Monday, May 30, 2011

HUffies Skeptically Stare at Weiner

Because the leftwing requirements for posting at the HUffington Post are much less stringent than at DUmmieland, the HUffies are much more skeptical of Anthony Weiner's weiner story than the DUmmies who have SWALLOWED it whole. You can see HUffie skepticism about Weiner in this THREAD, "Anthony Weiner Says He Was #Hacked, After Briefs Shot Tweeted From His Account." So let us now watch most of the HUffies who have kept their hands off Weiner comment skeptically on the story in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, posting yet another story on this topic because he knows Ben Burch can't get enough of Weiner, is in the [brackets]:

Anthony Weiner Says He Was #Hacked, After Briefs Shot Tweeted From His Account

[Wasn't Lorena Bobbitt also involved in a hacked Weiner story?]

Yesterday, Anthony Weiner's 45,000 Twitter followers were treated to this surprising photo of someone's weiner (professionally required to say that) in briefs, which Weiner's rep today said was the work of a hacker. The tweet was directed, publicly, from Weiner's Twitter account, to a female in the Pacific Northwest, who quickly deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts after the incident. The woman is believed to be a journalism student in Seattle who once referred to Weiner as "her boyfriend" over Twitter. The tweet was immediately deleted, along with every photo in Weiner's yfrog account.

[Wow! The Hacker also hacked Weiner's yfrog account. I BEEEEELEEEEEVE!!! However the HUffies, in stark contrast to the gullible DUmmies about to experience a massive dose of Freudenschade, do not quite believe.]

Why did he delete ALL the photos in his account immediatel­y? Shouldn't everything have been preserved as evidence for investigat­ors? That seems odd.

[Yes. Something very odd about Weiner...and his behavior.]

OK, so why delete ALL images in your account? Still trying to understand why an investigat­ion has not been asked for. Wouldn't you want the authoritie­s to find and prosecute someone hacking into your personal accounts? I sure would.

[Hmmm... I seem to recall that Sarah Palin encouraged a big investigation when her account was hacked. And from Weiner on this subject...silence.]

Just simply amazing that he would not ask for an investigat­ion. This is serious stuff. Somebody is supposedly hacking into the private accounts of US Congressma­n. They could catch the hacker in a couple days if he just reports the "crime".

[Silence of the Obams.]

Impersonat­ing a Federal officer is a crime. Hacking is also illegal. It seems from Weiner's spokespers­on, it is already out if their hands and into the hands of the Federal authoritie­s. The chips will fall where they may.

[So just whose hands is the Weiner in?]

It is going to be a slow process since Rep Weiner deleted the one (hacked) tweet and all of his yFrog pictures. Seems odd that he would need to delete all his pictures.

[Deleting evidence from a CSI. Odd.]

Facebook notified the Congressma­n a week ago that his assword my have been tampered with and it appears he did nothing which is an unusual move from a prolific user of social network sites.

[Confess Ben Burch. Was that you tampering with the Weiner assword?]

Funny how the account was never shut down by Twitter while they investigat­ed, or for that matter Rep. Weiner seems to be protecting the hacker by not calling for an investigat­ion into this serious crime he himself alleged. Perhaps he should have went with, "Sorry, I was drunk."

[He accidentally hit the wrong Twitter button while choking on a pretzel.]

This hacker has caused significan­t harm to Rep. Wiener and the poor young woman who seems to have been the second target. We must ensure the proper authoritie­s find the hacker and bring him to justice. As a bonus, it may finally make Breitbart insignific­ant. Rep. Wiener should demand an investigat­ion just for that.

[Hello Weiner? Is Weiner there? Has anybody found Weiner? Hello? Hello?]

Gee, I wonder why Huff Po has made the editorial decision to place this article in such an obscure location?

[They wanted to hide Weiner in a bun.]

ya, quite unlike the entry for the GOP congressma­n who was SHIRTLESS!­!!

[In the Land of HUffPo it is a much greater crime for a Republican congressman to bare his chest than for a Democrat congressman to expose his Weiner.]

Anthony Weiner holds a number of very high level security clearances and is no doubt privy to a great deal of classifies material. I am sure he is is urging the authoritie­s t find out who it is that hacked his account, right.


First his name is Wiener. Please learn how to spell his name right. Second, why would he go jail when his account was being hacked?

[I'm wif stooopid. His name is spelled W-E-I-N-E-R you weiner.]

This story is not going away. Someone has filed an official notificati­on to some "hacking" reporting service about this "Hacking" and it will be followed up. The FBI may be interested in a Congressma­n's accounts being hacked, if they were. He will not be able to stuff this crap back into the goose. Tuesday will be a very interestin­g day in Mr. Weiner's carreer.

[The day the Weiner gets grilled.]

I want the FBI to investigat­e this so-called "hack" of Weiners account.

[I know that is NOT you, Anthony Weiner.]

Anthony Weiner wrested his twitter/fa­cebook/yfr­og account back from a hacker in four minutes! Amazing! The tweet magically got deleted, as did the young woman's facebook and twitter accounts. She really didn't want them, I'm sure. She writes for a college newspaper, and her name was scrubbed from the online version of the paper, too. It sure seems she's going to a lot of trouble just for a silly 'ole joke picture from a hacker. Sheesh. You'd think a real hacker would, you know, do a little better than a picture of gray undies? Oh, and of Mr. Weiner's 92 people he followed on Twitter, it just so happened that this lovely college student in Seattle was one of them. Hmm.

[Hmm. Or is it HUmma?]

Anthony Weiner is going to lead the search for the Hacker..

[On the same golf courses where OJ was searching for the killer?]


Blogger TANSTAAFL said...

Anthony Weiner: the Member of Congress.

7:53 AM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

It's beginning to look more and more like Weiner is responsible not some hacker. Not that it will matter of course. If they wouldn't force bloated pervert Congressman Barney Frank out for running a gay prostitution ring out of his office, the DSA won't do anything to Weiner for this. And it won't stop their blantant hypocracy for seeking to sanctimoniously crucify the next member of the GOP who turns out to be a vile individual. Just the other day there was a columnist who was doing her dead level best to excuse the behavior of John "Empty Suit" Edwards and implying he's committed no real crimes. The Moonbat community will cover up any crime or ethical failure by one of their own short of murder.

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The Moonbat community will cover up any crime or ethical failure by one of their own short of murder."

Almost correct. The Kopechne family might dispute the "short of murder" part.

3:38 PM  
Blogger DS,LK & F said...

Release the hounds and double entendres!!!

"I guess when you're a member of the 'hard left', you can get away with anything".

"FBI to grill Weiner in hack tale".

"The Weiner pic? Actually those shorts WERE white."

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

Anonymous said...

"The Moonbat community will cover up any crime or ethical failure by one of their own short of murder."

Almost correct. The Kopechne family might dispute the "short of murder" part.

Good are correct. Some do get away with murder or manslaughter depending on the circumstances of the killing.

2:47 AM  

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