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Pitt Condemns Hillary Supporters For "Grandstanding"

So how is that party unity thing working out for you, Democrats? Instead of the Democrat Rules Committee decision to seat the Michigan and Florida delegations and awarding them with a half a vote each ending up in the Democrats all singing Kumbaya together, it has ended up with angry accusations of betrayal against each other as Hillary continues ON TO DENVER!!! You can get an idea of how divided the Democrats are by taking a look at the infamous VIDEO of delegate Harriet Christian threatening to vote for McCain as well as this VIDEO of some really, really UNHAPPY Hillary supporters at a rally. But isn't this long extended primary supposed to be a BLESSING as proclaimed by William Rivers Pitt just a few weeks ago before his RECANTION just a week later? Apparently Pitt has seen the writing on the wall and any defense of Hillary in DUmmieland is now a capital offense despite the fact that he was sucking up to her bigtime just a few months ago. The fact is that Pitt is essentially a political coward who will lean whichever way the liberal wind blows. When it looked like Hillary was inevitable, he indicated (without outright declaring) that he favored her. Pitt also came out as a big John Edwards supporter but only AFTER the Breck Girl exited the race. So now we have the Grandstanding Pitt, the creator of the Fitzmas Fraud, condemning (now that it is safe) Hillary supporters as you can see in his DUmmie THREAD titled, "I'm sorry, Clinton supporters, but I'd sooner jump into traffic than put these people into power." So let us now watch Pied Piper Pitt once again jump up on his political high horse in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if Pitt will show up in Denver this summer wearing his black drugstore cowboy hat, is in the [brackets]:

I'm sorry, Clinton supporters, but I'd sooner jump into traffic than put these people into power.

[Pied Piper Pitt Posted Pathetically from his moral high horse.]

More grandstanding bullshit I have not ever seen.

[Are you forgetting your own grandstanding BS about the May 12, 2006 Fitzmas Fraud which happened just 24 business hours ago?]


[Way to write off Michigan and Florida in the November election. Of course, we shall await your inevitable recantation of your condemnation.]

Ickes ain't gonna say it.

[Of course, Pitt would right now be sucking up to Ickes bigtime if Hillary had the most delegates.]

And another Democrat comes out against unity and victory.

[As if your own thread here is going to help Democrat unity and victory.]

I'm sickened...and light-a-candle-in-church grateful that they aren't going to be in charge of this country come november.

[Posted Pitt hoping for at least a dogcatcher position in an Obama administration.]

Get a big broom, Senator Obama. There's some shit to be swept out of the stables here.

[Including those stinking memories of Fitzmas Fraud Past.]



Sorry for my tone, but it's how I feel. I haven't had any really hard feelings for the Clinton team until now; I still believe this long race has been an amazingly good thing for Democracy.

[Until your recantation after making that absurd assertion.]


[No Kumbaya singing from Pitt as the gears of Operation Chaos continue to work PERFECTLY. And now to hear from the other angry DUmmies...]

Vanity or Insanity? Which is motivating them at this point?

[Vanity AND insanity is motivating Pitt at this point.]

Jeff Toobin said they be over. He has been very conservative in pronouncements and said they be done. However! Rachel Maddow alone in pundit land has been 100% right so far and she feels a goodly vibe that that woman is going to do this.

[Every indication is that Hillary is going to take this all the way to Denver.]

I hope we still have a chance come November.

[Despite the fact that Pitt and the DNC just wrote off Michigan and Florida?]

The Clintons are f*cking pariahs they suck as do their surrogates... snatching defeat from victory.

[Snatching defeat from victory. ALL is working according to Operation Chaos plan.]

F*CK THEM ALL. I cannot believe the shit I have seen today. Sweep them the f*ck out of our party. They don't give a damn about democracy or the people. Where the f*ck was this outrage when we were marching to WAR IN IRAQ? Or when Florida was STOLEN? Where the f*ck was this outrage?

[Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya
Oh lord, kumbaya]

where was all their blather during the past 7 years of Bush period. F*cking power hungry sociopathic narcissists. F*ck 'em all! SDs SHUT HER LYING, CHEATING ASS DOWN NOW.

[Someones singing lord, kumbaya
Someones singing lord, kumbaya
Someones singing lord, kumbaya
Oh lord, kumbayah]

These people don't even know their F*CKING HISTORY. They didn't know half the names that Jim Roosevelt or Alexis Herman mentioned - people who paved the way for their sorry asses to sit there and make fools of themselves MOCKING OUR OPEN AND TRANSPARENT DEMOCRATIC PROCESS. F*ck them. They can vote for McCain or stay home.

[Someones laughing, lord, kumbaya
Someones laughing, lord, kumbaya
Someones laughing, lord, kumbaya
Oh lord, kumbaya]

BEYOND disgraceful. Those people don't really give a damn at all. They don't give a damn about ending the war in Iraq or providing health care for everyone or bringing down energy costs or any of the damn things that are DESTROYING our country right now. They just care about ego and power. Shameful. Absolutely shameful.

[Someones crying, lord, kumbaya
Someones crying, lord, kumbaya
Someones crying, lord, kumbaya
Oh lord, kumbaya]

Yes F*CK THEM ALL because the Democratic Party doesn't need them to win. F*CK THEM is how we are going to unite.
F*CK THEM is how we are going to heal. F*CK THEM is the spirit of HOPE. F*CK THEM is the spirit of CHANGE. F*CK THEM is a different kind of politics how????

[Someones praying, lord, kumbaya
Someones praying, lord, kumbaya
Someones praying, lord, kumbaya
Oh lord, kumbaya]

This post and the others like it on this thread. You don't get to have one arm of Clinton supporters spew bile over the party and the process and then flounce around threads scorning Obama supporters over unity. That's ABUSIVE behavior. You wanna be pissed, start your own thread, spare me the f*cken sanctimony. Obama supporters are entitled to have their feelings around this shit too. There's enough damage to go round that healing is needed everywhere. I am SO SICK of this vicitm, where-is-your-unity-while-I-shit-all-over-you crap. SICK OF IT!!!!!

[Someones sleeping, lord, kumbaya
Someones sleeping, lord, kumbaya
Someones sleeping, lord, kumbaya
Oh lord, kumbaya
Oh lord, kumbaya]

The absolute best part of this fiasco was that it was televised.

[For our comedy entertainment!]

watch out Will!!! The bus is coming!!!!!

[And Jason Leopold is the driver!!!!!]

AS IF there isn't enough hateful division and chaos in the world the Clintons and their crews adds another layer and are very proud of it. It's as if I'm living in a non-stop nightmare day after day with this skullduggery.

[Chaos as in Operation Chaos. Hee! Hee!]

William Pitt Up In Arms About Grandstanding???

[Yeah, that is pretty ironic.]

I thought better of you, Pitt. Welcome to the "Schism Specialists" dividing the party even further.

[Pitt will be a "Schism Specialist" until his inevitable recantation.]

Damn Will, took ya long enough

[Will had to wait until the precise time when he figured out which way the political wind was prevailing.]

Just another Obamanoid-style "grandstanding bullshit" post. Thanks for the "hope" and "unity" message, brother. Go light that candle-in-church.

[Ironically posted Pitt nemesis, DUmmie Seabiscuit.]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was this the same wierdo claiming drawn our primaries was a blessing in disguise...a couple weeks ago?

This must have been one of those 4:15AM drunken rage-boy episodes, no?

9:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Harold Ickes, at the DNC rules and bylaws committee meeting.

"Mrs. Clinton has instructed me to reserve her rights to take this to the credentials committee."

That would be in Denver . At the Convention .

We can look forward to the internal ruptures to begin bleeding out over the weeks and months to come.

Already the maggots like Pitt swarm to feast on the rotting corpse, and the disease he and others carry will poison the Democrats for decades.

It's like watching a plane, train, car and shipwreck, all crashing together into a fireworks factory in slow motion.

With blood.

9:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are we sure that was actually Pitt? That was a SHORT post.

5:22 PM  

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