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Los DUmmies celebrate Cinco de Mao by cheering for "Los Suns"!

¡Hola! That's a little Spanish lingo there, for those of you in Rio Linda. It means "Hello!" Yes, today is Cinco de Mayo, the "Fifth of May," an excuse to eat at Mexican restaurants and drink margaritas, which is always a good thing. But for the DUmmies, of course, this day, like every day, is Cinco de Mao, a time to celebrate international socialism and everything anti-American.

The big buzz over in DUmmieland the past week or so has been the law passed in Arizona to crack down on illegal aliens. Now who could be against that? We're talking about ILLEGAL aliens, after all. The federal government has not been doing their job, and so Arizona, one of the states most directly affected by the flood of illegals, is simply doing their part to keep them out.

But of course this is not politically correct. The liberal establishment, and those afraid of the liberal establishment (read "boycotts"), have been quick to condemn the Arizona law. And so the NBA's Phoenix Suns have issued a statement opposing the law, and tonight their team will wear a "Los Suns" jersey, "to honor our Latino community," the owner said. "Los Suns" to honor Hispanics? That's rather ironic--and moronic, and macaronic--since, if you're going to do it in Spanish, it should be Los Soles.

So before we get to Los DUmmies, let's sing this salute to the PC Suns:

Tune: "By the Time I Get to Phoenix"

By the time they get to Phoenix, they'll be playing
They'll wear the shirts the Left gives 'em, brand new ones
We'll laugh when we read the odd linguistic saying
'Cause there ain't no phrase that comes out as "Los Suns"

By the time I stop for lunch, I'll have frijoles
A margarita too, before I'm done
But I'll still know that it should be "Los Soles"
Or better yet, just "Suns"

By the time I make out "Cinco," hold the "Mayo"
This PC diet is sticking in my craw
If they're illegal, just send 'em on their way home
No time is time to let 'em break the law

That's the last straw
When they break the law . . .

Well, leave it to Los DUmmies to take the wrong side, no matter the issue. Here they go again, in this
THREAD, "Suns to wear ‘Los Suns’ jerseys for Game 2."

So let us all don our sombreros and head on down to the Valley of the Stunned, where Los DUmmies' comments are in Revolución Rojo, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, whose grandparents came over from Sweden as LEGAL immigrants, is in the [brackets]:

Suns to wear ‘Los Suns’ jerseys for Game 2

[Let's hope it's "LOSS Suns" for Game 2!]

The Phoenix Suns will wear “Los Suns” on their jerseys Wednesday

[Wouldn't that make them the New Jersey Suns?]

owner Robert Sarver said, “to honor our Latino community and the diversity of our league, the state of Arizona, and our nation.”

["The diversity of our league"??? Yeah, all those Mexican point guards and Caucasian-American power forwards. Right.]

The decision to wear the jerseys on the Cinco de Mayo holiday stems from a law passed by the Arizona Legislature and signed by Gov. Jan Brewer that has drawn widespread criticism from Latino organizations and civil rights groups that say it could lead to racial profiling of Hispanics.

[I understand Gov. Brewer's approval ratings have jumped 16 points in Arizona.]

President Barack Obama has called the law “misguided.”

[Of course. He can't even produce a birth certificate! . . . Now to comments from Los DUmmies . . .]

Los is Spanish. Suns is not Spanish.

[Legal immigration is legal. Illegal immigration is not legal.]

It's perfect Spanglish, though. Not like the Tealiban will know the difference.

["Tealiban"? Hey, in honor of Cinco de Mayo, today we in the Tea Party are changing our name to the "Tequila Party."}

Go Suns!

[Today the Moonbats are changing their name to "Los Sunbats."]

Now I wish the Spurs would wear their Los Spurs jersies

[Those jerseys are rather spurious, too.]

WTG for Los Suns.....not a Suns fan, but I am a Steve (Esteban?) Nash fan.

[When "Loss Suns" lose tonight, I hope there will be weeping and Nashing of teeth.]

Have you ever heard of Cinco de Mayo?

[Have you ever heard of Hold de Mayo?]

los Mets have been doin this for a while.

[They're trying to appeal to the New Jersey fans.]

other teams from cities like Los Angeles are doing this every day on their normal uniforms!

[So to honor the Anglo community, shouldn't the Dodgers sometimes wear jerseys that say "The Angels"?]


[¡Ole! . . . as in "Sven and ¡Ole!"]

Viva Los Sons!

[¡Viva la Revolución!]

Why not "Los Sols" I wonder?

[When in DUmmieland, I need "Lysols."]

I love me some Suns!!

[I love me some margaritas!!]

I hate the Suns


Steve Nash just spoke out against the law. . . .

[The guy's a lousy lib Canuck. Who cares? Oh, btw, he got papers?]

I am now a Suns fan.

[You are now a Moon bat.]

That is nothing but pandering, and to me is insulting. This is coming from corporate PR people, probably all gringos.

[How do you say "Kewpie Doll" in Spanish? 'Cause, DUmmie CLANG, you just won one!]

you know. i think i need to take that back.

[Sorry, DUmmie CLANG, all Kewpie Doll decisions are final. Now prepare for your tombstoning.]

They do sell the "Los Suns" Steve Nash jersey. . . .

[Translation: "Lo$ $un$." As always, follow the pesos.]


Anonymous race card said...

Truth: The Suns (including Steve Nash, the Canadian) do not care about the rights of illegal aliens.

they only want to prevent any potential loss of income that might result in hispanics not buying tickets to their games.

12:23 AM  
Anonymous DumbAss Tanker said...

"Every country should have a holiday when they celebrate how they defeated the French."

Well, about every country that ever fought the French does have such a holiday. Even the French, if you count Bastille Day.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Cinco de Mayo was a sales campaign started by Corona beer to push sales in the USA. (P.S. you weren't born yet)

And also an earlier campaign of the Mexicans defeating the French. You can imagine how long ago that was. (hint- you still weren't born yet)

It has no religious ties. It has no racial ties. At best, it was over a military success.

So there ya go. Reminds me of the Simpsons' "Love Day" episode. Creating shit out of thin air in order to propel a societal movement.

8:22 PM  

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