Thursday, May 29, 2008

"Wes Clark: Hillary Will Take Fight to Convention"

She's not conceding. She's not going gently into the night. However, she will be fighting all the way to the Democrat convention...and possibly beyond as you can see in this Daily KOs KOmmie THREAD titled, "Wes Clark: Hillary Will Take Fight to Convention." And if Wes Clark said it, you can be sure it is true since Wes is entirely a creature of the Clintons. This is why all the support for Clark by the DUmmies a couple of years ago was so laughable. They actually thought Weasley Clark would run against Hillary Clinton in the primaries. Of course, that assumed that Clark was entirely independent of the Clintons when the opposite was and is true. So let us now watch the KOmmies confront the Hillary Horror that will be facing them all summer leading into the convention in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, stocking up on my $1.50 DiGiorno supreme thick crust pizzas for that event, is in the [brackets]:

I was just watching Verdict with Dan Abrams. They were discussing the recent opinion of DNC lawyers which said that the Rules and Bylaws Committee does not have the power to restore 100% of the Michigan and Florida delegates. They can, at most, restore 50%. Wes Clark was on, and Abrams asked Clark if Hillary would take this to the convention if she didn't get 100% of what she was demanding. He said she would. And then, he said it again. For all of you who ever thought that Hillary was going to give up, you are about to be in for a rude awakening. There will be no "compromise" with Hillary. Any "compromise" will mean her defeat. Again, we may end up snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Hillary Clinton's hubris may take the entire party down.

[From your lips to Gaia's ears.]

The Clintons have made a career of putting their interests above the party. Despite presiding over the worst congressional defeat we had suffered in decades, Bill Clinton did little to try to win congress back. He simply capitulated, signing election-year laws like the 'Defense of Marriage Act' or the Telecommunications (deregulation) Act. And then, when Al Gore was getting ready to prevent George Bush from becoming president, Bill Clinton was getting oral sex. Had he not had that scandal, Al Gore may be finishing his second term.

[The guy at the end of "Recount" concurred by saying that if Clinton had gotten a BJ from Sharon Stone instead of Monica Lewinsky, then Gore would have been elected.]

Hillary Clinton has never been restrained by things like rules or facts or logic or reality. Hillary Clinton is, and has always been, in it for Hillary Clinton. She will take the party down, if it doesn't give her that to which she is entitled. The overconfidence of everyone, that she would get out just because it had become hopeless, is about to be exposed as having been naive. It has been hopeless for her for months. Did she get out then? No. Is she going to get out after June 3? No. Is she going to get out when Obama reaches 2,210 delegates (after the rush of superdelegates)? No.

[Oh No!]

Hillary Clinton doesn't have anything to lose. She may take the party down, but she will still be in office in 2012. And so what if the party leaders hate her for blowing the opportunity of a lifetime, and ensuring a 50 year conservative Supreme Court? They can't stop her in 2012, and she can bet that she won’t face another strong candidate. She can count on the masses of uninformed voters, like she did this time.

[Another unintended endorsement of the SUCCESS of Operation Chaos.]

This was never about Michigan and Florida. And it was never about meeting her demands. First she demanded that some of the delegates be seated. When Obama's lead grew, she demanded that 100% be seated. When Obama's lead continued to grow, she demanded that the "uncommitted" vote in Michigan be assigned uncommitted delegates (like the "uncommitted" pro-Hillary delegate that was reported in the Politico the other day).

[What's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable.]

The party can't stop her, only the voters can stop her. We got lucky this time, in having a candidate who was just barely able to beat her. We won't be as lucky next time. And then she can take her revenge against all of those who wronged her this time. Remember, this is about the Clintons.

[It's always ALL about the Clintons. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmies...]

It's not gonna happen. Hillary is going to have to concede.

[Hello Polyanna!]

She's overly ambitious and you know she'll bring a fight to the floor of the convention. Every time Hillary does something out of the ordinary, we were all shocked, but not surprised. I'm shocked Wes Clark said she'll bring it to the convention, but I am not surprised. Anyway, what's up with the General? Shouldn't he show some leadership and tell Hillary to leave? Apparently he missed the leadership class while in the military.

[Again the false assumption that Clark is somehow independent of the Clintons.]

I think the only explanation for her actions is that she is indeed mentally ill.

[The pursuit of the presidency that is Hillary's Great White Whale.]

Wes Clark is a Clinton tool always has been. They made him enter the 2004 Democratic race because they were concerned Howard Dean would run away with the nomination. And now this. The Clintons can go to hell, and Wes Clark can go with them.

[And this KOmmies WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

the only person that can make her stop is probably Chelsea.. she would have to take Hillary to a quiet place so the two could sit down and talk. Then explain how much she loves her and its okay to call it quits.

[Suggested the KOmmie from Fantasyland.]

Many have speculated that Hillary would try to destroy Obama through her kitchen sink approach to campaigning in order to give her a shot again in 2012. If that has any plausability, then how about Hillary threatening the Obama camp with running as an independent if she does not get her way with the Florida and Michigan results. If she were at all rational, she would realize that she does not have a chance to win in 2012 after her antics in this primary. However, most agree that she is far from rational. If she sees 2012 as her last chance to fulfill her birthright, then why not truly split the party in November, and hand McCain the presidency?

[Why not?]

The sky really isn't falling. This is ending in a week or two and we can then concentrate on November.

[Is that you, Ken Norton?]

If they can end Obama's chances and get back at him for defeating them, they'll do it. It's about revenge, at all costs.

[Vengeance is Mine sayeth the Hildebeast.]

Like I've been saying from day one Hillary Clinton and her surrogates are crazy delusional people who don't care about the democratic party, all this people care about is power. Wes Clark, Lanny Davis, Caville and the rest of this bunch are all assholes. Fake democrats who don't care about this country.

[You're going to be FUn to watch when Hillary destroys Obamas electoral chances.]

How can you stop an insane person?

[Remove their KOmmieland posting priveleges?]

There are a lot of Democrat big wigs who have gambled a lot on her not being president, consider the Clinton's vindictiveness. So, a convention fight puts a bullet in the head of the Dems chance of a WH bid, no matter who wins, and Clinton is ruined politically. Sounds like a republican wet dream.

[Please don't wake me up!]

The truth is, Obama has not defeated Hillary Clinton. It's now pretty much out of his hands. This is so deeply upsetting to me, I can't bear it.

[I can.]

Gore is my hero but this election season he's chosen to be super silent.

[That's because he is super serial.]

She's made it clear that even accepting all the FL and MI votes as cast is not enough for her. She's demanded half the uncommitted from MI as well. She and her surrogates have proven they'll fight Obama full blast through August which everyone knows will doom the Dems in November. She actually doesn't want the convention fight but she needs to go through with it to sink the party in order to blackmail the nomination now. She doesn't want to wait till 2012 because she won't win against an incumbent Republican. She's demanding that the party take one or more of her rationales and give her the nomination in the next week or two, so they'll be mostly behind her and she can be fully underway against McCain before July for a plausible shot at November. It's Ultimate Political Chicken.

[With Barack eating crow?]

i am f*cking furious and fighting mad. especially if the clintons steal this nomination somehow.

[So you don't agree with Pied Piper Pitt that this drawn out nomination process is a BLESSING?]

She just won't quit, she is like a cross between an Energizer Bunny and a Terminator. I am tired of this bad ride we call a Primary, let me off! In all seriousness, I think she is gonna take it all the way to the convention.

[Remember, this is really a BLESSING.]

She shows all the symptoms of Narcisstic Personality Disorder.


I don't know whether to scream or cry.

[I don't know whether to laugh or chuckle.]

This is shaping up to be a Shakesperean tragedy of Nixonian proportions. The only question is will the tragedy encompass just one woman, or will she foist it onto an entire party, an entire movement, an entire generation?

[I'm opting for the latter categories.]

instead of having fun and enjoying the convention they'll be wrangling, arguing and people losing their tempers.

[Not me. I'll be having FUn and enjoying the convention on the tube.]

she makes me sick. superdelegates, where ARE you?

[The Superdelegate Cavalry will NOT be riding to the rescue.]

If Barack doesn't toughen up, he's going to lose this thing. Barack needs to focus on WINNING, not being nice. Clinton certainly isn't.

[Neither is Michelle.]

Oh dear lord stop the insanity

[Please don't. All this makes for great comedy material for the DUmmie FUnnies.]

I've been avoiding this diary since I first saw it because I knew it would bring me down. It did. I don't know why I read it. Hillary does nothing but bum me out anymore.

[BUmmied out KOmmies are FUn to watch!]

I can't wait for this stupd primary to END so I can focus on some of the other pressing issues. But it's all Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. Please will this woman and her husband and her claque go away.

[You need a pre-recant pep talk from William Rivers Pitt about how this is all a BLESSING!!!]

Hillary is going to turn Saturday into a blood-bath. And if she doesn't get her way - she is going to protest at the convention. SHE ISN'T GOING TO STOP!

[Listen. And understand. That Terminator is out there. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are politically dead. ]

Listen! And understand. That Terminator is out there! It can't be bargained with, can't be reasoned with! It doesn't feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop. EVER! Until you are dead!"

[I SWEAR! I actually posted my Terminator remarks above before reading this KOmmie's post!]

Fine...I am consigned that we may lose Thanks to the Clintons and their divisive,lying, malicious ways...I am at peace at this point with it. We played by the rules, we kept to a moral high ground and we paid the price to win the nomination through our hard work, hard earned money, and excellent grass roots organization. Hillary and Bill are determined to destroy our chance of winning and for that they will never be forgiven...Hillary will never be President of this country if I...we have anything to do with it.

[Thanx to the Clintons for DEMORALIZING the KOmmies.]

Nothing makes people angrier than that which violates their expectations, and there has been nothing the Clintons have been anticipating for longer and with more enthusiasm than Hillary becoming the first woman president. Now that they, and especially she, has been denied this long held dream, I predict they are going to do everything in their power to make Obama pay. She will stay in the race and continue to inflict damage on Obama. Not to long ago Obama was beating McCain in general election matchups, but thanks mostly to Hillary turning bittergate into a media frenzy, that advantage has vanashed. Hillary doesn't know if she'll ever become president, but she does know that by staying in the race and causing trouble, at least she'll have the revenge of stopping Obama. It doesn't matter how much damage it does to her reputation and finances. She's untouchable because Obama has already taken from her the only thing in life she really wanted: To be president; and if Obama loses not only does she get revenge, but also the opportunity to run in 2012.

[Moral of the story: Don't deny Tracy Flick her ambitions.]

After silently enduring a lifetime of humiliation (from you know who), Hillary has once more been emotionally blindsided. She's not putting up with it this time. No matter how high the cost. She's letting loose a lifetime of repression and denial. She won't stop.

[Don't stop Hillary. Please continue destroying Obama's electoral chances.]

I'm really not worried about Obama getting the nomination at this point. I'm worried about Hillary sabotaging him for the general election. Almost any Democrat ought to be able to win against McCain, especially someone like Obama, but it is easier to destroy than to build, and there are many ways the Clintons could undermine him and boost McCain while pretending the opposite. It can't be obvious enough for her to be unable to run in 2012. But she knows her best chance now to become President is for Obama to lose in November, otherwise she can't run four years from now. By 2016 the Clintons will be really old news. It has to be 2012. So she has a very strong incentive to undermine Obama and then say, "See, I told you I should have been the nominee."

[McCain need only keep his mouth shut and take a long vacation while Hillary does the heavy lifting for him to defeat Obama in November.]

Stop thinking of the Clintons as Democrats. Think Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos. They are content with a McCain win and care nothing about the welfare of the party. The Clintons will continue the mission to destroy Senator Obama. Think 'The Fellowship.' Consolidating their power is all.

[But instead of closets full of shoes, think of closets full of pantsuits.]

Yes, she is going to the convention. Yes, she will fight at the credentials committee, Yes, she will file any and all lawsuits. What are we going to do about it. Rely on our super delegates the same lie enablers that helped put us where we are? Jesus Christ Hillary voted for the war, she f*cking knew!!!
Oh this just has me so mad!!!

[Oh this just has me so glad!!!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is with the DUmmies and Kommies and this "she wants to destroy the party so Hillary can run in 2012" crap? Do the democrats have rules that prevent loser candidates from running again or something? After seeing what happened to Saint Al and "Three Heart Charlie" Kerry after their failed bids for the presidency, I'm beginning to believe that there is.

What's to prevent Hillary, or any other democrat for that matter, from running as an independent democrat in 2012 (or even in 2008)? It worked for Lieberman, didn't it?

Run, Hillary, run as an independent if you don't get the nomination! Operation Chaos has your back!

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quoth the DUmmie: "The truth is, Obama has not defeated Hillary Clinton."

And that, my friends, is 'it' in a nutshell.

Oblama hasn't won.

His lead may be "insurmountable", it may be "obvious" that he is going to be selected by uncommitted superdelegates, and it may be all over for Hillary...

Only it's not.

Ol' Jug Ears is a walking gaffe machine. His wife is a spewing hate-faucet, his pastor dirty, vile, and thoroughly un-American, and his campaign far too lame and clueless to put the old lady away.

If I were Hillary, I'd hold on. Odds of a major screwup are about 50-50.

She may win this yet!

10:38 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

"How can you stop an insane person?"

It's called a "Taser"... undoubtedly, many of these DUmmies will feel its sting.

(I can dream, can't I?)

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Ol' Jug Ears"

Are you being served?

7:13 PM  
Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

And now "Ol' Jug Ears" has had to apologize for a racist rant delivered in his church by a white Catholic priest. Father Pfleger is a well-known Chicago nutcase. He *really* went off on Hillary. That'll help.

And Geraldine Ferraro is accusing the MSM of sexism and racism against whites. Woo-hoo!!

7:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"[I SWEAR! I actually posted my Terminator remarks above before reading this KOmmie's post!]"

Ain't that neat when that happens? Then again, it may mean that there's a small well-deserved vacation for you in the near future so you can back off from the petri dish and relax around normal people in real life for a bit. Take advantage of the weather and the casino freebees. And say hi to Ken Norton for us. :)

11:39 AM  

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