Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bizarre Foods: Is Andrew Zimmern Being Scammed by Locals?

This DUFU edition is a break from our normal format because I think I might have made an astonishing discovery. Let me start off by saying that as a lover of exotic foods myself, "Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern" is one of my favorite shows on the tube. However, Andrew goes to culinary places that I wouldn't even consider in my wildest imagination. An example is this VIDEO where Zimmern drinks cow piss. I was curious as to the YouTube reaction to his cow piss drinking and found one of the most HILARIOUS comments I have ever read:


After I got done ROTFLMAO, I got to wondering if Andrew Zimmern really was scammed into drinking that piss in Goa. Well, it turns out that cow piss is consumed there but on a very limited scale and only for medicinal purposes. However, I also remember the Bizarre Foods show in Uganda where Zimmern ate some really horrendous stuff. This VIDEO shows only a small sampling of the truly horrid crap that Zimmern consumed in Uganda. Stuff like coagulated animal guts that still had the feces in them and giant sugar cane rat. A HUGE ugly rat that was just hanging with dripping blood in a restaurant kitchen without even the benefit of refrigeration. The comments, especially from the folks identifying themselves as Ugandan, below this video make me think that Zimmern did get scammed, at least in Uganda.

they dont even try to cook it good and make it all juicy.. they just burn the f*cking thing.. i bet u i could prepare a better squirell

this is only in the village i lived in Uganda
and we didn't eat shit like that stupid man

I mean even Ugandans watching these are equally amazed and entertained. I watched the entire show and my eyes watered in laughter and amazement. I'm Ugandan.

omg im ugandan n ive never eaten squirel grotesque

it would suck if the locals were just screwing with him
"local food eh? um uh"
*spots grasshopper, and a squirrel*
"o! u wanna try our speciality dishes? do I want some? no no no all for you my american friend ^_^"

i but they r just f*ckin wit this guy shit yes we eat it alot go try..yum yum..u want guest of honor??
here eat this dog shit

So do you think Andrew Zimmern is being scammed by the locals playing a giant practical joke on him. Before you answer that, you really do need to watch that entire Ugandan episode including the parts where the locals are laughing at him. However, although Zimmern might have been scammed I have to give him credit for being about the bravest guy on the planet. Would you eat rotting road kill covered with flies? I doubt it but that is basically what Zimmern did in Morocco when he ate some truly disgusting "Mystery Meat" as you can see in this VIDEO. And check out the comments about the "Mystery Meat."

I have had that shit and thats what it is...shit. It is foul and disgusting.

Look at the face Andrew makes when he takes his first bite of his "mini breakfast burrito". This is priceless. He is so freakin funny. The putrid and foul stench that accomanies the rotten spoiled meat. scaring the pans off him and attracting the flies.

That mystery meat is actually a combination of dead animals, found off the land. The sun gets very hot so it dries the corpses of animals that die and when the people there take the meat they usually carve up the inner parts that have not dried up and then they dry it themselves and mix it with eggs and spices to spice out that rotting taste. Basically hes eating shit out of the can.

Um, yeah. Somehow I think I'll take a pass on ever eating that Moroccan Mystery Meat.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If he's being scammed then it's an international conspiracy. I saw an episode not too long ago wherein he is invited to a dinner at some local's home and ends up eating the whole thing by himself.

"the husband had to leave on business"

"the wife is never allowed to eat at the family table"

I tend to think the "local family" was having a laugh at his expense in the other room.

"BWAHAHAHAHA, look at him... he's STILL eating! by HIMSELF!"

But that's just a theory.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

For some strange reason, I love this show. I think it's because I want to see him gag. I think anyone gagging, whether it be on TV or in real life, is about as funny as it gets. Sick, I know.

I, troglaman, actually tricked one of my many wives into gagging.

At a summer potluck, I put a teaspoon of some sort of carrot-jello concoction into a napkin, pretended to cough violently into said napkin, then showed it to wife #116.

It was, perhaps, the happiest day of my life.

Watch "Stinky Tofu". Or "Stinky Fruit". Funny.

12:34 AM  
Anonymous Smitty said...

Trog, of my many wives...wife #116...Any problems with alimony and/or child support? (Somehow, the idea of you being a father is disquieting.)

I always watched Zimmern with a finger on the remote, but I gave up on him entirely after he ate the Moroccan "mystery meat" taco, it was something that would gag a maggot.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous troglaman said...

"...he ate the Moroccan "mystery meat" taco, it was something that would gag a maggot." Smitty

I saw it. He must have a medical team standing by. Has to.

3:45 AM  
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