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Is Head KOmmie KOs Taking Hillary Blogola?

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A year ago, head KOmmie KOs and his very VERY special friend, Unknown Jerome, were highly critical of Hillary Clinton. However, recently the tone of KOmmie KOs has changed significantly. Here is what KOmmie KOs POSTED this past Monday about Hillary:

Clinton is no Howard Dean. In fact, she may be the most disciplined politician I have ever seen. She's a machine, always on message, relentlessly perfect on everything -- appearance, message, and policy. It's that discipline that has allowed her to fool people into thinking she'd pull all of our troops out of Iraq and that her vote on Iran wasn't REALLY as horrible as it really was.

She won't make a mistake. She will not implode. She's too good to make the obvious mistake, and even if she erred (she's human, so we can assume), her campaign wouldn't waste any time setting things straight.

Of course this was posted exactly ONE DAY before Hillary IMPLODED by making a huge MISTAKE over supporting (or not supporting) driver's licenses for illegal aliens. Why the MSM looks to KOmmie KOs for any sort of political wisdom is beyond me. A political prophet he's not. However KOmmie KOs and his very VERY special friend, Unknown Jerome, are most definitely political profits. They have both been involved in several Blogola scandals in which politicians played for play on their blogs. Of course, they shaded the payoffs as "political consultancy" and funneled the dough through Unknown Jerome. However that wasn't enough to prevent them from being exposed as Blogola scam artists as you can see HERE, HERE, and HERE. Today we have a new THREAD posted by Head KOmmie KOs titled, "Hillary stumbles, or does the press want a horserace?" So with yet ANOTHER defense of Hillary by KOmmie KOs and noting the past mercenary backgound of both him and his very VERY special friend Unknown Jerome, we have to ask: Is Head KOmmie KOs taking Hillary Blogola? So let us now watch KOmmie KOs defend Hillary in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that KOmmie KOs is anxious to keep his finances in the black, is in the [brakcets]:

Hillary stumbles, or does the press want a horserace?

[Is the press also taking Hillary Blogola?]

The congealing CW is that Hillary "stumbled" in yesterday's debate, giving other candidates an opening for attack.

[And giving Head KOmmie KOs an opening to ask for more Hillary Blogola in exchange for his absurd defense of her.]

I watched the debate, and honestly, while not her best performance, I don't know if I'd call it a "night of fumbles". I guess it's all relative. But we're witnessing the power of the media to create and shape the conventional wisdom.

[What your ears heard about her defending Radioactive Spitzer for granting driver's licenses for illegal didn't hear.]

The same people who have been telling us for years that Hillary was inevitable, are now apparently hoping for a real contest. If so, then good. We need one of those anyway. Maybe, if we're lucky, we'll even get Hillary to explain to us why she wants to be president.

[A very slight criticism of Hillary here to ward off charges of Blogola payoffs.]

I know Edwards is running because of the disparities of the Two Americas. I know Dodd is running to restore our Constitution. I know Obama is running because he wrote a great speech back in 2004 (or something like that).

But Hillary? If this stops becoming a coronation, maybe we'll get a rationale for her candidacy after all. She's clearly felt no need to give us one thus far.

[Nice obligatory lame criticism of Hillary to maintain your credibility with your KOmmie flock. Oh, and I hope Hillary throws a chocoloate fountain into the Blogola deal. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmies...]

It sounds like Markos doesn't like bringing together people either if he believes that the media shaped the perception of Hillary in the "Philadelphia Debate". She is and has always been a clone of the pushy, disliked, unathletic girl running from table to table, at my G.A.A. organizational meetings insisting that she be the chairwoman.

[Apparently Hillary fumbled while running from table to table.]

5 fumbles/stumbles by my count, Kos. You being a little light on her?

[Careful, KOmmie KOs. Your fellow KOmmies are catching on. Better have Hillary toss in an extended visit to the Stratosphere in Vegas with that yummie sushi bar.]

Problem is that it cemented the meme that she isn't straightforward but rather that she tries to avoid answering questions.Now, every one of her answers is going to get microparsed. What seemed "Presidential" and "responsible" before will now seem "evasive" and "trying to have it both ways."

[The KOmmies are revolting! You bet! They stink on ice!]

Whenever she'd refuse to answer a question about 'hypotheticals' the pressbots would gush about how mature and responsible she was being.

[While KOmmie KOs watched his chocolate fountain gush.]

I've racked my brains about why exactly Hillary wants to be President. What's the animating ideal, the core conviction that propels that desire? What does she want to do with the Presidency?

[I'll answer with a quote from the obscure New Zealand beekeeper she was named after: "Because it's there."]

the controversy isn't over whether she is for or's about her inability to be clear with voters about her intentions. She better deal with it now, because if she is the nominee it will be a huge liability going into the general.

[Hee! Hee!]

They're crying about a candidate who stumbled while Kos is once again defending her to the bloggers. This is unreal. Kos, weren't you against the establishment at one time?

[Yes, until the Blogola "consultation fees" came pouring in via my very VERY special friend, Unknown Jerome.]

Now I like Kucinich (and his wife!) but he didn't do himself any favors by lending that question legitimacy and tying himself to Shirley McClain with it. Sorry, as nice a woman as she is, her rep is flakey and flakes rub off and stick to everyone around them.

[Not as flakey as Mike Gravel whose campaign slogan is "Klaatu, barada nikto."]

All she had to do was answer the question honestly. Apparently, she supports Spitzer's proposal.

[ALWAYS use the term "Radioactive" in front of Spitzer.]

She wanted to support Spitzer without giving the Republicans something to use against her in the general election. Mission Impossible. She was literally all over the place.

[Radioactive Spitzer.]

It seem clear to me that Kos has started gravitating to Clinton, implying that (what he perceives as) the poorly run Obama and Edwards campaigns are somehow leaving her as the only alternative. Seems to me more like reading the tea leaves and wanting to be on the winning side so as not to be irrelevent.

[Wanting to be on the best financed side so as to cash in on the most Blogola.]

Clearly Obama has the most integrity, and is championing our most basic wishes. Why is Kos so against him, and seemingly so pro-Hillary?

[Psst! The answer is B-L-O-G-O-L-A.]

Gee, I wonder which side kos's bread is buttered

[Blogola brand of butter.]

Kos's mindlessly disparaging comments about Obama have really jumped the shark. As a 58-year-old white woman reading the comments daily of these hotshot relatively young male bloggers feeling their oats as they come into their own and experience some influence--atrios, americablog, josh at tpm, and kos--I have come to a depressing conclusion based on the turn their comments have taken over the last couple of weeks: these guys are seriously jealous of the hip black dude. They don't want him to succeed. They found a excuse to turn on him and show their power. Sorry, guys, but your reactions just cannot be explained by rational analysis alone. Something else is going on.

[That something else going on is called Blogola.]

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Blogger JorgXMcKie said...

Let the arguments over who is the 'Purest of Them All' begin. The circular firing squad should be wondrous to behold.

10:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can it be that the Dims have suddenly realized that their stable of hopefuls are pretty poor examples of A)politicians, and B)human beings?

Don't get me wrong! Obama seems like a nice, cardigan-wearing dimbulb of an adequate father.

Edwards, a small-town sleazy lawyer with Attila the Hen for a wife.

Hillary? A more flawed human being desperately grasping for power I have never seen. She's downright scary.

None of them are Presidential Timber. Most of them are PTA-level treasurers.

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a guilty pleasure peering through the wormhole into the parallel K-universe. I had no idea that anti-matter was made up of a mysterious substance called blogola, but hey, you learn something new with every mouse click.

It's especially scrump-dillyicious seeing some Kossacks glimpse the mean spirited, Machiavellian shape shifting core of heir lord and lady. I mean, who knew?

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As of 12:11 MST, you are in the lead! GL, this site is hysterical.


1:12 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

DUmmie FUnnies leads the pack in votes... and it's all from fisking the DUmmie's OWN WORDS.

Freudenschade, baby! ;)

If you haven't voted for PJ's site yet, GO DO IT!

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still think PJ should create an award of his own: the Blutarsky Award for Creative History. I am quite sure he would find more than ennough candidates.

1:10 AM  
Blogger Moon Rattled said...

before you vote for the dummy, you might want to read this thread.

I dare you to keep this comment posted and to post the thread link on your blog for people to read, PJ.

I'm hoping the weblog awards people have some morals and see fit to dump you from the competition.

12:08 AM  

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