a prosecutable offense if a person who makes the statements knows they are false. But Attorney General Eric Holder has told lawmakers that so far he has no evidence anyone intended to deceive them. The matter remains under investigation not only by Republicans in Congress but also the Justice Department's inspector general.

[And we know just how vigorous an investigation that the Holder Flunkie aka "inspector general" is pursuing. Now to the KOmmie reaction to the scandal that the DUmmies dare not face...]

For those of you, like me, who haven't really been following this issue, the details still seem sort of murky, but it appears that the DOJ knowingly allowed seized weapons to "walk" south across the border into the hands of Mexican drug cartels who of course used said weapons to kill hundreds of people, including U.S. customs against Brian Terry. Accused of this in February, the DOJ denied it a letter to Congress:

[And one reason why you haven't been following this issue is the most of the MSM won't even mention this scandal. However, it will be verrrrrry interesting if the words "Fast & Furious" are uttered by Brian Williams following Eric Holder's testimony before Congress on Thursday. Or maybe he will say the words while a fire alarm is blaring so we can't hear his report.]

Maybe there's something I'm not seeing here, but I don't see how Attorney General Holder survives this. Whether or not he was personally aware of it, people under his supervision actually sent a letter to Congress categorically denying things about their own actions that turned out to be true, not to mention that the underlying policy seems incredibly ill-advised.

[I don't see how the credibility of Brian Williams survives this if he keeps mum on "Fast & Furious" after Thursday. Remember Brian, it is a battle between your journalistic credibility vs getting any future invites to Five Guys Hamburgers with The One.]

some of the emails released to the public seemed to indicate that this controversy has something to do with gun control, but I don't exactly understand why. Anyone?


Apparently the Obama Administration has been using the use of U.S.-bought guns by Mexican drug cartels to argue for stricter gun control in the U.S. Now it turns out that it was the Obama Administration itself that was providing them those guns. Nice.

[FINALLY. The light bulb clicks ON.]

Not that it matters a lot, but it does matter some... Were the attorneys who researched and provided the false information to the committee left overs from the G.W. Bush administration? Or did they come to the DOJ with Holder and Obama? I hate to think that the DOJ is still as corrupt as it was during the Shrub years.


Holder should go. He reeks of embarrassing do-nothingism. He's a coaster. He may be accomplishing some sort of half-assed, oblique, covert "justice" somewhere, but I consider him to be an abject failure. Not one gangster bankster in jail. Not one war criminal in jail. Not one. What DOES the Prez see in him anyway?

[This KOmmie wants Holder to go but not because of the Fast & Furious scandal. He wants Holder gone for his failure to indict Karl Rove post May 12, 2006.]

I am no fan of AG Holder But who will replace him? Pres Obama's appointments have been met with obstructionism. This feels like a disaster. Anyone have any hope here?

[No Hope, No Change.]

I hold out the remote possibility that Obama will transform into that which he pretends to be... a change agent of real reform, but I'm concentrating my time and energy on my local occupy movement.

[Have you spotted WILLIAM RIVERS PITT at your local OWS protest? Oops! What a silly question.]

Perhaps he's doing the what the pres wants him to do.

[Which is to LIE and COVERUP.]

I'm gonna bug the Prez on this, email- and call-wise.

[Sorry, but the Bamster won't allow you to interrupt his 17 day vacation.]

After this latest f*ckup with Congress, yes most definitely Holder needs to go. He's been a lethargic assmunch of an Attorney-General anyway.

[Ben Burch suddenly has the MUnchies.]

I can't even defend this. It looks bad. If this turns out to be true, he may need to cash in his resignation.

[Holder or Obama?]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please deflect all heat away from Hobama, he doesn't control everything...Only Bush can be blamed for EVERYTHING!!!!

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Holder should go. He reeks of embarrassing do-nothingism. He's a coaster. He may be accomplishing some sort of half-assed, oblique, covert "justice" somewhere, but I consider him to be an abject failure. Not one gangster bankster in jail. Not one war criminal in jail. Not one. What DOES the Prez see in him anyway?"

His skin color, basically, my silly little DUmmie. Oh, okay, so it's technically on him rather than in him, but in the peculiar cocktail of racial conflict hype and political calculation so beloved of the Oministration, Holder's resignation would directly reflect on Obama, so that will NEVER least not prior to the first week of November, 2012.


9:43 AM  

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