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No-Show Pitt Pepper-Spray 'Outrage' Boomerangs

Oops! Yet another bit of outrage from WILLIAM RIVERS PITT has boomeranged. You might remember earlier this year when Pitt worked himself into a froth of feigned anger over supposed "rightwing" violence in the wake of the Congresswoman Gabby Giffords shooting by a deranged NUtcase. Well, guess who was guilty of making deranged violent threats on the Web, including threatening harm on the dearest darling homeless woman, Bobolink? It was Pitt himself as was EXPOSED in NewsBusters who threatened deranged violence to the extent that he was BANNED from DUmmieland for several months. Now Pitt is on an outrage kick over the pepper-spraying of UC students. In fact Pitt posted TWO threads on the subject starting with his delicately named Motherf*ckers followed a few days later by The People's Surveillance State.

Unfortunately for Pitt, his phony premise has BOOMERANGED once again. It turns out that the leftwing UC Davis students planned for this confrontation with the police to elicit just such a response. And who is making this accusation? Some "rightwing" source with an agenda? Nope. One of the LEFTWING protestors made this claim as you can see in this VIDEO which appeared in NEWSBUSTERS. Here is the key line from the leftwing protestor exposing their not-so-hidden agenda:

"We had encircled them, and they were trying to leave, and they were trying to clear a path. And so, we sat down, linked arms, and said that if they wanted to clear the path, they would have to go through us."

And for confirmation as to how phony this entire encounter was, then take a look at what was NOT originally shown, namely the VIDEO of the police informing the protestors they had to disperse and their refusal to do so. Only AFTER the many warnings were they pepper sprayed. And this phony confrontation is what worked No Show Pitt into such a froth of mock outrage.

As to why No Show Pitt has been completely MIA at the many OWS protests, I have done an investigation and it turns out that the Pittster is like a Bostonian Raskolnikov living in dread fear that an accusatory Newtonian finger will be pointed in his direction should he appear in a public setting such as one of these protests. Better to remain low profile although Pitt would dearly love to place himself upon that OWS stage and hog attention. Unfortunately, attention from the wrong people is what Raskolnikov Pitt does NOT want, thus the highly uncharacteristic shunning of the limelight. So let us now watch Pitt and the DUmmies work themselves into a hot Bolhshevik Red sense of outrage while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that the giggling naive schoolgirls of yesterday can become the angry leftwing feminazis of tomorrow, is in the [brackets]:


[Pitt likes them too young to qualify for this category.]

Video shows office pepper-spraying protesters at UC Davis

[Video does NOT show police patiently warning the protestors to disperse. Video also does not show this is what the students wanted...a confrontation.]

Watch the video if you haven't seen it already.

[Can I present this video at a Newton school show and tell?]


[And now to the rest of the DUmmies who have yet to question Pitt as to why he talks a good OWS storm but is still MIA at all these protests...]

I couldn't bear to watch it again. As Chris Hayes said, "like spraying cockroaches"

[I never give cockroaches ample warnings before I spray them.]

Looks like the SS in Nazi Germany delighted in "Spraying the Jews."

[Last I checked, no such thing as Zyklon B NON-LETHAL pepper spray.]

Outrageous. That picture (and the video) is SO telling about the state of affiars.

[Make that videos PLURAL because the other videos clearly show not only that the protestors were given plenty of warnings but that they PLANNED for the confrontation as was confirmed by one of the protestors.]

Pathetic bastards are nothing but bullies.

[Pathetic phonies are nothing but Drama Queens.]

Yes, and I'd say that the young students at UC Davis accomplished their goal!

[Sorry. No sale. Thanks to the Internet this has NOT turned into your much desired phony "Kent State moment." We know way too much about your devious phony pre-planned encounters.]

Which weapons of choice would you bear against the premier military force on this planet?

[How about if we arm Newton schoolgirls with pepper spray to fight back against attacks?]

The point of nonviolence is to WIN a despute without fighing back.

[You might also try not broadcasting your plans to stage an encounter such as that UC Davis protestor did.]

Ceaucescu and his wife were both executed by firing squad after a perfunctory and very brief trial. They were guilty as hell and everyone in Romania knew it.

[And what was the fate of Roman Rodion Raskolnikov? William Rivers Pitt desperately wants to know.]

So Gandhi was a pee drinking mental case?

[FUn Fact: Gandhi also slept with young girls and somehow got away with it. Would you like me to send you a Gandhi bio, Will?]

The Jallianwala Bagh was bounded on all sides by houses and buildings and had few narrow entrances, most of which were kept permanently locked. The main entrance was relatively wider, but was guarded by the troops backed by the armoured vehicles. General Dyer ordered troops to begin shooting without warning or any order to disperse, and to direct shooting towards the densest sections of the crowd.....

[I greatly admire your copy & paste skills.]

For now, at this point here in the US, I think Gandhi's tactics will work. When they bring out the live ammunition and the homeland special rendition and start killing and torturing us, then things might change.

[The only killing so far has been OWSie killing OWSie. And your worst torture is lack of attention. The public is already bored with your tired phony antics and you are being tortured by being so cruelly ignored.]

The thing is that pepper spray down the throat can actually kill - some of these kids were coughing up blood still hours later.

[Sounds like me after an overly spicy Mexican meal.]

Thanks for the thread, WilliamPitt.

[Thanks for the retread, WilliamPitt.]

There were far more bystanders than police.
I think if just ONE person had attempted to stop him, the
rest would have taken him down, and rightly so.

[Posted the brave DUmmie from Mamma's basement.]

We really need to think about this further. The Nazi's gassed Jews in Gas Chambers in Secret. This time US POLICE are GASSING "sit down protestors" in the OPEN and WHO CARES? THEY JUST DO IT!

[I've thought about it and concluded you truly are an IDIOT.]

The more video evidence like this there is the stronger the outcry for accountability and transparency will be.

[We now have more video evidence than you want because it displays just how PHONY this confrontation was. Sorry but you do NOT get your highly coveted "Kent State moment."]

I suppose we should be happy that they didn't go all Kent State on em.

[And you're not happy precisely because it didn't turn into a phony "Kent State moment."]

Just once, I'd love to see 500 protesters pull out their OWN mace and spray the cops. I can dream.

[And Pitt replies to this DUmmie dream...]

It's getting to that point.

[Of course, Pitt won't be anywhere near these OWS protests. Roman Rivers Raskolnikov fears the accusatory finger pointing and screaming, "J'Accuse!"]

Don't underestimate the power of being righteous.

[Or self-righteous.]

this f*cker needs to be in jail for assault.

[Well, his co-author is now serving a 5 year stretch in a Pennsylvania state prison.]

All of those cops need a massive ass-beating! They better thank their god that I wasn't there. The amount of broken bones they would've sustained would've been immeasurable.

[Posted the frightened little nerd in the darkness.]

If the President wanted this shit to stop it would stop.

[LEAVE BARACK ALONE!!! He just wants to eat his waffle. And now we go to No Show Pitt's other grandstand THREAD...]

The People's Surveillance State

[Do they have surveillance at Newton schoolyards?]

In the aftermath of September 11, there was a big push to create a national surveillance system in the name of national security. Cameras were installed at traffic lights, ostensibly to catch people running red lights and stop signs, but those cameras came with a nifty side benefit: they recorded everyone within reach of the lens in their comings and goings. Cameras were installed at street corners, ostensibly to provide security against crime, but again, you were recorded wherever you went. Bank machines all come with security cameras, and those added to the ever-broadening web of national surveillance. Finally, almost every cell phone now comes with software that, so long as the thing is turned on, can track your every step by triangulating your position via GPS and the cell towers your phone signal bounces off of.

[Suspect first spotted in a classroom, then the schoolyard, finally an apartment...]

Those with a fealty to the quaint ideals of American civil liberties had, to no great surprise, a big problem with putting this system in place. Combine the concern over having millions of innocent people on camera with the fact that the Bush administration decided to spy on pretty much everyone by way of the NSA because no one had the guts to stop them, and what you had - and have to this day - is a pretty damned paranoid situation where everyone is being watched by The Man. Today, it is almost impossible to be anywhere in America without something tracking you. After this technology had been in place for a few years, it even became fodder for cop shows; half the episodes of "Law & Order: SVU" after 2008 involve catching criminals using this web of eyes and ears. As you can imagine, the bad guys almost never got away.

[We are now tracking Roman Rivers Pitt as he slowly makes his way via extreme bloviation to the scene of the UC Davis pepper spray incident.]

The basic idea behind setting up this incredibly invasive system, if you listen to its advocates, is that security is paramount in the aftermath of 9/11. There were plenty of people, after the Towers came down, who were very happy to surrender their liberties in the name of security, despite Benjamin Franklin's warning about deserving neither and losing both. Nowadays, the existence of such a system is established fact, leading to yet another bout of cognitive dissonance: those in favor of such a system a few years ago, because it meant the state was looking out for their safety, are now in all likelihood the same people railing against the state with guns on their hips at Tea Party rallies...but that's a brain cramp to be dealt with another day.

[Blah...Blah...Blah as Roman Rivers Pitt continues his hot aired approach to the UC Davis campus.]

The advent of the Occupy movement, the length of time that movement has been able to hang fire, and the vast number of cities in which it is taking place, has led to an astonishingly violent reaction from the very state we are supposedly trusting to watch over our every move. There have been a dozen incidents of gruesome official violence against peaceful, non-violent protesters, including the near-murder of an Iraq war veteran by police in Oakland...violence the likes of which has not been seen in America since the dogs and firehoses days of Birmingham, Alabama.

[Be patient. The Pittster Hot Air Balloon is about to land at the campus.]

Last Friday, students at UC Davis in California were subjected to an attack by police that beggars likeness. Here's the thing, though: this time, it's all on film.

[Including film you do NOT want to see, namely the police giving the protestors plenty of warning PLUS one of the protestors later admitting that their pre-planned strategy was to surround the cops to force them to take action.]

If you haven't seen it yet, what you're looking at is a dozen or so protesters seated with their heads down, arms linked, in peaceful non-violent resistance. An armored UC Davis police officer calmly pulls out a can of pepper spray the size of a fire extinguisher, shakes it up, and hoses these seated students down from one side to the other and then back again. Several of the students subjected to this attack required hospitalization, and there is an unconfirmed report that one of the protesters had a UC Davis cop shove the nozzle of his pepper spray canister into her mouth and then pulled the trigger.

[Key word: "unconfirmed." However there is a CONFIRMED report that Ben Burch wishes that cop shoved the spray canister up his butt and showered his innards with that spicy spray.]

It is all on film.


It is all on film.


It is all on film.

[Or another way to put it: It. is. all. on. film.]

The chancellor of UC Davis is under intense pressure to resign her post. The officers involved in this unprovoked attack have been suspended, and an official investigation is underway.

[They are investigating certain decade old misdeeds at a Newton school?]

None of which would be true if the incident was not all on film. The video of the attack on YouTube, at the time of this writing, has almost 1,400,000 views, and similar attacks by police have been captured on film from one side of the country to the other.

[And thanks to other videos we now know how PHONY that confrontation was.]

Memo to the police and the surveillance state you represent: you are not working in the dark anymore. You may have your own system of surveillance, but We The People are watching you just as closely, and we have our own system of surveillance. It's called exposing your vicious, anti-American and thoroughly unnecessary strong-arm tactics for all to see. It is really very easy, takes no time, and we will make you famous in all the wrong ways before you take your shoes off at bedtime. The name, telephone number and email address of the cop who attacked those UC Davis protesters is now common knowledge on the internet, and while I will not publish it here, that cop should know down to his cowardly little bones that he is right out there under the bright lights, thanks to the People's Surveillance State.

[Memo to Raskolnikov Pitt: You are not hiding in the dark anymore. We The People are watching you and we have our ownn system of surveillance. It is called exposing your vicious, anti-America, and thoroughly unnecessary strong-arm tactics for all to see. Remember your strong-arm VIOLENT threats to the homeless lady Bobolink? The DUFU Eye of Sauron is upon you Pitt. There is NO escape Roman Rivers Raskolnikov.]

You may be watching us, but by God and sonny Jesus, we are watching you.

[With the DUFU Eye of Sauron firmly focused upon Raskolnikov Pitt, let us now read the DUmmie reaction...]

Just read this on Truthout. First to recommend!

[And if it is in TruthOut then it MUST be True! Remember the truth of their report about Karl Rove being indicted on May 12, 2006?]

GREAT essay by William Pitt

[Would love to read an essay by Pitt about why he has NEVER attended an OWS protest. Not one.]

Which school? PM me the answer, I will certainly keep it to myself.

[Um...Do you really want to be asking about schools in a public forum, Will? And are you sure you will keep it to yourself or will you share with your co-author?]

Recommend. Great work, Will! It does come back to bite them, doesn't it?

[Yes, it certainly does come back to bite them as William Romanovich Pitt well knows. J'Accuse!!!]


Anonymous Corona said...

Forget pepper spray. I bet the cops were just dying to dump gallons of Aramis and Polo and Jean Nate on them. Phew!

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Corona, Formula 409 works wonders and it costs less.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Foxx said...

Come on guys, use the fire hose already.

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Remember, fire hose. Not water hose.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drama Queens. I've been hot with OC and tazed in a military training event. You don't cough up blood. Of course, since we've been told it is all on film, surely this can be shown to "the world". Unfortunately, the world is

12:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hang fire" is obviously a term the chubby-faced gas-bag trustfund baby does not understand, is roughly similar in meaning to "Failure to launch." It seems a remarkably inappropriate turn of phrase for the meaning he was trying to convey, however serendipitously-fitting it may have been in the reality the rest of us inhabit.


10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Hang fire" is obviously a term the chubby-faced gas-bag trustfund baby does not understand, is roughly similar in meaning to "Failure to launch." It seems a remarkably inappropriate turn of phrase for the meaning he was trying to convey, however serendipitously-fitting it may have been in the reality the rest of us inhabit.


10:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given the non-coerced confession on youtube by the protester involved, the chancellor should resign because she suspended the cops involved, AND every one of the protesters involved should be expelled from the university. Not suspended, expelled, with the reason for such a permanent part of their college transcript.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous James said...

Don't mind me...

11:03 PM  

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