Monday, April 17, 2006

DUmmies Plan To Imprison Republicans If Democrats Win In November

I hereby nominate David Finkel for a Pulitzer Prize in photography. The photo that he took above PERFECTLY captures the LUNACY of the Left. In this particular case, the crazed face in the photo belongs to one Maryscott O'Connor who writes a Leftwing Moonbat Blog called MY LEFT WING which is one long primal scream of ANGER at Bush and the EVIL Republicans. According to this Washington Post ARTICLE, when O'Connor isn't posting about how she wishes Bush would go to hell "after contracting incurable cancer and suffering for protracted periods of time without benefit of medication," she "relaxes" by listening to the Howard Beale speech on her iPod while simultaneously frightening her 6-year old son with her CRAZED behavior by screeching the Beale spiel along with the recording.

Now I know that there are some out there who think that Moonbat Maryscott O'Crazed is some exception to the rule among the Left. The sad fact is that this RABID foaming at the mouth ANGER has become TYPICAL of the Left. To illustrate my point, let us look at this DUmmie THREAD titled, "When we take back Congress, we need a new Sedition Act," in which the cohorts of Maryscott O'Crazed express their desire to imprison Republicans if the Democrats win in November. And before we analyze this DUmmie thread, I have a word of advice for Maryscott O'Crazed. DON'T SEEK HELP!!! You read that right. DON'T SEEK HELP!!! You see, I NEED for DUmmies like Maryscott O'Crazed to remain mentally unbalanced because it is their sanity challenged postings that supply the DUmmie FUnnies with its rich comedy material. Without the aid of the completely irrational folks out there, DUmmie FUnnies would cease to exist. So it is with fondness in my heart that I chuckle over the latest insanity from the Left presented to you in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, hoping that Maryscott O'Crazed remains OFF her meds, is in the [brackets]:

When we take back Congress, we need a new Sedition Act.

[YEAH! Make it illegal to be a Republican or a conservative!]

There are so many things that not only the Village Idiot has done, but most of his minions, including, but not limited to, the Vice-Village Idiot, Scott McClellan, Rumsfeld, Rice, most of the appointees at the Defense Dept. that could and SHOULD fall into the category of sedition. Not only taking us to war under false pretenses, but the large conspiracy involved in pulling it off, and continuing with the sheer propaganda that they are putting out to mislead and manipulate the American public. Acts of treason that shouldn't go unpunished like over 2300 counts of murder due to their lies and deceit....or the breaking of legitimate treaties....or ignoring the Constitution and the 4th Amendment specifically. The theft of at LEAST ONE election, if not two.

[Make that THREE. How could you forget the complete DUmmie Meltdown in 2002 when the Republicans GAINED seats in the Senate and Congress? Of course, this was explained by the "fact" that the election was stolen via the Diebold machines. Anyway, continue with your Republican punishment fantasy...]

The complete culture of corruption that they have spawned thru their lack of conscience and/or concern for the welfare of anyone but themselves and the people who bought the primaries AND the elections for them. We all know them, and we all feel that Bush should be impeached as soon as we take power back. But others should be tried and convicted for sedition, treason, crimes-against-humanity, murder, conspiracy, and maybe even enacting a coup! Just a thought, but thats just me.

[Is that you, Maryscott O'Crazed? And now on to the other DUmmies demanding justice by imprisoning conservatives.]

Send every god damned last one of them. Either to the Hague or Gitmo! They've committed treason. They've committed murder. The charges are innumerable.

[But wouldn't Gitmo be too good for the EVIL Republicans? After all, the prisoners there are fed rice pilaf with orange glazed chicken. Of course, that is countered by the air conditioning torture where the room temperatures are cruelly set at 68 degrees.]

At any rate, we need to give these f**kers not one day of peace... after their term is over. We need to chase them to the ends of the earth until justice is brought to them. If they're not watching their backs, we're not doing our job.

[Set the hound dogs on the Conservatives for committing HEINOUS Thought Crimes!]

We'll need a truth and reconciliation committee.
We've been lied to, spun, and bamboozled so consistantly for so many years, we've lost track of the truth. We'll need basic social agreement on what is truth and what is false. If Republicans ever want to be taken seriously again, they will need to look at the evidence and reach common ground with us on what is true and what are lies.

[If Republicans ever want to be taken seriously again, they will need to prostrate themselves before us and confess their guilt to being Conservative.]

Crimes against humanity, murder, conspiracy, well, I think that a good case can definitely be made for bringing up these guys on those charges. I also think charges of election fraud, and conspiracy to commit election fraud can be explored. But not sedition. They are The Powers That Be. How can, by definition, The Powers That guilty of sedition? They can't. Lying, on the other hand...well, do not confuse LYING with SEDITION....they are not synonymous words.

[WHEW! It's good to know that we won't be brought up on Sedition charges. Crimes against humanity, murder, and conspiracy, YES, but NOT sedition. Hey, at least that's a PLUS!]

Except that since the coup - which occurred in 2000...REPLACED THE EXISTING ESTABLISHED ORDER OF THAT TIME - with the own ESTABLISHED ORDER. That old established order no longer has the power to enforce punishment or anything. It no longer IS the established order, see? Isn't that the entire point of a coup? To replace the existing established order?

[I'm tired of all this technical legal wrangling....I say LET'S HANG 'EM HIGH!!!]

I just think that whatever we need to do to hold them accountable for their actions, needs to be done.

[I think you just activated Maryscott O'Crazed's G-spot.]

What we need first is an amendment to the Constitution limiting the power of the President to issue pardons.

[You would have put a crimp on Bill Clinton's favorite activity as he left office.]

I hate to say this, but I do not think that the vast majority of this criminal gang that has run our country into the ground will ever face justice. And this saddens and angers me. Because I want them to PAY...and pay dearly...for the harm they have caused our country, and my countrymen/women.

[Perhaps you should console yourself by screeching along with the Howard Beale "MAD AS HELL" spiel on an iPod while simultaneously frightening an innocent 6-year old kid with your looniness.]

Many members of the Bush regime can be charged with war crimes and crimes against humanity. This includes Mr. Bush, Mr. Cheney, three of the four current top cabinet officers and a number of their aides. The invasion of Iraq was a war crime on its face. It was an unnecessary war of aggression without cause or provocation and without proper authorization from the UN Security Council. The reasons given for the war were false. When Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Perle, Libby and General Powell said they had proof that Saddam had biochemical weapons, a "reconstituted" nuclear program or intimate ties to international terrorism, they were lying. What intelligence they had was inconclusive at best. We know from the memoranda leaked from the British government that members of the regime, including Mr. Bush, were aware that the case against Saddam was "weak", yet they continued to present the case in public and before Congress as being certain. They were manipulating the intelligence behind the scenes. Mr. Cheney and Mr. Libby made frequent trips to Langley to pressure intelligence analysts to say what they wanted to hear. In the Pentagon, the Office of Special Plans under Douglas Feith cherry picked intelligence reports that were favorable to the case for war and edited the ambiguity out of others. Intelligence reports refuting the case for war were suppressed. Those who lied or manipulated intelligence should be prosecuted.

In addition, many international treaties have been disregarded. The Fourth Geneva Convention prohibits an occupying country to rewrite the laws of occupied territory, yet Paul Bremer decreed changes in Iraq's laws on foreign investment. That is a war crime. Persons detained suspected of being terrorists have been held incommunicado and denied prisoner of war status, even initially. That is a violation of the Third Geneva Convention, and a war crime. Some of those held in the custody of the United States have been threatened with a judicial proceeding that may result in a death sentence, yet the rules of such proceedings are such as to deny the accused due process of law. This is a violation of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions and a war crime. Many who are held in custody of the United States have been subjected to torture or cruel or humiliating treatments and punishments. This is a violation of the Third and Fourth Geneva Conventions and the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment. It is a crime against humanity and a violation of federal law. This use of torture was justified beforehand in legal papers prepared for Mr. Bush by then-White House Council and now-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales with the assistance of others, including John Yoo, now a professor of law at the Hastings Law School, University of California at San Francisco, and Jay Bybee, now a federal judge. The legal reasoning, based on the argument that the President is above the law, is so spurious as not to be serious. It is a crime against humanity.

Those named in the above paragraphs and others should be charged under the appropriate federal statutes and sent to prison for the rest of their natural lives. If the federal government is unwilling or unable to make a good faith effort in prosecuting members of the Bush regime for war crimes and crimes against humanity, then an international tribunal should be established for this purpose.

[That latter thought will make Maryscott O'Crazed belch up her Near Beer all over her Bib in happiness.]

I propose that when we were sent to a war by lies and propaganda....that this action could be construed as levying war upon the American people, and thus since the government is of the people....that would be treasonous. And adhering to their enemies....when we were attacked by Saudi's, and not only did they receive protection from the U.S. government, but that the family of Osama bin Laden was allowed to leave the country by air while everyone else was grounded....this would fall under THAT category.

[And you would fall under the category of Ready for the Rubber Room.]

We need Nuremburg Trials for those criminals
The lot of them should be tried for war crimes and crimes against humanity. Once they are convicted, they should be jailed for life. (Though "rendering" the whole lot of scummy traitors to a torture-friendly country like Syria would be perfect justice.) I pray nightly that all of bushco will be shipped off to The Hague, where the Chimp himself can take up residence in Milosovic's old cell. I'm sure that the responsible governments of the world will have no problem meting out justice to these animals.

[Keep whispering that into Maryscott O'Crazed's ear and you are sure to get her diaper wet.]


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