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DUmmie FUnnies 03-17-06 (Head DUmmie Skinner Suggests Samarra Assault Propaganda Ploy)

As soon as I heard about the Operation Swarmer air and ground assault upon Samarra, I KNEW the DUmmies would claim that it is merely a propaganda ploy to divert attention from Bush's (media manipulated) poll ratings. However, despite my expectation of typical DUmmie behavior, I never expected them to be sooooo STUPID as this THREAD, "Does the US Military often do this type of operation in broad daylight?" posted by Head DUmmie Skinner. Yes, STUPIDITY in DUmmieland does pour from the TOP down. Of course, DUmmie Skinner could have spent about half a minute checking the FACTS on this operation in Google but the results would have RUINED his dopey insinuation. So let us now analyze Skinner's stupidity (and the rest of the DUmmies) in Bolshevik Red while the commentary of your humble correspondent, letting DUmmie Skinner know there is a thing called SEARCH ENGINES to check the FACTS, is in the [brackets]:

Does the US Military often do this type of operation in broad daylight?

[DUhhhhhmmmmmie!!! All you had to do, Skinner, was GOOGLE the FACTS and you would have found THIS. Key sentence for you:

"Iraqi army and police forces, backed by U.S. helicopters launched a pre-dawn offensive against insurgents in the Jallamarea from several directions," a source from Salahudin province told thje Xinhua news agency.

DUhhhhhhmmmmie!!! "Pre-dawn" means BEFORE the sun rises. DUhhhhhhmmmmie!!!]

EarlG and I are sitting here in the office watching these pictures on CNN and we both commented on the fact that it looks like a beautiful day in Iraq which makes for really great pictures.

[Since Operation Swarmer is to take SEVERAL days, you will (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!) also see photos of daytime shots of the assault. Now if you are a news organization and have to choose between nighttime photos where you see almost nothing or daytime shots where things are seen clearly, which photos do you suppose they will use? DUhhhhhmmie!!!]

Neither of us knows anything about military tactics, or typical procedures for the US military. We were hoping there might be some veterans here or other military experts who could tell us if this is typical. We were kind of under the impression that major military operations usually took place at night. Do we have any experts here who can give us some idea of how common it is for these things to occur in broad daylight?

[Neither of you are not only know NOTHING about military tactics but you both flat out just plain know NOTHING. See, DUmmie Skinner, when a military operation is launched PRE-DAWN and is scheduled to last several days, the sun will actually RISE in the middle of such an operation thus yielding the broad daylight photos you saw. DUhhhhhhmmie!!!]

Bingo! Propaganda Assault !!! Just what I was thinking ... New Video ...... Dept. of Defense .... running on CNN all day.

[An UnterDUmmie chimes in with equal stupidity.]

Very astute observation on your part. It would seem that these operations would take place under the cover of night instead of the broad daylight where they could be shot down... I am not military, just an observation....

[Operation Swarmer was launched PRE-DAWN. DUmmie Skinner wasn't astute enough to figure out that the sun RISES in the morning. DUhhhhhhmmie!!!]

Skinner that's exactly what it is.... It's all about the propaganda photos....


Propaganda to ease sagging enlistments? Hey kids, things around the 'hood getting boring? Look at all the fun YOU could be having in the Army or Marines!

[How about easing the pressure on DUmmie Skinner's brain?]

I'd say * prefers to see the blood bath in broad daylight.

[DUmmie Skinner's brain has been hiding in the darkness.]

I think there's a real downside to this mechanized slaughter, both home and abroad. It energizes the anti-Bush folks here. It doesn't help our international image. It underscores that the whole "democracy" PR campaign in Iraq is a charade. Looks to me like Bush is killing the patient in order to save it.

[Actually, Skinner's dopey post highlighted the STUPIDITY of the DUmmies and their leftist cohorts. DUhhhhhhhmmie!!!]

Most operations are carried out at night. Most are done in the early morning when the sentries or guards are going to be the most tired. Also darkness masks your movements. Other then the propaganda value they may be conducting daytime operations due to the urban setting that the troops are operating in. Stealth and darkness is a soldiers friend.

[What part of "PRE-DAWN" don't you understand, DUhhhhhmmie?]

What did they name this one? Shock and AwShucks?

[DUhhhhmb and DUhhhhmber.]

The video I saw had troops being dropped in the middle of nowhere.

[aka the middle of Skinner's skull.]

It's OPERATION HEY LOOK OVER THERE!! With color daylight video to accompany all that useful former general propaganda slathering over the TV news. Let's go back to real journalists giving us stories from the front lines with accompanying video.

[Find the CNN Operation Tailwind crew!]

I'm an idiot. It never even occured to me.

[It definitely OCCURRED to me that you're an idiot, my spelling-challenged little DUmmie.]


Blogger RightWingRocker said...

Even if this was a daylight operation (I do understand pre-dawn), good military strategy requires attack times to be varied so that the enemy doesn't know when to expect it.

Just more proof of these idiots' stupidity.


10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They could have asked a soldier just home from the sandbox if they hadn't banned him a few weeks ago.

1:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fucking idiots. Just because the U.S. can't conquer a small unarmed country in three years time doesn't mean we don't know what we're doing.

Shock and awe baby!!! SHOCK AND AWE!!! The DUmmies just don't understand how much fun it is to blow up Iraqis and KICK BUTT.

7:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and perhaps one of the more enlightened from this site might care to explain exactly WHAT was achieved by 'Swarmer'...?? Air strikes? Insurgent leaders captured? Any major achievement?....hmmmm?

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As soon as you tell us what your bitching about it is achieving.

2:20 AM  

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