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DUmmies Deeply Saddened By Saddam's Impending Execution

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This isn't really a surprise to me but the DUmmies are deeply saddened by the impending execution of Saddam Hussein as you can see in both this THREAD titled, "TV plans tasteful coverage of Saddam execution," and this THREAD titled, "God I hope that Saddam finds a way to kill himself before they hang him." Contrast these feelings of humanitarianism towards a mass murderer to the recent DUmmie INVECTIVE hurled at the recently deceased Gerald Ford. Yes, the DUmmies engage in all sorts of furty and hate directed towards Republicans such as imprisoning George Bush as a war criminal and sending him to The Hague but for a real slime like Saddam, there is only sympathy in DUmmieland. So let us now watch the DUmmies shed leftwing tears for Saddam in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, already anticipating the DUmmie outbreak of grief when Castro kicks the bucket, is in the [brackets]:

TV plans tasteful coverage of Saddam execution

[Translation: You will have to watch the actual hanging on the Web.]

NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - Television networks face a killer of a conundrum with the impending execution of Saddam Hussein, whose hanging could be videotaped and perhaps aired on Iraqi TV....

[I'll be watching but I guess it won't be on the networks since I doubt they will show the actual hanging.]

ABC and CBS said they wouldn't air the full execution if the video became available....Phil Alongi, special-events executive producer at NBC News, said there are ways the network can approach the video or photographs that will get the point across without having to be graphic.

[God forbid that we actually see a mass murderer get his just reward.]

The operative word: taste.

[The operative word: censorship.]

"We have very, very strict guidelines with how to deal with that," said Bob Murphy, senior vp at ABC News. "If there were pictures made available of the execution, they would have to be viewed by senior management before we would put them on the air, and we would make a judgment of taste and propriety of what we would show."

[Yadda Yadda Yadda. Same dopey excuses for the networks no longer showing us images of the Twin Towers collapsing from the terrorist attack.]

CNN and Fox News Channel still were discussing what they would do if the footage were made available. It also wasn't clear what the newly launched network Al-Jazeera International would do. An e-mail and phone call to the channel's Qatar headquarters weren't returned Thursday. Despite popular assumptions to the contrary, Al-Jazeera's pan-Arab channel has never shown an execution.

[Is that the same CNN that has no problem with airing terrorist videos of snipers shooting American troops?]

While video of an execution would be unprecedented in U.S. television, the war in Iraq has led to a number of judgment calls on graphic video. The U.S. military released graphic photographs of Saddam's two sons who were killed in a U.S. raid on their Mosul hideout in July 2003.

"We edited down the pictures to show only what was appropriate, what we thought was appropriate," Murphy said. "We didn't show the pictures live (when the network received them), and we made sure that they showed enough of the bodies so that it was clearly them, but we didn't dwell on it."...

[CNN thought it was appropriate to show American soldiers being shot but somehow thinks it is in poor taste to show mass murderer Saddam being executed. And now to hear from the DUmmies in the PeaNUt Gallery.]

Sick f*cks ... I guess everyone has forgotten that the propriety of Capital punishment is ITSELF questionable ..... I am supposing they have moved beyond that question .... A BUNCH of sick f*cks ...

[How much do you want to bet that the total energy this same DUmmie has spent previously condemning the crimes of Saddam Hussein is somewhere between nil and none?]

My sentiments exactly. I hope one of his jailers gives him a pill before his execution. I will take great delight in robbing the sick souls who want to see this hanging. It's like these people are wearing white sheets and hoods and standing around a tree in MS or AL in the 40' and 50's.

[Thanx for that image of poor Saddam as the innocent victim of a lynching.]

It stuns me that Americans think that this is justice

[The same DUmmies who call for Bush to be sent to The Hague to be tried as a war criminal.]

Me too. They are slow coming to the truth. This is a W execution on a foreign being. W will answer.

[That sounds like a threat, DUmmie Erika. I repeat, DUmmie Erika.]

It's only justice if Bush is hanging next to him.

[Another threat from DUmmie 6000eliot. I repeat, DUmmie 6000eliot.]

Thank You. I was just too afraid to say it myself.

[Support for a threat from DUmmie 951-Riverside. I repeat, DUmmie 951-Riverside.]

Tasteful execution. Jesus. What have we become? I have been looking for the comparison figures on how many Iraqis Saddam killed, versus how many have died in Bush's illegal war.

[Much fewer in the latter unless you believe bogus numbers which you do.]

Personally, I think they should play it live on every channel. I love the smell of justice in the morning. But then, what do I know? I'm just a crazy wingnut. By the way, great moniker, you guys. It has a kind of dramatic flair....

[Caught this post from a LOUSY FREEPER TROLL before it could be deleted and now on to God I hope that Saddam finds a way to kill himself before they hang him. ]

God I hope that Saddam finds a way to kill himself before they hang him. steal their thunder I say.

[That's what the neo-nazis were hoping for Herman Goring when he beat the Nuremburg hangman with a bit of cyanide.]

I'd rather just hope that they don't hang him.

[You prefer that they tickle Saddam for his crimes?]

I think it must help them sleep at night to pretend the thousands of murders committed in their names were based on something tangible. Christians my ass, I hate the whole lying lot of those assholes.

[Note the total LACK of condemnation for Saddam's many murderous crimes.]

I'm not into this whole hanging thing.

[Unless the condemned is an EVIL Republican.]

I would rather see Saddam live to testify in Bush's war crimes trial. I imagine this is why Saddam received such a speedy trial, sentence, rejected appeal, and execution date set before congress changes hands.

[Oh, and don't forget to pardon Saddam for his cooperation in the Bush war crimes trial at The Hague.]

This hanging is nothing more than the entire civilized world getting medieval on Saddam's ass.

[They just don't understand the modern progressive ways of Saddam.]

I can hardly think about it....discuss it... I feel like our entire society has become the mob that would sell postcards of a lynching... I feel so damned nauseated. But yes, if it comes down to it, I wish Saddam would act to "steal their thunder" too.

[Saddam, We Hardly Knew Ye.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only - ONLY - reason they DUmmies hate Saddam's forthcoming execution is that it's just another sign that President Bush was right and we are winning in Iraq.

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes. Jason is totally correct. If this were happening under a CLinton, they would be orgasming all over the place - and blaming "repugs" for not having done it sooner.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good call. Besides, hanging Saddam would be a hell of a lot more merciful than he was to the many innocent people he killed. I believe I heard somewhere that when one of Saddam's houses (Or it might have been one of the houses belonging to his dead sons, I forget) was being searched, they discovered a lions' den, with human bones inside. String the monster up.

6:23 PM  
Blogger Ross said...

Is that an Armani jacket? Where do I get me one of these dictator gigs?

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ross, it isn't that he was a dictator. It's that he has sleaze-ball lawyers who dress him up all nice (just like they do here in America) in order to sway the judge and jury. Usually, though, defendants here are asked to shave. I'm almost wondering if they asked him not to shave so that he wouldn't look like he did while he was in power and to make him look like a kind of grandfatherly figure.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually, I rarely visit Free Republic....

5:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dead and gone. Finally.

11:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's agood one from their site. It won't stay up long.

BlenderWizard (1 posts) Sat Dec-30-06 12:40 PM
Response to Original message
59. Morons
You people are all a bunch of morons. How do NOT understand that this trial was: 1) conducted in Iraq 2)presided over by an Iraqi judge, and 3) heard by an Iraqi jury?

Saddam's execution was prescribed by Iraqi law, and carried out by Iraqis. We caught him, then we turned him over to the Iraqis.

You morons can blame Bush all you want (for what, I have no idea. The punishment actually got as close to fitting the crime as i've seen in recent history), but the was totally an Iraqi thing.

For those of you who claim this punishment was unjust, instead of just repeating that, how should he have been punished?

7:53 PM  

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