Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"How did we lose the momentum?"

Remember the DUmmie jubiliation of only a few weeks ago? They were ecstatic over the "fact" that they would become a majority in the House and maybe even the Senate. It was pretty much a done deal and the November elections were just a mere formality. Well, that confidence has pretty much evaporated as you can see in this DUmmie THREAD gloomily titled, "How did we lose the momentum?" I knew the DUmmies would start acting whacky the closer we got to this year's elections but I admit I didn't expect the defeatist attitude to happen quite so soon. Yes, the DUmmies have already been defeated in their own minds and we can now see the bitterness emerging. So let us now watch the DUmmies engage in electoral gloom and doom while the commentary of your humble correspondent, enjoying the spectacle of DUmmies losing it, is in the [brackets]:

How did we lose the momentum?

[How did you lose your minds?]

As srewed up as things are, how is it that we're not assured of GOP landslide losses this fall? I heard Alterman on with Seder today and he said that the Dems are blowing it. The right's back in full force, framing the debate with their media machine - NY Times being the latest. Forget any real talk of just how deep Abramoff went, Saipan, truth about Iraq. It aint happenin'. People are more worried that Superman, a fictional character, ferf*cksake, says 'the american way' or not. It keeps going back to the media. As long they have it, we don't have a prayer. So thanks, again, Bill Clinton, for signing that damn '96 telcomm bill!

[Saipan? Yeah, you really had us on the ropes there with Saipan...whatever it was. Anyway, if you think "we" have the media that just shows how delusional you are. "We" have the NY Times, Newsweek, Time, See-BS News, NPR, PBS, WaPo, L.A. Times, etc., etc.? If you ever get back to reality, send me a telegram.]

I've got to say that I'm not confident about Nov. either.

[Every day in every little way, you are growing weaker and weaker.]

Immigration, flag-burning, gay marriage. Democrats stood and did nothing during the immigration debate. And that probably ended up costing votes because there are many Democrats that are angry about illegal immigration. And the Dems should have called the GOP's bluff. Pass the flag-burning and gay marriage bans. I gurantee you that the GOP would kill the amendment themselves because they need the wedge issues. Karl Rove is also playing his chess game again. And the DNC doesn't have a clue how to play.

[Why are you worried about Karl Rove? Wasn't he indicted on May 12 as WILLIAM RIVERS PITT assured us?]

I get so mad at this. The Dems don't even know there is a game going on!

[The Dems don't even know there is a real world going on.]

The corporate news media has proven to be the bane of leftism in the US. The corporate news media simply reports viewpoints instead of objectively analyzing the viewpoints of the talkers with facts and evidence. As a result, I could have a segment where one side says we should go to war with Iran in the name of freedom and the other side objecting citing military difficulties and political ramifications of such a war. Absent, however, is the clear anti-war voice that opposes war not on technical grounds but on principle. Anti-war folks, as a result, are more likely to feel vulnerable, isolated, which can hinder their ability to organize.

[You get biased media served up in you favor on a silver platter and STILL you complain. What's the matter? Not satisfied with the way See-BS News or the NY Times reports supposed straight news completely with a leftist bias? And what time may we change your diaper my angry little crybaby?]

America is sick of bush. America does not want what it has in the way of "leadership." America rejects bush and his insanity. That won't change. What daily impression among those who monitor this and that with the microscope appear to me at times to be irrelevant. The big truth is, America has had enough of bush and his party. Whether that will be allowed to carry the day in November is a big damned question mark. But I don't sense any loss of momentum. I sense instead a change of camera angles in some fake wrestling exhibition put on for the benefit of those watching. If the votes are counted, as cast, Dems win. If the votes aren't counted accurately, then its all moot anyway.

[We control ALL your Diebold machines so it's all moot anyway.]

You're right. There's an awful lot of defeatism around here lately. People have lost all perspective since Fitz declined to indict Rover. Confusion. Fatalism. Even, parroting the Repug line.

[Fitz declined to indict Rover? But how can that be? According to WILLIAM RIVERS PITT, Rove was indicted on May 12.]

I've been sick of bush since I first heard of the twerp back in '99. For others, it has taken five years of continuous attacks on America and its Constitution by the soulless, greedy criminals we have "elected" to run America into the ground. We're sick of bush, sick of cheney, sick of rumsfeld, rice - the whole lot of them. I want them all to go away to an undisclosed location which can then be permanently sealed so we will never have to see any of them ever again!

[Weren't they also indicted on May 12 as WILLIAM RIVERS PITT assured us had happened to Karl Rove?]

We have one weapon that we need to be using every day and it is highly effective. Many DU-ers are great at just getting one little statement in during a random meeting with complete strangers. . .at the store, the gas station, at work, on the street. Every single one of us needs to touch each person to remind them that we see how screwed up the country is, and we know the Republicans are to blame - believe me, every reinforcing thought that is shared with friends, neighbors, complete strangers helps reinforce THEM to offer their thoughts with even more people.

[Oh yes. The famous DUmmie conversion stories in which clueless reactionaries are made to see the light by the force of brilliant DUmmie arguments. Such stories always feature an "Of Mice and Men" scenario with a quick witted DUmmie George wisely guiding a slow witted reactionary Lennie to see the Leftist "truth."]

We have a 13 to 20% lead in the is that not a landslide type of situation?

[And John Kerry did win a the exit polls.]

Now that the BFEE has gotten the CIA firmly under its control so they could shut down that pesky Fitzgerald investigation, Karl is back in the saddle and the media will do whatever he says.

[ mean Karl Rove wasn't indicted on May 12? You need to ask WILLIAM RIVERS PITT how that happened.]

We'll see. Keep in mind things haven't been this screwed up in recent memory. We know we won the presidency in 2000. I don't know everything about the Ohio vote-counting debacle in 2004, but if we honestly didn't win 2004, we came damn, damn close. I remain confident, but we cannot allow any more swift-boating without fighting back with everything in our arsenal. We did fail to do so in '04.

[Yeah, too bad John Kerry failed to send in his Form 180 in 2004 to release his military records. Of course, he promised to send in his Form 180 sometime in the future.]

No One To Blame But The American People. The American People have no one to blame except themselves. They buy into all the media Bullshit, a lot have become one issue voters, instead of looking at the whole picture. At any Given time, less than half of the electorate vote. People need to wake up and take control of the situation, in stead of crying " woe is me". take control of your destiny, the people have the power!!!!!!!!!

["We're gonna have a cow, and some pigs, and we're gonna have maybe a chicken. Down in the flat, we'll have a...field of alfalfa for the rabbits. And I get to tend the rabbits."]

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Yeah. We need the outstanding leadership qualities DUmmies have displayed for years.

Feeeeelings. Nothing more than FEEEEElllings ...

-- Rodolfo --

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I demand my rights to burn flags at gay weddings!

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