Monday, October 09, 2006

"We are really afraid to get our hopes up about November aren't we?"

It is now a month away from the mid-term elections and we might as well not hold them. I mean the MSM has already declared the Democrats to be the overwhelming winners. Not a doubt about it. The reason is that Mark Foley is gay. That's it. The Democrats will win FOR SURE in November because Mark Foley is gay. See, according the Democrat and MSM hopes, the "fundies" as they are called will stay home and not vote because Mark Foley is gay thus giving the victory to the Democrats. To ensure they stay home, Lawrence O'Donnell and his Democrat buddies are also outing gay Republicans, completely oblivious to how sleazy it makes THEM look. So the Democrats are already resting on their laurels, confident in their inevitable victory. Or are they? Underneath that thin veneer of false bravado is sheer panic as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD not too confidentally titled, "We are really afraid to get our hopes up about November aren't we?" Perhaps the DUmmiecrats are starting to realize they have based their entire campaign on the fact that Mark Foley is GAY. I almost expect to hear Democrat sound trucks going down the streets broadcasting "VOTE DEMOCRAT BECAUSE MARK FOLEY IS GAY!" It is like a political Twilight Zone with Democrat obsession over Foley drowning out all other issues like the economy or the War on Terrorism. Yes, the DUmmiecrats are forcing themselves to put on happy faces for now but underneath it all is that knawing feeling that they just might FAIL once again. So let us watch the DUmmies wrestle with their underlying electoral FEAR in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, outing Lawrence O'Donnell for being GRAY since he dyes his hair, is in the [brackets]:

We are really afraid to get our hopes up about November aren't we?

[Why be afraid? Hasn't the MSM already declared the DUmmiecrats to be the winners? So go ahead and uncork your champagne bottles. It's now time to CELEBRATE your pre-election victory!]

I keep looking for posts that give me hope about the coming election. The news stories point to a great Dem victory and I think the stories are correct. I think the mood out there is one of fear of the future that people see if the repukes remain in power. They see endless war, the end to Social Security, the vanishing of good jobs and along with it the middle class, America being hated around the world, no health care or higher education for their kids, the religious right controlling the government.

[Shall I buy you a bottle of Estrich '04 victory champagne?]

Yet we all think the repukes will steal this election. We are afraid to get our hopes up just to be dashed again like the last three elections.

[Relax. It's okay this time to kick Lucy's football. Really.]

Well I really wish that wasn't so. I am a believer in positive thinking and yes I am afraid to get my hopes up but I am more afraid of not thinking positive about the coming election. I think the right is crumbling under it's own weight. I think we give them much more credit than they deserve when it come to winning or stealing elections. I think there will be fraud and disenfranchisement but that it will not be enough to over come the will of the people to bring about a change in this country. The collective mood in the country is for change and that is the best thing we have had going for us since 2000.

[Excellent. Continue with that positive thinking. It worked in creating your own reality in which John Kerry was inaugurated as President on Jan. 20, 2005. And now to hear from your fellow "confident" DUmmies...]

After stolen elections in 2000 and 2004...I won't be surprised if November 8, 2006 at DU is filled with posts about how Republicans stole the 2006 election and stopped Democrats from gaining control of either House.

[I wouldn't be surprised to see those posts either. You might as well paste them on notepad for all-purpose post-election postings.]

I know what you mean. In sports you have to have confidence in yourself. To me the up coming elections are more like buying a lotto ticket. Until I know I've lost I can still think that I could be a winner. I will feel like shit if we loose again. But right now I really think we will win the House and possibly the Senate. I have my hopes up and am picturing in my mind Bush with a Democrat congress.

[That's the spirit! You COULD be a multi-millionaire...until the electoral lotto ticket number is announced.]

pukes are too scared to steal this one. diebold has so much attention on them this time around that everyone will be looking for signs that it was stolen. there will be madness if the Dem candidates who poll strongly are not elected... the margins are just too large this time in too many races. i think the thugs will not attempt to diebold us unless a race is very close. there will be extra observation going on at the polling stations, and more reporting of any odd diebold machine activity.

[It sure will be FUn to watch you vote on a Diebold machine. ALL your votes belong to US!]

I do think that the right has crumbled enough - and the general populace is fed up enough - for the Dems to win. What I just can't put out of my mind completely is a scenario in which the election totals are stolen through some combination of fraud anyway. A 51% retention of the House and Senate just would not be believed at this point. Just what will happen if such a scenario comes true? Civil unrest? Worse?

[Worse. A bunch of shmoes running around in the street wearing Guy Fawkes masks.]

The media likes to make it seem close.

[Wrong. Right now the media makes it seem like the Republicans shouldn't even bother to vote since the Democrats are SURE to win big because Mark Foley is gay.]

IF you vote, please, allow yourself to be interviewed and polled about your choice if someone should ask. We must not let our voice be stolen again by third party software.

[I can just picture that comedic scene. A DUmmie votes and then loudly demands that he be interviewed and polled about his choice. In all the years that I've voted I've NEVER been interviewed nor polled about my vote just after casting it. There are sure going to be a lot of frustrated DUmmies at the polling stations this November.]

I probably shouldn't post in this thread but not only do I believe that the Pukes will Diebold us again, I believe they will do it, thumb their noses at us and dare us to do something about it. And get away with it. Sorry.

[Prepare to be Diebolded again!]

Can't stop now. With every poll conducted and reported people are watching. I agree, the last two were too close and Diebold closed the gap. But this time EVERYONE is watching and aware of the coming trend. They are done with and they know it.

[Yup! We are done and we know it. So relax and enjoy that pre-election victory champagne.]

I think many repugs will not vote this year, its up to the Dems to get out the vote! Its ours to lose!

[Yes. Your "Mark Foley Is Gay" strategy is working brilliantly. The "fundies" will do just as you expect and stay home rather than vote because they will conveniently buy totally into your gimmick.]

We need to be on our toes with this one, and not have our heads so much in the clouds that they completely broadside us.

[Relax, my little DUmmie. Enjoy the pre-election victory champagne. You've already WON...according to the MSM.]

I no longer live in a democracy. why would I have my hopes up?

[Perhaps you should consider a move to North Korea where democracy blossoms.]

If the Dems don't win House and Senate in a few weeks...
...the Democrats have NO REASON to be a political party, have no reason to raise money, and will simply have to be dismantled and eliminated. THE DEMOCRATS WILL *ROUT* IN NOVEMBER, MARK MY WORDS!!!!

[I've already marked your words with tiny droplets of Estrich '04 victory champagne.]

(You can now access the DUmmie FUnnies simply by typing "DUmmieFUnnies.Com" into your URL address box.)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, you seem to like whining about HURR DUMMIES, so here's a thread I thought you might enjoy. Two in fact.

Nope, Democrats will never win the elections. The polls are all lies by the LIEBERAL MEDIA who hate Christians and Americans. Yup, keep telling yourself that kid.

11:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PJ, theres an ant out of the farm!

Dude, the Democrats may of snatched defeat from the jaws of victory this year. While they carp about a gay Congressman, the NKs just tested a nuke. That may have handed the GOP the extra oomph it needed to retain or even gain.

6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so here's a thread I thought you might enjoy. Two in fact.

Yeah right. Like anyone in their right mind would give DUmmies credence.

The polls are all lies by the LIEBERAL MEDIA who hate Christians and Americans. Yup, keep telling yourself that kid.

As I recall, the Dims also won the last presidential election - according to the exit polls.


10:56 AM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

Still love that picture.

(Of course, that will be me if I have to exist in a world with a Speaker Pelosi!)

4:39 PM  

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