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DUmmie FUnnies 04-15-06 (DUmmies Attack Blowhard Ed Schultz)

Take a good look at those beady eyes set deep in the folds of that porcine face. They belong to a man who claims to have the highest radio ratings of any liberal radio program in the country. And yet this man is a FRAUD. He is no liberal or conservative or anything else except an opportunistic con artist who claims that his conversion on his road to Liberal Damascus happened when he bit into a baloney sandwich at a Salvation Army cafeteria. Emphasis on BALONEY. The plain truth is that Ed Schultz was going nowhere as a "conservative" talk show host. So when he heard that Tom Daschle & Friends were in need of a liberal voice on the radio which they would support with cash, Schultz was persuaded by the Benjamins to suddenly become a "liberal." Unfortunately for Schultz, although his ratings are higher than those of authentic liberal looney, Al Franken, that still isn't saying much. Add to that the fact that his home radio station, KFGO, just DUMPED Blowhard Ed from their programming. As a result, Blowhard Ed, is desperately in search for a new home station which brings us to the theme of this DUmmie THREAD titled, "Want to *hear* why I really cannot stand Ed Schultz?. It turns out that the author of this thread is none other than DUmmie benburch, purveyor of kinky classified sex ads but oddly enough he does have a point of sorts as you can hear in this amazing AUDIO CLIP of an ENRAGED Blowhard Ed Schultz dripping with arrogance as he attacks the host of a Phoenix Air America Show (subject of a March 7, 2006 DUFU EDITION) for holding a "bake sale" to keep Err America broadcasting in Phoenix. So why all the vehemence on the part of Blowhard Ed? Despite all the phony blustering on his radio show, Ed never really gets passionate about anything outside of hunting or sports. The reason is simple. The Err America folks bought up a radio station in Phoenix that Blowhard Ed hoped to purchase (with OTHER people's money, of course) to use as his own home base. The result is that Blowhard Ed had the carpet pulled from under him in Phoenix and is still STUCK in Fargo with nowhere to go at the present time. So let us now HEAR (on the AUDIO CLIP) Blowhard Ed Schultz slam a REAL Leftist as the DUmmies respond by attacking Fast Eddie in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, watching the proceedings as he munches on a baloney sandwich, is in the [brackets]:

Want to *hear* why I really cannot stand Ed Schultz?

[Because he wouldn't reply to your kinky classified sex ad, DUmmie benburch?]

Please K&R this. Everybody should hear this! This is Ed Schultz melting down on Mike Necomb's show this morning;

Everybody needs to hear this. EVERYBODY. He is insulting YOU, the listeners in this screed.

[Actually, Blowhard Ed isn't insulting me. Just the REAL Leftist Loonies like YOU. Anyway, thanx for the heads up on this Blowhard Ed Audio clip. For this favor, you get one FREE kinky classified sex ad.]

Here is the clip he is reacting to;

And he is disrespecting the Drobnys and Ed Newcomb too! Don't give this man any more attention. He is a total FAKE.

[I never thought I would ever say this but in this case, I actually AGREE with DUmmie benburch. Blowhard Ed Schultz IS a fake. Isn't it ironic, however, that the person with the highest ratings (still much lower than a lot of conservative talk radio shows) of Liberal talk radio is not even a REAL Liberal but just a person IMPERSONATING a LIberal strictly for the $$$$$$$.]

I need a shower. I have never liked him either but this seals it. He is totally right wing--the speaking style, the interrupting, the name calling--all fit him well.

{Sorry, just because Blowhard Ed isn't a Leftwing Looney like you doesn't make him "right wing." The fact is that politics is BESIDES the point to frauds like Blowhard Ed. He just goes wherever the money beckons.]

It sounded to me like very sour grapes on his part since he wasn't able to buy the radio station.

[Actually that particular outrage on the part of Blowhard Ed wasn't fake like the rest of his shtick is. Blowhard Ed was genuinely PISSED OFF that he wasn't able to get himself a home station in Phoenix. When it comes to scamming money, Blowhard Ed is sincere.]

. I heard that this morning and it pissed me off. I guess he would be happier if Air America Phoenix was owned by Halliburton or GE?

[All Blowhard Ed cares about is that station must belong to him. Right now he is DESPERATE to leave Fargo but has NO WHERE to go.]

Are you sure he is not a sell out?

[Blowhard Ed NEVER sells out...except to the highest bidder.]

It isn't us he sold out. He sold out the Conservatives to take our money.

[He didn't sell out the conservatives since he was never really one in the first place. Political viewpoints to people like Blowhard Ed are completely beside the point. For guys like him, EVERYTHING begins and ends with money.]

Didn't he accept a large sum of money from some dem organization?

[Correct. Blowhard Ed accepted Big Bucks from DEMOCRACY RADIO in 2003 with the understanding that he would promote the RAT Party line. It was the money being offered that caused Blowhard Ed to undergo his "conversion" to liberalism.]

Randi Rhodes has talked about it on the air
And she hates Schultz so I'm sure she'll be happy to provide anything she has.

[Randi Rhodes is an AUTHENTIC Leftwing Looney who hates PHONY Leftwinger, Blowhard Ed, because he is in it STRICTLY for the money. And speaking of Randi, I feel a sort of proprietary interest in her since I was the one to bring Randi national PUBLICITY when she was still unknown outside of South Florida.]

I seem to recall... that Randi blamed Ed for not helping enough to get Daschle re-elected. I personally get a funny tinge about Ed, my preference is with Randi...I feel she's more sincere.

[Maybe Blowhard Ed can get Daschle elected President. It's no joke. Although Daschle lost his seat in the Senate, he now want's to re-enter politics as a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE.

Randi is totally sincere. Of that I have zero doubt.

[I have no doubt that Randi is sincerely nuts.]

Schultz called Randi a slut while he was on the air.

[He was just being complimentary.]

Wow. The guy is an asshole. "You're pimping the public"

[Yeah, that AUDIO CLIP was GREAT for laughs. Rarely has somebody come off as such an arrogant shmuck as Blowhard Ed did.]

I'd always liked Schultz, but he is an arrogant prick in my opinion now

[I disagree. In my opinion, Blowhad Ed is an arrogant shmuck but isn't this almost the same thing?]

He lost his spot in the country's #4 market.
That's huge. And he's upset that a group jumped him beforehand.

[Anything that costs Blowhard Ed money pissed him off bigtime. That outrage he isn't faking.]

Randi, Mike, Nancy Skinner, Thom Hartmann and I were in D.C. at a meeting and Schultz walked in. Randi just bristled at the sight of him. This is before he was syndicated. She told me the whole story of how he was in bed with Tom Daschle so Daschle could use Ed to win his seat in North Dakota. Well, it didn't work for Daschle but Schultz sure came out smelling like a rose. He is about as Liberal as Orrin Hatch. He sold out for the money.

[Blowhard Ed does have one guiding principle: He ONLY sells out for money.]

Wasn't Schultz recruited by the likes of Daschle and Hillary??
I seem to recall reading an article from a mainstream sourced about a party/meeting where they all schmoozed and the deal was struck. It may even have been at Hillary's house. I know she was definitely involved.

[The fundraiser took place at Mary Landrieu's home. That's where the cash was raised to enable Blowhard Ed's Baloney conversion to Liberalism.]

What I see are liberal/progressives coming together to win back our country thru whatever means possible. And selling pixels is selling a 'product or service'. It was ingenious. And it brought people together for a very important cause.

[Selling pixels might get you back on the air but it won't KEEP you there. Outside of wealthy liberals handing you mercy money, you need REAL advertising to keep you on the air. And Err America will need more than Pixel Dust to accomplish that (although scammed $$$ from Boys and Girls Clubs do help).]

Shultz is a blowhard.

[A DUmmie opens his eyes and sees the light.]

His ego is becoming as immense and out of control as Limbaugh's. Ironically, he sounds tremendously like Limbaugh, as well.

[That's another bit of Blowhard Ed fakery. He also tries to pound his desk like Limbaugh. The main thing is that his ratings are only a very TINY fraction of Limbaugh's.]

Why would Shultz be so offended by the grassroots efforts in Phoenix, which DID get AAR back on the air?

[Because it kept Blowhard Ed from acquiring that very station as his flagship station. And when it comes to $$$, Blowhard Ed is dead serious.]

He's nothing but one long boring blowhard of a commercial! He was a f*ing repuke most of his life and only switched sides recently (in the scheme of things) because there was a bigger market in liberal radio. He's a damn fake. No one is saying to "think like me....blah,blah,blah" I appreciate the OP posting this to expose a little more info about a man who could give a shit less about progressive talk radio in terms of actually getting the word out about this corrupt regime. Big Ed is all about the paycheck.....THATS ALL!

[For Blowhard Ed, it's ALL about the Benjamins.]

This is about a blowhard whore for profit, who's heart isn't in liberalism at all. Mouthing the words, but not believing them is what got us into this mess in the first place.It's about a man who's pissed off that he couldn't get Randi Rhodes kicked off AAR and himself put in her place (as she has said on a few shows). It's about sour grapes that his deal didn't go through, and this Phoenix station was bought out from under him.

[And this DUmmie wins a Kewpie Doll for having a brief moment of mental clarity!]

Ed is such a damn asshole! I never liked this jerk! The last time I listened to his show was when a caller called in to report that she and her husband were driving from Ca. to Crawford when Cindy was there and that they were closing up there little mom and pop restaurant to make the trip. The caller was very excited and really wanted to talk about what was going on in Crawford and that damn bastard "Big Eddy" kept derailing the conversation and basically wanted to turn the call into a fu*king commercial for this couples restaurant. The caller kept trying to stay on point and he kept bringing back to the damn restaurant menu. UGHHHH! The caller seemed pretty disgusted by the whole thing by the end of the conversation. I could never stomach to listen to that asshole again!

[Did you ever consider that Blowhard Ed's mind is mainly on food. It interests him a hell of a lot more than politics.]

Ed Schultz is a blow hard with no soul.

[Blowhard Ed has the soul of a money hungry shark.]

Well this sure as f*k doesn't help my suspected opinion of Schultz... And after listening to the clip...schultz is in it only for the money...

[Blowhard Ed is only in it for the money? Tell me something that I don't already know.]

An opportunist sensing a sea-change. He's another whore who could turn on you in a minute if he thought it would butter his bread. That being said, he's probably useful in the short run; there are a lot of people out there who voted for bush and now are looking for a "strong" voice to run to.

[LOL! You denounce Blowhard Ed in one breath for being an opportunistic whore and in the next breath you claim that that very same opportunistic whore could be a useful tool to fool the listeners.]

Think if AAR was gone after tonight, at midnight, never on the airwaves, or XM or Internet again...Gone forever...There's many right-wingers who would be ecstatic!

[Let me know when that is about to happen so I can prepare to pop the cork on my champagne bottle.]

Best 2 words to describe Big Ed Fake Laugh.
You just can't be that sincere with a fake laugh like that guy has.
Sounds like a bad imitation of Barney Rubble.

[I get a kick out of Blowhard Ed's fake laugh. It sort of goes with his fake bluster.]


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Retards on the air

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His motives may or may not have been in the right place...but I agree with much of what Ed said.

The audio actually made for a pretty interesting listen.

Great grab PJ!

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