Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Scandal-Ridden NY Governor Posts "Happy Talk" In KOmmieland

Imagine you are involved in the greatest gubernatorial scandal in New York history. Two of your top aides have been caught spying on the Majority Leader of the New York State senate in order to dig up dirt on him. In addition, you are known as the ultimate control freak who micro-manages every little detail of your office so how could you have not known about what your close aides were doing? On top of that, it is now REVEALED that your aides had secret e-mail accounts to discuss political business whose contents will soon be investigated. Your political career is crumbling all around you so what do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO? Well, if you are New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, you blog on the far left Daily Kos and post a bunch of Happy Face pollyannish observations in the desperate hope that will somehow counteract a scandal that threatens to bring you down as you can see in his KOmmie blog THREAD with the Mr. Happy title of "Congratulations on a Great Weekend." To get yourself up to speed on the Eliot Spitzer Troopergate scandal, check out this terrific Human Events ARTICLE appropriately titled, "Steamroller Spitzer." Here is an excerpt from that article which gives insight into the character of the latest KOmmie blogger:

Since taking over as New York’s chief executive, Spitzer’s name calling, swearing and temper tantrums have frequently made front page headlines. When Assemblyman Tedisco dared to question a Spitzer proposal, the governor described himself as a “f---ing steamroller” who would flatten anyone in his way. He told Orange County Senator, William Larkin he’d “cut [his] head off.” And when Senate Republican Majority Leader, Joe Bruno, recommended a grand jury investigation into allegations that the state police was used to spy on him, Spitzer called the 78-year old Bruno “an old senile piece of s--- who is under federal investigation.”

...Spitzer’s “no-holds-barred” approach to governing has been adopted by his staffers. These “best and the brightest” believe that bare-knuckle tactics are permissible against perceived Albany obstructionists who in their judgment are dumb, wrong or evil. This brazen attitude has given rise to abuse of power scandals that are wrecking the seven-month old administration.

Please read that whole Human Events article and you will laugh even harder when viewing Spitzer's pathetic attempt to deny impending reality as he tries to make nicey-nice with the far left as if that will somehow make that nasty scandal go away. In fact his whole blog brings to mind the "Happy Talk" song from the musical, South Pacific. It's almost as if posting a "Happy Talk" love fest to the left will somehow make his scandal troubles go away. So let us now join Governor Eliot Spitzer making "Happy Talk" in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, noting that a steamroller with a pleasant pastel paint job is still a steamroller, is in the [brackets]:

Congratulations on a Great Weekend

[Congratulations Governor Steamroller!]

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the netroots community on a successful weekend in Chicago. The continued success of Yearly Kos is a testament to the power of the ideas you support.

The vitality and quality of the debate on sites like this one proves that there is a powerful movement growing to fundamentally change government. You’ve demonstrated that on-line activism and discussion can advance our national dialogue in significant and meaningful ways.

[And you've demonstrated that thuggish steamroller arrogance can backfire big time and bring down an entire governorship.]

While we are seeing a mounting reform movement at the national level, I would also urge you to be aware of some of the important developments that are occurring in statehouses across the country. There are some exciting things happening, demonstrating that your activism is also paying dividends at the state level.

[Yes, yes. Please make us aware of the important development of the Troopergate scandal in New York in which your top aides spied on the majority leader of the state senate in order to illegally dig up dirt on him.]

Building a strong foundation for reform at the state level is especially important since this is where many of our nation’s most important reform efforts have gotten their start. As Louis Brandeis once famously noted, the states can serve as "laboratories of democracy."

[Thanks to Troopergate, Governor Spitzer, your state is serving as a "lavatory of democracy."]

Nowhere has this been more true than in New York. From the Seneca Falls Convention to the beginnings of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal to Frances Perkins’ fight for better labor conditions for American workers, we have a proud progressive tradition in the Empire State.

[Don't forget that all important steamroller tradition in the Empire State.]

While I do not compare myself to these giants, their examples are instructive. They show us what government can be at its best – a dynamic and positive force to improve the lives of all Americans. These are the values that have guided my time in public office. As a new governor, I have made reforming government and revitalizing New York’s economy the cornerstones of my administration. I hope to build on the lessons of the past and learn from the examples of other states, by finding collaborative, bipartisan, and pragmatic solutions to the problems facing New Yorkers.

We have had some tremendous successes already and have laid the ground work for future progress.

[You're progressing staight for the jailhouse door, Eliot.]

We provided health care coverage for every child in New York. This initiative is the meaningful first stage of the plan we are currently crafting to provide universal healthcare coverage. New York is taking a unique, incremental approach that will build on the experiences of other states around the country. In a nation as prosperous as ours, there is no excuse that every man, woman, and child does not have health care.

[There is no excuse that every thuggish governor does not have mental health care for his Anger Management problems.]

We are beginning the long overdue process of revitalizing New York’s economy and we are going about it in innovative ways. Investing in education is a key component of our economic development agenda. Our goal is to generate the highly skilled work force necessary to support and fuel our future economic growth and to allow us to compete in the global economy. In my first budget, we implemented historic investments in education and created a commission to study ways of making our higher education system a world class institution.

[This is starting to sound like you're saying, "Aren't I wonderful so can we all just forget this nasty scandal thing?"]

We have also taken the first steps towards implementing our universal broadband initiative so that inner-city and rural areas can have the same internet access that many of us already enjoy. And my belief in fair markets makes me a strong supporter of net neutrality.

[Woo! Hoo! That means I can travel all over New York with my laptop and check up everywhere via broadband the latest developments in the scandal that is bringing you down.]

Improving the business climate for both workers and employers is critical to economic growth in New York. Accordingly, we negotiated with industry, labor leaders, and elected officials from both parties to cut workers’ compensation costs for businesses, while at the same time increasing employee benefits. We are saving New York businesses $1 billion this year alone.

[We are filibustering with Happy Talk in KOmmieland in the pathetic hope that the nasty ol' scandal will just magically disappear.]

These are the kind of win-win solutions that demonstrate we can bring all sides together at the state level for the common interest of improving economic opportunity for all.

[You need to get together with your lose-lose aides who are about to rat you out.]

Reforming the way elections are conducted has always been essential to my mission of making government more responsive and accountable. We have reached a campaign finance reform agreement that slashes contribution limits, closes loopholes, and bans contributions from lobbyists. While this is only a first step, I believe we are moving in the right direction. I hope we can learn from Arizona, Maine, and Connecticut as well as other proposals and eventually implement a full public financing program to further protect our government from special interest influence.

[Speaking of campaign finance reform, that is the OTHER scandal you are mired in due to the fact that you illegally got a huge campaign loan for your deep pockets daddy when you ran for state attorney general.]

We have also stepped in to fill the federal leadership void in several areas where narrow ideologies have triumphed over common sense. That is why I have worked with my Lieutenant Governor David Paterson to provide an investment of $600 million in stem cell research over the next decade; why I will be proud to sign a bill that will provide marriage equality for all; and why I have proposed legislation designed to protect women’s rights if activist judges continue trying to overturn Roe v. Wade.

[I'm guessing here that humility isn't one of your strong points. Don't worry, governor. A spell in the jail cell is sure to humble you.]

Clearly much more work is left to be done. It will not be easy and mistakes will be made, but as any public servant knows, I cannot do it alone. I want to partner with you transform these lofty ambitions into concrete accomplishments. Public activism and engagement is the best way to make politicians stand up and take notice.

["Mistakes will be made." That is about as close as Spitzer will get in this Happy Talk blog post about the scandal that is currently destroying him.]

I will do my part by live-blogging in the next few weeks at The Albany Project, but I look forward to reading your comments to this diary to get the dialogue started. I hope that you will join me in discussing the ways we can make New York and the nation better.

[You could make New York better by resigning but that probably won't happen. You will have to be frogwalked out of the governor's mansion.]

I wish I could be in Chicago with you and hope to join you next year.

[You can join the KOmmies next year if the judge grants you a work-release program. And now for the KOmmie reaction...]

Used to be a fan Spitzer until Troopergate. I can't believe you would use taxpayer monies and the state police to try and set up a state Senator Joseph Bruno. Those are Nixon-, Bush-, Clinton-type tactics. You are above that.

[Actually Spitzer is BELOW that.]

Actually Spitzer has claimed not to know anything about this and I tend to agree with him. First, knowing him he would not have allowed this to have happened. Second, if he did know it and allowed it the way it would have been done would have been much more professionally and in the right way so no one would have been caught doing anything unethical as there would have been none of that done.

[So you are saying that Spitzer could not have known about the scandal because he would have been more professional in carrying it out?]

Rec this diary, people...it's Eliot's first diary, and he's the awesomest governor in the whole country. Show the man some love :-)

[The most awesomest steamroller in the country. Show the steamroller some love.]

But Doesn't It Feel Weird . . . for the Steamroller to put out a tip jar? I gave, but the concept left a smile on my face.

[Not half as weird as posting a long blog without a single mention of the HUGE scandal currently sinking the Steamroller.]

He needs some love right now...have you been reading the news from NY?

[You want a conjugal visit with Governor Steamroller in the pen?]

I think he needs lawyers, rather. Love doesn't exactly help one squeeze out from a tricky ethics investigation.

[Lawyers will teach the Steamroller how to say, "Nolo contendere."]

Lawyers he needs, regardless of where he gets them. Our love he doesn't need, and he won't be getting any from me until he comes clean. What we the people need are elected officials that fulfill their responsibilities without breaking the law for BS personal vendettas: often people love honest politicians of this type, especially as we rarely get them. Gov. Spitz, still waiting to hear back from you in re: the above. Are you hiding from the truth?

[Gov. Spitz is hiding under his steamroller.]

I hope it doesn't turn out that Gov Spitzer did break the law. If he did, I would still have to greatly take into consideration the extraordinary courage and integrity he used in taking on Wall Street and protecting investors.

[Actually his Wall Street persecutions are being looked into again.]

If there is one democratic politician in these United States who I dig more than Governor Spitzer, I've yet to hear of him or her...

[William Jefferson?]

Look forward to voting for you, Governor. I'm in New Mexico, and while we've got an awesome governor ourselves, I look to you as the future of the Democratic party.

[LOL! Spitzer is struggling with a scandal threatening to destroy his governership and you want him to run for president?]

You really think Eliot is corrupt? You really think he's not dedicated to doing the right thing? Look at his career. Public service fighting to do the right thing for how many years? Sued the Bush admin, how many times? Went after Enron...etc etc etc... One screw up and overboard he goes...in your eyes. I was one of the ones who was disappointed, but I'm not willing to give up on him like you seem to be. Yes, he could have handled that mess better, but I still think he's the best shot we have at starting to fix the mess in Albany.


It's not too late to jump in for 2008 prez. I would be on board immediately and enthusiastically!


Here's hoping your noninvolvement is as noninvolved as you claim. And here's hoping you and your staff get things sorted so you can do the real work that New Yorkers like myself elected you for, not BS personal vendettas and the consequent damage control from the f*cking-up thereof.

[The Steamroller knows nussing! NUSSING!!!]

I want to know specifically why your communications director, Dopp, was suspended and not fired, and why the other aide, Howard, was also not fired for their instigation of a dirty trick that Nixon would have been proud of for chrissake; the State Police Supt Felton should have been let go as well for his part in a politically motivated witch hunt that was not warranted by anything other than one-upmanship.

[Maybe they weren't let go so they wouldn't have an incentive to rat out the Steamroller.]

Your credibility is under serious strain (read the comments down thread on that last albanyproject link if you doubt me)- and that's saying something coming from folks like me who have touted you as an archetype of the good politician in this forum and elsewhere. At one time I thought you would make a great President. Please respond, Governor, and don't insult us with more dissembling.

["We provided health care coverage for every child in New York. This initiative is the meaningful first stage of the plan we are currently crafting to provide universal healthcare coverage. New York is taking a unique, incremental approach that will build on the experiences of other states around the country. In a nation as prosperous as ours, there is no excuse that every man, woman, and child does not have health care."]

Just hope that the problems with your staff and so-called Trooper-Gate does not affect your long term goal of convincing people that Joe Bruno is a bully and someone who is ethically challenged. He should not be a leader in state government and it is time for the state senate to be Democratic.

[Speaking of ethically challenged...]

Progressives can do stupid things. But I would hope the way they handle their mistakes is what marks them as progressive. Transparency, apology where needed, a commitment to doing better--and most importantly--complete accountability.

["Transparency" is the latest leftwing buzzword. Just wave the Magic Transparency wand, say "I'm sorry," and maybe that nasty scandal will, poof, disappear.]

You are one of the voices in politics about whom I am most excited- it would be a profound pleasure to have you attend next year & you would be most welcome.

[Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

MY HERO!! (sorry - got all gushy for a moment). I'm so pleased you chose to blog on this website. I was so delighted to vote for you and send you $ for your campaign. Please don't burn out with the hits you'll inevitably get for being a reformer. I've been watching and reading your about your work in Albany and want you to know how pleased and grateful I am to have you with your courage and intelligence represent us.

[Talk about the moon floatin' in the sky
Lookin' at a lily on the lake;
Talk about a bird learnin' how to fly.
Makin' all the music he can make.

Elliot would make a great president. One thing for sure, he is not going to capitulate to anyone.

[Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream,
How you gonna have a dream come true?

You're at the top of my list of ethics and integrity, sense and sensibility.

[Talk about a star lookin' like a toy
Peekin' through the branches of a tree;
Talk about the girl, talk about the boy
Countin' all the ripples on the sea.

It's obvious that few people at Daily Kos know why Spitzer is here today trying to get some love (since his name has been mud in large swaths of NY for the last few weeks).

[Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true?

New York State is very lucky to have chosen you to be their Governor. Good luck with all of the work you have ahead of you. I haven't any doubt Kossacks will be supporting you in that effort.

[Talk about the boy sayin' to the girl:
"Golly, baby, I'm a lucky cuss"
Talk about the girl sayin' to the boy:
"You an' me is lucky to be us!"

Governor Spitzer, lots of us from all over the country appreciate the way you were able to drive a national agenda through your aggressive work as NY Attorney General, and look forward to you returning to a prominent role in national politics.

[Happy talk, keep talkin' happy talk,
Talk about things you'd like to do.
You got to have a dream,
If you don't have a dream
How you gonna have a dream come true?

Mr. Spitzer, as Attorney General, went after businesses, corporations, health-care facilities, etc. that were screwing the little guy. This is why I actually got excited about a politician and was proud to vote for him.

[If you don't talk happy,
And you never have dream,
Then you'll never have a dream come true!

I'd like to personally thank you for turning Joe Bruno into a wounded hero. Nice going, Junior. That really helps the Democratic Party in New York -- NOT.

[HEY! Quit interrupting this "Happy Talk" love fest or I'll STEAMROLLER YOU!!!]


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one!
It took me a moment to recognize the lyrics.

It is amazing what denial can do to the lefty mind. (Well ... not really)

9:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"From the Seneca Falls Convention to the beginnings of Franklin Roosevelt’s New Deal to Frances Perkins’ fight for better labor conditions for American workers, we have a proud progressive tradition in the Empire State."

He left out the most important reference; Tammany Hall.

9:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I (heart) Eliot! Hes the closest we've got to a real inspiring reformer like Hugo Chavez.

Eliot's face will oneday be on Mt Rushmore!!!!!

11:55 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

True Patriot,

Only after we catapult him up there. heh

12:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Eliot's face will oneday be on Mt Rushmore!!!!! "

But I will eat his liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti first.

1:32 PM  
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