Wednesday, September 02, 2009

"Will Obama kick us to the curb?"

"Please, Barack! Hug me tight in your loving arms and whisper sweet assurances into my ear that you won't be dropping the public option from ObamaCare!" That is pretty much the theme of this KOmmie THREAD, "Will Obama kick us to the curb?" Right now the KOmmies fear, but don't want to believe, that they are about to be betrayed by The One. Their very insecurity is what makes this KOmmie thread so very very hilarious. So let us now watch the KOmmies worry about betrayal in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Lucy once again pull the football away from Charlie Brown, is in the [barackets}:

Will Obama kick us to the curb?

[No. He is going to toss you under the bus instead.]

I am just going to say this, I don't know what President Obama will do, but with the personnel in his administration, killing the public option will not make any of them cry. And I won't be surprised if this happens. This is about getting the independents back and taking a chance that whatever anyone has to say on the left doesn't matter, at this time. The strategy is that we will be there regardless. That is the plan from how I see it.

[The strategy is to alienate everyone possible. And it's working!!!]

Yes, we do have heartburn over what we don't know because of the quasi-vagueness from the White House. But personally, I think it is wrong to gut the public option, if it comes to that. Barack Obama and the Democrats falling poll numbers is their fault, not ours. Their lack of explanation in plain speak to the American Public is their fault. Their lack of clarity and cohesiveness is their fault. Their vagueness of what this health care bill will be is their fault. Their lack of response during the month of August is their fault. Their lack of organizing until the last minute is their fault. Yes, it is their fault. We did what we could do, but in the end it is their fault for not having a bill to promote, explain, and guarantee to the American Public. Yes, their fault. Again, I state this because we, us, the voters or supporters did all we could. We went to town hall meetings, we contacted our representatives, we blogged, we did everything but in the end we don't have that big bully pulpit that the President of the United States has, which is finally going to be used next week. And he did do 3 town hall meetings, but did he say anything? Sure, he stated that he wants a public option, but will that be what we get? Not in this statement, again unclarity and uncertainty. Sure, some will say "it's Politico, unnamed sources", yes it is but we all are smart here, you don't float this out there unless there is a reason. And how is one to keep an open mind when you are confronted with changes about health care daily?

[Meanwhile all this KOmmie ever did in August was sit on his butt in Mommy's basement while noshing on pizza.]

Well, I don't know about you but for me, if we don't have a viable public option what will we have?

[A DUFU laugh riot!]

I await President Obama's speech next week and I hope I am satisfied. I already knew with a clear head that I would not like everything coming from this White House, but the reality is much of his agenda, thus far has been whittled away. But again, who am I to talk, I am not one of the smart people inside the bubble.

[No. You are one of the KOmmies wallowing in the bubble bath. And now on to the other highly insecure KOmmies...]

People may think I'm naive and many will be shocked by me saying this, but I think Obama will do the right thing in the end. He will continue to support the PO and won't attack progressives. I've always thought he had a good heart. I disagree on tactics and polices at times, but I just don't see him acting like Bill Clinton and trashing the base of the Democratic Party. It's not in his character and it's bad politics. AFL-CIO will cut support to many Dems. I stil have hope.

[Hope from a Dope.]

If there is a fail on the public option, there will be no second chance. And I do not want to predict the uproar from the left if once again, we cave to the conservatives.

[Your epic fail is FUnnie!]

Per Axelrod, the PO is dead

[And so is the presidency of BO.]

The sale actually occurred some time ago. It occurred when Obama never used the bully pulpit to rally support for the PO. It occurred when "The Gang of 6" became the point people on the Hill and Grassley was allowed to stall momentum on the bill. It occurred when Rahmbo cut all of his side deals w/ PhRMA and the AMA. The WH slow-played us on the PO. The idea has been dead for weeks, but they gave us lip service to let us down slowly. We've been punked here.

[Punked by bunk.]

What's really sad and maddening is that many people have worked through sickness and little money and others after a full week's work, to get this. I'm not quite ready to believe it is dead, yet, but if they've known this for a long time, they have twisted the knife, by allowing us to spend our blood, sweat and tears, to no avail.

[Posted the KOmmie with Churchillian delusions.]

It's hard to maintain a sense of equilibrium when you see all those around you, who have fought so hard for this issue, in emotional pain. I will wait for the speech, but I'm not encouraged at this point that Liberals and Progressives may see the results we all hoped so desperately for... I have supported the President, but I'm not a fool.

[Oh yes you are.]

Why do we need to reading the f*cking tea leaves? Why do they just cut the crap and be for something or against something? Obama doesn't want to be tarred with either brush, so he just floats with the wind.

[Float like the wind, Swing like the wee-wee.]

We are f*cking screwed.

[Or at least wee-weed.]

All signs point to no public option, and if they don't get it now, they never will, at least in my lifetime. 2010 could mean a loss of seats, 2012 could mean a loss of the presidency. The time is now.

[More likely never.]

It's time to show the powers that be that this is one fight they will lose. Waiting around to read the tea leaves is ineffectual. It's time to stand up.

[And state your real names. The DUmmies already did that following the 2004 election.]

We got f*cked by the guy we elected.

[Said Ben Burch with a big smile on his face.]

Oh, he's a great speechwriter, and there's a good chance that listeners to his speech will buy into whatever he says because of HOW it's said. But in the final analysis, the P.O., and Obama's promise, and Obama's presidency, will die a slow, first term, death.

["I have a gift, Harry."]

Obama's done NOTHING.

[A moment of painful KOMmie revelation.]

I'm getting so very tired of waiting to see if our President is going to pull a rabbit out of his hat. Will it be a rabbit, or a funny flower on his lapel that shoots water in our eyes? Ugh.

[Or a buzzer that gives you a shock when you shake his hand.]

I will vote Republican. I will personally go much further than not donating to the Democrats, not knocking on doors for them, etc. I will consider this such a betrayal from Obama and the Democratic party, after a lifetime of betrayals, that I will henceforth actively work against them by supporting and voting for Republicans. If we can't get good government, then I want as little government as possible. I will be donating to and knocking on doors for Ron Paul and Republicans as close to his views as possible, and I will be making an issue of the health care betrayal as I do it. Without a public option, the entire health care bill is nothing but a big gift from the Democrats to the health insurance industry. It's simply another way of funneling money from working people to the elite. It's disgusting. At least Republicans never required us to buy the products of this evil industry.

[Welcome to the Dark Side.]

He needs to FIGHT for the public option. If he won't, then he is useless as a politician.

[Would you feel better if he just voted "Present?"]

My support for Obama is NOT unconditional. Folding on the public option would be a game changer for me. If the insurance companies make out like bandits at the expense of the people, my Obama bumper stickers come off my cars.

[Would you like to borrow my metal wool for the scraping?]

I'm not pissed at him for what he's goin to do. I'm pissed at him for not doing anything and then having the nerve to tell us how he "supports" a public option ( btw how?), because he thinks we're stupid enough to believe his now-familiar doublespeak.

[Give him a break. He had a busy month at Martha's Vineyard golfing and arugulaing.]

If he was lying to us and he doesn't believe in a bill with a public option, than we are all bigger fools for believing him.

[Sing: "What Kind of Fool Am I?]


Anonymous krazy kat said...

We got f*cked by the guy we elected

Democrats are lusty men.

9:25 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

Apparently, the far-left is under the impression that winning a presidential election entitles the winner to the status of dictator. Obama seems to think so as well.

This is a mistake.
Victory in a presidential election entitles the winner to a tough post of leadership, wherein the majority of the citizenry must be satisfied with the changes or addition to government, laws or whatever. Failure to do so results in resistance and rejection through our elected representatives.

Clearly, a growing (and groaning) majority does NOT agree with ObamaCare, it's cost and the callous operation of healthcare by government bureaucrats.

Why is this such a difficult thing to grasp?

5:45 AM  
Anonymous Corona said...

Aren't these the same Dummies who were frothing at the mouth a few weeks ago about how wickedly clever and deceptive O was? Heh.

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I guess the government failing to seize (I refuse to say "reform") the Health Care industry will destroy Obama's support among the lunatic left.

I am truly devastated by this turn of events. He had such promise as the next Stalin! sob... cry... choke...

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"It's time to show the powers that be that this is one fight they will lose. Waiting around to read the tea leaves is ineffectual. It's time to stand up."-DUmmie

I agree, since the "powers that be" are the Democrats.

Oh, and we did stand up. Haven't you seen the videos? Many of us were beaten by the Purple Shirt Gang and we were called names and laughed at by the "objective" media and the Democrats. A few were thrown out by security guards because of the questons they asked. Some were told they could not hold up signs because "it aint" America "no more".

Instead of reading the tea leaves, maybe they should have read the bill.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Shambhala said...

It is amusing that these people thought that winning elections somehow gave them a dictatorship.

I agree with Anon 1:50. A 'dictatorship of the masses' is something that happens in countries where democracy has not been institutionalized for 230 years.

Honestly, even when they have majorities in congress and the executive branch, it STILL doesnt mean they DICTATE to us.

Remember: dissent is patriotic

11:17 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Remember: dissent is patriotic" shamwow

I think you mean descent. As in "into madness".

"Right now the KOmmies fear, but don't want to believe, that they are about to be betrayed by The One." PJinc

Fear. Ummm gooood.

Death Panals

Presidential School broadcast meant to brainwash

Obama = Hitler

Obama raises taxes

Obama takes your guns away

Not only Hitler...Stalin

Obama's a communist

Obama hates white people

Obama's building youth indoctrination camps

Killing Grandma

Terrorists free on American soil

Free abortions

Free care to illegal immigrants

Who's scared, PJinc?

I, troglaman, am sure none of these things scare you. Not one bit. But maybe you could point out who is spewing forth this pussy-assed, scardy-cat horsehit? These fuckers actually MAKE SHIT UP to be afraid of. And they're, quite frankly, making us all look bad, my friend.

1:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Death Panals"

A euphamism for the beurocrats covincing people to take what Obama called his "red pill". Already used in the UK and in our own VA system.

"Presidential School broadcast meant to brainwash"

Circumvent the parents, don't disclose the content, provide "what can you do for ME" worksheets. It's not a stretch, ask Tom Daschle.

"Obama = Hitler"

You'll have to ask Nancy Pelosi and the LaRouchians about that one. They're the ones bringing up the imagery. But then, after eight years of calling Bush Hitler, I'm sure it's a hard habit to break.

"Obama raises taxes"

You're kidding with this one, right?

"Not only Hitler...Stalin"

I must say I haven't heard this one. If I do I'll be sure to explain it to you. Don't forget to put your thinking cap on!

"Obama's a communist"

I'll almost bet he doesn't have the actual membership card. However, stupid is as stupid does and his actions so far (not to mention his hiring of self-proclaimed communists as czars) do not give people any reason to believe otherwise.

"Obama hates white people"

Did you know he wrote two books about his life and philosophy? Have you read them? Have you heard how he thinks about his own dearly departed grandmother?

"Obama's building youth indoctrination camps"

Again, haven't heard this one. Are you just picking and choosing rumors from KOS and DU about "those Republicans" again?

"Killing Grandma"

Are you a different Troglaman than the one from a few months ago? Because he was given proof via the Oregon health plan (one of the building blocks of the House plan) of this happening. That's what you get for not following directions that answer your questions.

"Terrorists free on American soil"

Again, are you new here? How did you get troglaman's passwords for his account? I mean, you write like him but anyone who reads the news in any meaningful way knows this issue.

"Free abortions"

This one is a matter of point of view. The House bill does provide for them but what liberals think is "free", conservatives know is not. see: "Free Healthcare"

"Free care to illegal immigrants"

see: above

I see what you mean, although I wouldn't use such terminology as "F*****s", I agree that the liberals are indeed making stuff up about conservatives to be afraid of.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

Dumbshit anon

Why don't you pick one of the above and make your case. I'll take you apart on each and every one. Promise. I pick my fights. Hell, let's talk about the Kenya thing.

Besides that, dumbass, the point was you fuckers make shit up to be afraid of. So you'll be arguing, as you did above, that you're legitimately afraid...of something.

So let's go!!! Convince me I should be afraid. Better be careful, scardy-ass. You just might expose yourself as the real big wet swollen fear-loving pussy you are.

Pick one, asshole.

4:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Easy there champ. Frankly, I don't care what you believe. I challenged you on your silly assertions and now you're spitting vinegar like a schoolboy who's daring me to knock the chip off your shoulder.

Sad really.

Seems I've hit a nerve. It show's you know I'm right.

5:36 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"Seems I've hit a nerve. It show's you know I'm right." anon

Fuck you. You're full of shit and...opinion. Prove he's a communist. Do it. You can't. And yet you behave as if it's true. Pathetic.

12:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Prove he's a communist."-troglaman

I don't have to. He's doing for me. And for you.

Far be it for me to take credit for the one thing he does well.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"I don't have to." anon

Fucking child.

How 'bout this...Yes, you do. That or you're a dumbshit. Your choice.

3:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you even bother reading past the first sentence? President Obama is doing what you're strangly demanding of me.

'Judge me by the people with whom I surround myself.'
-Candidate Obama 2008

Stop before you make even more of a fool of yourself.

12:47 PM  
Anonymous susieq2cute said...

It's hard for troggy to stop making a fool of himself. Just as troggy has an "inner homo", he also has an "inner fool". In fact, they are soulmates.

9:02 PM  

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