Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"CNN Identifies Osama bin Laden as 'Obama...'"

Last summer, the leftwing MEDIA MATTERS ripped into Rush Limbaugh for repeatedly referring to Barack Obama as "Obama Osama." What those Media Matters idiots didn't realize is that Rush was SPOOFING Ted Kennedy who said the same thing as you can see and hear in this VIDEO. And now the DUmmies are up in arms because CNN made a similar mistake as you can see in the caption above where Osama is referred to as Obama. You can see the DUmmie outrage in this THREAD titled, "CNN Identifies Osama bin Laden as 'Obama...'" So let us now watch the DUmmies come up with a multitude of conspiracy theories over this error in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching in amusement this confusion over Barack Osama, uh, I mean B. Hussein Obama, is in the brackets:

CNN Identifies Osama bin Laden as "Obama..."

[And Ted Kennedy identified Obama as Osama.]

There not dumb. They know exactly what the're doing.

[Obama Osama is being "Swiftboated."]

Anybody can look at a freakin keyboard and see that NOBODY would typo "b" for "s." This is outrageous and completely pre-meditated.

[Sounds like "b" "s" to me.]

Lots of people vote with their gut, not their brain. This is subliminaly associating Obama with Osama for those who are not politically aware.

[Blame Teddy. He started it.]

Face it, Americans are just ignorant. Ignorant about any language other than English or any other culture other than Christian-European--freaking out if the Koran is used instead of the Bible for swearing in, and even Ted Kennedy got confused and mixed up Obama with Osama.

[Finally a DUmmie admits the TRUTH about Teddy.]

Well I guess this confirms our suspicion that CNN stands for Conservative News Network.

[Well I guess this confirms our suspicion that DU stands for DUmmies.]

I cannot wait to hear what "Obama" has to say about the whole thing.

[I cannot wait to hear what "Osama" has to say about the whole thing.]

These things cannot be ignored like Kerry did in 04. Nip it in the bud right now.

[The "swiftboating" has begun.]

This is inexcuable. The fired nutcases from Fox must have gotten new jobs at cnn.

[Sleeper agents.]

Did you ask for a public apology to Obama? Because one is owed.

[Did you ask for a public apology to Osama? Because one is owed.]

I want a public apology aired on all hours of The Situation Room, as well as in a prominent area of your website, so that people will be able to see that this was intentional and that whoever did it is held accountable for their obvious bias."

[Make Wolf Blitzer write a thousand times on the Situation Room blackboard, "Obama is not Osama." If he mixes up the names just once he has to start over.]

IMO, at best, it's a Freudian Slip. At worst, it was on purpose to implant subliminal message associating Osama bin Laden with Obama Barrack.

[LOL! You just made a similar error of spelling "Barrack's" name wrong and getting his whole name backwards.]

I doubt it was accidental. . . This is how con-servative propagandists work - if you read their complaints about the media, you'll always see their contention that the media is subtle about "eroding American values." When the mindset of a con-servative ideology is subterfuge, that is exactly the technique they would employ themselves. . .and make it as innocent looking and as subliminal as possible.

[And you figured all this out on your own, you little DUmmie genius you.]

They spent all that time propping Obama up, just to tear him down piece by piece.

[Call it the law of gravity.]

I am with you VD... this was not an accident

[Getting VD is never really an accident if you don't take precautions.]

THOSE STUPID MOTHERF*CKERS!!! Goddammit this makes me mad. F*cking mad.

[Crime of the century.]

F*cking jackasses. No mistake, This was no mistake. Good God, that is just outrageous. I knew that kinda stuff was going to come around, but I expeted it from some sleazy right wing swiftboat liar style organization "not tied to any campaign (right)" - not the supposed cable news channel of record.

[HOORAY! I knew there would be at least one "swiftboat" allusion on this thread.]

Please don't tell me this is an "innocent" mistake. Jeff Greenfield compared Obama's attire to Iran's president, and now this.

[They both wear briefs?]

Obama should just change his name I reckon.

[Osama bin Barack?]

It was probably an accident. Kennedy made the slip too but quickly corrected himself. It can happen to anyone.

[I think Teddy corrected himself twice before getting it not quite right. Rum tends to have that effect.]

Crap like this has to cause Obama to rethink whether he wants to engage in a run for the presidency. His name will be used as a political weapon against him. Make no mistake about it.

[Also used against him will be the trivial detail about having no real record of accomplishment in the Senate.]

I hope very much that Obama himself is strong enough to withstand the Rovian tactics that are sure to come.

[Karl Rove typed up that CNN headline.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

There not dumb.

Classic DUmmie.

9:30 AM  
Blogger Radish said...

It would be fun to dig up threads from last year where they make fun of conservatives for complaining about the "accidental" big black X over Dick Cheney.

10:24 PM  
Blogger Mo K said...

Obama should just change his name I reckon.

Maybe he could incorporate part or all of our esteemed host's "holiest of mantras".
Hey, it would rhyme, anyway.

11:47 PM  

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