Friday, February 26, 2010

"Today's New Right looks a lot like the New Left of the '60s"

The denizens of DUmmieland consist of leftover hippies who remember the '60s (through the drug-addled fog) and younger lefties who romanticize the '60s. As such, they resent being compared to the right-wing "teabaggers" of today--just as much as we conservatives resent being compared to them! But that comparison is the gist of an article that has got the DUmmies talking. The article was posted by Pied Piper Pitt (not written by him, though, thank Gaia!), as the discussion-starter for this THREAD, "'Today's New Right looks a lot like the New Left of the '60s' - your take?"

So be sure to wear some flowers in your hair and some tea leaves on your sleeve, as the DUmmies Recreate '68, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson--who remembers the '60s (see my book, "I Was a Teenage Nixon Republican") and can tell the difference between a dope-smoking, draft-card-burning, flag-burning, Commie-pinko hippie and a law-abiding, too-much-tax-paying, flag-waving, stay-at-home mom--is in the [brackets]:

"Today's New Right looks a lot like the New Left of the '60s" - your take?

[The "New Left of the '60s" is now the Old Left IN their 60s.]

Tea Party: Woodstock 2?

[Pot Party: Woodstock 1.]

What the Tea Party actually does represent seems to have a lot of observers baffled. Are its members just a bunch of kooks? Racists? Dittoheads? Survivalists? Libertarian extremists? Gun nuts? Thoughtful conservatives in wolves' clothing? Can they really be all those things?

[How about . . . American citizens exercising their right to free politicial speech and assembly to protest a federal government that is taxing and spending and controlling WAY WAY WAY beyond the limits of the Constitution? Did the "baffled observers" ever consider that?]

Yes they can. It's a familiar pattern. I've seen it before, albeit from the opposite political pole. The Tea Party is an organization in no greater sense than "the Movement" was in the 1960s. Sure, between 1964 and ’74, millions of Americans - many young, most educated - coalesced around the shared goals of ending the Vietnam War and fulfilling the promise of the civil rights movement.

["The Movement" coalesced around the goals of getting high, having sex, and dodging the draft.]

Opposing war and racism was our common ground, but our causes were many - feminism, vegetarianism, socialism, transcendental meditation, abortion rights, gay liberation, communal living, Puerto Rican statehood, macrobiotics, drug-law reform, Krishna Consciousness, ecology, etc.

[Opposing traditional morality was your common ground, and your causes were goofy.]

Still, it was nice to have the people wearing tinfoil pyramid hats and the miniscule third-eye contingent chanting "nam myoho renge kyo" in your corner when it came to swelling the crowd at an anti-draft demonstration.

["Nam myoho renge kyo" = "I don't want to go to 'Nam."]

The Tea Party is no different, except, of course, its ties that bind are small government, lower taxes, and begrudging vital social services.

[More like, small government, lower taxes, and dislodging virulent socialism.]

Just as the '60s New Left was plagued by all manner of progressive cohorts and lonely neurotics, the Tea Party is an magnetic bandwagon for conservative activist, ranging from pro-lifers to climate-change deniers to prayer-in-schools absolutists to people haven’t quite accepted heliocentrism, never mind evolution.

[Actually, I have become a firm believer in evolution: I think the DUmmies ARE descended from monkeys!]

Those factions, along with a giant cluster of conspicuously angry lone wingnuts, are climbing aboard and, in most media reports, overshadowing the group's core of seemingly moderate sympathetic white, middle-class, suburban voters.

[So this lib writer even admits the Tea Party's "core" IS made up of nice average folks, not a bunch of wacky wingnuts. Thanx! Now let's see the DUmmies' take on being compared to "teabaggers" . . .]

The ONLY thing I see in common is some degree of anger at the establishment.

[The ONLY thing I see in DUmmieland is boiling anger at EVERYTHING!]

The tea party has a demographic problem.

[The tea party has a Democratic problem.]

The New Left gave a voice to people who were previously underrepresented in our country; women, people of color, and the GLBT.

[Historical-revisionism much? The hippies of the late '60s were white guys trying to pick up chicks and smoke dope and stay out of the army.]

the Left was ahead of the curve, and the tea party is behind the curve

[The Left was a head shop with germs, and the tea party is aligned to cure.]

The whole comparison is insulting.

[I agree! Insulting to the Tea Partiers!]

Sullen, essentially hopeless anger of the Teabaggers versus the bright, multicolored, tie-dyed optimism, dedication to the life principle, and openness to all kinds of experience that typified the 60's--No contest.

[Your "tie-dyed optimism" is really a "brain-fried" euphemism.]

They're murdering pigs. . . . They're racist @ssholes.

[And you're the people of peace and love, right?]

what they're doing is coming from a whole different part of the brain than what we were doing back in the day.

[Which was, frying your brain.]

They are ludicrous popinjays, and nothing more.

["Popinjays"! +1 on your "Word of the Day" calendar, DUmmie ixion!)

There was nary a peep from them while BushCo -- systematically and with great malice and forethought -- destroyed what was left of the Constitution and Bill of Rights with their thinly-veiled machinations towards implementing Pax Americana and the New World Police State Order.

[Wow, DUmmie ixion, you must be prepping for the Bad Pitt Writing Contest!]

At that time, these "small-government" patriots were on their hands and knees speaking in tongues and praying that Little Lord Chimpenfurher would be safe while he cleared brush from the pig farm and destroyed the American Way of Life.

["Little Lord Chimpenfurher"--you're on a roll, DUmmie ixion!]

+ infinity +1

[To infinity . . . and beyond!]

I remember the sheer nuttiness on the youthful left in the mid 70s, wild eyed suburban kids preaching revolution. . . .

[Speaking truth to POW-ER! Standing up to THE MAN!]

The tables are turned this time, with senescent people being the ones to be wild eyed and preaching violent revolution to maintain a senescent movement, radical reactionary conservatism. . . . Still, for those of us more sanguine movement types of the 60s and 70s, the parallels of a dying paradigm breeding fanaticism and threats of violence among the diehard adherents are very telling.

[It's telling me that "senescent" and "sanguine" are your attempts to match DUmmie ixion, DUmmie Warpy.]

Given that most of these teabaggers seem to be Boomers I think it's an interesting mirror image.

[The drugged-out, dropped-out, lefty hippies never did represent MOST of us Boomers (i.e., those born 1946-64). A lot of us Boomers became Reagan conservatives. So your "mirror" is cracked.]

Some, like me, refused to embrace capitalism. . . .

[Is that you, Barack Obama?]

Even the Weather Underground and the Motherf***ers never intentionally killed their political opponents. Most of the casualties in the '60s and '70s were . . . the unintentional death of someone who refused to vacate a lab bombed at the University of Wisconsin. . . . The SLA killed a bank customer in Oakland, but that was unplanned part of a robbery.


I actually think it is wrong to mix the anti-war movement with the civil rights movement. Civil rights can date its way back into the '50s at the very least.

[You win today's Kewpie Doll, DUmmie zipplewrath, for a brief moment of mental clarity. Your fellow DUmmies who keep invoking "civil rights" and "opposing racism" are trying to upgrade their hippie movement by association with the earlier civil rights movement, which in the EARLY '60s was still a righteous cause.]

there was a frequently a sense of playfulness with the counterculture. The teabaggers are f**ing pissed. I can't imagine them laughing at anything. . . .

[Welcome to the DUmmie FUnnies, where we laugh at you guys A LOT!]

The bulk of the Tea Baggers are the 60s rejects who weren't getting laid during the sexual revolution. They were pissed off at the hippies and hated them for their freedom (sound familiar?). Now they're trying to recapture their lost youth with their misdirected anger aimed at everyone who can still ejaculate. Impotence, thy name is tea bagger.

[Degenerance, thy name is DUmmie.]

Thursday, February 18, 2010

KOmmies Build Public Option Field of Dreams

Build it and they will come ---"Field of Dreams."

The KOmmies just can't give up on their beloved ObamaCare which is now DOA despite next week's meeting with the Republicans in the Blair House. However, the KOmmies and much of the left just can't accept this fact. Instead they have gone into deep fantasy mode and are now speculating that public option ObamaCare could easily happen via reconciliation. And it is that very speculation about a highly unlikely event that keeps their hopes alive...for now as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD, "Updated: Public Option Through Reconciliation Scoreboard: 18 Signers + 3 Supporters = 21." Yes, they are now acting like an impossibility is a probability. Of course, reconciliation will NOT be happening for a myriad of reasons. For one thing, they are up against a hard time limit of sometime in April to even accomplish this. After that, reconciliation is already off the table officially although it won't even be attempted for many other reasons. What is really laughable, is the near impossibility of the House approving the Senate bill as is, then getting it signed into law by Obama, then back to the Senate for reconciliation revisions to fix that travesty with just 51 vote approval per revision. That is is NOT going to happen so it is really laughable that the KOmmies believe that the reconciliation gimmick is going to work for public option. So let us now join the KOmmies in their public option Fantasyland in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying the spectacle of the KOmmies sinking ever deeper into unreality, is in the [barackets]:

Updated: Public Option Through Reconciliation Scoreboard: 18 Signers + 3 Supporters = 21

[KOmmie Reality Check Scoreboard: 0.00]

It's been a great day on the front lines! We've now got public support from over 20 senators and plenty that are "still considering." Let's give them plenty to consider. Keep calling. And call the president at at 202-456-1111 and tell him to get on board. Leadership for a Change!

[The FUnniest thing about this whole fantasy will be watching them in a few weeks when NOTHING happens on the public option front. The mass meltdown will be HILARIOUS to watch!!!]

Let's keep score!

[Good idea. So far KOmmie connection to reality remains at a big fat ZERO.]

Things have been happening fast this morning. Yesterday it was 8 and today it is 16. Thanks to your efforts this morning Boxer, Reed, Mikulski, Tom Udall and Lautenberg signed the letter.

[All they are doing is extending the plank which the KOmmies are doomed to fall off of.]

This effort has legs people.


Keep up the fight!

[And pray for the Alternate Reality to arrive.]

And CALL the White House: 202-456-1111. Tell Obama to come out and support this effort. Demand he stand up for what he promised us during the campaign for a change! With his leadership this can happen.

[Yeah. Obama couldn't even make a watered down version of ObamaCare happen and now you think he is going to go all out for public option. You need to be popping more of those reality altering meds.]

NO PLACE TO HIDE. With 50 democratic votes we can pass health care reform. They must support it, or they are against health care reform.

[I enjoy watching KOmmies on hallucinogens.]

Update: Just saw that Shumer and Shaheen signed!!! WTG Netroots!!!! Yell Louder!!!!!

[Tune In! Turn On! Drop Out!]

UPDATE: Thursday, 4:56 PM -- The White House is declining to comment on the push to reinsert the public option into the debate.

[Yeah, and somehow you expect them to go all out for public option?]

Hey Obama! How about some leadership...for a change!

[And this is the lion that you expect to roar for public option?]

Keep Fighting! Thank you for your efforts! Keep Calling!

[This KOmmie is definitely headed for the Rubber Room when the rock solid April reconciliation deadline comes and goes. And now for the rest of the reality challenged KOmmies...]

The era of procrastination, half-measures, soothing & baffling expedients, & delays, is coming to a close. We are entering a period of consequences - Churchill

[A quote from Obama's least favorite Brit.]

Here are the CONGRESSIONAL TOLL FREE NUMBERS I found. They get you to the switchboard and sometimes to the office

[How about if I just provide you with some walls to beat your heads against?]

The main thing (always) is to keep our "eyes on the prize!"

[Even if it's a Booby Prize?]

We need to raise the money to put togrther a 50 individual state polls on the Public option. We should get 2 polling companies and two MSM outlets to agree to participate. We could force senators to support this.

[Why am I envisioning Any Hardy yelling at Judy Garland about putting on a show right at home in the barn?]

Just when it seemed that hope had died..

[...complete unreality sets in.]

pass the damn healthcare bill, through reconcilliation if need be but PASS IT or find another job"

[Prepare the tranquillizer darts for this KOmmie come April.]

We are almost to twenty Senators. The number has more than doubled in one day. This is what the public demands. We can win this one. We only need 50 votes.

[Please don't knock this KOmmie out of his reverie by informing him that reconciliation in the Senate can ONLY be used on items related to the budget...NOT setting up a whole new socialist health care system.]

If your Senators are sure NO, then get on the phone to others. If you don't have long distance, like me, email them. If you have a relative there, it's better, bacause it will have the right zip.

[HURRY! Waste your time on absolute nothingness!!!]

Bernie Sanders sounded crazy on Rachel Maddow's show last night. Not only would a public option pass via reconciliation, but education, jobs, energy, kitchen sink. What the heck was he saying?

[Bernie was saying that the Senate was just $10 away from reconciliation.]

But Sanders sounded like he was in some alternate universe.

[Sounds like he fits right in with the rest of you KOmmies.]

The public option will affect the budget (save us money), so we CAN use reconciliation.

[Um...actually EVERY bill will affect the budget but nice try with that stretch.]

I will tell you all before you are hurt by this. you cannot pass the public option through recon, because of the BYRD RULE! this is all just pandering to the base. As such, the potus will now pivot without the public option noting it will look better in the elections to independents that there was no government takeover. it is called strategy. It is not the POTUS fault, it is the rules

[Finally, a winner of the coveted Kewpie Doll.]

I just spoke to someone at Sen. Shaheen's Manchester office and was told she does support reconciliation and the public option. I asked when she would come out publically along with the other 19 Senators and was told he would pass the message on to Ms. Shaheen.

[And all the while that person in Shaheen's office was making a circular motion with his hand indicating that yet another loon was calling and actually believed the concealed brushoff.]

right now, the majority, if not all of the calls the Senators are receiving are encouraging support; in favor of this action.

[This is a KOmmie that needs to look up the definition of the word, "pander."]

Strike now, in great numbers, while we have advantage and can MAKE THE NEWS! This is what the Netroots is for!

[This is what the NUtroots is for!]

I got through to the statewide office. The guy who answered knew what I was talking about before I even described it to him.

[And that guy whispered "another NUtcase who actually believes in PO via reconciliation," to the others in the office.]

DC is closed for the evening, of course, and Albuquerque is now closed until Monday because of a staff retreat. Will try DC again tomorrow

[The best thing about this is all the WASTED energy on the part of the KOmmies. The burnout in a few weeks will be FUn to watch!]

I'll be making my calls to Murray and Cantwell. Excellent action diary MF!

[Beating your head against a wall will have more effect than what you are doing.]

I just got off the phone with a staffer at Jeanne Shaheen's office and she told me that Senator Shaheen has signed the letter.

[What's also FUnnie here is why would Obama even want to meet with Republicans at all if all this could be done via reconciliation? Answer: Because it can't be done via reconciliation but this hasn't penetrated tiny KOmmie skulls.]

Staffer said he received the letter and will make a decision tonight or tomorrow.

[Beat your head against the wall. BEAT IT! BEAT IT! BEAT IT!]

I had nearly given up on HCR. My spirits are revived.

[And how much did you shell out to Bev Harris in 2004?]

Add Durbin, Shaheen, Dodd & Schumer?

[Might as well add Adobo seasoning for all the good it will do.]

Feingold now on board with public option through reconciliation!!!

[Posted the KOmmie with the Happy Urinations soaking his diaper.]

Is there any way we could organize a money bomb for the assenting senators? Would be a great way to get others on board as well.

[No problem. Just empty your wallets and forward the funds to BBV Bev.]

Friday, February 12, 2010

KOmmies BEG For ObamaCare

Hear our plea, oh Mighty Gaia!!! We BEG you to enable the passage of ObamaCare! It makes no difference how lousy it is, we just need a win under our belt. Please, oh PRETTY PLEASE, make this possible. We were so near on Christmas Eve when the Senate finally passed it and now we are soooooo far. Please, for the sake of our mental health, see that it is finally enacted into law even though it seems to be hopelessly mired somewhere between the House and the Senate and the incredible political ineptness of The One.

Such is the desperation emanating from KOmmieland as you can see in this THREAD, "Is the Senate bill better than nothing?" Yes, the Senate ObamaCare bill sucks bigtime but no matter. ANY ObamaCare bill needs to be passed or the KOmmies will go innnnnnsaannne!!! Gotta have! Must have! WAAAAAAAHHHH!!! And what must really be killing them is that it seemed so certain on Christmas Eve that Santa Obama would be delivering their gift to them. Alas, thanx to the miracle election of Senator #41 from MA, it was not to be. And now the KOmmies are left to beating their heads against the wall over the loss of ObamaCare. So let us now watch the KOmmies wail over the ObamaCare that will never be in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, predicting many more wailings from the Left to come, in in the [barackets]:

Is the Senate bill better than nothing?

[Nothing is infinitely better.]

I wrote right before the Massachusetts election that Healthcare reform must pass, no matter what.

[ObamaCare MUST pass or I go completely CRRRRAAAAAAZZZZYYY!!!]

Does it matter if it's good legislation Democrats can be proud of? Well I suppose not, if it saves just a few lives. But I'll never be amazed and horrified at how far we've sunk, that we are content with such inadequate crumbs.

[Poor widdle KOmmie! Reduced to begging for ObamaCare crumbs.]

But, we must get a bill passed, if only for all the Americans who will die without "reform".

[Obviously your own mental health has already died...and now on to the rest of the ObamaCare-deprived KOmmies...]

Starting over ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN. "Fixing" these bills ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN because NOTHING short of a useless, one-year reconciliation measure will pass the senate now that the GOP can mount successful filibusters.

[Please pass this USELESS bill!!!]

Do we REALLY want another summer of getting kicked in the head over HCR?

[It's FUn to watch KOMmies getting kicked in the head!]

Well, I agree that the kabuki dance of 2009 was tremendously disappointing. Wasted his post-election mandate/momentum to end up with this? It's now Feb 12, 2010 postponed til Feb 24-25 meeting?

[The greatest holding action since Lee at Petersburg. Only difference is the defenders have WON just when all looked hopeless.]

We should have done this last year

[Thank you, Barack, for being so INEPT!!!]

I'm optimistic to a fault... But I'm also a realist, and the truth is, there's no way in hell we can survive another spring/summer of debate over HCR. The public has grown tired of it. Twist arms in the House...pass the senate bill...and let's get people back to work. We can and will add to the good things in the senate bill.

[You're STILL an optimist. The Senate bill is DEAD! Got that? D-E-A-D.]

We're just f*cked, it's as simple as that.

[A KOmmie applies for a coveted Kewpie Doll.]

I get frustrated that there's any bother with a "bipartisan health care summit" later this month, all this process crap is just complete bullshit and a huge waste of time. It just keeps the embarrassment of our failure in the news to remind voters why they're planning on kicking us in the teeth.

[Embarrassed KOmmies are FUn to watch!]

The fact is that the GOP have beaten the Democratic Party into crafting a shit bill that will be unpopular for a LONG time; and the Democratic Party is falling all over themselves to try to pass it. What's wrong with this picture? The answer is "A lot".

[Hee! Hee!]

We can't let this opportunity slip away, although we should do everything we can to improve it - before, during, after, whatever it takes.

[A KOmmie slipping into the mental abyss.]

As a leader, Obama blew this right from the start by mentioning single-payer and then giving it up without fighting for it.

[GASP! You mean The One is actually...fallible?]

The Senate bill is a POS. We'd be better off to kill it and start over. Let's use reconciliation to pass a Medicare buy-in for all, for starters.

[So easy to say. Now try DOING it.]

We will be DESTROYED if we pass nothing.

[Hee! Hee!]

I hope Obama steps up and soon, because it is not looking good for us in November. I say this as a Democrat for over 40 years. I am so disgusted right now I could scream. I also say this as a committed supporter of President Obama. I will never, ever vote Republican because for me, Sane beats crazy any day.

[In your case, crazy beat sane bigtime.]

The damn LOST OPPORTUNITY for something much much better is wreaking havoc with my spirit.

[May we start fitting you now for your strait jacket?]


[a KOmmie getting ready to sing "Daisy."]

we are the future. no one else. WE are the ones who make change happen in every little detail we do. make it count. we only get one go-round.

[So you want the words for "Daisy?"]

Well, if nothing gets passed and then the GOP gains control, that'll be the end of hope for a generation, too. You know, kinda like in '94. Do you want to lose with nothing to show for it or lose with something to show for it?

[Make that TWO generations.]

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Thats right. I got hired. I got a job."

A DUmmie got a job.

Okay, now that you've picked yourself up off the floor, don't call Ripley. You can believe it, it's true! Yes, a DUmmie got a job! DUmmie here_is_to_hope is the new prole, as he reports in this
THREAD, "Thats right. I got hired. I got a job."

Now of course this SHOULD call for a celebration of capitalism, free enterprise, and the private sector--all the things that produce jobs. But count on the DUmmies to not get so carried away that they forget their socialist cause. So let us now witness the inadvertent congratulations to capitalism, quickly countered by collectivist cautions, in Bolshevik Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, back in St. Louis for a couple days between trips to SoCal and Chicago, is in the [brackets]:

Thats right. I got hired. I got a job.

[Bummer, dude! Your mom wanted some rent for your room in the basement?]

Its part time sure but it will fill up our bellies with food.

[Yay! More Ho-Hos and Ding-Dongs! Michelle Obama be d*mned!]

I have to be up at 0300 to be at work at 0330.


I have to move 2400 lb. pallets of paper onto a truck and then deliver them.

[Pitt must have a new essay in the works.]

So? I can do that. I will do that.

[Watch that individual work ethic! Could be dangerous!]

Bills? Well, they are going to get paid!

[Careful! Personal responsibility could turn you into a FReeper!]

I just got home from the first day. My legs are tired, my eyes have boogers floating across the cornea's. . . .

[TMI !!!]

But I have a job. I am needed. Yay for me.

[A new taxpayer! Yay!]

For a bit of irony...two weeks ago, we jumped through all of the hoops and applied for TANF (welfare).

[Your "Temporary Assistance for Needy Families" is paid for by "Taxes Assessed on Nose-paying-through Freepers". . . . You're welcome.]

Yesterday was my first day of attending 'workshops' on how to find a job. Before I left for that humiliating session, I called about a job I saw on craigslist. Interviewed on the phone, offered the job in the afternoon, started this morning.

[So in other words, the government didn't get you a job; good old-fashioned private initiative did. Thanx for this inadvertent testimony to capitalism!]

TANF immediately issued me checks for boots, work clothes and gas money. Got to love the support. D*mn Socialist safety net.

[Capitalism gets you a JOB, socialism gets you a pair of boots, and you choose to celebrate . . . socialism??]

Oh, is this a great Country or what?

[Hooray for capitalism! . . . Oops! Sorry! . . . Now let's see what the teeming masses of (non-)worker ants have to say . . .]


[The welfare boots did the trick!]

I never understood why people think manual labor jobs are worth so much less, as they take so much more out of you than mental work. But then, I've always been a bit Socialist. . . .

[What a surprise! A Socialist in DUmmieland!]

Be careful with your tendons and joints. You could really hurt yourself and get tendonitis.

[If you do, smoke the joints.]

Be careful with your back. Wear the harness.


Your employer is very lucky to have you!!!

[The rotten capitalist pig is not worthy!!!]

Shades of "The Jungle":

"So his hands relaxed and he merely said quietly: 'It is done, and there is no use in weeping, Teta Elzbieta.' Then his look turned toward Ona, who stood close to his side, and he saw the wide look of terror in her eyes. 'Little one,' he said, in a low voice, 'do not worry--it will not matter to us. We will pay them all somehow. I will work harder.' That was always what Jurgis said. Ona had grown used to it as the solution of all difficulties--'I will work harder!' . . .

I'm sad that you are so happy.

[Boo! Down with working harder!]

Try to tuck a few bucks away so by the third paycheck you can treat yourself and family to a meal or a movie.

[A vegan buffet, followed by the Che biopic! FUn for the whole family!]

Congrats. Though...Id rather traffic drugs or steal from rich people than do what you describe.

[We all have our gifts.]

Best of luck and maybe someone here can give a little info on the proper way to lift stuff. . . .

[You mean shoplift?]

Energy sent your way.

[White light, good vibes, and everything else that avoids God!]

"Going to sleep well tonight for all of the right reasons." Amen.

[That was Will Pitt checking in. Wee Willie hasn't slept well since April 2005. Wee Willie hasn't had a job since early 2004.]

I have a dream--that one day everybody who's willing to do an honest day's work can get full-time employment with benefits and a living wage in the richest country in the world.

[Maybe if your socialists in Washington would stop trying to destroy business, we'd have more of those jobs.]



DO treat yourself to a night out, even if its just a movie. . . .

[Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story." Just in time for Valentine's Day.]

I always preferred physical work. Except gardening. . . .

[And lifting things. And bending.]

yay for socialist work boots.

[These boots are made for workin'
And that's just what they'll do
One of these days these boots
Are gonna stomp on the head of our capitalist overlords . . .]

I hope you have a decent quitting time if you have to be there at 3:30.

[3:45. It's a union job.]

You, with your attitude are the REAL American!

[And well on your way to becoming . . . A LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

I'm holding off on the "great country" part until millions of unemployed and underemployed people are as happy as you. . . .

[So work hard, make lots of money, pay exorbitant amounts of taxes, and we'll spread the wealth around for you!]

here's hoping your employer is smart enough to realize what a great find you are.

["Another prole to oppress and squeeze the life out of! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!"]

Will someone please buy this man a drink???

[Don't look at Pitt!]

Yay for you!!!!

[Yay for job-creating capitalism! . . . Oopsie! Slipped again!]

And yes, this country is great!

[Stop it! Stop it! Let's get back to bashing corporatist AmeriKKKa!!!]

One more DUer announcing that they've found a job!

[That makes 14, at least!!]

[And now, one last check-in with DUmmie here_is_to_hope . . .]

Hi every one! Second day is done, had a blast. Not as tired as yesterday but every bit as happy. I received a company cell phone, keys and assorted handbooks, a pat on the back and a heart 'welcome aboard' so I am in!

[That does it, here_is_to_hope. You are now officially part of the private enterprise system, and as such, a target of the socialists in D.C. Sooo . . . any time you want to take the walk over here to FReeperville, you are more than welcome! We will greet you with open arms!]

Monday, February 08, 2010

"Part 2: I was a CIA operative"

Today DUbble-naught spy Jeffersons Ghost continues his amazing tale with this THREAD, "Part 2 (I was a CIA operative)."

Yes, today it's Stupid Bowl II, the Dolts vs. the Sane-nots, Peyote Maddening vs. DU Breeze, in Rad Zone Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, enjoying the return of nice weather for my last couple days here in Orange County, is in the [brackets]:

Part 2 (I was a CIA operative)

[Part DU (I was a DUbble-naught spy)]

Over 60% of the people used by the CIA are not directly employed by the agency.

[Over 90% of the people who used to be CIA operatives are not correctly wired.]

Even before WW2, where Radio Free Europe transmitted orders and warnings to the Free French in Paris, mass media was an effective vehicle for messages to intelligence operatives.

["Bonjour, Free French people in Paris! We realize that, since it's before WW2 and the Germans have not yet invaded your land, Radio Free Europe has not even been formed and there is no "Free French" Resistance yet either--well, in spite of all that, we're broadcasting these orders and warnings to you anyway. Call it a test run."]

My professional background is in radio, TV and newspaper.

[I delivered newspapers while listening to the radio. On Sundays the paper would have the TV listings for the week in it, making them heavier to throw.]

I was like a relay point, to some degree. I took information from one source and relayed it to another. I have no idea how these simple phrases, or occasionally single words, were used. I'm sure the Valentines Day commercial that said "Why not send HIM roses." brought about a St. Valentines Day Massacre in some cases.

[In other cases, it brought about a Ben Burch Massage.]

With items like this OP, the primary objective is the discredit the author. If you can't intimidate people into silence, making them look stupid or crazy is a strategy straight out of the beginners playbook.

[It's so obvious, isn't it? These amateurish attempts to make DUbble-naught spy Jeffersons Ghost appear stupid or crazy. . . . Who would fall for it?]

My last OP on this topic was locked.

[Locked and loaded!]

No reason was given by the Moderator. It said "WE" are locking this because of a "consensus."

["Conspiracy" is more like it! "WE" indeed!]

My computer has developed some odd software issues, so I won't be able to respond to subsequent postings as well as I'd like. It's probably a virus.

[DU Flu. . . . Thanx, DUbble-naught spy Jeffersons Ghost. Now let's see if there are any secret messages imbedded in the replies . . .]

I'm sorry.

[This message was a secret code to bring about a Super Bowl Sunday Mockery.]

I'm loving these threads.

[Code for "Free French . . . Fries!"]

Is there a link to part 1?

[This question was asked by Will Pitt. Maybe Wee Willie's next career will be as a DUbble-naught spy. "Pitt. Will Pitt," I can hear him say, tuxedoed, as he asks the bartender for a beer shaken, not stirred. Spied Spyer Pitt can relay secret messages through his truthout essays. No need to encode them--just put them in the last paragraph, and only those who need to know will make it that far.]

Oh man, this is better than "24"

[This is better than "24 business hours"!]

Could you tell me, confidentially, is Project X a hoax?

[No. Meaning, no, I can't tell you.]

If not, do you have any idea when it will be implemented?


99.9 questions of this type, I won't be able to answer. I have no idea what "project X" is nor do I have a need to know. Stuff like black-ops projects are performed in a "need to know" environment.

[DUbble-naught spy Jeffersons Ghost does not need to know ANYTHING, as he amply demonstrates.]

black ops payback is a "bear."


If black-ops projects are performed in a need to know environment, and one does not have a need to know, how does one know that there are such projects?

[The fact that you do not know about them--that in itself shows that they are going on. Otherwise you would know about them.]

I think I saw your story on was The B*llsh*t Channel, right?

[Hee! Hee!]

A thread like this is a good way to identify the trolls. I wonder how many work for the boys and how many are just ignorant. So, the moderators base their decisions on how many trolls attack your thread. That brings up another question.......

[Do the MODERATORS work for "the boys"? Are Skinner, Elad, EarlG really . . . CIA OPERATIVES???]

I'm sorry. I think it's best if I lock this. Please don't post any more of these. Thanks.

[HA! I KNEW it! EarlG locks the thread, fearing exposure, and thus PROVES he really is a SPOOK!]

Saturday, February 06, 2010

"I was an operative for the CIA"

There must be a full moon over DUmmieland tonight. Tonight, in this, DUmmieland's current "Greatest" THREAD, DUmmie Jeffersons Ghost reveals, for the first time, "I was an operative for the CIA."

The moonbat barkings are in Raving Lunatic Red, while the commentary of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, spending a few days in rainy Orange County, California, is in the [brackets]:

I was an operative for the CIA

[That's funny, I was a teenage werewolf.]

I still enjoy giving the spooks hell as they try to shadow one of the best there ever was.

["Spooks"--that must be a bit of that CIA insider lingo there, thus showing that you really WERE a CIA operative!]

They expend many man-hours because I know way toO much and keep threatening to reveal it all at multiple library terminals.

[The Man Who Knew ToO Much.]

if they'd stop toying with me online, I'd "Let It Be" but they're ALL control freaks. . . .

[Whisper words of wisdom, let it be. . . .]

I suspect they might try killing me and I no longer give a f***.

[What tipped you off that they might try to kill you? When they inserted a chip in your buttocks?]

Unlike the general public, on 9/11 we were already using wireless in the unregulated bandwidths to relay internet from the Bellsouth Tower to tier 3 ISPs for clandestine purposes.

[What's the frequency, Kenneth?]

If you recommend this OP to the top, I've got plenty more to tell.

[OP to the top!]

If it doesn't climb the greatest page, I'll know our police-state government has blocked another one of my posts, violating my constitutional rights again and head to the libraries, where it's hard to stop my posts.

[There's a guy like you who hangs out at the library near my house. I see him muttering to himself sometimes, standing outside the entrance, looking through the trash for cigarette butts. Always wears the same clothes. Must be a former-CIA thing.]


[More spooks to follow you around, Jeffersons Ghost. Why, some of them might be your fellow DUmmies . . .]

Did you get dental with that?

[Did you get mental with that?]

ha ha... I see you're an insider. . . . tell my so-called friends dental would have been a bargain. Allowing me to run my little false-flag fun would have been even cheaper than dental. Control freak leaders are fools.

[There's a false flag on the play!]

ERW7 993H5 RHJ58896-7

[They've given you a number and taken away your name. . . .]

Getting out my tin foil hat, and popping some popcorn.

[If you use Jiffy Pop, you've killed two birds with one stone.]

Please give my kind regards to Agent Mike.

[They've given Agent Mike a name and taken away his number.]


[OK, so he's got both.]

Did you know Poppa Bush?

["Here's a little something we learned in CIA. . . ."]

I love unregulated bandwidths. tell me more.

[DU tell.]


[This is going to be one of those serial things, right? "TOMORROW NIGHT PART FOURTEEN..."]

Will it be encrypted?

[Will I need my Little Orphan Annie Decoder Riing?]

This seems more like something from Art Bell.

[Jeffersons Ghost to Ghost with Art Bell.]

Culinary Institute of America prefers the term "chef" to "operative".

[Is that you, Julia Child?]

I was given the same treatment here. You have to be cleared for weird to understand.

[All of DUmmieland has been cleared for weird. Lifetime pass.]

And I'm the Queen of Spain.

[The reign in Spain stays mainly in the insane.]

Good to see you, your majesty.

[It's good to be the queen.]

We have our own "Agent Mike" here. He is keeping tabs on you.

[We've got you miked.]

I got to be "Agent Mike" one day last was tons of fun

[Mike for a Day, Queen for a Day . . . It's always something in our DUmmie FUnnie Farm!]

with my threats what life I have left is a thrill a minute. I love the day to day cat and mouse stuff in my life now. I can smell a spook a mile away. it's like a game to me.

[Of Mice and Mental.]

Fossil shell flour? Just imagine if some of that, say a heaping tablespoon, fell into water which you were about to drink and somehow got stirred into it.

[Do you realize that fossil shell flouridation is the most monstrously conceived and dangerous Communist plot we have ever had to face?]

One of the ways agencies get away with sh*t is that so many don't believe things can exist. It is amazing, really, how many wear blinders.

[There are none so blind as those who wear blinders.]

Ken Weaver, the original drummer throughout the 60s for the counterculture/anti-war/pro-pot/anarchist band The Fugs was a translator for the CIA in the 1980s.

[Maybe he can translate this thread.]

Many of us here work for intel, to monitor, manipulate, disrupt. As many as 1 in 5.

[And the other 4 are LOUSY FREEPER TROLLS!!!]

intell, partisan promoters, corporate sponsored posters..Sometimes I wonder if I am one of five people NOT paid to post on DU

[Maybe you're a corporate sponsored poster and DON'T EVEN KNOW IT! Did you ever think of that? They could be putting fossil shell flour in your water.]

Then you must know why cocaine and heroin are jokes to the real insiders. You also know the about the unmitigated agreement regarding sex between the well know and powerful around the world. Some times the said goes unsaid.

[That goes without saying.]

Are you trying to sell a script?

[I think he needs to GET a scrip!]

SOSUS goes back to WWII. Some of the test equipment still has Nazi waffenampts. I used to have to look at it every day at work.

[If you had to look at waffenampts every day, you'd be crazy too!]

This reads like paranoid schizophrenia.

[PERFECT for DUmmieland!]

True or false, this will be more exciting than my dissertation


Short story... When we built our house in the country my husband woke me up one night. There was a light in the woods going back in forth in a pattern. He said, "That looks like a homing device."

[If a light goes back and forth in the woods, and there's no one sane around to see it, does it become a homing device?]

The fox is in the hen house, over.

[The Fox is in the Henrickson house, over.]

John has a long mustache.

[John Kerry has your back.]

A tier 3 ISP would be the slowest sort, and they purchase their connection via a tier one. If tier 1 ISPs are the international conglomerates... tier 3 ISPs are the local mom & pop stores. . . . A tier one ISP would be the interstate highway system, a tier three would be the two lane road that leads to your house.

[The tiers of a clown.]

How can a thread that just got off the ground be so loaded down so quickly with old operatives. . . ?

[Because the old operatives themselves are loaded.]

CIA op


Hey! I'm CIA too! Whatdoyaknow? Small world!

[DUmmieland is LOUSY with spooks!]

My hovercraft is full of eels
Mon aéroglisseur est plein d'anguilles
Mia kusenveturilo estas plena je angiloj
Harahefet sh'eli mele'ah betzlofahim
My skeertuig is vol palings

[Min DUFU är uppfylld av små bävrar.]

Thursday, February 04, 2010

DUmmies Claim Disappointment In Wife Beater Edwards

Oh, so NOW the the DUmmies are claiming disappointment in John Edwards. Go back 2 years and Edwards was BY FAR the hero of the DUmmies. In fact, Pied Piper Pitt claimed (once Edwards was safely out of the race) that Edwards was his first choice for the nomination. Yes, it is easy to forget now that Edwards was overwhelmingly the popular pick of the DUmmies in 2007 and early 2008. Just goes to show how the more than obvious Edwards phoniness easily won over the completely gullible. Of course, now the DUmmies are feigning shock at the sleaziness of Edwards as you can see in this THREAD, "The Enquirer was right about everything else." Keep in mind that these are the same DUmmies who shelled out several hundred dollars to Bev Harris for her easily recognizable con game to "overturn" the 2004 election results. So let us now watch the DUmmies express disappointment in their erstwhile hero John Edwards in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, reminding the DUmmies that John Edwards is just $10 away from being rehabilitated, is in the [brackets]:

The Enquirer was right about everything else

[And the DUmmies WRONG about everything.]

I don't know this guy anymore.

[Normal people knew where Edwards was coming from at the get-go.]

What happened to him?

[Poor Edwards. It was all a matter of bad fate. Sniff!]

I can't believe that I once supported him.

[That's why you are a DUmmie, DUmmie.]

Cancer-stricken Elizabeth Edwards is telling pals that John beat her during a horrific marriage-ending fight, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively.

[So I guess now it is okay for you to buy a PlayStation3 at WalMart?]

"John lost his temper big-time," revealed a close friend of Elizabeth.

[Elizabeth hid his comb?]

"She has the divorce papers drawn up, but she can amend them to charge John with domestic violence.

[And sue him for everything he's worth. I call this karma. Hee! Hee!]

"She's holding that over his head right now - and he's scared. Elizabeth is in control."

[Edwards now on the lam in Haiti.]

I understand that the sources for this story passed a lie detector test.

[Gee! Imagine that. A newspaper actually doing some investigating. The National Enquirer certainly deserves a Pulitzer for investigating a story that the MSM shunned. And now to the rest of the DUmmies...]

wow!. The end of an ego... it's too bad because his message was on point, and now it has no credibility. That's the biggest tragedy of all.

[LOL! A DUmmie who still believes in Edwards' "message."]

If the Edwards spouses do not like the media firestorm surrounding them perhaps they should stop seeking and tending it so consistently.

[One of those Edwards "spouses" is still in the mistress (or is it ex-mistress?) stage.]

John Edwards is a never ending disaster. Nothing should surprise anyone about him.

[Johnny, We Hardly Knew Ye.]

I hope Elizabeth soaks him for every penny and then some.

[Including the North Carolina palace.]

The Enquirer is more honest and trustworthy than the MSM.

[Your Kewpie Doll is in the mail!]

John Edwards is a SLIME ball. I know we are suppose to be trying to get along on DU now, but I never understood what people saw in him during the primaries.

[Perhaps you need to ask Pied Piper Pitt what he saw in Edwards.]

I have always been suspect of high-profile trial lawyers like Edwards. The likes of him are seriously harming the legal profession

[FUnny, we never heard your suspicion when Edwards was riding high in DUmmieland.]

I supported him because of his policy priorities. Like Elizabeth, but unlike the average DU'er, I wasn't omniscient enough to "just know" that he was a scumbag.

[Actually you were exactly like the average DUmmie who fell for Edwards' phoniness hook, line, and sinker.]

I read, and I believe it was on DU last week, that the Enquirer's editor is putting their stories on Edwards up for a Pulitzer. His contention is that they investigated the story, broke it and followed up on it when other media outlets were not touching it.

[Absolutely. The National Enquirer definitely deserves the Pulitzer for this. Any other winner of the Pulitzer should be embarrassed since they would know who the real winner should be.]

Time to stop the bashing. Enough already.


I can't believe DUers are posting about a NE story as if it is fact. Shameful.

[Strange but the NE was RIGHT about everything in the Edwards story. With that track record you are now accusing them of being suddenly wrong?]

He sure fooled a lot of people! So much talent, so much waste!

[That was posted by Indiana Green. Contrary to rumor, I am NOT Indiana Green. Got that? I am NOT posting as Indiana Green pretending to be a loyal DUmmie while in reality a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

every time I see that damn squirrel. I crack up!!

[You need glasses. It is actually Li'l Beaver that you are seeing.]