Monday, March 20, 2006

DUmmie FUnnies 03-20-06 ("A strategic need to temporarily quiet the 'impeachment' chorus...")

There is a great line in the movie, The Madness of King George. It comes when King George III of England, who has been confined for madness finds out that his son, whom he hates, is about to usurp his power from him. In order to prevent that from happening, King George must appear before Parliament in order to assure them of his sanity by SEEMING normal. When the crazed King George sort of pulls himself together (temporarily) just before making his Parliamentary appearance, he explains how he was able to manage it by saying, "I have remembered how to seem." In other words, even King George knows he is not really sane but has remembered how to SEEM sane at least temporarily in order to prevent the seizure of power by his son. The same applies with the DUmmies in this THREAD titled, "A strategic need to temporarily quiet the 'impeachment' chorus..." Therefore the DUmmie author of this thread is telling his fellow DUmmies to at least SEEM sane temporarily in order to make gains in this year's election. This DUmmmie KNOWS that if the public were to view the Madness of the DUmmies over the Impeachment issue, that would hurt them badly at the polls so they must cool down talk for now about impeachment to SEEM sane enough to earn votes on election day. Of course, the DUmmiecrats have NOT given up on impeachment. No matter what the results on election day, they will be screeching for impeachment as soon as the election results are in. On a brief historical note, although the extreme alcoholism of William Pitt the Younger was only alluded to in the movie, in the play, "The Madness of King George III," the Pitt character was often seen taking swigs from his flask which was an accurate reflection of the historic Will Pitt the Younger's severe drinking problem which apparently has carried down to his descendant, the present day scourge of Newton schoolyards, William Pitt the Plunger. So let us now observe the Madness of the DUmmies as they are urged to SEEM sane in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, who highly recommends the King George movie for all, is in the [brackets]:

A strategic need to temporarily quiet the "impeachment" chorus...

[A strategic need to temporarily SEEM sane...]

What is it with us Dems that makes us blind to history?

[What is it with us Dems that makes us try to kick Lucy's football over and over and over again?]

We need to quiet the call for a Bush impeachment. Now, don't get pissed or fly off the handle - there is a strategy to this.

[Psst! Spread the word. Remember to SEEM sane - there is a strategy to this.]

The wheels are flying off the Bush machine. It is now getting through how incompetent this administration is, but what we have to try and figure out is where the impeachment talk "tipping point" is and do not go beyond that. What I mean is, is that there is possibly a point where Bush impeachment talk will equal that of what happened to Clinton: where it causes his numbers to go back up and rally the party faithful.

Secondly, a full on bore rabid impeachment mode will only do one thing this November: rally the conservative base. What we want is for them to remain demoralized and think, "what the hell" when it comes to voting in November. But if we build this impeachment business into an unthinking frenzy, these people will become rabid and feel they must save their president and come out in full force, thereby re-electing a Rethug Congress.

[Thanx for keeping your "seeming sane" strategy under wraps by posting on the Web for ALL to see. Hee! Hee!]

Also, we need Bush for the November elections - this election should also be a referendum on his policies. So we need to turn this back a bit and push for taking back Congress and if that is done, THEN start serious talk of impeachment.

[Translation: Only appear to SEEM sane before the election. After the election we can revert to being NUTS once again. And now to hear from his fellow DUmmie Nutroots...]

Trying to get impeachment with a republican congress is impossible. If the American people want impeachment, they can push for it after November. But the whole regime may self disintegrate by then and we would only need to prosecute the criminals after that.

[You are too far gone to even pretend to SEEM sane.]

I don't know which is the right way to go, strategically. But, everything in my core says that our "leaders" need to speak truth to power, damn the repercussions. Otherwise, they truly deserve the repug-propelled impression that Dems can't/won't lead.

[Damn the repercussions. Over the cliff we go!!!]

We need election fraud to be front and center of the media- and of our conversations.

[So much for the Seem to be Sane strategy.]

Bush aint going anywhere. Censure and Impeachment are SYMBOLIC PROPAGANDA - without a majority in both houses they have no chance of success. The point is to REFRAME THE DEBATE, the point is to make the november election a REFERENDUM ON BUSH.

[How about making it a referendum on DUmmie sanity?]

Here's how I see it: it's a field loaded with minds. The gold is at the other side. The activist liberals want to rush on through that minefield full bore, while instead we should carefully go through it in a methodical manner with good tactics.

[A DUmmie Mind is a FUnnie thing to waste.]

if Dems take over Congress, they will have control over all the committees. They will most likely have access to all documents and ways to find these documents. Sadly, this is all bloodsport and once a love for blood is obtained, it can't be lost. Can you imagine what people like Feingold, Conyers and Waxman would do with real power? (Remember, Conyers is probably doubly pissed off over the rightwing machine for trying to embarrass him over that aide-watching-kids smear.) I think if the Dems can take over in Nov, we will see an unprecedented number of investigations into the Bush Administration that could very well damage the Republican Party for some time. But only if we win in Nov.

[If only I were sane. Too difficult to pull off the SEEM routine.]

Impeachment is not a political battle. It is a battle for the Constitution, the heart and soul of America. We cannot hold back the truth.

[You cannot hold back what the heart and soul of the Nutroots are all about.]

I say, lets concentrate on getting a super-majority (veto proof) in the legislature, and get on with the business of running the country. Once he's out of office, we turn loose the criminal prosecutors loose on him and his cabal. Impeachment only gets him out of office, we need him in jail! We need his assets seized under RICO statues. We need his entire term thoroughly discredited as the disgrace it is, to ensure Democratic rule for the next 20 - 30 years. The SCOTUS is the biggest challenge we will face in the coming generation.

[Since the Republicans have a 5 vote majority in the Senate and ONLY a third of the Senate is up for election this year, that "super-majority" chance is somewhere between nil and none. Oh, and you forgot to say that you need the grounds of his Crawford Ranch to be covered with salt so it could never ever grow brush again.]

Impeachment talk should be delayed until we regain control of the House this year. Don't give the Repubs a reason to rally their base.

[And don't tell anybody by PUBLICLY POSTING it on the Web for all to see. Hee! Hee!]

Impeachment WILL happen when we're in control. F*ck the naysayers!

[The 2006 Democrat Party Platform.]


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