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DUmmies up in ARMS over Olbermann suspension!

SOMEBODY SHOOK UP THE ANTS! The DUmmies are up in ARMS over the Olbermann suspension! In case you haven't heard, MSDNC, the most left-leaning media outlet there has been since Pravda and Isvestia were in their prime--MSDNC has suspended Keith "KOuntdown" Olbermann for violating his contract. You see, Keithie donated to Democrat-politician guests on his show without clearing that first with his employer. That's a no-no, per the contract he agreed to, and so KO is out the door.

BTW, I don't usually watch the cable news channels, but Tuesday night I watched the election coverage on the Fox News Channel, while flipping over occasionally to MSDNC. It was UNBELIEVABLE the outright--outleft?--blatant bias of MSDNC! Their main panel consisted of Keith "KOokie" Olbermann, Chris "The Thrill" Matthews, Lawrence "Lawrence of Insania" O'Donnell, and Rachel "Mancow" Maddow--all white males, please note. And all EXTREME, hardcore, unhappy leftists--openly hostile, arrogant and belligerent, toward any Republican guest. But it was SO extreme, it was actually, unintentionally, entertaining!

Well, now Karma has come back to bite Keithie in the butt. And the DUmmies are OUTRAGED!! This only PROVES that MSDNC--"their" supposed progressive news channel--is just another corporate-media arm of the Fascist Regime Ruling All Things. Right now DUmmieland is abuzz about Olbiegate, lots of threads to choose from. We'll go with this
THREAD "Keith Olbermann SUSPENDED From MSNBC Indefinitely Without Pay."

So grab your forks and pitchtorches and let us sample the fury, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, still amazed at the unbelievable bias and belligerence of MSDNC's election-night coverage, is in the [brackets]:

Keith Olbermann SUSPENDED From MSNBC Indefinitely Without Pay

[NO!! It can't be! Not our KEITH! Not our MSDNC!]

"I became aware of Keith's political contributions late last night. Mindful of NBC News policy and standards, I have suspended him indefinitely without pay," MSNBC president Phil Griffin said in a statement. . . . While NBC News policy does not prohibit employees from donating to political candidates, it requires them to obtain prior approval from NBC News executives before doing so. . . . it was Olbermann's failure to obtain approval, and not the actual political donations, that prompted the suspension. . . . The move . . . represents a major development in the relationship between Griffin and Olbermann, who once told the New Yorker, "Phil thinks he's my boss."


Holy Cow!

[Holy KO!]

This is OUTRAGEOUS. . . . I'm PISSED.


KO comes back or I am done with them.

[They're dead to me.]

The decision to suspend Keith Olbermann over failing to ask permission to make political contributions is ludicrous. Such a policy treats MSNBC's very professional staff as though they were little children, having to "go ask mommy". . . .

[A contract Li'l Keithie willingly signed.]

MSNBC, while it does have MORE well educated hosts and ones who are willing to speak out about the LIES of FAUX NEWS, the bottom line is this...THEY ARE STILL BIG CORPORATIST! Be afraid, be very afraid. . . .

[First they came for Olbermann. . . .]

THIS IS WAR! OK....I've had it....this is the last straw....DO NOT sit idly by while a mega-corporation sh*ts on Keith Olbermann -- one of the greatest journalists and political commentators of our time. . . . It's time to RISE UP, Democrats. STAND UP to this injustice! THROW OFF THE SHACKLES OF YOUR CORPORATE MASTERS AND STOP BEING SLAVES!

[Keith, YOU can be our Moses and TELL old Pharaoh, "Let my People GO!" SPEAK TRUTH TO POWWWERRRR!!!!!!!]

At FOX it is called tithing.

[Hee! Hee! That's actually FUnnie!]

They'll change their minds. He brings in way too many viewers for them to let him go.

[Literally DOZENS!]

Keith can go on the internet and make speeches.

[With Alan Grayson! Audience in the FIVES!]

Keith is not married. . . .

[Hmm, I wonder why. I've heard he has "problems."]


[NOT ONE D*MN VIEWER! . . . Wait a minute. How could they tell?]

Boycott Maddow's show? The only decent news on tv? No.

[Well, so much for bold action.]

Might this be the start of Olbermann's political career?


NBC will almost certainly bring him back after making him sit in the corner for a bit.

[Oh, darn, there goes our martyr!]

They are coming for DU already. I can sense it.

[Someone's spidey-sense is tingling!]

I guess a privately held company can do whatever they want, and their employees just have to bow down and take it.


United Slaves of America. Time to revolt!

[The DUmmies are revolting!]

it's in the contract he signed. It may be wrong, but he agreed to it.


KO has a contract with NBC. KO broke the terms of that contract. NBC is exercising, for whatever reason, their rights under the contract they have with KO. KO therefore has no legal recourse. May seem unfair but this is what KO agreeded to and he has no one to blame other than himself.


Anyone know what It's like to live in Costa Rica? I need a new country to move to.

[What's wrong with Cuba or Venezuela? Maybe Keith will go with you--he'd fit right in with their free media there. How do you say "Countdown" in Spanish?]

MSNBC was pretty stupid to suspend a golden goose like Keith.

[I think of him more as a common loon.]

Oh, this angers me so much!!

[I may have to utter an obscenity! (Huh, wha?)]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"They are coming for DU already. I can sense it..."

LOL! Yep, don't forget there are lousy freeper trolls hiding under your bed, too.

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Jerome Goolsby said...

First the election, now the news that one of the most vicious hate-mongering guttersnipe Moonbat commentators on TV has been given a brutal and deserved smack-down by his boss for being a hypocritical liar.

This is a truly excellent week.

12:12 AM  
Anonymous susieq2cute said...

Oh, no, they better not come for DU. What fun would we have then? lol

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Elrond Hubbard said...

Why should DUmmies and the few hundred other moonbats who watch KO be deprived of their favorite loon just because he contributed money to leftie Democrats? Anyone who's ever watched MSNBC knows Keith is a Democrat partisan, I expected him to contribute to Donk candidates. I was only surprised the contributions were relatively modest.

Yeah, KO broke his contract with MSNBC but lefties don't believe in contractual obligations. And please, does MSNBC even pretend that its cast of charlatans are non-partisan journalists.

It was a bad week in DUmmieland,
Keith self destructed while progressive icons Grayson and Feingold bit the wienie. Time to book a flight to Cuba.

3:28 PM  
Blogger Tazzerman said...

"vicious hate-mongering guttersnipe Moonbat commentators"

Perfect description..

Fit's Mr Shultz as well :D


4:58 PM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Over the years I've never seen more than 10 seconds of UberMan on a You Tube video. It was enough. My first thought was "This must be some gay/dominatrix thing gone horribly wrong". From there I've left it to the experts on the innertubes to supply me with analysis of this dementia from a safe distance.

So to PJ & Charles, I officially present to you the Bathysphere of Colonoscopy Award. :)

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! He'll be back from his "suspension" this week. I'm sure his glorious return will be a ratings bonanza. Maybe they'll even break 100 viewers!

Dare to dream MSNBC.

*cough*publicity stunt*cough*

12:17 AM  

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