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KOmmie Heads EXPLODE Over Public Option Drop

KOmmie heads are EXPLODING! And DUmmie heads are sure to explode very soon except the DUmmies are a bit slow on the uptake over the news reported in the POLITICO that their very own Beloved Barack Obama has thrown the entire leftwing blogosphere under the bus by DUmping the public option in the ObamaCare bill. The KOmmie who posted this THREAD, "Reports out of WH - Public option is dead," also posted this Twitter TWIT by David Shuster which gives you a good idea of the firestorm of outrage about to hit from the Left:

Every indication public option is dead at WH. So, reform means taxpayer funds transferred to for profit companies to cover more people. That won't fly on the left

Yup, you are right, David. It won't fly on the Left. And speaking of the Left, let us now watch the KOmmie heads EXPLODE over being thrown under Obama's bus in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, sending out congrats to all the Tea Party folks (citizens) for a job well done, is in the [barackets]:

Reports out of WH - Public option is dead

[Say hello to Rev. Wright and Obama's granny under that bus, KOmmies.]

Keep up the pressure on your Representatives, Senators and the White House. Give us a quality low-cost alternative. Give us the public option.

[Sorry. Too late. Epic fail. And now to the rest of the exploding head KOmmies...]

He SAYS that he supports it, but he's not pushing for it. To support something genuinely you have to be willing to fight for it. Obama is not. Obama is for the public option like he was against telcom immunity. Only in theory.

[But don't you like the way he creases his pants?]

When oh when will this 137th degree chess aikido grandmaster nonsense end?!? He is not being brilliant. He is being weak. In short, he is a classic 90's Dem.

[No, no. This is all being planned out in advance by Inspector Barack Clouseau.]

I don't trust Obama at this point. He's lost the right to it, if not on substance, then on politics. But awfully close to both, for me.

[Would you feel better if we allowed you to polish Obama's halo for therapeutic purposes?]

he said it during a NC townhall in July.. Specifically " I'm for the Public Option".

[LOL! And you actually believe what he says.]

Well hell I am for having a 12" Penis but it ain't going to happen.

[It certainly won't happen, Ben Burch.]

The Senate Fianance Committee's Bill without any form of an actual strong public option is what this White House wants. Big Pharma already has what it wanted & the private insurers are about to have 40-million tax payer funded new customers without any competition from our Democratic controlled government. It's a great day for Corporate America.

[Also a great day for the DUmmie FUnnies. KOmmie and DUmmie reaction over this public option DUmp is going to provivde GREAT material for weeks and months to come!]


[Sounds like a great bumper sticker.]

Watch the House go Republican in 2010. The damn shame of it all is that both of the two-major political parties are corrupted beyond redemption by campaign fianacing(Bribery). The GOP & Dems have fixed the system so third parties have no chance. The MSM presents corporate America's propaganda everyday. So many progressives spend so much time hating Republicans that they are blind to the sell-out to Corporate America by the Democratic Party. I feel so sorry for all the young people who actually believed any Democrat or Republican is going to change the corrupted system we now have. My favorite senator is an Independent, Bernie Sanders.

[Give up all hope (and change)...NOW!!!]

The WH expects progressives to do what they always do. Yes, just watch Kevin Bacon once more bend over in "Animal House" and ask for another, sir. Has Obama's vote for the FISA Bill he swore he'd vote against not registered yet? How about the back room sweetheart deal with Big Pharma after promising "C-Span Transparency"? Don't even mention Iraq, Afghanistan, continued renditions, Geither & Summers guarding the Wall St. Hen House & reaching across the ailse to the Republicans while tossing Single Payer & a strong Public Option in the bed pan. Don't look in that rearview mirror, progressives, the mirages of "Change You Can Believe In" may be gaining on you.

[Ben Burch would be the first to volunteer to bend over.]

This is the most god-awful diary if your intention is to get people to attend rallies. You throw a bucket of cold water in peoples' faces — based on flimsy non-information — and then you actually pretend to want to fire people up to go to rallies? This is a massive serving of FAIL.

[EPIC FAIL more specifically.]

Is Obama trying to outdo Bush as the worst President ever?

[No. His goal is to outdo Jimmy Carter as the worst President ever.]

Ok, sorry,then what the heck does President Obama stand for? Yes or No? Does he support the public option? I gave his campaign money, voted for him, and made calls for him. What is it? What's Obama's real agenda?

[Lots of Air Force One joyrides and unlimited access to arugula.]

If the economic crisis continues to worsen, if the patched-up, heavily taxpayer-subsidized banking system breaks down, if health care and EFCA and climate protection are watered down or defeated, if the war in Afghanistan continues to escalate, if the teabaggers band together and start causing civil unrest on a big scale--Obama will not have a second term.

[But maybe Joe Biden could run in 2016?]

I supported President Obama in both primary and general elections. What's with the damn mixed messages from the White House and the Democratic controlled Congress? It's driving me nuts. Why are they playing games? Do they want a PO or not? Simple question!

[And simple answer. Obama just likes to watch you squirm.]

Kiss the House good-bye in 2010 if there is no public option. There are enough progressives that are truly sick & tired of the lies from the Democratic leadership that told us, "Give us the Hill & the Presidency. Watch what we can do!" We voted, we watched & observe a party that chases lobbyist money & represents itself, not us.

[The Absurdity of Hope.]

IF Shuster's right, this place will explode!

[And DUmmieland too. Hee! Hee!]

I can't believe Obama just screwed over dozens of important organizations that suppor the public option, including the AMA, AARP and others. Wow. He's going to lose a lot of allies the trust of some very respected organizatons. Obama's problem really is inexperience.

[And you're just now discovering this?]

The president is not gonna cave. He has already spent much of his political capital on this trail, there would be no sense in dumping the current plan. Also, I'll believe it when I see it. anonymous source = take with grain of salt. Axelrod recently spoke only today about a new strategy of drawing a line in the sand somewhere and pushing the Finance committee to produce, but nothing about dropping PO.


Shuster is a doo doo head. He is a doo doo head, spreading doo doo.

[And all this time I thought he was just a poo poo head.]

The anger on the left is going to KILL THIS BILL. and cripple Obama beyond fixing. And he'll deserve every bit of it.

[So what's the downside here?]

it's depressing

[But FUnnie!]

Obama would get his wish to become a one-term President over healthcare. Just, not the way he anticipated. And, could bring the party crashing down with him. I just can't see him being this absolutely stupid, nor his advisors. But, I could be wrong.

[Wrong is a very likely outcome here.]

This is not smart politics. It's rookie politics from someone with little or no experience as a leader.

[So thank the MSM for promoting him as the Obamassiah.]

I am truly going to be sick to my stomach over this if Obama throws us under the bus.

[Take two Tums and call Doctor Dean in the morning.]

I just can not...will not...believe this until I hear it from Obama himself. If it's true, I'm speechless. But not for long.


President Obama is testing us. He wants us to be outraged, angered, and aggressive. He wants us to fight, and push the dems to go it alone if necessary. We WILL get a public option

[All part of the complex master plan by Inspector Barack Clouseau.]

I'm thinking of taking up drinking

[Giving up crack?]

Rahm is a piece of shit this DLC-hack can't even hold on to a finger while working at a fast food place. Why did Obama pick him? Why?

[Because he loved Rahm's exquisite ballet leaps?]

I think someone is intentionally f*cking with Liberals ..... either getting them angry for purpose or getting them angry in order to box in the president and have the white house spill part of the policy statement in the speech before the speech is available.

[I think that someone is Li'l Beaver. He just wanted to stir up the loons for a lot of great DUFU material.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They are planning a giant phone push on 9/11 to Congress. We are going to also have a massive phone campaign on the same day to counter the leftist phone attack.


10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I don't trust Obama at this point. He's lost the right to it, if not on substance, then on politics. But awfully close to both, for me. "


11:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I can't believe Obama just screwed over dozens of important organizations that suppor the public option, including the AMA, AARP and others."

But but but... the AARP said it's non-partison (despite the ad to the contrary) so you must be mistaken!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Elected officials who have a history of voting * present * on legislation, like Obambi did, do not suddenly become warriors for a cause. Why don't the Kommies realize and recognize that Obambi is an empty suit? He gets his marching orders from his czars or some individual or group that is not in the public eye. Nitwits backed a phony.

12:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All these comments from the DUmmies about how they'll abandon the Dem party if their cult leader doesn't do what they want him to do is just funny. If there's one thing the Dems can count on it's the kook libs pulling that Dem lever when election time comes around.

Honestly, if there's any DUmmies out there reading this, get out of the Dem party now, rponto, immediately. As some point in your miserable life you actually need to let the other foot hit the floor and become responsible. Notice I didn't say "responsible adult," your political viewpoints alone exclude you from ever mentally being anything other than a child. But at least you wouldn't be the complete doormat that you're treated as currently.


12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The WH is planning a huge phone assault on our freedom on 9/11. They scrubbed the WH web page that had the marching orders, but here is he Google cache,

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the economic crisis continues to worsen,


if the patched-up, heavily taxpayer-subsidized banking system breaks down,

I don't think so.

if health care and EFCA and climate protection are watered down or defeated,

They more than likely will be.

if the war in Afghanistan continues to escalate,

I don't want to make any bets on this one.

if the teabaggers band together and start causing civil unrest on a big scale

Naw, dude. Naw.

--Obama will not have a second term.

Two and a half out of five ain't bad.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anon 1:50 said...

Too many anonymous comments in a row.

What's the deal?

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 1:50 said...
"Too many anonymous comments in a row.

What's the deal?"

PJ (& co.) might have a bigger audience than first imagined? It took KOmedy gold to bring them out?



6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Make that, "Sincerely"

Yours Truly,


6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on! An all "anonymous" thread!

1:56 PM  

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