Friday, September 22, 2006

Clueless DUmmies Slam Democrats For Criticizing Hugo Chavez

Even most professional Democrats, with all the mistakes they constantly make, know enough not to leave the nutty remarks made by Hugo Chavez about President Bush to go unchallenged. Thus we have Charles Rangel and Nancy Pelosi criticizing Chavez for his United Nations rant. Of course, neither Rangel nor Pelosi really mean it when they criticize Chavez but they have to publicly chastise him as a bow to election realities since they realize that all the Venezuelan despot has done is draw sympathy for Bush in this country. Most Democrats, however, continue to despise Bush and some, like Senator Tom Harkin couldn't contain himself and expressed how he understoon why Chavez slammed the EVIL George W. Bush. However, the DUmmies in general are way too clueless in the political department to understand the dynamics at work here and are ENRAGED at Democrats like Rangel and Pelosi for daring to criticize (even though they really don't mean it) their beloved Hugo Chavez as you can see in this THREAD titled, "Stupid f*cking idiot Democrats being stupid again regarding Chavez." So let us now plunge to the depths of DUmmie cluelessness in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, letting the DUmmies know that the MSM still are cuddling up to Hugo if it makes them feel better, is in the [brackets]:

Stupid f*cking idiot Democrats being stupid again regarding Chavez

[I could while away the hours,
Conferrin' with the flowers,
Consultin' with the rain,
And my head I'd be scratchin',
While my thoughts were busy hatchin',
If I only had a brain.]

F*cking A. this pisses me off. If a world leader had called Clinton the devil, do you think Repuglicans would have lashed out against that world leader? When the f*cking hell will Democrats start being shrewed politicians and stop acting like a bunch of fucking ass whipped pansies?

[Radio Tokyo and Lord Haw Haw called FDR worse things during WWII and I don't recall reading about Republicans saying how they "understood" the criticism like what Tom Harkin said about Chavez.]

Jesus H. Christ on a stick! From Clinton (Bill) to Pelosi to Rangel! Here's a lesson in Politics 101: When someone insults your enemy, no matter WHO, no matter how you feel about that someone, no matter how batshit crazy or evil or insane that someone might be, you do not openly defend your enemy. You spin it. You make some sort of f*cking political hay out of it. You don't call him "my president" or any other such f*cking nonsense!

[A flat out Moonbat delivers a Poly Sci 101 lecture on how to lose elections.]

The Democrats SHOULD have responded thusly: "While I disagree with the way Hugo Chavez presents his opinion on President Bush, I can understand where his sentiment comes from and why there are many people in the world who would support his rhetoric. This President is responsible for the anti-Americanism so aptly expressed by Hugo Chavez and we should be working to restore our once good name to the international community so that people like Hugo Chavez will not have such widespread support"

[Good news! Tom Harkin shares in your cluelessness since that is EXACTLY the way he did respond.]

Is it really so f*cking hard? Am I missing something here?

[Yes. You're missing a brain.]

F*CKING A! I don't even think they GOP NEEDS to steal elections anymore when these people are their opponents!

[Don't worry. We'll keep those Diebold machines on the "R" setting just in case your Moonbat rant isn't sufficient to fix things for us electorally. And now to hear from your fellow Moonbats...]

It was pre-emptive counterspin. Chavez played directly into the Repuke playbook. Now, if Dems support him, the Repukes will have a guaranteed screeching point. Pelosi's and Rangel's remarks were smart and timely. They defused the issue. I don't like it either, but that's the way it's going to play out.

[Don't worry, DUmmies. It was just "pre-emptive counterspin." They didn't really mean it when they critized Chavez. It was just a political game they were playing.]

Maybe we really are political idiots who deserve to lose.

[And this DUmmie WINS a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

I think Pelosi and Rangel were a bit knee-jerk in their reactions, it just sounded too defensive.

["Inauthentic" would be a better description.]

How does this work well for Bush? Since you know the way these things will work out, how does having a leader most people have never heard of insult a strongly disliked president help the Republicans? Do you know who cares about Chavez? Us and the Freepers. That's about it, in this country. Unless the Dem leadership is still trying to pick up the Freeper vote, this was just a flat out stupid move. One more slap in the face to all those idiot "true-believers" out there who actually believe in Democratic values.

[A DUmmie who believes the public at large is too DUmb to have ever heard of Hugo Chavez before.]

I think Pelosi's statement was equally over the top as Chavez's was. She responded to Chavez's name-calling by doing some of her own. Hypocrisy.

[Hypocrisy, thy name is DUmmiecrat.]

So a win-win situation for the Bushies. Either the Dems AGREE with Chavez and look batshit crazy, or DISAGREE with Chavez and essentially support Bush. Either Rove is a genius, Chavez is getting paid, or I don't know what.

[Hugo Chavez is a secret Rovian agent.]

Another "Agreed" while I personally tend to agree with Chavez, and maybe some of the Dems do, too it would NOT serve them well if they were to publicly agree. In fact, it would do the opposite. By saying what they said, they move on to more important things - I hope.

[A DUmmie gets to the TRUTH of the matter. See, most Democrats actually agree with Hugo Chavez but publicly must PRETEND not to agree with him for political reasons.]

oh , mama it hurts! bush is the f*cking dictator, Not Chavez!
can't we keep things real, ever? I'm going to cry now.... it's really hopeless, it's really f*cking hopeless.

[Not completely hopeless. I think your Moonbat Whine could serve as the basis for a hit song called "The Moonbat Whines Tonight" sung to the tune of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." Perhaps a certain Lutheran songmeister might start working on that soon.]

Politics is long overdue for a dose of reality. Such as the acknowledgment that the US is in fact imperialistic, and that it is the front runner in this era of neo-colonialism.

[Is that you, Dick Durbin?]

how about it! our country is falling down around us, and they
decide to be outraged about this. unbelievable.

[Another Moonbat flaps its wings.]

Joining the rabble in the gutter is not for everyone. If Chavez wants to talk like he's on crack, so be it. It will be a cold day in hell when I support that kind of behavior. By the way, Bush is a political opponent, not an enemy. You need to keep this all in perspective.

[Prepare for your tombstoning ceremony.]

If D's say Chavez is insane that is responding to the power of the Republicans & MSM corporate whores. It is a defensive response. If the D's use it to their advantage it is an Attacking action and not a response. Attacking is how you win elections. Not responding. The point made by this thread is to use whatever you can to attack & win. If you don't you are always responding and reinforce sterotype of spinelessness.

[A student of the Howard Dean school of campaign strategy.]

* IS the enemy. In case you haven't noticed, war has been declared on We The People. I fully agree with the OP--there was a way this could have been spun, by showing the universality of Chavez's sentiments.

[Another DUmmie whose mind is MIA.]

Opponent my ass. chump is a enemy of every living thing.

[Please use his correct title, Der Chimpenfuhrer.]

Bush is called a war criminal every hour, on the hour, at DU.
We have people calling him hitler, calling for his whole administration to be sent to the Hague. But apparently, calling him an alcoholic and a nepotist, or joking that he is the devil is beyond the pale of political discourse. I just don't get it.

[Correct. Every day in DUmmieland, Bush is called much worse things than what Chavez said. Of course, the professional Democrats know not to criticize their political base of Moonbats.]

I was puking over Rangel and Pelosi's goody-two-shoes performances. . .must be the meme from "the Billary" that from here on out until 2008, keep the Middle Americans happy with Democrats anyway you have to. . .
what these cowardly Dems don't get is that they need the power of their convictions to oppose BushCo anyway they have to. . .Dems are heading to lose. . .putty in the hands of Rovian spin. . .he's got them jumping through hoops for the Devil. I'm despondently sickened by the Democrat's impotent "leaders". . .we're on our own. . .FOR REAL!

[Give up now! You are mere putty in the mighty cosmic hands of the Rovian spin.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And they do NOT understand why normal people are walking away from their rabid moonbattyism. Unbelievable, just plain unbelievable.

10:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really like this site and enjoy reading the comments from the nuts on the left and the responses from the curator. I’m not sure what lihop/mihop means, can someone fill me in on this. Thanks.

3:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe "mihop" stands for: Made It Happen On Purpose, in regards to 9/11.

I dunno what lihop means, possibly: Let It Happen On Purpose?

4:05 PM  
Blogger Son Of The Godfather said...

That is correct, Jason.

MIHOP = Bush admin planned and orchestrated 9/11
LIHOP = Bush admin knew of 9/11 in advance, and did nothing so we'd have an "excuse" for our terrible war of aggression (heh)
IHOP = A pretty good place for pancakes.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never would have gotten that. thanks for letting me know. :)

12:09 PM  

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