Friday, September 28, 2007

Please Save Us Oh Mighty Goracle!!!

You can tell the Left is dissatisfied with the inevitability of the Hildebeast by their yearning for Al Gore. This yearning has taken the form of desperation as you can tell by this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Randi asked Al Gore to run, please run. He held her head between his hands & kissed her cheek." The best thing about this desperation is that it is FUn to watch. So let us now watch Randi Rhodes and the DUmmies BEG their mighty Goracle to run in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Randi is only getting a fraction of her expected salary because Al Franken ran off with most of the loot while Air America still had most of that scammed Boys and Girls Club dough, is in the [brackets]:

Randi asked Al Gore to run, please run. He held her head between his hands & kissed her cheek


As for me... HOPE LIVES!!

[The DREAM is still ALIVE!! HOPE will NEVER DIE!!!]

Randi is on and talking about seeing Al and Tipper at Melissa Etheridge's concert this past week - a performance of "The Awakening". She told Al, with tears in her eyes, that she wanted him to run and he held her head between his hands & kissed her cheek.

[The left butt cheek?]

For the love of GOD, please RUN AL!!!!!

["PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" sangeth James Brown.]

think of the polar bears, al. think of me, not wanting to die in a fascist dicktatorship. think of ME! ME! ME! ME! God, I do love that man. He better run or I'll cry.

[And now the DUmmie Musical Theater switches from James Brown's "PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!" to Johnny Ray's "Cry."

and for children and future generations! We do not need a politician but a visionary leader. AL GORE, PLEASE WE ALL NEED YOU!

[If your sweetheart sends a letter of good-bye
It's no secret you'll feel better if you cry...
When waking from a bad dream
Don't you sometimes think it's real?
But it's only false emotions that you feel.
If your heartaches seem to hang around too long,
And your blues keep getting bluer with each song...
Remember sunshine can be found
Behind a cloudy sky,
So let your hair down and go on and cry.

If your heartaches seem to hang around to long,
And your blues keep getting bluer with each song...
Well, now, remember sunshine can be found
Behind a cloudy sky,
So let your hair down
And go right on baby and cry.]

Hope lives with me, too. Notice how much weight he's lost!

[The Goracle sacrificed his Chicken McNuggets for US!!!]

Oh. My. God. Could it be?

[Sacrificing those Chicken McNuggets was definitely a sign from heaven.]

I've heard lots of speculation about watching his waistline. If it shrinks, it's a sign.

[HALLELUJAH!!! It is the SIGN of the Goracle that we have long been waiting for!!! One belt notch less and he is IN the race!!!]

RUN, AL, RUN!! 2008 is yours for the taking!!

[Your loyal acolytes desperately await you to save us from the Hildebeast!!]

you know some of my friends and I joked that if we saw him start to lose weight that he was running - well lets hope there is some truth in our banter - because I say he HAS LOST weight and I PRAY TO GOD HE IS RUNNING - but I just wish he would do it already.....this Hillary is inevitable thing is getting on my last nerve....

[Oh Mighty Goracle!!! For the love of God and the Future of the Planet, please lay off the cream puffs!!!]

the man is a saint...i relish the opportunnity to cast my viote for him!

[Just mark right there sort of across from his name on that convenient butterfly ballot. Hee! Hee!]

Thank you for posting this. I just heard Randi tell this story. I'm sobbing too. I look at him and all we have lost since December 12, 2000, and it is so sorrowful.

[That date marked the start of the Dark Ages.]

I feel the same way and I certainly hope he runs! Wouldn't that stir up the pot? WOW! The nation would jump up and down! I bet the mood around here would change too! Don't you think Gore would have said "no", whispered it or shook his head "no" if he had no intention of running? I can't think of a better candidate! Gore '08!

[A mere mortal must never attempt to interpret the mysterious signs of the Mighty Goracle.]

She made me cry when she told that story I can only imagine how she felt. He didn't say no, from the sound of it, though. Come on, Al, stop teasing us!


if we build it, he will run. that is what his friend dylan malone says. he wants a people powered campaign like the deaniacs created. i truly believe he will run. i understand he doesn't want to, himself, but he knows that we all need him. and that we all love him. i didn't even hear the story, and i am crying. i will pick it up off white rose when it goes up. and i will get out my kleenex. god damn it, run, al, run.

[So build a campaign platform in the middle of a corn field. If you build it, the Goracle will run.]

If so, I'd look for it around mid-October. That's when the Nobel Peace Prize winners are announced. I'm not sure when the "Everlast Codpiece Prize" winner (for the individual deemed the world's biggest athletic supporter) are announced. I already know who'll win that one.

[That second prize is much more prestigious. And the Goracle will win it since he certainly has the biggest prosthetic crotch enhancer.]


[I think you long ago passed the Fail Safe zone on that condition.]

Randi is obviously not aware of the draft Gore movement
This seems to be a totally new idea to her. I really want to call her and tell her about and the coalition of all of the draft groups we've created, but I get too nervous. I'm leaving work soon and might try from my car if I get the guts.

[Yes. Tell Randi that the Goracle Worship cult is much larger than she thinks.]

He's still leaving the door open

[Also his zipper.]

How can Al not run??? He knows we need him!! I can FEEL it; he's running!!


Man... I hope you're right. I'm getting pretty sick of this current crop of dems... and every time someone beats the drum for a Hillary Victory I get more and more afraid. Run Al Run!!!

[Save us, Oh Mighty Goracle, from the evil forces of Mordor!!!]

I will let anyone ...tase me in the nuts if you RUN AL!!!

[Go Tase Me, Bro!!!]

Although patience has not always been a virture of mine, I'm getting there. My freak out day for Al Gore announcing is October 15. After that date, my new virture will begin to dislove. Damn! I want him to take MY face in his hands and kiss MY cheek!

[Al Gore will end up kissing Hillary's ample cheek when she bends over for him.]

Dear President Gore, Please take your rightful place as the leader of our once great country. You, and possibly only you, can guide US out of the * created abyss, and into the presence of light.

[From the Book of Goracle. In His name, Amen.]

am I the only one itching to make a snarky comment here?

[No but unless you want to risk a Tombstoning, better let the DUmmie Funnies do it for you.]

Run or I'll sing, Al!! LOUD!! In 3 keys of off.I had hoped it would not come to this.

[I only sing in the shower and even then it is so bad that the tiles wilt.]

Run, Al, Run President Gore could serve two more terms. because the usurper took his first one. Please make it so, God. I don't ask for much, very often or for myself.

[Please, God, make us worthy enough for the Goracle.]

If he doesn't run, I do know just how much THE REST OF THE WORLD and I have lost. And I do remember the night, it was a night in December 2000 when I watched and listened in disbelief to a reporter on MSNBC reading an opinion rendered by the Supreme Court ....

[Hmmm... Suddenly I'm feeling a song based on this theme to the tune of "The Night They Drove Ol' Dixie Down." Paging Charles Henrickson. But only do it on the sly. Wink! Wink!]

Maybe he likes the taste of salty tears. And maybe that's why he's stringing everyone along. He wants to taste the tears of all the crying progressives, as they realize they're stuck with the right-wing Hillary as their candidate. Don't use that Kleenex, folks. Gore wants to savor your tears.

[Scott Tenorman's tears are so yummy and sweet!]

have you ever wondered how different your life would be if al had been living in the white house instead of the freak who sits there? i think of it often--it's very depressing. our entire household would be different. this son of a bitch fool on the hill has impacted even the personal aspects of our lives.

[Good news! There is an Alternate DUmmie Universe where Up is not the opposite of Down. It is 3 miles east of Philadelphia. Oh, and Al Gore is also President.]

I supposed Al 100% and am working on my carbon footprint....

[You might also try working on your spelling...]

Our Children need YOU AL!!!..Our Nation needs you AL!! The World Needs you AL!!

i believe he will get in at the last moment he can keep the media at bay and not give them time to swift boat..and rove him

I believe he knows exactly what he is one knows this media better than Al does.

And no one knows the Clinton machine better than Al and Tipper!

And Al will have some of the biggest heavy hitters working for him..

Think Soros, Bloomberg,Lee Ioccoca..and of course many in Hollywood.

Al will do it when he can create the biggest splash..and momentum. and i believe he is going to run.


Sorry folks, but he isn't running.


For me the last possible date he could get in before the primaries is Sunday November 4th.I just picked that date because it is one year before election day.

[The Goracle has a chance if he enters by Jan. 20, 2009. I BEEEEEELEEEEEVEEE!!!]

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"What Ahmadinejad is and what he isn't..."

Hey folks! Did you know that the beady-eyed, vertically challenged thug who runs Iran is really a good guy? No, really. He is just misunderstood. Don't believe me? Then check out this DUmmie THREAD titled, "What Ahmadinejad is and what he isn't..." Yes, read this thread and you will find out that poor widdle Ahmadinejad is a victim of cultural misunderstanding and the lies of the EVIL Bush Regime. So let us now watch the DUmmies join hands and sing "Kumbaya" in honor of President Hostage-Taker in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wondering if the tiny Iranian and Li'l Kim of North Korea share the same elevator shoes, is in the [brackets]:

What Ahmadinejad is and what he isn't...

[Stand by for the DUmmie Ode to Mahmoud...]

It's type to separate the hype and media maelstrom from the man who is the President of Iran.

[Maybe Babwa Wawa should ask him what kind of tree he would want to be.]

1. He is an elected President, not a Dictator.

[Unlike the EVIL Bush.]

2. Presidents in the Republic of Iran are largely figure heads for mullahs in charge of the Supreme Council.

[So who do we blame for them forcing hot looking chicks to wear ugly looking black burkhas?]

3. He was elected as a right-wing populist... the common man who understood how to begin fixing Iran's economy. Think Pat Buchanan in a bad suit.

[Alan Colmes tried out that pathetic description the other night when he called Ahmadinejad a conservative. Since when do "conservatives" play footsie with Hugo Chavez?]

4. Right-wing populists in the middle-east tend to be anti-semitic across the board (keep in mind the Israeli counterparts tend to be profoundly anti-arab). Yet for some reason (perhaps with some legitimacy) the press has chosen to make Ahmadinejad the poster-boy for anti-semitism. The reality is that there is very little difference between his views and the vast majority of ME leaders. That doesn't make it right, but that's the way it is. It's vicious cycle of hatred for which both sides bear the responsibility (Israelis, and Arab/Muslims).

[There you go again with "right-wing." Oh, and I love the moral equivalency bit at the end about both sides bearing responsibility.]

5. Iran has a legitimate need for electrical power. Nuclear is a logical step for them that avoids turning horrible pollution (already) in cities like Tehran into an even worse nightmare.

[Hey, what happened to the normal leftwing enviro objections to nuclear power? I guess they are tossed out the window when it involves an anti-American thug.]

6. Iran sees their national security neighborhood as a dangerous place. India, Pakistan, and Israel all have the bomb. The US maintains bases all over the region. The only neighbor that it maintains good relations with is Armenia. So, the mullahs would not mind having the bomb themselves.

[Thanks for immediately contradicting your previous argument that Iran wants nuclear power only for generating electricity.]

7. Having the bomb gives your nation incredible negotiating leverage (see the N. Korean experience). Iran needs economic sanctions to end to prosper economically.

[I think this is called BLACKMAIL.]

8. The President of Iran has little control over what happens under local Sharia law. Just as an American president would have little control over people who are executed in Texas...

[Wow! That makes me feel good. It is only the crazed mullahs who will have their fingers on the nuclear trigger.]

9. He isn't in control of how gays, or women are treated in Iran. This is completely dependent on how the mullahs are interpreting Sharia at a given time. Homosexuality in Persian culture is strictly don't ask, don't tell. You can think of Ahmadinejad's response to the question as the same type of response you might get from a military general. Uhhhhh, we don't have homosexuals here... A howler, but there it is. The issue of women in Iran is more complex as issues of Islam get tangled with cultural issues. Islam itself was very progressive in its view of women (especially considering the Koran is an 8th century document). However, even those rights tend to get swamped when colliding with traditionally patriarchal and repressive societies. So, Ahmadinejad would see women's issues through the rose-coloured glasses of Islamic views of women's rights. However, Shareen Ebadi would say that's exactly the kinds of rights that are being ignored in the overall culture... particularly in the legal system.

[The Village People are not gay...but only in Iran.]

10. So what is Ahmadinejad then... Ultimately, he is the PR mouthpiece for the Iranian ruling council and a rather large mouthpiece at that. Unfortunately, he is a rather common guy/voice in the ME at this time. His views are not out of the mainstream here. We should take that as a warning, not that the evil, anti-semitic, atomic terrorists are coming... Instead, we should take it as a sign of how far any sort dialog for peace has drifted.

[And guess who is going to be blamed for that "drift?"]

Peaceful dialog is ultimately what is needed here... Bush should have met him at ground zero with the hand of peace and a warning about just the sort of drift we are talking about.

[Sniff! It makes me weep to think of the opportunity lost when the EVIL Bush refused to meet Ahmadinejad at Ground Zero so they could join hands and sing "Kumbaya" together.]

Hey, but that would have taken a man of vision... a difficult thing when the US is a nation where the blind lead the blind.

[All Bush's fault! And now to hear from more blind DUmmies leading blind DUmmies...]

Carter would have met him.

[And sang Kumbaya with him while blaming Israel.]

Exactly, I just wanted to carve some middle ground here
on the issue... My God, the media showed hours of the anti-Ahmadinejad protests by a few hundred people... and exactly how much did the cover war protests in the last year??? The stink of manipulation was everywhere. So, I believed there was some need to separate the reality from the propaganda.

[I think you carved your way into the Rubber Room.]

The massive coverage of protests is infuriating when they've downplayed every anti-war protest. The president of Columbia was outrageous in his insults to an invited speaker.

[How dare they confront President Hostage-Taker!]

No matter what, though, he represents an oppressive government that stones women, hangs gays and is contemptuous of everything that is of not their religion. Just as bush represents a government that practices capital punishment, wages unnecessary war, promotes homophobia, and has just as much contempt for other religions as does his Iranian counterpart. In the end, both men are religious nutjobs who play to their base and could care less about the people murdered under their regimes. Neither man gets a free pass from me. They are both cut from the same cloth, IMO.

[But when push comes to shove you will always prefer President Hostage-Taker every time.]

By marginalizing him and demonizing him, we shut down even the possibility of conversation or negotiation.

[A victim of cultural misunderstanding.]

The more he is being demonized the more popular he
becomes in Iran & the ME. The Busholini Regime is just downright stupid.

[President Hostage-Taker is the victim of the EVIL Busholini Regime.]

The ME has different value systems and we need to stop judging them by our value system. Yes, they are centuries behind in human rights, but remember that in the ME, time simply stopped around the 14th century, and only in the 20th century have they really rejoined the rest of the world. They have yet to go through their version of the Renaissance and Enlightenment. Imagine time-traveling back to England of 1300; think of how women and others were treated then. It is simply impossible to drag a culture kicking and screaming forward 700 years, in less than a century. Despite the discrimination against Iranian women, they are still much better off than their sisters on the Arabian peninsula or Afghanistan.

[They joined the rest of the world years ago only to regress when the mullahs took over from the "reactionary" Shah.]

The same people who gave us "Weapons of Mass Destruction" and "Terrorist State Iraq" and "Iraq Attacked Us on 9/11" are now filling some people's brain with the same lies. Not ONE of us knows the truth. We don't live in Iran. We can only know what we know from sources which must be questioned. We can not trust what we read or hear anymore. And until we know from personal experience, then don't allow the propaganda mills to be successful. And who the hell are we to impose our "Girls Gone Wild" morality standards on other countries. Everybody has an agenda. That's why there are at least two sides to every story.

[And we know which side you DUmmies will take EVERY time.]

the whitehouse needs a new demon and they found one
thanks for your rational post on the latest demon in the middle my opinion rationality has been in short supply here.

[Reality is always in short supply in DUmmieland.]

Sunday, September 23, 2007

"Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over [Private] Schools"

As soon as I heard that Hugo Chavez mandated that all schools in Venezuela teach Socialism (Communism), I just knew the DUmmies would approve. I was not disappointed as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over [Private] Schools." This is what the DUmmies would dearly love to have happen in American schools. Students organized into collectives and taught Socialism (Communism). Actually it already does happen in many of our public schools to an extent which is why the Left HATES home schooling since they don't have control over it. So let us now watch the DUmmies praise the latest collectivist planning by Hugo Chavez in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, thinking that a lot of American teachers would love to teach in the Chavez education system, is in the [brackets]:

Venezuela's Chavez May Take Over [Private] Schools

[Try WILL take over Private Schools.]

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez threatened on Monday to close or take over any private school that refuses to submit to the oversight of his socialist government as it develops a new curriculum and textbooks.

"Society cannot allow the private sector to do whatever it wants," said Chavez, speaking on the first day of classes.

All schools, public and private, must admit state inspectors and submit to the government's new educational system, or be closed and nationalized, with the state taking responsibility for the education of their children, Chavez said.

A new curriculum will be ready by the end of this school year, and new textbooks are being developed to help educate "the new citizen," said Chavez's brother and education minister Adan Chavez, who joined him a televised ceremony at the opening of a public school in the eastern town of El Tigre.

[Anybody else notice all this nepotism in "scientific" socialist regimes?]

Private schools in the USA are regulated, accredited, inspected, and so on. Home schools, it is true, you can do almost any damn fool thing ...

[Damn those home schools for not teaching socialism.]

Chavez, who had some good ideas with nationalizing his country's oil industry, has turned into a total despot.


Bottom-line, Venezuela is a DEMOCRACY, with open, transparent, and highly vetted and monitored elections (unlike here). If the people of Venezuela don't like this policy, they have every right to oppose it, to organize against it, and to get it changed, and they ultimately have the right and power to throw Chavez out--a right and a power that we here in the U.S. don't have any more, now that Bush's buds at Diebold and ES&S are "counting" all the votes with "trade secret" programming code, by arrangement of BOTH parties.

[So which leader is staying on after his term limit is over?]

State inspections of all schools is a great idea.

[Especially if it enforces the teaching of socialism.]

basically Venezuela is only catching up to American standards for school licensing. it's educational progress. do you have a problem with a country aspiring to American standards of living?

[So Chavez is only abiding by NEA standards.]

Leave Chavez Alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Paraphrasing the Britney Spears fan.]

Now OUR current leader? That's what I'd call a dictator. He's practically admitted it himself.

[Have you admitted yourself to the FUnnie Farm yet?]

If we had a decent government ourselves, the U.S. would be friends with Venezuela, and aiding them in every way we could toward social justice and self-determination. But we DON'T have a decent government. And it's a stretch to call what we have a democracy. The Venezuelans could teach us some things, if we bother to find out what's really going on there, and ignore our delusional news media. THEY have transparent elections. We don't. Start with that.

[How about we start with the fact that Hugo Chavez is hanging onto power long after his term limit expires?]

People defending him are not grasping at straws here. People defending him are reaching out to those living in abject poverty, to those that were forced to live in the leftovers, the unwanted, worthless material and objects discarded by the ruling class of debauchery, which gave new meaning to unrestrained self-indulgent immoral behavior, and the word filth. People defending him have hope for the future of Venezuela.

[I only wish the DUmmies defending him would move to Venezuela.]

Good for Chavez. Too bad he's not taking over the private schools in the United States (like the idiot-run high school I had to attend).

[A DUmmie dreams of a socialist school system.]

I would prefer a well reasoned argument on how the Venezuelan government's institution of universal standards for education - not unlike those of most other countries, including the United States - makes Hugo Chavez a despot or a dictator or an asshat.

[Universal standards for teaching socialism.]

As for the blather about political ideology being present in school standards, no school system in the world - and I mean none - has ever been created without ideological consideration.

[Imagine the outcry of protest from this DUmmie if capitalism was mandated to be taught here as a good thing. As for socialism, he has no problem with forcing that down students' throats.]

Well, its about time! Chavez has been to easy on seditionists. And just what is wrong with teaching socialism? What gets me is how I was lied to from childhood about the true history of predatory capitalism. F*ck! I was raised to think that it was synonomous with freedom, democracy etc. and that socialism was synonomous with totalitarianism, etc. Only in my later years did I learn the truth about how the US corporations have tried to enslave the world in a feudal system that is contemptuous of democracy. Chavez and Castro are fighting the bastards. Who else is?

[DUmmies at their basement keyboards swallowing down pizzas.]

Friday, September 21, 2007

"Dan Rather fights back - Sues for being made Scapegoat"

I usually don't post two DUFU editions in a row on the same topic but this time I can't help it. There seems to be a strange notion out there, especially prevalent in the MSM, that while the DUmmies might be over the edge, the KOmmies are somehow thoughtful "progressive" types. Wrong. As this DUFU edition and the PREVIOUS ONE show, BOTH the DUmmies and KOmmies are equally delusional. As I have stated many times, KOmmies are nothing but DUmmies with better PR. The KOmmie posts defending Dan Rather in this THREAD titled, "Dan Rather fights back - Sues for being made Scapegoat" are as divorced from reality as the DUmmie posts on this topic in the previous DUFU edition. So let us now watch the KOmmies stand by Dan in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, wanting to know the frequency, is in the [brackets]:

Dan Rather fights back - Sues for being made Scapegoat


Good for Mr. Rather! After being swiftboated by the far Right and having the story of Bush the 2nd going AWOL being covered up by false outrage at a minor part of his expose on it, he's decided to fight back.

[Minor? When the documents the story was based on proved to be fake, that was minor?]

In the form of a $70,000,000 USD lawsuit against his former employers for throwing him under the bus.

[So was poor widdle Dan Swiftboated or thrown under the bus?]

The story was, of course, true, but the Killian documents being unable to be authenticated independently gave the far right water-carriers enough ammo to sweep the entire story under the rug.

[Fake but accurate documents. And now to read of more delusions from the other KOmmies...]

Kick Their Asses Dan!!!!

[How? By filing fake but accurate court documents?]

if he wins, it's like taking his middle finger and putting it in powerline's eye. I love that! assrocket is one huge piece of work.

[WHEN he loses it's like sticking your thumb in your mouth when you assume the fetal position.]

I hope Dan Rather prevails -- and I hope it is a catalyst that brings down the former House of Murrow -- and that a year from now we all get thew last laigh on the Right Wing pajama crews, as delusional as their puppet-in-chief in terms of what their sequence of daily lives stack up to create.

[Speaking of delusional. Have you popped open your Freudenschade champagne victory bottle yet?]

it seems like Rather may have been suckered in a VERY clever way.... if Bush KNEW this story was eventually going to come out - even though his operatives HAD shredded the real files, this was a way to turn it around:

[Dan Rather as the innocent victim of a Vast Rovian Plot.]

Though the documents from that 60 Minutes 2 broadcast may have been discredited, the claims made by Rather still seem to have been true.

[How many seconds will it to take for that fake but accurate claim to be laughed out of court.]

How often do we attack journalists for reporting stories without sufficient evidence? I will be extremely satisfied if Dan Rather is catalyst for the end of Bush.

[Delusion, they name is KOmmie.]

The evidence of forgery is overwhelming. Probably planted by Karl Rove to make the story go away, then leaked to LGF and the other Encyclopedia Brownshirts.

[It's Rove's fault that Dan Rather couldn't spot obvious forgeries!]

Just re-create the documents using a 1970's era typewriter. Show that it also matches the throbbing memo. How hard could that be?

[If it's so easy then why hasn't it been done yet? DUhhhhh!]

Hey, i have an IBM Selectric in my garage... I pulled it out when this whole mess started, but sadly it's completely broken.

[Dan Rather is just a $10 Selectric repair bill away from winning his $70 million lawsuit.]

The story WAS true so the only way to undermine it was to throw in fake documents. Someone should have dusted for Rove's fingerprints. Rather should have made sure they were not fake before claiming they were though, shouldn't he?

[Dust Dan Rather's Selectric balls for Rove's fingerprints.]

dan rather is a patriotic american who is one of the victims of the meida's conspiracy to work with cheney and bush to install a fascist/theocratic state. the media moguls at CBS need to be slapped hard up against the head and the other msm need to take very careful notes. hopefully we are seeing the beginning of a major tsunami hitting this nation amd making it realize what has been occuring in this country for the past 6 years and that it needs to be stopped.

[Are you also a "Truther" with a bullhorn yelling "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!!!"]

Rather is a victim of his own ego and nothing more.


This whole affair was a perfect example of the right's attack the messenger strategy. Because the story was so damaging, rather than debate the facts (Bush blew off his guard service) they attacked Rather and the 60 minutes producers (who admittedly engaged in a little shoddy journalism surrounding the supporting documents). The facts of the story were never disputed by anyone on the right or Bush himself.

[Yeah. That fake but accurate story has never been disputed by anyone. And what brand of pixie dust are you inhaling?]

The evidence (the Killian memos) were disputed, but it's important to note that the information set forth in those memos was confirmed by various sources, the dispute was as to their authenticity, not their accuracy.

[Dan Rather's epithet: Fake but Accurate.]

In court he will make an even bigger ass of himself. The documents were obvious forgeries, he wanted them to be real because it fit the narrative. Rather does not have a leg to stand on because he violated the first priniciple of journalism, the truth. Fake but accurate is no defense. The trial will be all about those documents, that was the basis of the story. Without the fake documents he had no story. And with the fake document he has no case. My bet is this case gets tossed on summary judgment.

[My bet is this KOmmie gets tossed out of KOmmieland for being too sane.]

I can't help but wonder if the reason Rather's filing this suit is because he's uncovered some really damning evidence.

[Yeah. He found Lucy Ramirez's fingerprint on a snowflake.]

I have always wondered why Dan Rather, of all people, seemed to fall on his sword over this. Why didn't he fight back? What kind of power do the Bushies have that would make a career journalist, and a good one, lay down and die over such a fraud? The evidence was flimsy. The sham was apparent. The BS factor was high as it can go, even for MSM. Why would My Man Dan allow his reputation to be so thoroughly trampled by these people? Money and career don't matter at this point. He's 70 some years old, right? His name and legacy mean something, right? So anyway, I'm damn thrilled to see him make this move. I'd send him $50 if I thought he needed it for his case.

[Bev Harris is just $50 away from winning Dan Rather's lawsuit.]

Imagine how things would be different if Rather had stuck to his guns and didn't back off his story of Bush dodging the draft. Instead, he caved at the vital moment and the story went down the drain. Just like how Kerry let the Swiftboaters f*ck him in the ass for a few weeks before fighting back. With defenders like these, it's no wonder democracy's in the state it's in.

[Ben Burch would love to meet those Swiftboaters.]

Thursday, September 20, 2007

"Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against CBS"

Let's see. Dan Rather promotes a story on the air based on fake documents. To this day he still maintains they haven't been proven as fake despite the fact that the typeface used on the supposed Texas Air National Guard papers did not exist at military bases in the 1970s. As a result, CBS gets rid of Rather. So who does Dan Rather blame for basing a story on fraudulent documents? Himself? Of course not. He is suing CBS for big bucks. No sane person believes that Dan Rather's lawsuit will go anywhere but the leftwing is backing him as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against CBS." So let us now watch the DUmmies back Dan Rather's paranoid lawsuit in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying the spectacle of Dan Rather blowing big legal bills on a lawsuit that is going nowhere, is in the [brackets]:

Rather Files $70 Million Lawsuit Against CBS

[Thus ensuring he will become a non-person at CBS for all eternity.]

Dan Rather, whose career at CBS News ground to an inglorious end 15 months ago over his role in an unsubstantiated report questioning President Bush’s Vietnam-era National Guard service, filed a $70 million lawsuit this afternoon against the network, its corporate parent and three of his former superiors.

Mr. Rather, 75, asserts that the network violated his contract by giving him insufficient airtime on “60 Minutes” after forcing him to step down as anchor of the “CBS Evening News” in March 2005. He also contends that the network committed fraud by commissioning a “biased” and incomplete investigation of the flawed Guard broadcast and, in the process, “seriously damaged his reputation.” As plaintiffs, the suit names CBS and its chief executive, Leslie Moonves; Viacom and its chief executive, Sumner Redstone; and Andrew Heyward, the former president of CBS News.

In the suit, filed this afternoon in State Supreme Court in Manhattan, Mr. Rather charges that CBS and its executives made him “a scapegoat” in an attempt “to pacify the White House,” though the formal complaint presents virtually no direct evidence to that effect. To buttress this claim, Mr. Rather quotes the executive who oversaw his regular segment on CBS Radio, telling Mr. Rather in November 2004 that he was losing that slot, effective immediately, because of “pressure from ‘the right wing.’ ”

He also continues to take vehement issue with the appointment by CBS of Richard Thornburgh, an attorney general in the administration of the elder President Bush, as one of the two outside panelists given the job of reviewing how the disputed broadcast had been prepared.

[Dan Rather contends that CBS committed fraud? So what did Dan Rather commit when he based his news report on fraudulent TANG documents?]

It's not enough money. Should have been $100 million at least.

[O% of $100 million is still ZERO so Dan will end up with the same amount no matter how much he sues for.]

Dan Rather knows exactly what he is doing

[Yup! He knows that those TANG documents were fake but accurate.]

It probably took this long to get the CONCLUSIVE evidence - but he must have it or he wouldn't be doing this.

[Yeah. Basing an entire huge lawsuit on the offhand feel-good comment made by an executive with his radio show is really "CONCLUSIVE." Hee! Hee!]

I heard some guy got his records back before they were scrubbed. I saw copies on a link. The guy was offering a $1000 to anyone who could report he showed up in Alabama or wherever it was he went campaigning.

[Dan Rather is just $10 away from finding that guy.]

My first thoughts. This might lead to some interesting places. I am envisioning a renewed investigation with airtime. And in fact, maybe even impeachment? Am I dreaming???

[Dreaming in the midst of a deep coma.]

When Dan Rather departed the Big Network journalism scene, the only one left worth his salt was Bob Schieffer. They're both great for "speaking truth to power".

[Thanx for reminding us where Schieffer is coming from.]

Do you think that 60 Minutes will interview him? Katie needs something to do.

[Most likely Katie will taser him.]

I have always hated how Dan Rather was marginalized for his truthful TANG story, while the AWOL Chimp skated away virtually untouched.

[The truthful TANG story based on fake documents.]

The only reason that the report is found to be unsubstantiated is that insiders to the Bush Evil Empire were put in place as a "news team" evaluating the piece.

[A Vast Rovian Plot in place to have Freeper Buckhead post on the Free Republic that the TANG documents looked like fakes.]

Hope Rather is successful and manages to take down AWOL Junior while he`s at it.

[Freudenschade, baby!]

Bush's National Guard docs will now be matter for discovery. Delicious.

[Lucy Ramirez is already faxing those docs in from the Amarillo Kinko's. Delicious.]

Does anyone have contact info for Dan?

[Call him at 1-800-DAN-NUTS.]

I wonder if CBS will settle it, though. It might be in their best interest.

[I'm hoping they don't so they can drain Dan Rather of all his resources.]

go rather!!!!! in a related story, senator craig is going to sue the minneapolis airport for making him gay

[I'm suspecting this was posted by a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!!]

Remember, the officer-in-question's secretary VERIFIED (and was witness to) the fact of the poor opinion had of Dimson, and the fact that he had not complied with policy, nor had DimSon fulfilled his duties.

[The fake but accurate documents made the same verification.]

Hey Dan - if you need ANY HELP AT ALL - we are here for you!!!!

[Dan Rather is just $10 away from winning his lawsuit.]

He must have gotten the evidence he needs, or he wouldn't be doing this.

[That vague offhand feel-good comment by his radio producer is sure "rock solid." Hee! Hee!]

WHAT? No Rove Implication??? The whole thing stunk to high heaven and had Rove's name written all over it.

[Only Lucy Ramirez's fingerprints were left on those TANG fake but accurate documents.]

I'm sure it will all come out in discovery. Rove will commit perjury. When the neocons couldn't get him with their anthrax, they swiftboated him, and CBS was complicit in the latter.

[Posted a DUmmie wearing a double layer tinfoil hat.]

Say what you want about Rather, you gotta know what happened was a total political setup. Hold their feet to the fire and expose them, Dan. I will be in your cheering section.

[In bankruptcy court where Rather will end up because of his big legal bills.]

I hope they get to present some EVIDENCE-say a copy of B*sh's arrest report??

[And don't forget those fake but accurate TANG documents. Great EVIDENCE there.]

Mary Mapes should be included in this as well. Two good journalists destroyed by right wing lies.

[Dan Rather should bring a tip jar for Mary Mapes when he appears in court.]

My hero Dan Rather! I literally cried like a baby when he stepped down. My father always watched Dan Rather and ONLY Dan Rather. After his death, it made me feel so close to my father whenever Rather was on... I'd pretend he was still here with me. Sick probably, but it helped to cope with his loss... till Rather stepped down that is. I KNEW Rather would not let the three years expire without a lawsuit!!!!!! GO DAN GO!!!!!

[Were you also the guy who made that YouTube video defending Britney Spears?]

Just imagine if the discovery phase includes a deposition of the RW blogger who posted, within minutes, about the arcane typographical clues (an IBM typewriter of the period's ability to do proportional spacing and superscripting) that sent the story into a spiral of recrimination and corporate CYA that did Rather in, and saved *'s ass.

["Arcane" clues that proved the TANG documents to be fake.]

Go Dan go! Eat it Bush ass kissers! CBS was doing the bidding of the fascist criminals in the White House. Dan told the truth. It was the 'document' that was provided by a Bush dirty trick operative that was the the canard that brought down Dan. Bush was AWOLand a coward. Bush is now a traitor and a dictator. Go to hell United States Constitutional Rights haters, better know as republicans.

[The dirty trick "document" that Dan Rather still defends as being authentic.]

Go Dan! Go! I believe he was scapegoated by the Bush Admin, their cronies and the media. Get all of them Dan!

[Evidence based on paranoia tends to be thrown out of court.]

Dan Abrams and others have said the courts are not the place to settle this.That statement confuses me.Where is the place to settle this issue then? And where would Dan go to get back his reputation?

[The Rubber Room.]

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"John Kerry is a joke"

The FUnniest thing about the VIDEO of the publicity hound University of Florida student being tasered wasn't his obvious theatrics. It was the fact that John Kerry passively stood by on the stage and kept on droning while the cops arrested Meyer and tasered him. Most of Kerry's droning was drowned out by Taser Boy on the video but he did absolutely NOTHING at the time to stop the arrest and tasering although he belatedly criticized it when his passive role in the incident was questioned. Yeah, John Kerry has your back...NOT! Even many on the Left, such as Randi Rhodes, are now upset with Kerry's passive thumb sucking routine on the University of Florida stage. In addition, Kerry is now taking hits in the Leftwing blogosphere as you can see in this KOmmie THREAD titled, "John Kerry is a joke." So let us now watch the KOmmies debate Kerry's passive role in the tasering incident in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that Taser Boy is from the very upscale Weston area of my own Broward County, is in the [brackets]:

John Kerry is a joke

[You're just now learning this?]

How can man elected to uphold our Constitution sit back and watch the first amendment be desecrated? How can a man who fought for our freedom watch the police willfully squelch free speech?

[John Kerry has your back.]

A 21 year old college student in Florida decided to speak his mind. The police forced him to the ground, arrested him, and then tazered him until he was quiet. But he never stopped. He would not be silenced. He is a true American hero. All the while, John Kerry failed to take a stand. He failed to stop the police. He failed to protect our Constitution. John Kerry is not a fighter. He is a passive blowhard. I voted for the man, but he will not have my support again. He failed when it counted. John Kerry is a joke.

[But John Kerry did provide incredible comedy relief when he just kept on droning on in his Boston Brahman style from the stage while acting like nothing unusual was happening during the entire loud commotion and arrest.]

ps for all those commenting....apparently they like a leader with no guts. A leader who just sits back and lets people get brutalized by the police for speaking their mind. I don't give a f*ck if the guy in the video was aggresive in going to the front of the line to speak up. Sometimes you have you be assertive. For all y'all passive democrats who are happy with the status quo, stand up for Kerry.

[But...but...Kerry did criticize the incident way after the fact. And now to hear from the rest of the KOmmies...]

Excessive use of force by police? Likely. But I don't see this as a first amendment issue. The First Amendment doesn't promote chaos; it promotes discourse.

[Unless a conservative is speaking from the stage. Then it is perfectly okay for students to disrupt the speaker.]

I find it rude when people mock a long-time Senator and activist for some trivial shit.

[So Kerry kept passively droning on with his agenda from the stage while Taser Boy made a big commotion. Big deal.]

He is a joke because he originally got elected to congress because he was against the Vietnam War and when he had a chance to try to stop the next war he instead voted for it. In this case he is a joke because he let the kid cut in line for questions instead of telling the punk to go back to the end of the line where he belonged.

[The passive/passive mode.]

I make it a point of tasering anyone who uses the word Bro.

[LOL! That's actually pretty FUnnie!]

dude is for macing, not tasering. I mace people that use the word dude.

[Dude is a definite mace offense.]

If Kerry felt the kid was being too disruptive, he should have told the kid to sit down, AND THEN IF THE KID REFUSED, the police might have a right to ask the kid to sit down and be quiet BUT NOT TO DRAG HIM AWAY AND TAZER HIM.
My God, what have we become, Nazi Germany!! And so many brownshirts masquerading as Democrats cheering the Gestapo on. Shame on you people!!

[Don't forget to also BLAME the Iraq War for this incident like Chris Matthews did.]

Kerry is up on stage with stage lights on. He obviously couldn't see everything the jerk was doing. Kerry is not responsible for the jerk's or police's behavior.

[Kerry must have been both blind and deaf since Taser Boy was also loudly shouting in his publicity hound voice.]

For crying out loud, his final question to Kerry was concerning his membership in Skull 'n Bones. Does this give you any clue about this guy's mental state?

[Taser Boy sounds like a typical KOmmie or DUmmie to me.]

I guess what we're both agreeing is Senator Kerry's ability to respond to this was minimal, as the police were not listening -- he did not have their respect, and so they did not lend him any authority. And, he already said he's never had this sort of thing happen at one of his events before. Ah well. Senator Kerry's doing what damage control he can.

[Kerry didn't have the respect of the cops nor of his fellow Swiftboat Vets.]

Kerry stood there like a deer in the headlights - just like he did during the Swift Boat commercials. How the f*ck you morons (I'm looking at you Iowa - you f*cking pricks) picked this stooge as your nominee when you had the next Teddy Roosevelt in Howard Dean - is just beyond me.


A loudmouthed, disruptive twit is a "true American hero"? No. He is not. He has not accomplished a goddamned thing and doesn't even know how to get a point across coherently. The people from VoteVets? Heros. Teachers? Heros. The doctors and nurses who stayed in NOLA during Katrina? Heros. Rescue workers who save lives every day? Heros. Any progressive who has made the effort to run for office - win or lose? Heros. Al Gore? Hero. But some impatient, attention seeking little shit who can't wait his turn in line? Please don't debase the term by bestowing it on him. I hope, in my lifetime, to make a significant positive difference in this world - maybe enough of a difference that someone might think of me as a hero someday. If standing up and ranting is all it takes, that's not much of a goal, is it?

[Two losers as a result of this incident: Taser Boy AND John Kerry.]

HE DIDN"T KNOW AND COULDN'T SEE. He did the best thing under the circumstances. The cops over-reacted, but Kerry handled it well.

[And he also couldn't HEAR?]

I don't think this incident proves John Kerry is Satan. But he could have done something to try to help de-escalate the situation. I would have, if I had been the speaker. Dennis Kucinich would have. John Edwards would have. Kerry had some authority in the situation. He chose to defer to the cops. That was a mistake.

[John Edwards would have tossed his makeup kit at the cops.]

Kerry is often very smart. He can also be very stupid. It boggles my mind how he couldn't have spoken up against tasering this kid.

[In this case, stupid overrode smart.]

This kid reminds me of O'Reilly or Hannity in that they don't want to give the opposition a chance to state their views.

[Yeah, that's the ticket. Blame Taser Boy's leftwing obnoxiousness on conservatives.]

John Kerry is a member of this site... and as such, he, like everyone here, should not be attacked personally. This is a community and everyone should be treated fairly, even if they happen to be people you disagree with. Even if their a Senator. This is how I understand the code of conduct here.

[John Kerry will be posting in KOmmieland about how he would have retroactively handled the situation. The title of that thread will be: "If I Did It."]

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Gore." The DUmmies cry out, "Save us, Algore!"

The line between DUmmieland and Fantasyland often becomes blurred. The inability of the DUmmies to deal with painful reality causes them to lapse into frequent fits of delusion. One of their favorite recurring fantasies is that Algore, the Great Savior, will at last emerge from exile to lead the DUmmies to the Promised Land. You see, the DUmmies cannot wrap their minds around the Inconvenient Truth that Hillary WILL be their nominee in 2008. So they fantasize that their Hero will ride to the rescue on his fuel-efficient white steed. Thus this latest DUmmie fantasy THREAD, subtly titled, "Gore." Of course, since some of the DUmmies realize that Algore will NOT enter the race, they have to comfort themselves with the other recurring Gore fantasy, i.e., that their Hero is doing more good for the globe by winning some meaningless prizes than by holding the most powerful office in the world. So let us take off our shoes and enter the Church of Algore, where the service is about to start. The versicles are in Bolshevik Red, and the responses of your humble guest correspondent, Charles Henrickson, are in the [brackets]:


[The service begins with the Invocation.]

A life changing documentary = An Oscar. A Revolutionary Television Network = An Emmy. The largest Global Aid Concert in History = The Nobel Prize. A roadmap to change the course of American political dialogue = AL GORE IN 2008!!!

[Unintentionally FUnnie DUmmie threads like this = A WEBLOG AWARD FOR BEST HUMOR BLOG FOR PJ-COMIX!!!]


[The congregation may now be seated.]

he's managed to write one of the greatest books of our time . . . The Assault on Reason.

[Next: The Assault on a Pasta Bar.]

This momentum...Must be moving in some direction or another.

[The momentum is moving in the direction of Algore's bank account, as he continues to sell books and DVDs and cable subscriptions and concert tickets and carbon footprint indulgences to fawning suckers like you.]

Of course, you would think that because you think he is a calculating selfish politician...Right? And not a statesman, global environmental advocate, and businessman doing all of these things TO WAKE US UP to what the political system is really all about. . . . How anyone could not see that the lasting effects of his work now will far surpass anything some BS "presidency" in the soundbite world will be able to accomplish now in the muck it is mired in is beyond me.

[Algore Fantasy #2 appears: Our Hero does more good by NOT being President.]

Al is a global hero. The one American leader that the rest of the world does not hate at the moment.

[Of course what really counts is what a bunch of goth green Euroweenies think.]

The repukes are out in force saying that Gore didn't really win an Oscar....the producers did. I guess they can't figure out that without Gore there would have been no "An Inconvenient Truth"! . . . It's not as if the producers could have made "An Inconvenient Truth ... starring Bruce Willis. . . .

[AKA "Die Warm."]

I'm so tired of these endless adoring Gore threads. He's a good man. I'd like if he HAD decided to run, but he's not the Messiah.


I'd rather have laudatory threads about Gore than gossip threads about Brittany Spears. . . .

[Say, did Algore run into Britney at those MTV Awards the other night? I'm sure he must have been up for a prize, like he is on every other award show. Coming soon: "Al! The Musical" wins a Tony!]



President Gore. . . . Man, that would so tick off Hillary!

[Wake up to an Inconvenient Truth: The Inevitable Hillary.]

Master of the universe.

[I BELIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

a nobel prize for holding a mostly meaningless concert?

[BURN THE HERETIC!!! Well, on second thought, choose a less carbon-emitting method of disposal.]

Gore's daughter already said categorically that an '08 run is not happening.

[She's a witch! BURN her!!!]

It's like being a kid again, isn't it? Waiting for Santa and Christmas morning. . . .

[Hillary is the Grinch who stole Christmas.]

There is still time for Al Gore to change his mind, enter the race and win the nomination for 2008. He could announce on November 4th (exactly one year out from the election) and go on to win in New Hampshire and nationwide. So I will not give up all hope of Al Gore running again.

[November 4, 2007, The Day When Everything Finally Changed. I BELIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

sure wish he'd announce....maybe tonight????

[Now go out in your pumpkin patch and be REALLY SINCERE!!!!!!]

Sunday, September 16, 2007

"Thank you Hillary for calling Petraeus a liar!"

This is the KOmmie THREAD that Hillary will have trouble living down. This is because of the GRATITUDE expressed by the KOmmies: "Thank you Hillary for calling Petraeus a liar!" Hillary might try to explain it away but the fact remains that the Left is highly appreciative of her smear of General Petraeus. So let us now watch the KOmmies thank Hillary for moving into MoveOn territory in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching Hillary try to triangulate her way out of this one, is in the [brackets]:

"Thank you Hillary for calling Petraeus a liar!"

[Thank you Hillary for smearing General Petraeus.]

Thank you Hillary for calling out Petraeus for what he is, a liar and a distorter of facts.

[Thank you Hillary for moving firmly into the MoveOn Moonbat camp.]

While I still prefer an Edwards/Obama ticket, I just wanted to show some progressive blogosphere love here for Hillary for her calling a spade a spade here, and subsequently setting the right wing howling.

[Yes. Your show of appreciation for Hillary's embrace of Moonbattery is quite touching.]

The same thanks applies to MoveOn, for their not allowing Petraeus to parade around like some untouchable holy priest without being called on his crap.

[We musn't let MoveOn out of the Moonbat appreciation.]

Petraeus is trying to help the Bushies hide their war crimes and war lies behind Petraeus's uniform, a uniform which Petraeus has now disgraced by his working most every MSM venue like a champion media whore. A vital nerve must have been struck to set the right wing howling so about their holy man Petraeus, and I think that we should get Hillary's and MoveOn's backs on this particular issue. So, whatever your 2008 candidate affiliation, please rec here now to show some love for Hillary and MoveOn for how they took on Bush's media whore Petraeus!

[Sign on here for the Hillary Moonbat Appreciation Thread.]

Please tip to show some love for Hillary and MoveOn for how they took on Bush's media whore Petraeus!

[Please drop a tip in the Norman Hsu tip jar.]

Hillary went a LOT further than Edwards or Obama did in calling out Petraeus on his crap. And she did it with class (she did it much better than MoveOn did.) And she deserves some love for it!

[Hillary has done a much better job of embracing Moonbattery than either the Pink Sapphire or Obamassiah.]

Hillary called Petraeus a liar, in a classy way, and the proof of the pudding is that Rudy is now foaming at the mouth about it. What more do you want?

[Praise for Bill as a font of honesty?] has done some clear damage to itself and to the Democratic Party. Instead of pondering the mistake, this Kos diary, typically, celebrates it.

[Stop making so much sense!]

How is she supposed to be an effective Commander-in-Chief if she thinks theater commanders are liars?

[Good question. I just wish one of the many debate moderators would ask that of her.]

"Is There Any Stopping Hillary? I'm Beginning to Believe Not."

To get an idea of just how utterly CLUELESS the DUmmies are when it comes to practical politics, one has to remember the political projections the DUmmies were making about a year ago. At that time, there were numerous postings about how Wesley Clarke looked like a sure thing as far as becoming the Democrat nominee. Hillary Clinton was all but written off by the DUmmies. Anybody who dare to suggest at that time that Hillary might be the nominee was almost always denounced as a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL!!! In fact, my advice at that time for people aspiring to be LFTs in DUmmieland was to NEVER praise Hillary since that would be a dead giveaway. Well, a year has passed and not only is Clarke not anywhere close to becoming a nominee but to the distress of most DUmmies, he has endorsed Hillary. Big shock in DUmmieland but no shock here since I have been saying that Clarke was nothing more than a tool of the Clintons. In fact that was the only reason why he actively campaigned briefly in 2004---to be a stalking horse for Hillary by helping to stop the Dean campaign. So political reality is just now gloomily settling in on the DUmmies as you can see in this THREAD forlornly titled, "Is There Any Stopping Hillary? I'm Beginning to Believe Not." So let us now watch the DUmmies get slapped awake at this late date with a strong dose of harsh cold reality in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, seeing the Ralph Nader candidacy on the horizon, is in the [brackets]:

Is There Any Stopping Hillary? I'm Beginning to Believe Not.

[You are correct. May we apply the ether-soaked rag to your face so you can wake up again on the other side of 2008 to spare you the inevitable pain?]

Yeah, it's Mr. Flawless here again. But, I got to tell you, this woman is just eating up the entire landscape.

[As has been predicted just about everywhere for the past couple of years except in the reality-challenged confines of DUmmieland.]

In fact, her continued rise in favor with the American people, I think, says a lot about our country. Americans like Hillary and they know that when they get her, they also get Bill Clinton. No "on the job training" there. No sir. Poll after poll has Hillary whipping all of our fine Democratic candidates in state after state...and increasing her lead. What's even more important not to overlook is that she is also increasing her national lead against every single Republican running including the newly announced Fred Thompson. The newest Wall Street Journal has her smashing EVERY Republican. For all their bravura and "praying" that Hillary will be our nominee, I should remind the GOP that more tears are shed in heaven over answered prayers than unanswered ones. Hillary Clinton has made every political soothsayer eat humble pie and she's still serving it up. So can Hillary be stopped? At this point, probably not. And you know what, I can live that. This brilliant and capable lady knows how to run a national campaign and the GOP had better watch out if she is at the top of our ticket. Hillary is a winner.

[Yeah, she's so brilliant that she knows NUSSINNK about big bucks donor Norman Hsu. She will win the nominations but lose for sure in the general. Look for Romney/Huckabee to beat Hillary/Vilsack in '08. And you heard that ticket prediction here first especially since Nader/Whacko will be in the mix.]

Perhaps Obama's strategists are right after all to keep their powder dry until mid-November, and then turn it on big time.
Perhaps Governor Richardson will surprise the field with a strong push in the early caucus/primary states.

Perhaps people watching Edwards tonight on the set will see a man they could well live with as president.

Perhaps Al Gore will decide he wants his rightfully-earned job back and jumps in to grab it. Or Gary Hart. Or Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

[Perhaps the Great Pumpkin will finally arrive to save the day. Face it. You're STUCK with Hillary.]

Problem is, Hillary Clinton will never be POTUS. You've lost your objectivity, something you often see with Democrats. It's an idealism that clouds realism. You forget the makeup of our political landscape, the same country that elected Bush--more or less--to 2 terms.

[And the other Hsu has yet to drop on Hillary's shennanigans.]

She'll give Republicans a much needed reason to get excited. That is why Karl Rove always talks about Hillary. Don't be naive. Rove isn't doing it because he's really scared of a Hillary Clinton candidacy. It's the reason Giuliani ran an ad attacking her. It's not because he thinks he'd better start chipping away at her now. It's because he want's her to be his opponent. He took his cue from Rove.

[All is going according to the perfect Rovian plan.]

Hillary Clinton Does More To Motivate our Opposition than Us. Most of us will drag ourselves to the polls to vote for her in the general election, but you can be sure that every wingnut in the country will be there to vote against her. 99.9% Repiglickin' turnout guaranteed (by Diebold).

[I've already reserved a seat on the Wingnut Bus to deliver me to the polling station in '08. Can't wait!]

I think her nomination has pretty much been bought and paid-for, But, I will continue to fight it until it is an actual fete accompli.

[Bought and paid for with plenty of Hsu bucks.]

Actually, I've re-thought my answer, after thinking about your reply. I've decided there IS something that can stop Hillary. The absolute and unvarnished truth about who she is: who she is (really) sponsored by in the media and elsewhere, who gives her money (really), what her (real) plan for governance after election is, what the Bush / Clinton /Clinton / Bush / Bush / Clinton(?) "thing" (really) means for America, what role Bill (really) is and will be playing in a Clinton administration, and, judging from past reaction here, how much she (really) spends having her hair cut and done for each and every appearance. Any or all the REAL ANSWERS to any of those concerns could stop here, but since they will never be honestly and fully addressed by the MSM, the HRC campaign, or HRC herself, we are pretty much on our own.

[Yup. You're stuck out in the cold along with Pied Piper Pitt.]

This isn't over, not at all. Not at all.

[It's ALL OVER but the choosing of Hillary's veep. And since I already told you that it will be Vilsack, you don't even have that suspense factor left.]

So if she's the nominee I'll have six months to steel myself for the defeat. I can live with that.

[Yeah. The day AFTER the election 2008 is going to be a FUn time. Don't forget to do that stand up and announce your real name routine. That was a real comedy riot in 2004.]

Seriously, there are those ethical problems dogging her.


I'm just so tired of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton.... Give me a break. I want to see something NEW and FRESH in the White House.


She can and will be stopped. Don't lose faith. She's an awful candidate. Every part of the Democratic coalition has big problems with her, except the exalted Senator crowd, the establishment insiders, and her campaign supporters. Her despicable vote for the war must always be remembered. She also can't get any votes from many independents and moderate Repukes. I know a number of moderate Repub. women, and not a single one of them will EVER vote for her. She is a disastrous nomineee who is unliked by millions of grass roots Democrats and hated by the Repukes. Pretty hard to pull that off.

[Hsu money talks. BS walks. Hillary gets the nomination.]

Thursday, September 13, 2007

"I'm really struggling with my hatred of Republicans..."

I used to think that communism could only be imposed upon America from abroad because few citizens of this free country would have the desire or the will to engage in the brutal activities necessary to accomplish the political cleansing for such a collectivist regime to assume and maintain power. I was wrong. As evidence I urge you to read the THREAD posted by DUmmie Oregonian titled, "I'm really struggling with my hatred of Republicans...Anyone else?" Yes, DUmmie Oregonian would love nothing more than to be able to travel the country in a roving Chekhist squad and administer "liquidation" to the backs of the heads of EVIL Republicans. Unless this sad creature, DUmmie Oregonian and many of her fellow DUmmies and leftwingers, can do this then their lives will be incomplete. So let us now join the DUmmies not holding back their absolute HATE for Republicans in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who would love to view a listing of the mind control drugs that has to be constantly administered to DUmmie Oregonian, is in the [brackets]:

I'm really struggling with my hatred of Republicans...Anyone else?

[Most of your fellow DUmmies, KOmmies, HUffies, and much of the MSM are similarly deranged.]

I f*cking hate Republicans. I can't shake my anger at them. I don't care if they're the "moderate" or "just fiscally conservative" or "not really political" type of Republicans. I f*cking hate them. I will never forgive them for what they've done to our country. I will never forgive even the most passive Republican for enabling Bushco. Fury fills my veins when I think of them. You all know the results of their Republicanism. Stolen elections. Hundreds of thousands of slaughtered Iraqis. Torture. Melting ice caps. Tax breaks for billionaires. A shredded constitution. Etc. Etc. Etc.

[Unlike Winston Smith, DUmmie Oregonian really means it when she shouts HATE at the viewscreen whenever she sees a Republican.]

Positively unforgiveable.

[RDS...Republican Derangement Syndrome.]

I know it's wrong to "hate" anyone. Still, I can't shake my hatred, no matter how hard I try to talk myself out of it. I feel it in my gut.

[It absolutely CONSUMES you. Your HATE of Republicans drives you so much that you can't even enjoy a free moment. All of your energy is burned up by HATRED of Republicans. Having a nice T-bone steak and a cold brewski? Sorry. You can't enjoy that because you are controlled by HATE. Your bitter bile is eating away at your insides every waking moment as well as haunting you in nightmares.]

Ten years ago, I wasn't like this. Yes I was a self-proclaimed liberal from the age of 14 when that dickhead Reagan somehow became president. I've always voted for the D's, but I could sort of eye-rollingly tolerate the few Republicans I knew. Not any more.

[Ten years ago you didn't have to OD on meds just to make it through the day. Not any more.]

Since the age of 18, I've lived only in liberal places. Berkeley, San Francisco, Washington DC and Portland. The one Republican "friend" I've kept from high school has essentially been cut out of my life. I'm afraid if I start talking to her vent all my fury and rip her to shreds. So it's easier not to talk.

[Since the age of 18, I've only lived in the safe zone, politically cleansed of nearly all Republicans. I had one Republican "friend" but my bitter HATE overrode any sense of courtesy or decency in myself so I purged her from my life.]

My husband and I have basically constructed a Republican-free life. Until now.

[My equally deluded husband and I have basically constructed a Republican-free zone. Until now.]

My widowed, atheist, Green-registered mother has recently started dating a man. She's gushing. She's in love. He's wonderful. etc. She wants me to be happy for her. I want to be happy for her.

[Guess where this is leading.]

I've never met the guy. They're in another state. I'm sure he seems perfectly nice and caring. Yet, one time she slipped that he's a Republican. He went to see "Sicko" with her because he says he's one of those "open-minded" Republicans. Well, good for him.

[Mommie is dating a..a Republican! NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!]

Yet. I can't shake the fact that he's a Republican. If they get married, I'll have to deal with him. And I hate him.

[You never met him yet your HATE of all Republicans overrides all sense of rationality. Pop them pills some more, DUmmie Oregonian.]

I f*cking hate him. He's an enabler of the destruction of our country. That is overriding everything to me, even though I try to talk myself out of my own feeling. I can't seem to do it. My sister thinks on this particular issue, I'm overreacting. I can't help it. I feel what I feel.

[Oregonian's hubby is probably a dopey leftwinger as well yet I am almost feeling sorry for him. Imagine being married to this bundle of HATE and living with it day after day.]

So far I've said little about the relationship to her. I'm sure she wants me to ask her questions about him and share her joy. I just can't. Because she's dating The Enemy. Oh, he's a handsome, congenial Enemy, I'm quite sure. She has no idea I hate her boyfriend, who I've never met.

[Posted the Poster Child of Republican Derangement Syndrome.]

I'm sure people will think I'm sick and judgmental and selfish. So be it. I'm being honest. Does loyalty to my father play into this? Very little. My sympathies/loyalties were always with my mother. My father was no picnic to be married to, I'm sure. Yes, I loved him. But I understand life goes on, life is for the living, etc. etc. My mother has been lonely, and she should date if she wants to.

[Gee. Where could you ever get the idea that we might think you are sick and judgMENTAL and selfish?]

Yet. Even though I don't want to, I hate my mother's boyfriend. And I feel like crying.

[You feel like crying because you have allowed HATE to control every aspect of your life. And now to hear from her like-minded fellow DUmmies also consumed by absolute HATE...]

Honesty is a virtue that most republicans lack ... I have one friend who is a "republican"...although in the 20 years that I have known him ,I have yet to figure out why. He hates Bushco too. I've had to eliminate all others who had even an inkling of love for * because I despise him so.

[Rationality is a virtue that most DUmmies lack...]

i just hate 'em. they are all tapeworms.

[In Cuba, your fellow communists call them gusanos.]

Hating Republicans is as easy as falling off a chair.

[Made even easier when you pop your heavy duty meds.]

think I have to go through this angry- and anxiety-filled state first, maybe. I'm hoping it passes. If not, maybe I can take some drugs before I meet him to mellow me out

[Before you can mellow out, DUmmie Oregonian, you will need to overdose on Prozac just for starters.]

the sooner these filthy, terrorist, dirtbag repuke nazis leave, the better.

[Your employment application is now being seriously considered by your local Chekha.]

And I am struggling to make distinctions amongst Republicans, but, still, there is a huge part of me that looks upon them all as Enablers of Evil. It's like a different part of the spectrum of Nazism in Germany -- plenty of Germans were just plain folks, but, still, they "went along." Look at the result. When I try to talk myself into moderating my views I picture a massive crowd of slaughtered, murdered Iraqis looking at me with haunted eyes. My mom's Mr. Wonderful has blood on his hands for pulling the lever for Bushco. I am having a very difficult time seeing past that. It's all made harder by most people's dismissive view of it all ... "Oh, there she goes again. She's so POLIITICAL."

[You know what, DUmmie Oregonian? Since Pied Piper Pitt has cut way back on his DUmmieland postings, I think I am going to feature YOU much more often in the future. Anyone who sees similarly deranged posts by DUmmie Oregonian, please forward them to me for DUFUing.]

I don't care for the DUers who claim repukes suck EXCEPT FOR THE ONE THEY KNOW!!! *THEY ALL SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!*


I think it really comes down to fear for me, because all I care about any more is the animals and the planet and I've lost hope for the future. We're the smart powerful first-worlders and we won't change. And I realize a lot of Democrats don't care about this but I know no republicans do.

[I almost forgot. Time for me to pour arsenic down a well full of fresh spring water in order to help despoil the environment.]

By voting Republican, your wife is enabling this stuff to continue. She's encouraging policies that cause death and suffering to humans and animals worldwide. So how do you square that with her being a nice person? I'd really like to know.

[Tonight on Chiller Horror Theater: "I Married A...REPUBLICAN!!!"]

I was laughed at and derided at my husband's cousin's house Saturday night. I stated that "the only good Republican is a dead Republican." Mr. DTBK said, "What about your Republican uncle?" I said, "Have we seen him since we moved here?" (He lives south of Fort Worth, and we're in Irving). They thought I was such a hypocrite - I insist on my right to feel a certain way and have certain beliefs, but try to deny others. I'm not trying to deny anything - I just hate Republicans! I also hate hating, but this is what comes of living under a Nazi regime!

[You are also being laughed at and derided in the DUmmie FUnnies, DUmmie DeposeTheBoyKing. The scary thing here is that many of you DUmmies are teachers who carry their derangement into the classroom.]

Being a pug is a character flaw beyond redemption
I want to pound them all into a bloody pulp for one being a pug then two being vapid enough to vote repug. If I find out someone voted for * I instantly hate their guts. I know it is only hurting me in the long run but I can't stop hating the bastards! I blew up at a friends dad last year at a party. he is a life long laborer kinda guy who's pension was cut because of the pugs but he still drinks the Koolaide. I asked him "what has the republican party ever done for you?" They have f*cked him at every turn but he still votes for them because he sure hates them liberals with their high taxes and big government! I want to rip my hair out and I have precious little of it left. F*CKERS! all of them!

[What flavor would you like the leather strap that you need to bite down on to be while we administer the electro-shock therapy? Strawberry or the fresh lemony flavor?]

I hate Republicans too, even my brother, who I used to just sorta dislike... Now I can't stand him. I see his stupid smug face and I want to smack it. I can't believe we came from the same womb....

[Not only that sentiment but your Commie sig line ("From each according to his ability, to each according to his need") will definitely get you approved for membership in a Chekhist liquidation squad.]

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"I stand with MoveOn!"

(This has been a big week for the DUmmie FUnnies. Yesterday we hit the 1000 PING mark on the Free Republic. Tomorrow afternon (Wednesday) marks the launch of the NewsBusted comedy show Webcast on NewsBusters in which your humble correspondent has a bit of an input. Remember this new comedy Webcast will be presented in digestible chunks of just a few minutes each and will be based on the latest current events. Watch this show, and if you like it, share it with others. Be there. Aloha!)

The MoveOn.Org ad published in the New York Times portraying General Petraeus as a traitor was so over the line that even Jean Kerry (D-Davos) felt obligated to condemn it. However, leave it up to the DUmmies to praise that ad. In a way this ad was a good thing because it pretty much allowed MoveOn.Org to expose its TRUE colors to the many people who aren't all that political. This is the ad that they will NEVER live down. The only people who would support such an ad are the usual suspects, meaning the DUmmies as well as much as the loony left. Therefore let us look at the DUmmies praise the over-the-line MoveOn ad in a THREAD titled "I stand with MoveOn!" posted by the aptly named DUmmie Nutmegger while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that George Soros is ever more resembling the crazed Dr. Strangelove, is in the [brackets]:

I stand with MoveOn!

[And you will sink with them.] has been receiving a lot of crap, from people on both sides, about their well done ad in the NYTimes today. I stand with MoveOn. Every thing that has been said today was a complete LIE. Violence has gone down? Surge objectives are being met? Iran this and that? LIES! It is sad that General Petraeus is channeling Bush Inc, and their usual talking points but it was to be expected. One thing is for certain: It is the "Betray us" report. By lying in front of the American people and being a good partisan Bush foot soldier, he has betrayed us. I will now send some money to MoveOn. It's not much, but it's a token of my appreciation for always standing up for what we believe in and getting the word out!

[DUmmie Nutmeg is just $10 away from jumping the atop the MoveOnshark. And now on to the rest of the DUmmie praise for MoveOn...]

I don't stand with John Kerry denouncing the ad

[That just tells you how over-the-line that MoveOn ad was when even Mr. Heinz denounces it.]

He did what again? I had low expectations from the man who is still silent on the 2004 theft. But this would be even lower. Please tell me I misunderstood your post!

[John Kerry does NOT have your back.]

Remember how he handled the Swift Boaters?

[Fetal position with thumb in mouth.]

I guess we really shouldn't expect any more from a man who refused to stand and fight for his stolen election......AFTER he promised his supporters he would.

[Jean Kerry is just 10 francs away from fighting for his stolen election.]

But, but Kerry supported the 'Take A Stand in September' vigils with MoveOn!!!

[Thank you for reminding us of how closely Kerry was allied with MoveOn in the past. And thanx again for posting the following message from Ketchup Boy.]

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to remind you of two events:

First, tomorrow is the date for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq's Town Halls and's End It in September Vigils. Those organizations are working hard to make these events as large and important as humanly possible, so if you can attend an event in your area, please do. The Republicans in the Senate have stood in the way of getting a new direction in Iraq policy long enough. Show them that we won't stand for it anymore.

Thank you,
John Kerry

[Hmmm...So will Kerry continue to support MoveOn? This is a time for nuances.]

Betrayus was all politics, keep the war machine rolling.

[Auditioning for a position at MoveOn?]

Nice job move-on. You can safely ignore the patronizing little bastards that say otherwise right now.

[Nice job move-on. You can safely ignore sanity right now.]

I'm so tired of playing nice with these bastards. We have played nice, and nothing gets through. People are being killed daily; it's time to call them out for what they really are. This is nowhere near what the Repukes have done in the past. It cannot even be compared.

[As if DUmmie Nutmegger ever "played nice."]

You'd think Democrats would understand this by now, wouldn't you? No matter what we say, they will pile on full-throated with their
usual roars, accusing us of everything and anything that they can think of. One of these days, you'd think we'd get over worrying about what "they" will say.

["They" will say that MoveOn has utterly discredited themselves as will as their fellow Moonbats with that over-the-line ad.]

Thank you MoveOn for pointing out the state of the Emperor's clothing. It was NECESSARY and PATRIOTIC to stand up against the overwhelming pre-show spin.

[Thank you MoveOn for voluntarily jumping the shark with an ad that totally discredited yourselves.]

I helped pay for that ad. $50 well spent.

[Thus proving you truly deserve your DUmmie screen name: HughMoran.]

Right On MoveOn! I think it was a brilliant ad that may actually create some curiosity on the part of the sheeple ...

[Yes, they will be curious about what sort of idiots would sponsor that ad.]

I stand with also who else are we going to stand with???? the DLC? Our elected representatives? Whoelse to stand with?

[John Edwards and Dennis Kuncinich will stand with you. Which reminds me. Any word as to Breck Girl's reaction to the MoveOn ad. He is in extreme pander mode right now but I would be curious as to just how far he would go.]