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Hiding Hypocrite Pitt seditiously silent on Obama's War on Libya

Why so much war? Because war is a profitable enterprise. George W. Bush and his people can hold forth about the wonders of democracy and peace, and can condemn worldwide violence in solemn tones. Until the United States stops being the world's largest arms dealer, these words from our government absolutely reek of hypocrisy.
-- William Rivers Pitt

International best-selling author William Rivers Pitt prides himself on being the leading opponent of Bush's War on Iraq, right from the get-go. Early on, he wrote (with his buddy, Inspector Scott Ritter) an international best-selling book, War on Iraq: What Team Bush Doesn't Want You to Know. And then he wrote another international best-selling book, The Greatest Sedition Is Silence, in which he decried those who remained silent and did not speak out against the war. For his truth-outing efforts, speaking truth to power big-time, Mr. Pitt was even awarded his own baseball card (above) as one of the "Americans Who Tell the Truth."

So now that another U.S. President has taken to bombing another poor faraway country full of brown people, of course you can expect that Proud Pacifist Pitt will immediately take the lead in speaking out against Obama's War on Libya, right? Wrongo! Ever since Obomber started killing the women and children of Libya, Mr. Pitt has been strangely, suspiciously, SEDITIOUSLY SILENT! Pied Piper Pitt has become HIDING HYPOCRITE PITT!

Days and days have passed, and yet hardly a peep has come from the Pied Piper. He has been playing his cards close to the vest. One suspects he is wetting his finger and holding it in the air, to see which way the DUmmieland wind is blowing. The Pittster has posted a little bit over the last week, but not much, and what there's been has been noticeably non-committal. There have been lots and lots of threads on DU on the subject--others have spoken out vociferously against Obama's War, so it's not like there hasn't been the opportunity. For example, there is this
THREAD, "My, how DU has changed. Yay War!" But will Pitt take a stand?

Pitt has posted this
THREAD, "If Iraq and Afghanistan had not happened, how would you feel about this Libya action?" and this THREAD, "Juan Cole: Top 10 Accomplishments of the No-Fly Zone." But again, will Pitt take a stand and SPEAK OUT against Obama's War?

Willie, where do you stand?? {crickets chirping}

So let us listen listen very carefully, and maybe we might just hear a peep from Hiding Hypocrite Pitt, in Rivers of Blood Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, expecting Pitt to speak truth to power sometime in the next 24 business hours, is in the [brackets]:

My, how DU has changed. Yay War!

[Well, DUmmie Ripley, have no fear. You can be sure Proud Pacifist Pitt has not changed! Nosiree!]

When I signed up here 9 years ago the majority of members were not just against Bush but also against his policies which led to his ugly illegal wars based upon lies that made obvious profits for his Halliburton VP. Instead of ending either of the damned wars Obama is getting us involved in another one. More very expensive tax-payer funded weapons are fired. No doubt killing civilians as well as bad guys.

[Pied Piper Pitt, DUmmieland turns its lonely eyes to you! Will you lead the way for us in denouncing this evil, Bushlike war? We NEED you, William Rivers Pitt!]

[But first, DUmmie MedleyMisty chimes in . . .]

Okay, you know what? I am so freaking sick of this, of having my motives and my feelings and my ideas and my character insulted just because I think for a minute before going into full outrage mode. I was so completely against Afghanistan and Iraq. I knew they were both wrong and stupid and immoral and evil. I knew that, beyond a shadow of a doubt. . . . I know that randomly deciding to go and kill other living beings for fun and profit is the most wrong and evil thing you can do. You cannot imagine the depths of my emotions against both of those invasions and occupations. LIBYA IS DIFFERENT!!!!

[Yes, this time it's a DEMOCRAT President doing the bombing! DUmmie MedleyMisty, you greatly disappoint me! You sound like a closet WARMONGER! Oh, Pitt, please weigh in here and straighten your fellow DUmmie out! Show her how evil this senseless war is!]


[That's it?? +1?? You give a +1 to a post DEFENDING Barack McSame's War on Brown People?? How COULD you? Say it ain't so, Will! The Greatest Sedition Is SILENCE!]

[Well, Pitt finally did post a thread of his own on the bombing of Libya. I'm sure here he will speak out boldly!]

If Iraq and Afghanistan had not happened, how would you feel about this Libya action?

[Huh? That's a strange way to speak out boldly! It almost sounds like, like, you're trying to blame BUSH for "this Libya action"!]

Just curious.

[That's GOT to be a typo! I'm sure you meant "Just FURIOUS"! You're just furious about Obomber's unholy war!]

Still puzzling through my own feelings on this situation.

[Wha-aa?? YOU, of all people, "puzzling through" your "feelings" on "this situation"? That is SOOO unPitty!]

[Well, Pitt, all you did in that thread is dance your way AWAY from taking a stand!]

[We'll give you one more chance, Will. Let's see if you can redeem yourself . . .]

Juan Cole: Top 10 Accomplishments of the No-Fly Zone

[You excerpt someone else's "Mission Accomplished" puff-piece article about the successes of the no-fly zone, and THIS is your speaking-truth-to-power essay on the evils of Obama's War?? Sheesh!]

I Await The "Mission Accomplished" Banner

[I did NOT see this comment by DUmmie zorahopkins when I wrote my comment above!]

I eagerly await the "Mission Accomplished" Banner. The US is supporting a "liberation movement"? Or is the US simply trying to assure that civilians are not killed? Or is the US trying to oust Kaddafi? Or is the US after Libya's oil?

[DUmmie zorahopkins SEES THROUGH the hypocrisy of Will the Shill hiding behind a spin-cycle puff-piece he posts from somebody else! Pitt replies . . .]

Do you consider Libya and Iraq to be the same thing? Not asking to be a jerk. Genuinely curious.

[Genuinely HIDING!]

Libya is not Iraq. There was no clear and present justification for the invasion of Iraq in 2003; there was clear and present justification for UN action in Libya. . . .

[DUmmie Spider Jerusalem mounts a feeble defense of Warmonger Obomber and Hiding Hypocrite Pitt.]

As someone who has spent just about the last ten years fighting against the Iraq war, I am deeply appreciative of your comment.

[Will the Shill cites his bona fides of opposing wars waged by REPUBLICAN presidents named BUSH!]

Is it a war?

[William questions whether it is a "war." See, Rethuglican Bush has a "war." Democrat Obama has "this Libyan action" and the "Top 10 Accomplishments of the No-Fly Zone." But, Willie, won't the bombs feel the same, falling on those innocent brown people?]

It ain't a bar fight.

[DUmmie bluestate10 explains it for Bukowski Bouncer Pitt in terms he can understand.]

[Well, that's it from Seditiously Silent Pitt so far. But I'm sure that within 24 business hours, Our Boy will come to his senses and start SPEAKING TRUTH OUT TO POWER! Or not. William, I dub thee HIDING HYPOCRITE PITT, and I'm calling you out!]


Blogger GeronL said...

This is different!

Iraq took 9 months, Congressional approval and many UN resolutions, it was a RUSH to war!

This time we had days and one UN resolution and no Congressional authority. It is so obviously different. lol.

Sorry for the sarcasm. The old jokes about it "Not being war when we do it" have come true.

You cannot parody these clowns, it always comes true.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This much hypocrisy is tough to hide from no matter how delusional you are. Even with blinders on you can tell when you've fallen into a Pitt *rim-shot*

I'm glad they'll be on our side when the next real President decides it's finally time to bomb Iran. We'll remind them of this day and the low low level of necessary requirements for war.

Prog tears do taste delicious!

Johnny 5 is alive

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is completely different because it's not an actual war. It's a "kinetic movement", a way of "facilitating dialog" and creating a "sustainable future." There's a committee and everything.

DUmmies like kinetic movements, facilitation, and sustainability, and if you bring a committee into it, they get really excited.

9:41 AM  

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